Sex Ahead 6

Paul T. Findley was deep in thought as he browsed through the mountain
of documentation Laura Stevens had dumped on his desk. "You have enough
material here for a dozen books," he said, glancing up at the
attractive young woman who sat across from him with a satisfied smile
on her face.

"I believe in being thorough," she told him. "I've got everything I
need to start writing. I have all the facts on Dorothy Baker and her
son Mark, Mary Anne Overton and her son Brian, Jennifer Henderson and
her son Jamie, Irma Thatcher and her son Michael, and Patricia Preston
and her son Manley!"

"So I see," said Findley. "Unbelievable. I don't see how you managed to
dig up this stuff all by yourself."

"It wasn't easy," Laura told him. "But I know how."

"That's obvious," said Findley. "Now I suppose you want to get started
on putting all or most of this into a book?"

"That's what we agreed on," said Laura.

Findley looked at her and shook his head.

Laura looked puzzled. "What's wrong? Is there something there you have
a question about?"

"This Jennifer Henderson and her son Jamie," said Findley, going
through a file folder of papers. "Wife and son of Frank Henderson. You
know who he is, of course?"

"W-what do you mean?" asked Laura.

"He has a fabulously successful book store in Tuttleville. He does a
tremendous business in that whole area. We wholesale a huge volume of
books to him. It would be a horrendous loss to this publishing company
if he were to cut us off."

"I don't understand," said Laura.

"Well, what do you think he's going to do when we offer him your book,
a book which gives the lowdown on his wife having sex with their
teenage son?" Findley pointed out.

"Oh . . ." said Laura.

"He's going to sue us, of course," said Findley. "But whether he wins
or loses, he'll never buy another book from us. We can kiss umpteen
thousands of dollars goodbye right there."

"I see," said Laura, clearing her throat. "Well, Okay. We'll leave them
out of the book. God knows we have plenty of others."

Findley shifted in his seat as he looked at her. "There's more. You've
been researching the women and their sons. I've had a crew checking out
their husbands. They aren't just plain working stiffs, or clerks in a
store. These men are pretty powerful cookies. They have clout. Stanley
Baker, for instance, has political connections. I don't mean little
ones either. I mean he's in with the big boys, like you wouldn't
believe, people who would be embarrassed if your book embarrassed
Stanley. You get what I mean?"

"So far - yes."

"And this Hugo Overton," Findley went on. "I shudder to think what he
could do to us. His company, of which he's a major stockholder,
controls the voting stock of Vitmar Enterprises, and that happens to be
the controlling stockholder of this publishing company. Get the

"Oh my God!" Laura gasped.

"Now let's take a look at Charlie Bradner," said Findley. "What you've
got written here about his wife Norma and their son Michael, would curl
his hair if he was to read about it. It would make him get very nasty.
His banking interests finance this publishing company's ventures. The
bank in which he has a considerable clout, also holds the mortgage on
my home and the lien on my yacht. What do you think of that?"

Laura did not look at all happy. Her air of confidence seemed to
evaporate like the morning mist in the heat of the day. In its place
was an appearance of obvious anxiety.

"Is there more?" she asked, almost fretfully.

"Just the fact that these women you mention here in your pile of facts
and exposes, are all good friends of each other. You hurt one of them
and the others will rise up in arms. You damage all of them and with
the power and influence their husbands have, you'll pull the roof down
around our ears. This book, if we went through with it, would no doubt
wreck their homes and marriages, but they in turn would surely wreck

"What are you saying then? What's the bottom line?" asked Laura.

"Just what our attorneys have told us - forget it!"

Laura looked stunned. For a moment she sat there and said nothing. Then
finally she spoke in a quavering voice, "All that work. All those

"Down the drain," Findley finished for her. He shrugged. "That's the
way the ball bounces. You haven't lost anything. You got a paycheck
every week, against the royalties on the book. You lived pretty good on
an expense account. It's our loss not yours!"

"I feel crushed," said Laura.

Findley grinned at her. "You'll get over it. So will we. It all comes
off our income tax."

"What now?" she managed to ask.

"First, this pile of garbage," said Findley, motioning with his hand to
the pile of papers she had covered his desk with, "goes into the
shredder, along with those pictures and the negatives. They are here,
aren't they, somewhere?"

