Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 4

Chapter 5

Dr. Prinz sat quietly with a brandy in his hand. His final patient of
the day had been an uninteresting dowager of late middle age. Her
problem was no different than many others Prinz had listened to during
his years as a psychoanalyst--just a bit more pressing. She was
suffering from sexual deprivation and she had been a difficult subject
to program through hypnosis. But today, she had fallen into a deep
hypnotic trance and had related to Prinz, her burning desire for sexual
release. Even under hypnosis, the woman had refused to masturbate, and
Prinz felt himself at an impasse with the woman as the tears streamed
down her face and she choked out the deeply ingrained taboos against
self-gratification. She sincerely believed these taboos valid and her
fears had led her to a state of remorse simply because she had
considered the act.

Prinz chuckled as he recalled her reaction to his suggestion that she
find herself a lover. She had stared blankly at the ceiling for a long
moment, then asked, "You wouldn't mind, Daddy?" The transference had
slipped by him, but as he realized the woman's inhibitions were being
controlled by a long-dead father, he had stood up and walked to stand
beside the couch.

"Lift your dress so Daddy can see ..." he told her softly.

The woman obeyed and displayed her lower body encased in its feminine
trappings. Sitting beside her, he caressed her panty-clad pubic mound.
He felt the dampness and the warmth of her pussy as she squirmed lightly
at his touch. She was panting as he concluded his role as her father
with: "Find yourself a young man--pay him if necessary, but have sex
with him ..." Then he went on to tell her where she might find herself a
younger man.

Reflecting on the older woman, Prinz recalled a strange stirring in his
own loins as he had caressed her pussy--and again, his mother's face
flashed before his mind's eye. Sipping his brandy, Prinz submitted to
his recall of the hot Sunday afternoon so long ago ...

* * *

His s****r, Glenda lay back on the recliner in the den of their home. He
looked at her and felt that sudden excitement course through his
sixteen-year-old body as he realized Glenda was in one of her moods.

"God, but it's hot!" she exclaimed as she saw her b*****r enter the

"We could go for a swim," he suggested and licked his lips as his s****r
opened her blouse to the waist. His heart skipped a beat as he saw she
was naked beneath the thin top. He looked over his shoulder
apprehensively and swallowed as he walked closer to her. "Ahh ... Mom's
gonna be home any time, Glenda."

Glenda smiled seductively and brushed her long red hair from her cheek
as she massaged her full tits. "Scared?" she asked as she glanced at the
bulge of her b*****r's pants.

"I ... I'm not scared," he said in a faltering tone as he moved closer
to his s****r.

Smiling, she reached out to fondle his growing erection through the
material of his pants. She wet her lips and asked, "Would you like me to
suck you off, Aurry?"

"But ... what if mom comes home--you know, while we're doing it?"

"We'll be able to hear her coming, silly ..." Glenda told him and guided
his hand to her naked tit. As his hand closed about the warm flesh of
her breast, she pulled down on his zipper. Reaching inside his pants,
the older girl took hold of his throbbing prick and pulled it out. "Ohhh
... it's nice and hard," she told him and leaned forward to kiss the
distended head.

As his s****r's mouth came in contact with his pulsing prick, Aurry
shuddered and squeezed the soft flesh of her titty. The excitement rose
in his belly as he looked down to see her unbuttoning her brief shorts.
As she pulled them off to expose the dark-red bush above her cunt, he
sucked his breath sharply.

Spreading her legs lewdly, Glenda looked up at her younger b*****r and
smiled apprehensively. "Will you kiss mine a little bit?"

Again, Aurry glanced over his shoulder. The house was quiet and though
he knew his mother was due home at any moment, he could not resist the
desire to have sex with his beautiful s****r. Shedding his trousers and
shirt, Aurry sank to his knees before his s****r's widespread legs.

Glenda watched in fascination as her b*****r ran his hands up her thighs
and spread the lips of her pussy. She shuddered lightly as his fingertip
came in contact with her clit and she lifted her hips slightly to allow
him better access to her pussy.

"Ummm ... feels good ... so good," she whimpered as he lowered his head
and began kissing her soft inner thighs. "Yes ... yes, Aurry ... kiss my
pussy ... lick it for me. God, how good it is!"

On his knees, Aurry buried his face between his s****r's legs and began
licking the lips of her cunt slowly. He knew she liked him to be gentle
and as his tongue came in contact with the moist flesh of her cunt, he
inhaled deeply. Slowly, he shoved his tongue into her pussy as his lips
nibbled softly about her seething flesh.

