An Unholy Desire 2

Chapter 3

Ann sat nervously at her typewriter, her fingers poised and trembling
above the keys as the electric machine's constant whirring noise seemed
to reverberate around in her confused and tortured mind. God, there was
so much to be done and although she generally worked best under
pressure, this particular day was a very difficult one for the
voluptuous young blonde. Her mind was a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces were
s**ttered all over the floor waiting to be put back together again.
Confused and nagging emotions fought against one another in her
tormented mind; feelings and desires she never knew she could
experience battled against one another and her thoughts seemed to have
a dozen different sources at one.

After she'd gotten Carl off her back by shoving a steaming cup of
coffee in his hands, she'd had to work with Dr. Everett breathing down
her neck, intermittently brushing his hand on her leg up and down her
thigh till she thought she'd go bananas for sure. Finally, as if by an
act of God, Carl had called him into the back office for a weekly
conference to plan the activities for next week.

"Damn!" she hissed under her breath as she made the third typo on that
first line of the page. All thumbs, she felt her neck muscles tense and
freeze in position. That would never do, she thought with gut hurting
anguish. I can't boggle this work just because of some young stud. And
as if her physically handicapped condition was not enough to cloud her
mind, everything she typed had something to do with sex. God, it was
driving her crazy!

She winced in anguish, still feeling the touch of Dr. Everett hotly
slithering up and down her body. God, how stupid could one get? Pretty
rotten, she inwardly seethed, sick at the thought of having him, that
gorgeous hunk of man, right in her eagerly yearning little hands, then
frittering away her hold through girlish reluctance. Damn, she'd never
intended they be any more than lovers, an affair, maybe.

For what seemed like minutes, she stood there staring blindly out of
the window, watching students spill out of the building across the
street. Some stoop shouldered, disappointed and grim, others half
skipping with the bounce of springtime in their airy steps. For a brief
she imagined where she would be, what she would be doing, and whether
she would be happy had she not married Dr. Carl Dexter. A stewardess
flying to Australia, maybe? A model on the cover of Vogue?

"Uh, Mrs. Dexter, could you come in the office for a minute," Dr.
Everett's voice interrupted her wildly, dizzily spinning thoughts.

"Yes, of course, right away," Ann answered, reaching down to pick up
the file folder.

"No, you won't need that," Mrs. Dexter," he said coldly, and then she
knew she'd blown it! Without so much as a smile, he turned his back and
disappeared into the wood-walled interior of her husband's office. Was
this a joke?

Ann followed the tall doctor, her knees quaking, her hands still
trembling, her full, fleshy thighs tremulously shaking, her full
breasts quivering beneath her short knit dress as her chest heaved with
heavy breathing. Once inside the office, Ann seated herself on the
chair by the desk, directly opposite Dr. Everett who sat frowning over
a series of ten pages that Ann had finished typing about half an hour
earlier. The full breasted young blonde crossed her legs demurely and
folded her hands across her lap to stop from trembling, then waited
patiently for Dr. Everett to say whatever he had to say, hoping for
dear life it had nothing to do with what had happened that morning.

"Uh, Mrs. Dexter," he began awkwardly obviously finding it difficult to
get to the point, "this is ... uh, the pages you typed this morning

"Yes, Dr. Everett." There was no trace of intimacy, let alone
familiarity between them now; all business, the way it should have been
those fateful hours earlier.

"I'm afraid there are a lot of mistakes you're going to have to correct
before we can have these pages copied ... some glaring errors that are
very unlike you, Mrs. Dexter. Look here," he concluded, pushing the
papers across the desk toward her.

Ann looked at the typewritten page on the top. Five or six
extraordinary obvious mistakes seemed to jump off of the white paper at
her, almost as if they were pointing accusing fingers at the helplessly
quaking wife. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Dr. Everett. I really am. I ... I'm
... I'll fix it right away, of course. I'm... so sorry."

"I know this isn't like you, Mrs. Dexter," George's voice softened.
"But we are in a terrible rush, as you know ... so if you could take
care of them, it would be greatly appreciated."