"In that brown envelope . . ."

He opened the envelope and withdrew the 8 x 10 prints that were in full
color. He gazed a long time at the shot of Mary Anne Overton on her
hands and knees, with her son Brian crouched behind her, shoving his
prick up her ass. "I'd love to keep these, for my personal collection.
But I don't dare. I'd be afraid of them. They have to go."

"What do I do now?" asked Laura.

"You mean about work? I'll have another assignment for you, one that
won't get this publishing company in hot water. But that's for later.
Right now you help me put all this stuff through the shredder. And
don't miss anything. And if you have any more stuff, that you haven't
brought in - get rid of it. Burn it!"

"I-It's all here. Everything."

Findley grinned. "Good. Then after we've taken care of this stuff,
let's go to your place and fool around. Your husband isn't due back for
another three days."

* * *

What happened after they were at Laura's place, made that evening's TV
news and was splattered all over the pages of the newspaper the next
morning. When they entered the house, Laura and Findley headed straight
up the stairs to her bedroom, took off their clothes and got onto the
bed. The last thing they ever suspected was that her husband had
arrived home three days early and instead of checking in with Findley's
office right away, was sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee.

When he heard someone come in, Jerry was about to call out to Laura,
then realized there was someone with her - a man. When he heard them go
on upstairs and into her bedroom, he began to wonder what in hell was
going on. He, too, went up the stairs, making no sound on the thickly
carpeted stairs and hall floor. He got to the bedroom door just in time
to see his naked wife and her employer - their employer - also naked,
get onto the bed together and wrap their arms about each other.

Jerry was in no hurry. He watched while his anger came to a boil, and
then just as Findley climbed on top of Laura and sent his long hard
pecker up into her waiting pussy, he let out a cry that was that of a
madman. He dived for the bed in one mighty lunge, grabbed the underside
of it and heaved it upward. Laura and Findley toppled to the floor on
the far side, with the bed, mattress and covers spilling on top of
them. Laura's screams of fright mingled with Findley's cries of shock
and near terror.

Frantically Laura's boss and lover fought his way out from under the
covers and the mattress, to be met with a pile driving blow to his
middle. He doubled over just as he was coming to his feet. Then a
second hefty blow closed one of his eyes and broke his nose.

Laura sprang free of the debris and amid a blur of straining bodies,
she was consumed with panic. Fearing she was about to get the same as
Findley was getting, she dashed through the bedroom door and down the
stairs. Close on her heels was Findley, who wrenched himself free of
his attacker. Laura, thinking it was her irate husband breathing down
her neck, flung open the front door and raced out into the street.
Findley, seeing with his one good eye an avenue of escape, raced after
her, both of them oblivious of the fact they were naked. Their headlong
dash out the front door carried them down the steps, across the front
lawn and almost into the path of a passing police cruiser. Laura's
husband, on reaching the front door, slammed it shut and locked it.

* * *

A month later his harrowing escapade made him the laughing stock of the
city, the brunt of all the barroom jokes, a favorite subject of
nightclub comedians, Findley made the news again when his wife kicked
off what was soon to be the messiest divorce trial the city had ever
known. Reporters had a field day. It went on for months and when it was
over, Findley's wife walked off with everything. By then Laura and her
husband were also divorced. It had been a messy thing, too, but was
overshadowed by the news worthiness of the one her employer went

* * *

Laura was on her knees, by the foot of the bed. She was naked, except
for her brief panties and the ropes which bound her hands behind her
back. She looked somewhat pale but that was because of her anxiety.
This was the first time her young b*****r had ever bound her. Her eyes
darted nervous glances at him.

Her tits rose and fell with her breathing. She was excited. There was
no denying that. She hadn't been home very long before she found that
just looking at her teenage b*****r was enough to get her all worked

After her divorce from her irate husband, Jerry, and all the
unfavorable publicity she was f***ed to endure, she had to get away, to
hide somewhere. Maybe forever. She packed up and went home to her
parents, who lived in a small town a thousand miles from where she had
been besieged by thoughtless reporters and inconsiderate photographers.
Wasn't that an ironic twist? She'd been pretty thoughtless and
inconsiderate herself, hadn't she? Considering what she had planned to
do in her blind unreasoning ambition to have a series of best-selling
books, she had no room to criticize anyone else for being thoughtless
and inconsiderate.