"Ughhhn ... yesssss!" Glenda cried as her b*****r sucked her cunt. She
longed to have his prick in her mouth, but she could not bring herself
to change their position. His tongue was driving her wild and as she
lifted her hips to his mouth, she took hold of the back of his head to
press it against her lusting young body. "Suck me! Eat my pussy, you
little pussyeater! Ughhhnn ... ohhhh ... God, Aurry ... yesssss!" she
cried loudly and wrapped her legs about his neck.

Aurry was lost in the depth of the act and he knew that as soon as she
had come. Glenda would take his throbbing prick into her soft mouth and
let him come there. Then, he felt his s****r stiffen and the sound of
her breathing became ragged as he tongued and sucked her laviciously.
Again she cried out and her fingers were digging into his scalp as she
hunched her body to his mouth--then he heard her soft voice cry out in a
different tone.

"Oh, no ..."

Aurry sensed the stiffening of his s****r's body was somehow different,
but he did not realize why until he heard his mother's voice.

"Good God in heaven!"

A cold fear shot through his young body as he lifted his face and turned
to find his mother standing in the doorway of the den. Her face was
white and her mouth open wide in shock. She looked at the equally
shocked faces of her two c***dren and shook her head slowly as Glenda
disengaged herself from her b*****r.

Aurry's mind recoiled at the thought of being caught in the act of
having sex with his s****r, and as he hastened to pull on his own
clothing, he saw the tears well up in his mother's eyes. Nothing further
was said as Glenda pulled on her clothing and rushed from the room to
leave Aurry alone with his mother.

The two stood quietly as the front door of the house opened, then
slammed loudly. They listened as the sound of Glenda's car came to them
as she raced out of the driveway.

"I ... I'm sorry, mother ..." Aurry attempted.

Again, his mother shook her head as the tears streamed down her face and
she looked on her sixteen-year-old son as though he was a stranger.
Slowly, she turned and left the room. Aurry followed her to the doorway
of the den and watched as she climbed tiredly up the stairs and entered
her room without looking back.

Aurry was confused. He had fully expected his mother to fly into a rage,
but her subdued reaction at finding her two c***dren engaged in an act
of sex left him totally without understanding. Since his father's death
five years before, she had acted as both mother and father to him and
his s****r, and since Glenda had come of age, she had relinquished more
and more of her parental attitude toward them both. Still, they deferred
to her in most matters, for they both understood the responsibility she
bore for them.

Later that evening, Glenda returned for a short time and Aurry heard her
packing. He was tempted to go to her room and plead with her not to go,
but he knew it was hopeless. He listened as his s****r closed her door
finally, then the sound of her car came to him again. Alone in his
darkened room, he thought of his mother, alone in her room. A great love
for her welled up in his chest and he could not hold back the tears when
they finally came.

He was lying on his bed sobbing, when he heard the door of his room open
and his mother came in. She sat beside him on the bed and Aurry turned
to bury his face in her lap as she spoke to him in soothing tones. They
sat like that for a long time it seemed, and suddenly Aurry became aware
of his mother's body pressed against his. She was wearing a thin
peignoir and he could feel the soft outlines of her body beneath.

When his sobbing had finally subsided, he lifted his head and found it
pressed against her soft breast as her arms went about him. "It's going
to be all right, Aurry," she told him and stroked his head. "I
understand ... it's just that I was so shocked to find you and Glenda
like ... like that."

"I ... I'm sorry, mother ... so sorry!" he cried and hugged her

She sighed deeply and shook her head. "Well, I'm sorry your s****r left
without talking to me. I'm not angry ..." she laughed a bit nervously,
"after all, the stork didn't bring you, you know."

Aurry laughed a little and it released the tension he was feeling. His
mother's body was soft and voluptuous and he had engaged in numerous
fantasies about her. He sniffed loudly as she returned his hug and he
was filled with an even greater love for her than before. The soft
fragrance of her perfume filled his nostrils and for a brief moment, he
engaged in the fantasy of lifting the hem of her gown and touching her
soft body.

"Aurry ..." his mother said softly, "Have you and Glenda been doing
these things for some time?"

He felt his face burn and he was thankful the room was dark. He nodded
his head and felt the full rise of her breast against her cheek.

"Have you ... have you had intercourse with your s****r?"

Again he nodded and his cheek brushed the nipple of her tit. He was
surprised to find it stiff against the filmy material of her gown and he
held her tightly for a long moment.