"Oh yes," the distraught young woman cried. "I don't know what's wrong
with me, I've been all thumbs today."

"Well, why don't you take what you have done and make three copies down
the street at the Instant Press." Finished he returned to his work, as
if nothing had happened between them that morning.

In minutes, Ann had corrected the mistakes and a half hour later she
was headed out the door, file folder in hand.

Even as she walked the short distance to the Instant Press, she could
concentrate on little else but her handsome co-worker and the way she
had stupidly bungled the whole thing -- not only this morning by
telling him she couldn't meet him, but by making all those typos! Of
course, she could have gotten finished in time for a friendly after-
dinner drink! Carl had never questioned her in that respect, whatever
story she came up with, and most times it was just to get a break away
from him and take in a movie, or a quiet relieving walk. Damn ... was
it too late? She could go back later and set it up for tonight. God
knows, she was still that sensually excited ... but no! No, she wasn't
about to do that for any man! If ... if only she could cool down a
little bit! She was actually wet, wet between her legs, and no one but
Dr. George Everett had done that! But dammit, she wasn't about to go
back and beg ... never!

Oh, what was the address of that damned place?

At one point, while crossing the street, the sexually frustrated young
wife almost tripped over a rut in the sidewalk street, and her papers
went flying all over the intersection! Great! All she needed was to go
back and say, "Sorry, guys, but I just lost your report!" Oh, that
would go over really well. If it hadn't been for the older man next to
her who managed to catch all but two pages, she'd have been an ex-
secretary. As it was, she had half glanced behind her to see him
observing the spectacle she was thoughtlessly offering him in her bent-
over position. Though she had immediately straightened and turned to
glare at him, despite his life-saving catch, his elderly, lecherous
smirk as she walked on past her only seemed to add unneeded fuel to the
already glowing bed of coals smoldering in the hot, fluid hearth of

When she finally found Instant Press, a small building set off from the
street brightly decorated in red, white and blue, she discovered that
only the errand boy was there to fill her order.

"The boss'll be back later, lady -- it'll be about two hours, I'd say.
But if you want I'll be happy to fill it for you. Three copies you

"That's right ... oh, is there any chance you could deliver this to my
house? You see, lad, this is a dire situation I'm in, and it would save
my life ... my job at least if you could get this order to my house
later today." Emphasizing her helplessly needful situation, she leaned
her elbows on the counter in a weary gesture, perhaps to egg him on.
She could tell after she'd bent down to fill out the order form that
his youthfully bugging blue eyes had briefly fed o the unexpected,
engaging sight. His good looking teenage mouth was agape, his smooth,
fair cheeks a flushed crimson.

Lord, it was absolutely absurd to work one's self into such a lewd
state, she berated herself teasingly. But she couldn't help it, either
... there was something erotically exciting about it, being caught up
in such a lascivious mood right out in public ... before God and
everyone and in broad daylight.

"I'll have this to you as soon as the boss comes back, ma'am. You fill
out the form? Okay, I'll be over to your office real soon ..."

"Oh, that's not my office address, dear; that's my home address." Her
eyelashes fluttered and she perched her hand on one hip. "But I'll be
there in just a few minutes. And thank you, dear, you've saved my
life." With a warm pat, she rested her hand on his, and for a brief
moment she was tempted to jump over that counter and plant one on his
full lush lips. But what normal woman would ever set out to lure a boy
when she could have a man, not that the choice had been offered to her
as of late, she realized with a throaty moan.

"Thank you ... what's your name?"

"Eddie ..."

"... Eddie," she warmly smiled at him as he raced around the corner to
open the door for her. Girlishly, she waved at him through the glass
window pane, though his face was blocked by the poster covering the far
corner of the glass. Instinctively, she knew he was still watching her
and she made an extra effort to take salacious long strides for the
duration of the block.

