Sex Ahead 3

There was no doubt about it, Jamie Henderson had special privileges. If
anyone could have seen what he was doing at that moment, they would
have agreed that no other eighteen-year-old boy could have gotten away
with such a thing like that. But that might not have been quite true.
In fact, there may have been quite a few teenage boys doing the same
thing. But anyway, he did have special privileges. That was evident
when he crawled into bed with his mother, lifted up her nightie and put
his hand on her cunt.

What's more, his mother didn't even object. You would have expected
this very attractive, red-haired young woman (she was only thirty-six)
to behave like any other mother would have (well, some of them anyway),
that she would have awakened and on seeing that her son was in bed with
her and was fingering her pussy, have raised absolute hell. She did
awaken, but what she did after that was to turn over on her side facing
him, give him a warm loving smile and reach for his fully erect cock,
while their mouths came together in a hot passionate kiss.

Mrs. Frank (Jennifer) Henderson wasn't at all worried that they would
be caught doing what they were doing. Her husband had already left for
his business, a book store on the main street of Tuttleville, and she
and her son had the house all to themselves. She knew her son would
never get into bed with her until he had seen his father back his car
out of the driveway. Then he would lock the doors, so that it would be
safe for him to get into bed with his mother and go after her pussy.

Jennifer moaned softly as she felt her son's finger ease its way into
her already moist twat. Their lips parted and she looked at him with an
endearing smile.

"You really take over, don't you, as soon as your father is out of the
house," she teased.

"Wouldn't Dad flip if he could see us now?" said Jamie, grinning at
her. "He thinks that now that school is out for the summer, I sl**p
until noon every day."

"That's because he doesn't really know his son very well, has no idea
what a bundle of energy you are, an absolute ball of fire, when you're
in bed with your mother," said Jennifer. "I should be ashamed to admit
this, but I like having my son in bed with me."

"That's nothing to be ashamed of, Mom, since nobody knows about it but
you and me," Jamie told her. "Besides, it's all Dad's fault anyway. He
shouldn't leave for the store every morning without taking care of you
before he leaves. He should know you well enough by now to realize how
hot and horny you are during the day, especially in the morning."

"I'm afraid your father couldn't do much about it anyway, even if he
did know," said Jennifer. "He's so out of it in the morning, he's doing
well just to get dressed, get into his car and make it to the store.
Even then he can't function until he's downed a pot of coffee."

"Well, that's okay by me," said Jamie. "It made things just that much
easier. That first time I crawled into bed with you, you hardly put up
any struggle at all."

Jennifer laughed. "Who are you k**ding? I gave you all kinds of hints
that Mother wouldn't mind you getting into bed with her. If you hadn't
come into my room when you did, I'd have gone into yours and got into
bed with you."

She sat up, pulled her nightie up over her head and tossed it aside.
"There, that better?" she asked, leaning over him and dragging one of
her soft fleshy tits across his face. "You like being in bed with your
mother when she's bare naked, don't you, you bad boy."

Jamie laughed and wrapped his arms around her, one hand on her back and
the other on her ass, then rolled her onto her back. Looking down at
her, he caressed her legs, fondled her pussy and teased it again with
his finger. Moisture was oozing from her snatch, telling him she was
hot and ready. Both his hands went up over her belly to her tits and he
played with them. He kissed her face, her neck, her shoulders, then
sucked on both her tits. After he gave them a good going over, he
kissed her mouth again. He climbed on top of her and the head of his
cock prodded the lips of her pussy. He felt her legs come up over his
hips, pulling him tighter against her. He had not even begun to slip
his cock into her, yet he was already feeling pleasure just from being
on top of her. He was sure his mother felt the same way.

"Come on, darling. Push it into me," she said in a lewd whisper. "I
want it. Oh, I want it so very much. I love these mornings when you're
in bed with me. I don't know what I'll ever do, when you go off to
college this fall."