How different things seemed when the shoe was on the other foot, she
thought. Her mind dwelt on those women in Tuttleville and what she had
found out they were doing with their teenage sons. Now the shoe was
indeed on the other foot, for wasn't she doing the same thing,
performing the same forbidden acts with her young b*****r Ron?

It began soon after she moved in, several weeks before, though she had
no thoughts whatever of doing anything like that with her own b*****r -
at first. Then, because she had considerable experience and training in
observing such things, being able to recognize when it was happening,
she soon realized her young b*****r was screwing his mother, whenever
she and her father weren't around. She didn't miss either, the way her
young b*****r looked at her, with lust written all over his handsome
grinning face. The horny young devil wasn't content with having his
mother's pussy whenever he could get at it. He wanted his s****r's too.
Well that was all right with her. The thought of her b*****r and her
mother having sex with each other whenever they were alone, touched off
a spark within her that flared into passion. Why should her mother have
all the fun? Her young b*****r was a handsome, well built, muscular
k**. She'd like nothing better than to have him between her legs.

The opportunity was there. Both her parents worked, so as soon as her
b*****r got home in the afternoon when school was out, they had over
two hours to be alone together, before her parents got home from work.

She didn't waste any time, once she decided to make it with him. As
soon as he got home from school one afternoon, she practically climbed
all over him. Her young b*****r was delighted. They went up to her room
and got undressed. She got onto the bed and spread her legs. Her
b*****r climbed on top of her and started fucking her. God, was he ever
good. Really sensational. And he could talk her into anything. He had
that quality about him that made a woman want to do everything she
could think of to please him. No wonder he had been able to screw his
mother. And now his s****r.

This horny young devil had a lot of ideas. They did all kinds of wild
things together. And him fucking her in the ass was only one of them.

Then after several weeks of being gloriously fucked by him every
afternoon, he started coaxing her into letting him tie her up. And
today she let him. Why not? He was a good k**, and he loved her. She
could trust him not to do anything too far out. She never would have
let Findley or her husband tie her up. Both those bastards had a mean
streak in them and she wasn't about to see it in action while she was
helpless. But her young b*****r wasn't like that. And the idea of
having her hands tied behind her excited her, even if she was just a
little bit nervous about it.

Her tits rose and fell with her breathing. She was hotly aroused and
she breathed in quick panting gasps, as though she could not catch her
breath. Her rapid breathing caused her full round boobs to bounce and
jiggle, which in turn caused her young b*****r to gaze at them like he
wanted to devour them.

Laura was kneeling on the thickly carpeted floor, her lovely legs
folded under her. She had a beautiful shape, with flaring hips and well
rounded thighs. With her hands bound behind her back, her tits stood
out even farther, as though inviting her b*****r to come and enjoy
them. She loved it when he sucked on her boobs. He'd spend an hour on
them, kissing, licking and sucking, sending her through one orgasm
after another.

Her thin panties were tight across her flesh, the flimsy garment
stretched taut across her satiny smooth hips. They were bikini style,
low cut and of a material that enabled one to see right through them.
Her cunt hair, pressed against the sheer fabric, was clearly visible.
They were pulled tight in the crotch, so that the narrow band nestled
between her fleshy pussy lips.

Her thighs were smooth and rounded. The cheeks of her shapely ass
rested on the backs of her heels. She squirmed restlessly.

Her young b*****r was bare from the waist up. He was wearing his pajama
bottoms, the front of the thin material poking out in front because he
obviously had a raging hardon. Laura gazed at it fondly. Then she
looked up. Their eyes met and they stared lustfully at each other. Her
hair spilled down her back as she tilted her head to look up at him.
Her expression was slavishly adoring.

His hand reached out and he caressed her silken hair. It was thick and
healthy and there was a lot of it. Waves of it spilled over her tits,
partially veiling them.

Laura licked her lips. "Y-you. didn't have to tie me, Ron!"

"Didn't I?"