Damn, he was a sweet, young dream, the infused blonde wife reflected
most of the way to her car. Some lucky girl either was, or was going to
be made mighty happy with that young darling crawling between her legs
... Lord ... if she didn't stop thinking like this she was going to be
a mess of frayed nerves before the day was over! And it was her own
fault, too! Her scheme had worked with George ... at least she knew his
taunting remarks had been sincerely founded ... then, dammit, she'd
blown the whole thing, telling him she had to work. Damn, he knew it
was a lie! What she needed was a drink.

The ride home was brief and uneventful in reality, the fantasy side of
her mind feasting off the events of the day. Oh, thank the Lord there
were only twenty-four hours in a day! Perhaps a good night's sl**p
would quell that surging loneliness up there between her legs.

After hanging up her coat, Ann made a bee-line for the liquor cabinet
and mixed a martini. With this fortification, she took out a roast from
the refrigerator and plopped it in a dutch oven and set the timer.
Thank God for modern conveniences, she mused as she sipped ravenously
at the martini.

How should she act the next day in front of Dr. Everett? Cool, aloof?
As if nothing had happened? Should she let him make the next move,
which she was almost positive he would? Yes, of course, what kind of a
hussy was she to go chasing after her husband's colleague. ADULTERY!
The word flashed electric red in her mind. My God, she'd never thought
of it in those lurid terms before. But it was against the law, against
every moral fiber in her soul. Why had she entertained such a fantasy?
The truth was, she knew but would not admit, was that she was afraid
... a professorial husband on Pill Hill was status, security, travel
... but dull as hell.

"Hey, you're not the whore that you pretend to be," she said aloud. And
mentally: though if anyone knew the way you're aching inside for some
good hard cock, they'd never guess it! Maybe a good hot bath to calm
the fires before the genius comes home and you find yourself trying to
seduce the poor old fool just to be frustrated again. On second
thought, maybe I'd better do it myself -- that way I'll make sure the
job gets done.

A tiny ripple of sexual excitement added a new emotional arousal of the
sizzling agitation already stewing in her soft belly and hot, moistened
loins. Determined, she attacked the wine bottle this time, carrying a
cool goblet of white wine into the bathroom with her. Then she stripped

In the bathroom she wound her long blonde hair into a knot, and started
to draw water as she sipped at her wine, the alcohol beginning to
effectively warm her. Her sultry blue eyes glancing at her white
nakedness reflected in the full length mirror and glimmered
narcistically as a tiny ripply sensation of pleasure flittered through
her voluptuous, twenty-two year old body. For a moment, she stood
unmoving, admiring her sensually harmonious curves, her full, pink
nippled breasts and slender waist, the sweeping flow of her arched hips
into the long, white columns of her smooth, rounded thighs and tapering

Dr. George Everett, wouldn't you love to see what I'm looking at right
now? Nothing short of an erotically pleasing sight, I'd say? How would
I fit into your research, honey ... the sex-crazed housewife? The
masturbating bitch?

She let her eyes sensually caress the secret ivory-like outline that
her slim halter had left across the resilient mounds of her uptilted,
full young breasts, and below where her tiny bikini had cupped the
curved moons of her satiny firm buttocks. But it was the milky-white of
her generous hips and lower belly where the silken triangle of sparse,
golden curls began to sprinkle over her cuntal mound that invariably
fired her excitement.

God, would she do it first, right there in front of the mirror ... or
in the bathtub ... or on the bed?

The harsh sound of the front door broke her thoughts. Now who could
that be? Irritably, she looked for something to put around her, finally
settling for a beach towel. Ah, it would do in a pinch, she decided
since it covered enough of her so that she could peek around the door
and see what whoever it was wanted.

A stimulating little tingle raced through her at the recognition of
Eddie, from Instant Press, with his clean, youthful smile. She clutched
the towel to her breasts and stepped behind the door, letting him in.

"Mrs. Dexter? ... Here ... here's your copies. All three sets. Made
them myself. We billed it to your husband's account.