"No problem, Mom. I'm enrolling at Amhurst, just fifteen miles away and
I can live at home, instead of campus. I'll have plenty of time to make
love to you after Dad is gone and I have to leave. I'm going to be in
bed with you every morning for years to come."

"Oh sweetheart, that's so wonderful to hear," Jennifer said
breathlessly. "You don't know how it turns me on to hear you say that.
I think I'm going to stay here in bed and be good to you all day long."

She let out a little cry of delight as her son's enormous cock pushed
its way into her. In it went, inch by inch, pushing in a ways, then
drawing back, then going in deeper. By the time several inches of his
shaft was in her, her ass was moving in an erotic motion, harmonizing
with the movements his prick was making as it went in deeper and

"Oh Lord, you're big," she cooed, with a note of satisfaction in her
voice. "It makes me feel so deliciously wicked, to have my son's big
solid cock in my pussy."

Her words filled him with lust and made his cock quiver in its urgent
need. Their lips met again as he moved into her a little at a time. He
could feel her pussy hugging his shaft. It was a tight fit and he had
to let her get it all, before they really went into action. He didn't
mind the time it took. The sensation of going into her a little at a
time, was exciting and it felt good. Everything about his lovely red-
haired mother felt good.

Finally he had his entire shaft in her. He could feel his balls wedged
in the crack of her ass. His mother groaned, then sighed. Then her arms
tightened around his neck and she kissed him again.

"Now comes the really good part," she breathed, "when you stop teasing
your mother. Fuck me!"

He started moving it in and out, in long slow strokes. Her slippery
cuntal juices oozing out of her pussy were doing the job of making it
easier and added to the pleasure they were both feeling. His cock began
to slide like a smooth piston, in and out, in and out, and with such a
tight feeling as his mother's cunt was providing, the feeling for him
was out of this world. Her legs moved. Her feet were on the backs of
his legs, then up higher. He could tell that she liked what she was
getting so much, she couldn't help squirming around beneath him. Her
legs were up over his back now, and her body was working with his. And
when he shot off his load in a passionate fury and thrust forward as
far as he could go, she cried out with joy and took him all the way. He
could feel her getting off when he did and her cunt was gripping his
cock, like she wanted him to keep pumping the way he was.

He collapsed on top of her and after a while her legs fell off his
back, to the bed. They lay there breathing heavily against each other.
Thinking that he might be too heavy for her, he made an effort to roll
off of her but she stopped him, bringing her arms around his back and
holding him.

"Don't you dare," she whispered. "I love the feeling of you on top of

"But I'm heavy -"

"Not too heavy. I like it."

"Okay by me. You feel very comfortable."

"I'm built for comfort," she said with a little laugh. "Think back to
those times before you started being naughty with your mother, and how
you longed to get on top of me. Now you are. Isn't it nice?"

"I can't think of anything nicer."

A short time later, he slipped his hands under his mother's ass, got a
firm grip on both her fleshy round globes, then rolled over onto his
back, taking her with him. Now he could feel her against him along the
full length of their bodies, without worrying that he might crush her.
He could feel her warm moist pussy against his cock that was already
stiffening up again. He felt her tits against his chest, and his hands
were free to explore her sexy ass, to rub between her legs and send
thrills through her that made her cunt pulsate against his cock. He
knew what his mother liked and how she appreciated him giving it to

He'd had plenty of opportunity to learn all the little things that
drove his mother wild. He knew the positions she liked to be in most,
although it seemed she liked any position he wanted to get her into. As
long as she had her son's cock inside her, as far as it would go, she
was happy. Up to now he'd fucked her every afternoon when he got home
from school. But now that school was out for the summer, he began
fucking her in the morning too, right after his father left for work.
Sometimes they stayed in bed most of the day, fucking. They didn't do
that often, though. She had housework to do, and shopping to be done.
And the laundry. Jamie helped her with all of that, giving her more
time to do naughty things with him. It was nice to be able to fuck her
throughout the day, right up until his father came home from work.