Color flared in her cheeks. She gazed into his eyes. "You know I'll do
anything you want."

"You nervous about being tied?" he teased.

"A-a little."

"Doesn't it give you a thrill to be tied up like that and know you
can't stop me from doing whatever I decide to do?"

"You worry me when you talk like that."

"Worrying is part of the turn on," he told her. "I only tied your hands
behind your back, because you're still nervous about it. What I really
want is to spread you out on the bed, then tie your hands and ankles to
the four corners. That really makes you feel helpless."

"My God!" Laura gasped. "I don't know if I'd like that or not."

Her b*****r laughed. "Mrs. Gordon likes it."

"Who is Mrs. Gordon?"

"My history teacher. I go home with her after school now and then. Her
husband doesn't get home until six. We do all kinds of things together.
I tie her to the bed face down. Then I fuck her in the ass and she
can't do a thing about it. She pretends she doesn't want me to, then
hollers and moans when I put my prick up her back route. What really
turns her on is that she's so helpless. I could go home and leave her
like that, for her husband to find when he came home. When I tell her
that's what I'm going to do, it freaks her right out."

"Oh God!" Laura gasped. "You wouldn't actually do that, would you?"

Her b*****r laughed. "Not hardly. She'd have to tell her husband about
her and me. Then he'd come over here and beat the living hell out of
me. But while she's tied up, it's easy for her to think that I might,
and that gets her really worked up."

"I can understand that," said Laura. "I'm pretty worked up myself!"

He caressed her soft cheek. She turned her head to the side so she
could kiss his hand. She pressed her lips against his fingers and made
soft little mewling sounds.

"Those ropes that bind you, s*s - are the physical symbol of the way
you are totally bound to my will, body and soul."

"Sure," Laura agreed quickly. "But if they are only a symbol, darling,
why do you need them at all? You know I'll obey you!"

"Will you? Maybe. This way I know you will. Anyway, the ropes remind
you that you belong to me. You're my woman, to do what I want with!"

He hauled his stiff cock out through the gap in the front of his pajama
bottoms, and guided it to her mouth. Laura stuck out her tongue and
licked it. It slithered over his dick, licking it in a manner she knew
he liked. He dropped his pajama bottoms, pulled his feet free of them,
then stood with his legs wide apart, while she licked his balls. Then
her lips engulfed the head and he shoved it gently into her mouth.
Laura opened wider, the corners of her mouth stretching to accommodate
her b*****r's cock. She rubbed against it as it filled her mouth. She
could feel his shaft spasm with arousal. She tightened her lips around
the head, which was now well oiled with her saliva. As she went at it,
her head bobbed back and forth. With both hands on her head, her
b*****r held her gently but firmly as she sucked him.

"Get ready, s*s," he groaned. "You're going to get a mouthful!"

Laura knew that. He fed his cock to her, stuffing it into her mouth. He
gasped as she closed her lips on his shaft. Her lips were curled over
her teeth, so she wouldn't scratch his tender shaft. Her lips pressed
his cock just below the rim of the head, as it pulsed in her mouth. She
flicked her tongue against his silky smooth flesh. She rubbed her
tongue against the tip of the cockhead, licking its tiny slit. She
sucked and slurped on his prick, like she had many times before. Saliva
leaked from the corners of her mouth, spilling onto her chin, wetting

Her b*****r caressed her neck and shoulders as she sucked him. He
pushed in deeper, rubbing his cockhead against the roof of her mouth.
It was all smooth and slippery, as he massaged his heated shaft against

Laura pressed her tongue up against the underside of his prick, rubbing
it stimulatingly against his throbbing woman pleaser. She heard her
b*****r sigh with erotic pleasure. He didn't try to hide the fact he
was enjoying her cocksucking immensely. So she worked even harder for
his pleasure.

He eased his prick farther into her mouth. Her lips massaged the shaft
as it glided past them, probing for her throat. Laura was eager to
please. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Her b*****r pushed in. Her
eyes widened as he fed her the heated length of his cock until it was
in her throat. She started to choke, so he pulled back a few inches and
let her breathe.