For a moment, Ann stared at him in surprise. "My, that was fast! Oh,
thank God! You've saved my job." Her knuckles were regaining their
color now as she loosened her fist-tight grip on the towel, suddenly
remembering with mixed emotions, that she wore nothing beneath.

"Won't you come in, Eddie and have something to drink? An iced tea

"Oh, no, but thank you, Mrs. Dexter. I have to get back to the shop and
clean up yet before I can leave. This was just a little extra job I
took on. Now if you'll sign this, I'll be on my way ..."

"Wait a minute," rebuked the young blonde impetuously grabbing his arm.
"Why don't you stay for just a minute while I look through these

The young teenager looked anxious, but God, with a half-naked lady
asking him to come in, what could he say, but ...

"Okay, if you insist... I could use something to drink," he said,
passing close to her, his arm lightly brushing the tip of one sensitive
breast behind the white, fuzzy towel covering her, raising a sparkling
little ripple in her soft belly. In response, the young woman pulled
the hardly adequate towel around her aroused nakedness, smiling at him
as he timidly looked at her. His face was flushing as it had in the
store earlier. He'd noticed the soft, erotic contact, too!

She gestured toward the chair as she moved toward the refrigerator, but
he didn't sit. God, she felt certain his pale blue eyes were avidly
traveling the length of her near-naked body, imagining beyond the
single garment, wondering what, if anything, she wore beneath it. Or
... or was she letting her overly keyed-up imagination run away with
her? She poured a glass of ice tea, spicing it with a teaspoon of sugar
and a slice of lemon, and offered him the glass. He accepted the glass
and tilted it to his full, generous lips, while she continued to
appraise and measure him, wildly wondering what was going through his
young mind ...!

It was a crazy conversation, almost as if she was finding it hard to
talk to him as was he in coming up with answers that wouldn't make him
look like an awkward idiot, the fifteen year old teenager nervously
thought. She was so fucking beautiful! And he'd seen her nearly naked
ass right there when she turned to go to the kitchen ... nothing on at
all! Man, she had to know he could see it ... just the way she had to
have felt it when he'd brushed against her tit a minute ago ...!

"Excuse me just a second while I turn down the roast, dear, and then
I'll look these over."

"Sure ... that's okay!" he answered, probably too enthusiastically, the
thoughts he was thinking absolutely knot-headed, he told himself. Get
with it, idiot. What could a beautiful married woman want with a brat
like you? Bet she gets laid every night by her husband! Bet he licks
her cunt, too.

"Okay, that's taken care of," she beamed, re-entering the living room
with a glowing smile, her long blonde hair no longer crowning her
pretty head, but sweeping down around her shoulders the way she'd
always worn it when he'd seen her. She'd changed it! Wonder what for?
"This all looks in the right order," she said, flipping through the top
five or six pages. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate this
service. Over and beyond the call of duty, as they say."

"That's okay, Mrs. Dexter ..."

"Please call me Ann." She reached over for a cigarette. "I'm not that
much older than you, am I?" She tilted her head to one side, her sexy
blue eyes level with his and liquidly pouring into them. "Am I ...?"

"I-I don't know how old you are, Ann, but I'm eighteen," he lied.

"And I'll be thirteen in December," she quipped, drawing the towel
closer around her and then winding the ends into a tight rope over her
breasts rising and falling, even as she felt it inching slowly down.
Instead, she pulled out a chair and put the Xerox copies on the end
table, then lowered herself onto the chair, facing the one she'd
offered him. "Sit down, Eddie doll. Let's get to know each other better
... that is, if you'd like to ...?"

For answer, he accepted, trying to keep his eyes above where the towel
she was wearing had fallen part-way open over her breasts. Cumsville!
He could see some of the deep, mind-bending crease between her tits,
even a part of one where it began to swell out from her chest like a
Playboy gem ... soft looking ... creamy white from a bikini halter ...
and even part of one full satiny thigh! No question! He'd bet his
crummy paycheck she was naked and bare-assed underneath that towel that
kept slipping!