He brought his hands up along her sides, caressing her full round tits
with his palms. He felt her passion growing, as it was growing with
him. He felt her legs spreading wide, causing her pussy to open so that
the head of his cock was poking between the lips. Then raising her
hips, his mother reached down between them, held his steel-like cock so
that it was pointing upward and she lowered her pussy onto it. Just the
head went in, as her mouth pressed onto his in a kiss of increasing
passion. As they kissed she moved her pussy up and down, never taking
more than the head, and it sent thrills all through him that made him
want to stay in bed with his mother forever.

Then she began slowly taking more of his cock into her each time, and
he could feel his load growing. It swelled out the vein and made all
the nerve endings more sensitive. His mother was running the show this
time and that was fine with him. She never failed to make it good for
him - and herself. That slow slide her pussy made down his cock, right
to his groin, caused his mother to let out a little cry of delight. She
raised herself up slowly, then slid down his cock again. She was
sitting on him now. Her cries of pleasure became more intense. The
fourth time she did it, he was moaning with her and he had his hands on
both her tits, squeezing them gently and running his hands over the
stiffened nipples. She gave him a long pleasurable fucking, with her
cunt doing most of the work. Their breathing became heavier. She came
down on top of him, flattening her tits against his chest. She
straightened out her legs so that they were stretched out behind her,
alongside his. Then her mouth pressed onto his, her lips hot and
demanding, her tongue darting forth in search of his.

She couldn't go slow now. Her ass began gyrating faster and faster. He
felt his leg muscles going tight. That ticklish sensation began in his
cock and his balls, and he pushed clear off the mattress, taking his
mother with him. The way she was writhing on top of him and telling him
how good it was, he knew she was right there at the peak of sensation,
about to plunge into her orgasm. Half suspended in mid-air as she was,
he shot his load into her and both of them humped and jerked as they
came off together. Finally he collapsed and she came down with him.

He could have stayed there forever, especially when his mother told him
that she could too. With her on top of him, his prick still in her,
they rested - and then went at it again.

Two hours later, his mother, nestled in his arms, inhaled deeply and
wrinkled her nose. "Good heavens, we both reek of sex. And your come is
all over me, my hips, my belly and even my tits."

Jamie laughed. "Sorry, Mom, but pushing my cock back and forth between
your tits felt so good, I couldn't help shooting off. My come is all
over your neck and chin too."

His mother laughed with him. "You might have warned me. Then I could
have put my mouth over your cock before you shot off. It's a shame to
waste it."

"Don't worry, Mom. There's plenty more where that came from."

"I can believe that easy enough."

He gave his mother a loving kiss. "I love the way you smell after we've
fucked. And I like the smell of your pussy, when it's hot and aroused."

"Your male scent is a turn-on for me, too," she replied. "That's why we
go at it again and again, I guess."

His mother was grateful for his attention - not to mention his big hard
cock - and she showed it in so many lewd, obscene and loving ways that
Jamie didn't show much interest in screwing the teenage girls in his

Not that he passed up any good looking pussy that came his way. He
surely didn't. He had something that really turned the girls on, and in
this day and age a girl wasn't at all shy about seeking him out and
offering it to him. He already had quite a few virgins to his credit.
He enjoyed collecting virgins, being the first guy to crawl up between
a girl's legs and show her how good it felt to have a solid cock moving
up into her untried but eager cunt. He was quite secretive about his
conquests and nobody knew a thing about it, except his mother. He told
his mother everything, because she loved to hear about the naughty
things her son did. After he related all the details of how he had
given a girl her first fuck, his mother would be so hot and horny she
would climb all over him. She'd grab hold of his steel-like cock and
stuff it into her snatch, then go to work on him like she was intent on
showing him once again that a teenage girl couldn't love him up half as
good as she could.

To Jamie, being able to fuck his mother whenever he wanted to, as often
as he wanted, was the greatest thing that ever happened to him. His
lovely mother was the hottest, wildest and most sensuous piece of ass a
guy could ever wish to have. And he fucked her like he could never get
enough of her.