His cock twitched on her tongue. He pulled it back farther, withdrawing
it until only its knobbed head remained between her lips. The shaft of
his prick was red and throbbing. Her saliva made it shine. Laura
slithered her tongue around the head, sucking him eagerly.

After enjoying her sliding, stimulating tongue until he was panting
like he'd run ten miles, he thrust forward once more, burying his shaft
inside her mouth.

He set up a regular rhythm as he thrust back and forth. He increased
the pace of his thrusts, so that his cock pumped in and out of her
mouth. Although the red length of his shaft continually emerged from
her clinging lips, he always kept the head of it planted inside her
mouth. Her b*****r fucked her mouth like it was her pussy.

She moaned and sighed as his prick moved back and forth, each gliding
stroke over her lips and tongue increasing the temperature of his
erection. She had him panting for breath, his chest rising and falling.
He thrust so hard and deep into her mouth that her tits were jiggling
from the f***e of it. Her hair whipped his taut thighs as her head
bobbed back and forth.

He was almost there. Between gasps he said, "Keep my cock in your
mouth. I'm going to shoot off now. Swallow it!"

She would have laughed, if her mouth hadn't been so stuffed with her
b*****r's hefty shaft. In all the weeks she'd been back home and
sucking his cock everyday, she hadn't once backed away from it when it
shot off its load. She had swallowed so much of his come, it was now a
part of her regular diet.

He put his hands back on her head and held her firmly to his groin as
he thrust deep. He holstered his cock in her mouth, and stopped
thrusting. It twitched on her tongue for a timeless instant, before he
shot off a charge that gushed all the way back to her tonsils.

Laura closed her eyes. Her tongue and jaw muscles flexed as she gulped
down the load that spurted fiercely down her pulsing throat. Her
b*****r groaned loudly. He held her head pressed tightly to him with
his cock spewing into her mouth. He shuddered and gasped, and his legs
trembled as his orgasm hit him.

Presently his shaking stopped. The tremors which rocked his body faded
and died away. The stream of semen ebbed to a trickle. He shuddered
again. His eyes were glazed with pleasure, his mouth open, his hands
clutching jerkily at her head.

"God, s*s, you sure can suck a cock!" he panted.

He fondled her hair, smoothing it down against her scalp. Her lips
still pressed his sensitized shaft. Her tongue stirred lazily, as she
continued to suck him until she had his shaft as stiffly erect as it
had been. She didn't let it out of her mouth until it was like a bar of

Her b*****r's bone-hard pecker brushed her cheek as he leaned over her.
He hooked his hands under her bound arms and said, "Get up, Laura."

Muscles flexed in her thighs as she unfolded her legs and rose to a
standing position. He pulled her upward, assisting her. When she was
standing, she was about a half a head shorter than he was. He took a
good look at her luscious body. Her nipples were stiff. They jutted
from the fleshy globes of her tits like pinkish brown nubs of flesh.
Her skin was warm and smooth and soft. He moved closer to her, his
erection being sandwiched between her body and his. She could feel his
hot, semen and saliva covered cock throbbing. Sighing, Laura rested her
head on his chest while he embraced her.

Her b*****r reached for her panties, hooked his thumbs in the waistband
and pushed them down over her thighs, down to her knees, then let them
drop to her ankles. She stepped out of them daintily and he reached
down and picked them up. He brought them to his face and inhaled
deeply, taking in the fragrant scent of her snatch. Obviously it
stimulated him, making his cock jerk and quiver with new vigor and

"I used to do this all the time when you were home, before you got
married and moved away," he said, grinning at her. "After I was through
sniffing them, I'd wrap them around my cock and jerk off, wishing I was
shooting off my load into your pussy, instead of into your panties."

"Why you bad, bad boy!" Laura said with a giggle. "I wish I had known

"Why?" her b*****r asked.

She gave him a teasing smile. "Maybe if I'd known my b*****r had
naughty ideas like that, I'd have thought twice before getting married
and moving away."