Suddenly, she leaned forward, displaying all but the nipples of her
rounded white breasts to him as she touched the sewed-on crest of his
high school letter sweater. "What does it mean, dear, and how did you
get it?" she throatily questioned, the soft tips of her fingers searing
into his chest like branding irons!

"Pole vaulting," he answered, his eyes burning from the strain he was
putting on them. "I ... I won this last spring."

"Really? Pole vaulting? Now you'll have to refresh my memory, doll,
what's that?"

"That's ... that's when you run with a pole and stick it in the ground
and jump over a pole ..." God, but it sounded dumb when he said it.

"That's beautiful darling!" Ann exclaimed, clutching at his broad
youthful hand, the smooth softness of it as intoxicating to her as the
feel of its hot, young masculinity. God, he was a beautiful young
specimen. The feel of him and his nearness were creating new blinding
shocks of incredibly sensual fire, fusing her with unknown daring. God
almighty, she had to have him ... had to! "What ... what did your
girlfriend say when you got the sweater? Bet she was proud of her
boyfriend, huh?" She studied his expression over the rim of her glass.

"Well ... I-I haven't been going with any girls for a while ... not
since I've been working part time, that is. Oh, there's been a couple
on the side, but I get tired of the bitches nagging at me, calling me
and wanting me to take them out," he boasted foundlessly. Hearing his
own tight-throated reply as if it'd garbled out of a third person in
the room, he realized he'd never been so fucking uptight in his whole
life and his painfully throbbing cock was as hard as a pole.

Oh man, what should he do? ... She was coming on about as subtle as an
earthquake, and he wanted it, whatever it was that she was coming on
with ... but he was scared shitless!

"Yes, I guess it must be hard for such an athlete like you to keep the
girls away. Tell me, Eddie," she said with an air of confidentiality,
raising her eyebrows as she took another long sip of her chilled wine.
"Do you really think morality has changed since the advent of d**gs?"

"I-l really don't know, ma'am," he stammered nervously, clutching his
ice tea glass till his knuckles turned white.

"Do you turn on?" Ann half-whispered, letting her tiny pink tongue slip
out to nervously run over her lushly heated lips. He said something,
but she paid little attention, her now seething thoughts racing madly
as she leaned even closer to the virile teenager. Then she did it,
without even thinking; she set down her glass and reaching out for his
hand, slowly put it inside her terry cloth towel, pressing it against
one vibrantly naked breast.

"A young man like you needs an ... an older girl, Eddie, my love," she
whispered, moving her face nearer to his until she could smell the
delicious, clean aroma of soap from his fresh, youthful skin. "A ... a
girl more my age ... in fact ... a girl I know very well."

Short of being mummified, Eddie could only gape at her! She was holding
his hand tight against the softly yielding warmth of her naked breast,
and he wondered crazily if the smooth mound of pliant flesh might not
burn a hole right into his palm! Christ! He didn't know what to think,
let alone do! Her naked, soft, hot tit right in his hand! Jesus, oh
Jesus! Mrs. Dexter, the doll every guy on the street would give his
left nut just to touch. Oh, Jesus, he'd never been so turned on his
whole life, and if he didn't keep a lid on the explosion, he just might
blow his wad right there and ruin everything!

Ann found her own use of words catching in her throat! God, she'd never
done anything the equal of this in her life ... but it was a bit late
to reflect on the morals department, even if she wanted to, wasn't it?
What should she do with him? Oooohhh ... did she want to suck him? He
was so young and so handsome... and ... and it, his young splendor, had
to be the same! It was an integral part of him ... his beautiful
teenage cock ... his youthfully sweet sperm ...!

"Y-You haven't really answered me, Eddie, baby ... about a girl my age
..." she hissed, her torrid eyes hungrily devouring him.

"I-I said ... I didn't know ..."

"Do ... do you want to find out, baby?"

He swallowed hard, his young Adam's apple intensively working. "Yes ...
if you want to ...!"