She was all his, too. She didn't fool around with other men, even
though there were plenty of them around, some of them his father's good
buddies, who wanted to get into her panties. But she didn't give them
the time of day. She got all the extramarital sex she needed from her
own son. They had a good thing going and they were good for each other.
Since they fucked in the privacy of their own home, there was little
chance they'd ever be caught doing it. The possibility of his father
finding out he was screwing his mother, was pretty remote. So he and
his mother had little to worry about and they fucked each other silly.

Jennifer gave her son a warm loving kiss, then said, "Come on. Let's go
into the bathroom and get cleaned up."

While his mother stopped in the bathroom to put a plastic shower cap on
her head and tuck her shoulder length red hair up under it so it
wouldn't get wet, Jamie stepped into the shower stall and turned on the
warm water. As soon as she got in with him and closed the sliding glass
door behind her, she took the soap and started in on him. She lathered
his arms, neck and shoulders, then went all over his chest and stomach
like she was really enjoying herself. She leaned over and lathered his
cock, giving it and his balls very attentive and loving treatment.
Jamie sighed because it felt so good. His idea of happiness was his
mother showing how much she admired his cock, whether it was by the way
she looked at it, or the way she caressed it with her hands, or when
she took it in her mouth, her cunt or in her ass. Or if she simply
whispered in his ear, as she often did, telling him how much she loved
his cock, the look and feel of it, and how much she loved having sex
with her strong, virile, handsome looking son.

Lewd and obscene actions such as these, by his own mother, always set
him on fire. It resulted in him fucking her like mad and was the kind
of loving attention she enjoyed getting from him.

He surely loved what she was doing to him now. She was pushing the
foreskin of his cock back as far as it would go, and washing the head
with a loving gentle touch. Then she ran her fingers up and down its
entire length.

Although he had fucked his mother five times since his father had left
the house that morning, and she had sucked him off twice, which would
have left most young men his age, even in his superb physical
condition, exhausted - here he was in the shower with his mother and
his cock was standing up and it couldn't have been any harder, if it
had been made out of marble.

When she finished playing with his cock, she soaped his balls again,
lathered his ass, got plenty of suds in the crack and then eased a
finger all the way into his bumhole.

"You'd better let me wash you now, Mom," he gasped. "You're the one who
complained of smelling sexy."

With a little chuckle she handed him the bar of soap and he began
moving it over her body, which she obviously liked. He worked on her
tits like they were precious objects of art that had to be washed and
polished over and over again. He worked on them so long and so lovingly
that she let her head fall back a little, her eyes closed, then her
hand reached for his cock and played with it. He worked his way down,
soaping her belly and her back, then concentrated on getting a thick
soapy lather all over her cunt. With that done, she turned her back to
him and he did the same to her rear end. When he had the cheeks of her
ass and the crack between all lathered up, she stood with her legs
apart and suddenly bent over. Jamie just as quickly eased first one
finger, then two more, up his mother's asshole.

She sighed with pleasure and pushed her rear end back against him. He'd
been up her back route often enough that she'd learned to relax her
anal muscles and she felt no discomfort at having her bumhole
stretched. The very idea of having his fingers up his mother's backside
thrilled him so that he shivered with excitement and his hard cock

His mother reached back and pushed his fingers out of her asshole, then
seized his cock and guided the head of it to the same place. He had no
trouble figuring out what she wanted. He pressed forward, easing his
prick into her ass.

He wrapped his arms around her waist as he leaned over her, pulled her
tightly to him and began ass-fucking her. His mother let out a cry of
delight as her passion soared, and that made him want to give it to her
all the more. His hands beneath her seized her dangling tits and he
hung onto them, squeezing the nipples gently between his fingers.

"Oh God, Mom," he groaned. "I sure am glad you like being fucked in the

"You're the one who taught your mother to like it, you bad boy," she
panted. "Nobody else has been up there. Not even your father!"