He took her in his arms again and his hands moved down to fondle and
squeeze her lushly rounded ass. Bringing his hand around, he pushed his
prick down so that the head of it brushed along the moist lips of her
pussy. Laura let out an excited squeal. He backed her up against the
bed and she fell backward onto it with her legs wide apart. Her b*****r
quickly moved up between them. She let out a little cry of excitement
when she felt the head of his cock press into the open lips of her
cunt. With a guttural sound he speared her, penetrating her with one
long slow and easy movement. She was well lubricated and he went in
easily, even though her twat was a snug fit. Her secretions, slick and
plentiful, oozed around his invading shaft when he planted it inside
her, burying it to his balls.

"You're really hot, s*s," he murmured as he plowed back and forth
inside her.

"And so are you, you horny young stud," Laura giggled. She would have
liked to wrap her arms about his neck and hold him tightly to her while
he fucked her, but she couldn't do that with her hands tied securely
behind her. Being bound up that way was supposed to make her feel like
she was being viciously assaulted. But how could she feel that way when
his thick hefty cock was causing her to have such intense pleasure?

If there was anything she loved better than being fucked, it was being
fucked by her young b*****r, she thought to herself. Feeling his prick
inside her was just ten times better than any cock that had ever reamed
out her pussy before him. Her intense and passionate feeling for her
young b*****r almost frightened her at times. How lewd and outrageous
could a women get? With her own b*****r! How could she possibly feel
this hot and passionate for him? Was this the way those women back in
Tuttleville felt about their sons? It had to be. And she understood it
- now. And to think she might have wrecked their lives by exposing
them, making their forbidden i****tuous activities public. And they
were nice women too. She had come to know them quite well and they
considered her their friend. How would she feel if someone exposed what
she was doing now - with her own b*****r?

Her feeling of contrition quickly passed, because at that moment her
b*****r was fucking the hell out of her. God, this k** b*****r of hers
could make it so good for a woman, she would do anything for him. She
wondered briefly who had taught him to fuck as good as he did. Was it
her mother, or that history teacher he mentioned? Whoever it was, he
sure paid attention to his lessons.

Now that her b*****r was so gloriously fucking her, her attitude had
changed considerably in regard to those women back in Tuttleville who
were having sex with their sons. Realizing her thoughts were back on
them again, she tried to block it out. She felt ashamed, whenever she
thought of it, about what she had almost done to those women. They
didn't deserve what she had been planning to do to them, exposing their
secret sex with their sons. That was a terrible thing for her to even
consider doing. What she deserved was a good sound spanking.

Then there were no more thoughts like that. Her b*****r was bringing
her to the peak of her passion. She let out a joyful shriek and sailed
into her orgasm. With her b*****r she always had such fabulous
climaxes, so intense they almost made her toes curl. She bounced around
on the bed like she'd gone mad, but her b*****r had a firm grip on both
cheeks of her ass, and he went right on pounding it to her until he
brought her off three times. Then he sent his hot load gushing into

After they lay there for some time, catching their breath, Laura said
quietly, "Are you going to untie me now?"

"No way!" said her b*****r, grinning at her. "I'm not finished with you

"W-what are you going to do?" she asked, feeling a little nervous

"You'll see," he said, still grinning at her. With that, he went into
the bathroom and when he came back a moment later, he had a wet hand
towel in his hand. It was folded over so that it was a little over a
foot long and about three inches wide.

"What are you going to do with that?" she asked, with a note of
apprehension in her voice. That seemed to excite her b*****r even more.

"You know what I'm going to do, s*s, don't you?" said her b*****r.
"Sure you do."

"No, I-I don't. Tell me."

"Don't you remember what you said yesterday? You said you deserved a
good spanking. I don't know what it was all about, but that's what you

She remembered now. She had been thinking about the book she had done
all that research on, about all the spying she had done on those women
in Tuttleville. Then without telling her b*****r what she had been
thinking, she said right out loud she deserved a good spanking.

"And you're going to - ?"

He nodded his head and grinned.

"No! Forget it! I didn't mean it, honest. It was just a figure of
speech. No, Ron. No!"

"If you promise not to yell too much, I won't put a gag in your mouth,"
he told her. "If you start getting noisy though, I'll have to stuff
your panties into your mouth, so the neighbors won't hear you and
wonder what the hell is going on in here."

"No, no gag. Please."

"Okay then. We'll try it without a gag. Get into position, s*s. Face
down, with your ass in the air."