The licentiously flushed young wife sensed a chill of rapture prickle
over her near-nakedness. She lowered her eyes and saw the revealing
bulge at the front of his jeans. She kissed him lightly on the lips and
dropped one hand down to touch his cock with an exploring, caressing
feel, whispering, "Ah yes, you do like me, darling. I can tell by how
hard your cock is!"

Eddie gasped out, his muscular, young teenage body uncontrollably
jerking at the contact of her caressing hand with his swollen stalk of
male hardness. He gaped down at her thumb and forefinger, watching them
trace the elongated outline of his throbbing cock with a gentle touch,
the sudden fear that he might shoot-off right there in his shorts
sending a shudder over his youthful frame.

"Wh-What're you going to do?" he blurted, writhing excitedly beneath
her caressing hand, and feeling like an idiot after he'd said it.

"I'm going to love it for you, doll!" the near-naked Ann lewdly
whispered, dropping from the chair onto her knees and gently spreading
his strong young legs wide apart as she worked her way between them.
"You want me to, and I want to!" She looked up at him, her frenzied
blue eyes pools of tinted, female lechery. "You ... you do want me to,
don't you Eddie?"

"Uggghhh ... yes, you know I do!"

God, she'd had no idea that a boy of his age would have such a length
and thickness! She caught hold of both his hands and placed them inside
the towel, molding them to her tingling, hardened nippled breasts as
she knelt between his legs! She pulled open the towel, loosening the
knot so that any slight tug would make it come undone, then she began
to unzip his fly! Unbuttoning the Levi's at the top, she tugged them
loose, looking up at him without a word to make him lift up so that she
could draw them down, then she began to work inside the white cotton of
his jockey shorts. Instead of lowering those immediately, she slipped
her hand inside the front opening, letting her eager fingers curl
around the swollen heat of his virile young cock, while the back of her
hand brushed the soft pubic hair of his lean loins!

"Oh ... oh damn, Mrs... . Ann!" he chokingly whimpered, his ardent
young hands excitedly clutching her full ripened breasts.

"Raise up again, lover," she whispered, tugging his shorts down as he
did, revealing the climactic delight of his entire, sensually inflamed
young cock and balls completely exposed to her in their own lustful,
fired state! God, what a handsome young cock! Teenage? Who would
believe that, if it were all they saw of him? It was so long and so
thick, yet white and unscarred, its bluish veins transparent within the
sleek, hot jacket of its foreskin! And his sperm-filled youthful balls
... so delicately fringed with softly curling dark hair, a virtue-
destroying sight to any normal red-bl**ded American woman! He was

The fiery head ... only the end ... of his throbbing cock protruded
from its encasing sleeve of tender skin. A tiny droplet of pearl-like
liquid clung to its tipped slit, glistening in the sunlight streaming
through the windows over the piano, and Ann almost insanely wondered if
her husband ever knew of the erotic descriptions he'd so graphically
reported in his interviews. Nothing could describe this delectable
teenage beauty, she maddeningly thought as she leaned down close to it,
flicking out her tiny pink tongue to steal that illusive drop!

Its poignant nectar wildly sparked her taste-buds, and her love-starved
pussy began to spontaneously seethe with hot, liquid secretions of
inner passion. Briefly, she realized that no description could ever
catch the true aspect of a woman's feelings. How could any man know
what a man's cock tasted like to a woman ... specifically a boy cock,
or how it felt to a girl, hot and hard and beating like a frightened
heart in her saliva-moistened mouth? How could he ever know what she
thought as she sucked him, desiriously slaved with masochistic thirst
to draw the raging semen from the depths of his secret parts, knowing
that she possessed him -- that he belonged totally to her at that very
moment! Only a passion fired female could possibly know or make another
woman understand the climactic upheaval that took place inside her when
a swollen cock hotly squirted its delicious, boiling cum into her mouth
... sweet and thick, flooding her throat as she tried to swallow it
away! Her husband could never know those blissful moments, not really
... nor could he describe them in his research, but she could, she
pruriently reasoned, beginning to swab her tiny tongue over the smooth
swollen tip of Eddie's naked young cock, at the same time working its
youthful foreskin up and down its rigid hardness knowingly with several
clasping fingers. Yes, God yes, she must remember every single instant
of this precious moment ...!