One of his hands left her tit and moved lower. He fondled her cunt,
then slipped a finger inside, giving his mother pleasure at both
openings. That always brought her off in a hurry. Pleased even more by
his mother's obvious excitement, he fucked her ass vigorously. He could
feel himself building up to a climax. He pounded his cock up his
mother's bumhole and shot off his load, flooding the depths of her ass.

"Oh wow!" his mother panted, trying to catch her breath. "Wouldn't our
friends and neighbors have something to talk about if they could see
the position we're in right now, and what you just did to your mother."

Slowly he pulled his cock out of his mother's ass and she straightened
up, turned around and began washing it for him.

"This poor thing takes such a beating," she cooed as she rubbed a thick
lather of soap all over it and rinsed it off. "I honestly can't
understand how it stands up to all this punishment."

Jamie grinned at her as he squeezed her tits. "My cock doesn't think of
it as punishment."

After she finished cleaning up his cock, Jamie returned the favor and
washed the crack of his mother's ass once again. Then they stepped from
the shower and dried each other off.

"Shall we dress for lunch, or shall we go informal?" his mother asked
with a girlish giggle.

"If you mean naked," said Jamie, grinning at her. "Let's go that way."

That night at the supper table was like any other night at the
Henderson household. Frank Henderson sat at the head of the table, his
wife Jennifer on his right and his son Jamie on his left. He talked as
usual about how things went that day at the book store, the biggest and
most prosperous one for miles around. It was remarkable that the small
community of Tuttleville could support a book store of that size, but
people came from miles around to do business there.

Frank was a clever businessman and he devoted a great deal of time to
it. And he had connections, various clubs he belonged to, several
community projects he was active in. This took up a good deal of his
spare time, time which he should have been spending with his wife, he
supposed, but it paid off. His business was thriving. He was sure
Jennifer understood. Besides, with school out for the summer, she had
their son Jamie for company. Jamie took her wherever she wanted to go
in the evenings, when he had to go back to the store. Jamie took her to
the movies and to social events, which was really his husbandly duty to
do so and which he wasn't attending to. But his wife and their son got
along well together and they didn't seem to mind. Jennifer didn't
complain that it was her son who took her places, instead of her
husband. And Jamie didn't object to taking his mother wherever she
wanted to go, when he could have been out with some teenage girl.

It made Frank feel more at ease, knowing his wife was with their son,
when he couldn't be with her. His dear Jennifer was a faithful,
respectable wife and having an extramarital affair was the farthest
thing from her mind, he was sure. Yet by the very way she was put
together, a beautiful face, a superb figure and a warm personality, was
a temptation to men. He knew all too well that even his good buddies,
supposedly his loyal friends, wanted to get into her panties, and
would, if she gave any one of them the least bit of encouragement. His
wife had something about her that seemed to broadcast sex, like she was
a transmitter sending out signals. It was all too apparent that she had
a hot, sexy nature, even if she herself was unaware of it. It was so
easy to get her aroused, that if he spent less time at the store and
more time with her, she'd likely burn him out in a month. When they
were in bed together, he couldn't begin to match her passionate
demands. A woman like that would at times, he knew, be tempted to get a
little on the side, like several other women in this town were doing.

But with his son accompanying his mother nearly everywhere she went, he
felt secure. Even if the boy didn't realize it, he was looking after
his father's interests. His presence with his mother was a
discouragement to men who wanted to make a try for her. For that reason
he didn't press too hard when Jamie didn't show any interest in
spending the summer months working as a clerk in the book store,
learning the business, but seemed to prefer to just hang around the
house and do nothing. If his mother didn't mind him being underfoot all
the time, it was all right with him. She had someone to talk to all day
and that would keep her mind off sex.