She tried to argue but she saw it was useless. Her b*****r was
determined to go through with it. Whimpering, she turned over on the
bed, her stiff-nippled tits swaying and jiggling. She was on her knees,
her face on the mattress.

"Bring your ass closer to the foot of the bed, s*s," her b*****r told

As if she didn't have a will of her own, she awkwardly moved so that
she was close to the end of the bed, her ass high, her face and
shoulders resting on the bed. Her bound hands made it difficult but her
b*****r was pleased with the position she had placed herself in.

When he switched the radio on and turned it up loud, she grew even more
apprehensive. Music blared throughout the room. She knew he didn't have
it on because he wanted to listen to music at a time like this. He had
it on to lessen the sounds she might be making soon.

"Ron . . . no!"

Her hair fanned across the bedspread as she struggled feebly. Her
rounded ass was raised high in the air, just the way her b*****r wanted
it. She could see he was excited. He was squeezing his cock, as though
to relieve some of the tension that was building up in it. She could
see his prick throbbing. When he squeezed, a clear drop of seminal
fluid leaked from the cockhead. She lay with her head to one side. She
was shaking.

Suddenly her b*****r swung the towel in a wide arc, barely brushing her
satiny smooth globes. Laura let out a gasp. She squirmed and moaned
when he put his hand on her ass. Her flesh quivered to his touch. Her
smooth and warm butt was trembling.

"Get ready now," he said, teasing her some more.

She knew now what she was in for. There was no getting out of it. Her
b*****r wasn't about to change his mind. She squirmed as he felt and
fondled the cheeks of her ass. Her lush tits were pressed against the
mattress, their soft flesh oozing to the sides. She let out a little
whimper when his fingers tickled the soft tissue of her cunt-lips.

Then he let her have it, a stinging slap with the wet towel, right
across her ass. Laura gasped, closed her eyes and buried her face in
the mattress. He gave it to her then, swat after swat, one stinging
blow after another, across both cheeks. Laura let out a shocked cry,
sobbed and tried not to scream, as her b*****r laid it on her.
Mercilessly he walloped her across her butt again and again, while she
stifled her screams by pressing her face into the mattress. As the wet
towel stung her ass over and over, her wriggling, ravaged ass twisted
and squirmed. It seemed to her in her pain-racked mind that her b*****r
was getting a little carried away, but that was to be expected. She
began to think it would never end, but eventually his arm began to
tire. As he dropped the wet towel to the floor, she saw through tear-
dimmed eyes his hand was kneading and stroking his bone-hard pecker.

Then she saw him squeezing a lubricant out of a tube and smearing it
all over his cock. Seconds later he was on the bed with her. She felt
him grabbing her ass, clutching her buttocks with both hands. He pushed
her knees apart, spreading her shaking thighs, opening the crack of her
ass to his attack.

She sobbed and squirmed, but she couldn't escape. She groaned as his
fiery cock prodded her asshole. Then she felt him push, the head of his
prick poked it's way in past her sphincter muscle. He went in deeper,
and then he was fucking her in the ass.

His hands reached under her and he got a hold of both her tits,
squeezing them gently in each hand. Then one hand moved to her cunt.

"I'll play with your pussy, s*s," he panted. "I want you to come off
when I do!"

Laura would never admit to him that she already got off twice while he
was brutalizing her ass with that wet towel. But he was right. She
moaned with delight as he fingered her excited twat, while he drove his
cock back and forth in her ass. She didn't want him shooting off his
load without her getting hers too.

With a lustful cry she shoved her ass back against his invading pecker,
while he diddled her pussy and mauled her excited tits. Her b*****r
panted and gasped each time he drove his cock into her bum. His chest
was pressed against her back, or would have been, had it not been for
her hands bound behind her. With her tied the way she was, he had to do
it all, finger her pussy and tease her nipples, and still keep his mind
on moving his prick in and out of her ass with a steady rhythm. But she
could still do something. She could shove her ass back at him, thrust
her asshole at him each time he drove his cock at her. And she could
wriggle her buns like mad, rolling her hips around on his imbedded
shaft. There were many things she could do to drive her b*****r crazy.
And in her frenzy she did them all, and forgot all about the whipping
he had given her ass.