"Holy balls!" Eddie gurgled in his lewdly exposed, spread-eagled
position, watching her warm engulfing lips slip slowly down over his
cock, taking its entire head into the soft liquid heat of her hot
mouth. It couldn't be happening ... not Ann ... sucking his cock! But
... but she was! Goddamn, yes ... swallowing it right up into her
butter-like mouth while he clutched her beautiful tits and long blonde
hair tickled his belly and thighs! Oh Goddamn!

He grunted, like a lousy k**, he thought, but uncontrollably and
thrusting his lean, teenage loins in a responsive action upward at her
wetly ovalled lips! He gaped at them, feeling them tighten elastically
as she sucked back up off of it! Then, down again in a slow, drawing
rhythm, never stopping from the beginning, her tiny tongue lashing and
caressing as she nursed its viriley throbbing hardness. He watched,
lustfully spellbound, as with each descent of her tightly ovalled lips
she sucked in a little bit more of it, until he felt the sensitive tip
brushing against the back of her throat!

Against his clutching hands he felt the warm fleshy resilience of her
breasts overflowing his spanning fingers as she obscenely bobbed up and
down above his middle, the hot sucking shelter of her fluid mouth like
a vacuum siphoning the depths of his balls! Cumsville! That's what it
was! Cumsville, and damned soon for him; he couldn't help himself! He'd
never had anything like this! Slipping it into his girlfriend's tight
cunt was wild, he'd thought, but to have it sucked by a beautiful girl
... a woman like Ann Dexter ...! Oh Christ, she was cupping his balls
with one warm hand ... gently pressuring them to the cadence of her
sucking mouth, like as if she were milking them ...!

"Uuuugggnhhh ... it's going to cum... pretty soon now ...!" he groaned,
feeling the hot, boiling torment deep in his groin and belly. "Y-You
want my ... my handkerchief ...?"

"Uhn uhn ...!" she negatively grunted around his glistening hardness
stuffing her voraciously sucking mouth. And then she began to work
harder, as if he'd given her the cue she'd been passionately waiting
for! Holy shit! Was she going to let him shoot off right in there?

Ann's excited belly and feverishly taxed loins were an inferno of
intensively churning sensations at the licentiousness of her lewd act
... thrilling, lustful fermentations that only his youth and her
forbidden seduction of him could fire to such heated points. The
delicious, sweet raciness of his virile teenage cock was sweeping her
toward the wildest orgasm she could possibly have imagined! She almost
smiled ... did, inwardly, at the offer of his hanky. God, what did he
think she was madly working her ass off for, if not the gushing hotness
of his boy cum flooding her mouth and dribbling down her throat?
Oooohhh, just the lust pleasing thought was enough!

The ardently sucking young wife, masochistic sensations churning inside
her at the obscenely subservient position she had chosen, reached down
with her one free hand between her own wildly trembling thighs to
insert a soothing finger into the sensitive wet flesh between her
swollen cunt lips!

Oooooo ... it felt so good! The blonde, near-naked beauty passionately
tensed to the caressing strokes of her own outstretched finger taunting
the sensitive bud of her clitoris as more intensified feelings of
rapture spread through her shamelessly aroused young body! Ooooooo ...
so beautiful ... if only it could go on forever...! But God, she had to
hurry now ... Carl would be coming home ... and he just might not

Eddie gaped down at the luridly bobbing head of the blonde-haired young
wife sucking him off, his young brain enveloped in a semi-c*** of
youthful lust. She was still warmly milking his balls with her little
white hand as she steadily sucked his cock with an incessant up and
down tempo, and with a twisting motion of her tongue at the peak of
every upsuck! He sensed his pelvic muscles tensing of their own accord,
pushing the wetly glistening rod of hardness up and into her lust-
contorted beautiful face. She moaned, and tried to suck harder! He saw
her drop her hand down between her legs and knew that she was fingering
her own cunt! Oh Jesus! He couldn't stand much more now! Then she was
nipping his sensitive head with her dazzling white teeth, making him
gasp out with new sensations! Christ, his cock was a bl**dless white
beneath her scr****g suck and a plum purple at its smooth rubbery tip!
Goddamn, she was plunging her hot mouth all the way down now, until
almost all of it vanished between her moistened lips, his cock head
going right back into her hungrily working throat!