It was when a woman was alone in the house all day that she was apt to
be tempted, he thought. His friend Cecil was having marital problems
because of that very thing. He came home during the day when he wasn't
expected and found his wife having sex with the teenage boy who mowed
their lawn every week. Yes, Frank Henderson was very pleased that his
son was home with his mother all day, making that kind of nonsense

While his father was having his secret thoughts, Jamie glanced across
at his mother, and smiled a furtive little smile. His mother could have
been an actress. She deserved an academy award. Right now she was being
the quiet natured, highly moral, respectable wife and mother, who never
had an immoral thought in her life. She looked so innocent that if
someone said fuck in front of her, she'd faint dead away. Who would
ever suspect that she had been naked most of the day, romping around
the house with her son? There wasn't a thing about her to indicate
she'd had her son's prick in her mouth, in her cunt and up her ass. It
wasn't written on her forehead in red letters. It didn't show. How many
other mothers in town, Jamie wondered, were putting on a similar
convincing act of innocence?

"It's a strange thing, the way the book business has been going over
the past several years," Frank Henderson said, unknowingly cutting in
on his son's lewd thoughts about his mother.

"In what way, dear?" asked Jennifer.

"Sex has become far and away the best-seller," said Frank. "The public
is obsessed with immorality, even in their reading. Sex is the all
important thing. If they aren't doing it, they watch it on TV or in the

"I think that's terrible," said Jennifer, glancing at her son and
thinking of the X-rated movie he took her to the other night in another

"And if they aren't watching it," Frank went on, "they want to read
about it. If the books we sell weren't about sex, the store would go
broke. If you go to a hardware store to buy a socket wrench, it's
fastened by plastic to a cardboard backing that has a picture of a
naked woman on it. Nothing, it seems, can be sold without sex."

"It's the age we're living in, I guess," said Jennifer with a deep
sigh, as she passed the dish of mashed potatoes across to her son.

"You wouldn't believe what they're planning for a book they intend to
bring out," said Frank.

"What kind of book, Dad?" asked Jamie.

"Another Kinsey type thing," said Frank. "A study on i****t."

That got Jamie and his mother's attention. They both glanced at each
other and looked startled.

"i****t?" said Jennifer.

"Yes. I received a notice about it from the publisher," said Frank. "It
was a questionnaire, really. They want to know how I think it will
sell. They send this questionnaire to all the bookstores around the
country and if it looks like it will sell well, they'll go ahead with
the research on it and write it."

"i****t seems to be a popular subject lately," said Jennifer
cautiously. "It's being written about in newspapers and magazines, and
they've even made several movies with that as the subject!"

"Yeah, there's a movie out now where the hero and the heroine are
b*****r and s****r," said Jamie. "And they do it to each other all
through the picture."

Jennifer gave her son a warning glance. At the same time she made a
mental note that she wanted him to take her to see that movie, when it
was showing at their favorite out-of-town theater.

"It's disgraceful," said Frank. "Sexologists claim there's a lot of it
going on, sex between b*****r and s****r, father and daughter, niece
and uncle, nephew and aunt, and between mother and son."

"How shocking!" Jennifer gasped.

"What's more," Frank went on, "this information I received claims
they've found a particular town where a good many people are doing it.
Mostly between mothers and sons, but a lot of it between b*****rs and
s****rs too. They plan to send investigators to this place and get the
goods on these women who are fooling around with their sons. Then the
information they gather will go into the book. There'll be several
volumes, the first dealing with sex between a mother and her son."

"What's this world coming to?" asked Jennifer, looking a little uneasy.

Jamie tried to shrug it off. "It sounds pretty far out, Dad. I doubt if
anything will come of it."

"Not if I can help it," said Frank. "I wrote them back and told them
the whole idea was disgusting and sick. I also told them that whoever
thought up that idea, should be put away."

"Good for you, dear. If there were more people like you, looking after
the community and f****y life, it would be a better world."

Frank look pleased and smiled at her. "Thank you, dear. I'm glad you
understand about these things. Keeping watch over the way society is
going, does involve a lot of time. And it pleases me that you've never
complained about the time I've spent with these community
organizations, when I could have been home with you!"

Jennifer glanced at her son again, then concentrated on the food on her

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