With his hands clutching her by her cunt and one of her tits, he drove
her wild with his cock, pulling it almost out of her ass, then cramming
it all back in there, again and again and again. Babbling almost
incoherently he told her how much he loved the feel of her asshole, how
it felt so smooth and satiny and how it gripped him even tighter than
his mother's did, when he had it up her butthole.

She was the best, her b*****r told her panting and groaning, the very
best of everything. He fucked her asshole faster and faster, thrilled
by her cries of submission, the feel of her ass pushing against his
groin. Each time he plunged fully into her, her bum cheeks spread
themselves, two rounded globes of soft satiny flesh rubbing against

Her b*****r was ass-fucking the hell out of her, and that thrilled her
right down to her toenails. She was crying tears of pleasure, making
noises of nearly unbearable joy, feeling him grinding his hips against
her ass, pushing his cock into her butthole as far as he could get it.
She was squealing, shrieking and babbling nonsense words, in the throes
of a wildly intense orgasm, from his fingers doing outrageous things to
her cunt and his cock doing even more outrageous things to her asshole.

Holding her by her cunt and one of her boobs, he fired off his load,
shooting her rear passage full of his gushing juices. He was babbling
like he was out of his mind, telling her how much he loved her gorgeous
ass, loved ass-fucking her, and she laughed joyfully. They rolled onto
their sides and lay there, trying to catch their breath, her b*****r's
cock still in her ass.

Sometime later he withdrew his prick from her butthole and untied her.
They got off the bed and with their arms about each other, they went
into the bathroom and showered. While he coated her tits, cunt and ass
with a thick soapy lather, she rubbed sensuously against him, telling
him how good it had been. And she forgave him for the spanking he gave
her, she told him, because she really had it coming to her, and someday
she would tell him why. Grinning at her, her b*****r promised to always
take good care of her ass, either with his cock or a good sound
spanking - or both.

By some miracle they managed to dry each other off, get dressed and
have supper on the table, just as their parents arrived home from work.
No mother and father ever had a son and daughter who looked more
innocent than they did, while the four of them sat at the supper table.

Laura's mother was more than just an attractive, highly-sexed woman.
She was also intelligent. She was far from being a dummy, about
anything. Especially anything that went on in her home. It didn't take
long for her to realize her son wasn't only fucking her, he was also
screwing his s****r. So the first chance they had to be alone together,
she and her daughter had a long talk. Since both mother and daughter
loved and adored each other, it was no problem for them to come to an
agreement regarding Ron.

Mrs. Mitchell's husband had always been a sound sl**per. Once his head
hit the pillow, he went out like a light and slept right through until
morning. She never had to worry about him getting up in the middle of
the night and catching her out of bed. So it had been her custom to lie
there until she was certain her husband was sound asl**p, then she
would slip out of bed, tippy-toe across the hall and spend the night in
bed with her son. Her daughter coming back home disrupted that little
routine, but now that she and Laura had arrived at an understanding,
she was able to resume it. At least every other night. That was the
agreement she and Laura came to, that she would sl**p with her son one
night, and Laura would be in bed with him the next.

It went on like that from that time on, without Laura's father - or
anyone else - ever being the wiser. Laura's b*****r thought he had
found heaven, having two hot pussies to fuck as much as he wanted to -
his good looking, highly sexed, forty-two-year-old mother and his
gorgeous, hot and passionate, twenty-three-year-old s****r. Laura too
thought she had found heaven. Her young b*****r fucked the hell out of
both her and his mother, without him showing any indication he was ever
going to get enough.

Laura settled down to a contented life of living at home with her
parents and her b*****r. She felt happier and more satisfied than she
ever had while she was married and had her employer Paul T. Findley
screwing her. Within the next two years she wrote three books, all
best-sellers. They were sexually explicit. She saw nothing wrong with
writing about sex. But the way she presented it was different. She
didn't use the information she gathered to hurt anyone. She would never
again, she promised herself, be tempted to expose women who had a good
thing going with their sons, in the privacy of their homes.

And she hoped no one would ever write a book exposing the sex some
women were having with their b*****rs.

The End

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Amazing, thankyou for this fantastic series of stories.
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awesome story & series