Her tiny tongue with that final swiping lick was making his cock knob
vibrate and jerk like a bell to its clapper! He squeezed and pulled at
the soft pliant flesh of her breast, those nipple hardened full warm
mounds and then he sensed it ... the gnawing rage deep in his balls!

He bent his head down to one side, twisting his neck crazily so that he
could see her lovely, perspiring face stuffed full with his wetly
glistening cock. She was slaving over him now, her delicious lips being
pulled out, their moist inner flesh clinging to his wildly pulsating
cock as if a part of it. Her cheeks puffed and hollowed in lewd rhythm
to her obscene sucking! He shoved his loins up tighter to her eager
face, until he was lifted off the chair, his throat and mouth parched,
his wildly jerking young cock feeling as if it were turning inside out!

"Aggghhh ... here ... here! Fuck! It's cumming, Mrs... . suck it ...!
Oooohhh!" he blurted, writhing his lean young hips as he tangled his
hands in her long, dangling tresses to hold her there, while the
boiling sperm erupted from deep down inside his balls and began to spew
into her voraciously sucking mouth!

His frantic teenage cock convulsed in a violent jerking, flooding Ann's
hungrily nursing mouth with gush after gush of his hot creamy sperm
which bloated her cheeks with every seething squirt! Passionately she
swallowed, moaning around his pumping young cock as her fingers
furiously fucking into her widespread cunt set off her own insane
climax! She plunged her hand deeper and deeper between her lewdly
splayed thighs into the heated wetness of her very feverish pussy! In
complete frenzy, she tweaked and stroked her vibrating little clitoris
while she gluttonously sucked and nibbled on his deflating hardness ...
at last raising her head and drawing the back of her hand across her
cum-smeared lips ...

"I-I'll take that handkerchief now, Eddie," she half-whispered, her
exposed naked body revealed to him, her full pointed breasts rising and
falling in the aftermath of her tremendous orgasm.

He looked at the way she was kneeling up straight before him, her
sultry blue eyes level with his-in an unashamed, open expression as
they reached his own. He knew then that she wanted him to be unashamed,
too. Man, she was some hell of a woman, all right ... the kind a guy
could fall ass over arm in love with! She was beautiful ... all of her
... every inch!

"The handkerchief, baby?" she repeated, smiling slightly with her lips
glistening with his very own cum! Clumsily he fumbled with his lowered
pants, trying to get into a pocket, then handing it to her.

She stood and knotted the towel around her naked body once more,
brushing her lips with the boy's handkerchief, a thousand thoughts
still running crazily through her mind, but always with an eye to the
door; Carl would be home soon. At last she said, "I have to get
dressed, darling. My husband, Carl, will be back any second. This will
be our little secret, won't it, honey? And it doesn't have to be the
last time, does it?"

"Oh, no way, Mrs. Dexter ... ah, Ann. To answer your question -- yes, I
think what I need is a girl your age. Somebody who doesn't blush
everytime you talk about sex. Your husband is a very lucky man, Ann."

"Thank you, Eddie," she said softly, tucking his handkerchief back into
his pocket, then leaned close, kissing him on the mouth. "I only wish
he appreciated me as much as you do."

It occurred to her then that this young boy had given her something her
own husband had failed to give, a realization which made her smile. How
could she feel any guilt if that were the case?
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wonderfully erotic
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Beautiful :) You have a real gift for describing things as they really are!