"Ahhh ... have you ever done it with another girl?" she asked, her
breathing shallow and her voice low.

"No ... just with Glenda," he replied honestly.

"But you would if you had the chance, wouldn't you?" she asked

"I ... I suppose so ..." he told her tightly and wondered why she was
questioning him so. He felt her hand on his hip and he squirmed lightly
against her as he felt his prick twitch inside his trousers.

"Oh, Aurry ..." she sighed, "I've missed your father so ... I ... I've
never had another man ... not once. Do you understand?"

Aurry felt a deep thrill go through his being as his mother spoke about
her own sex life; he understood, but at the same time, he wondered why
she had chosen that particular time to broach the subject.

"I guess everyone needs sex, mother ..." he replied in a low voice as
her hand tightened on his thigh.

His mother sighed deeply. She looked at her son in the dim light of the
bedroom, and as he snuggled to her warmly, she moved her right hand over
the bulge in his trousers.

Aurry stiffened as he felt his mother's hand on his prick. His first
feeling was one of fear, then excitement filled his body as her hand
began stroking the outline of his prick. He swallowed thickly as the
ache in his loins became greater and her boldness increased. Cautiously,
he moved his hand from her hip, up her side until he felt the soft bulge
of her tit with his thumb. Neither of them spoke as their hearts beat as
one and his mother's breathing became louder.

Finally, she moaned lowly and fumbled to pull down the zipper of his
pants, As she did, Aurry let his hand move up to cup her full breast.
The feeling of her warm flesh beneath his palm sent thrills of pleasure
coursing through his young body. As her hand closed around his throbbing
erection, Aurry's mother lowered her head and kissed him fully on the

The touch of her soft lips sent his head reeling and as her tongue
probed his mouth gently, Aurry slipped his hand inside her robe to cup
her tit fully. He felt her stiff nipple against his palm and he thrilled
as he realized she was actually allowing him to do this with her.
Sucking on her tongue as Glenda had taught him to do, he released the
tie of her robe and began running his hand over her naked body.

Pamela Prinz moaned lowly as her son's hand explored her body. She
wrapped her fingers about his man-sized prick and began a slow
up-and-down motion as his mouth took in her hot tongue. She felt her
heart beating rapidly in her chest and her passions rose as she recalled
the sight of her son with his head between his s****r's legs.

As their mouths parted, she sobbed, then asked him, "Can ... can you
forgive me, Aurry ... can you forgive your mother?"

He swallowed thickly and looked up at her; in the dim light, she looked
much younger than her thirty-eight years, and he was taken with her
seeming beauty. "If ... if you can forgive me ... for what happened with
Glenda ..." he replied stiffly.

"Oh, Aurry!" She cried and held him to her, "There's nothing to

Again, he kissed her and as their mouths met, he lay back with her as
her hand continued playing with his aching prick. Slowly, Pamela
shrugged out of her thin gown to reveal her glowing body to her son.
Aurry sat up momentarily to shed his own clothing. When he lay back with
her, their arms and legs entwined, and mother and son knew the warmth of
each other's naked bodies in complete abandonment.

Aurry ran his hand down the smooth swell of his mother's stomach as he
licked a turgid nipple. He touched her thick growth of pubic hair and
felt her shudder lightly. As his fingers explored lower, she opened her
legs and arched slightly to his hand. Slowly, he parted the folds of
flesh and found his mother's pussy warm and wet.

"Oh, yes! Yesssss!" she moaned as she felt her son's fingers enter her
hungry body. Moving her hand over his, she f***ed his fingers deep
inside her as she ran her hand up and down the pulsing length of his
prick. She squirmed at his touch and again the sight of him sucking his
s****r's pussy came to her. She had never enjoyed that with a man before
and she wondered what it might be like.

Almost as if he had been reading her thoughts, the boy lowered his mouth
from her tit to lick her navel. He sensed a certain desire in her as he
moved his mouth lower and lower, and as he reached her pubic mound, she
raised her hips almost off the bed. Quickly, Aurry changed position and
lay down beside his mother. He lowered his head over her cunt and
inhaled deeply of her feminine fragrance. The odor sent his head
spinning again and he buried his face in her crotch as her body shook
with emotion.

The moment her son's mouth came in contact with her seething pussy,
Pamela orgasmed. She sucked her breath sharply and arched her back as
she felt his tongue probe for her throbbing clit. She gasped and her
body stiffened as the warmth of his mouth sent spasm after spasm through
her aching body.

"Ughhhnnn ... Ohhhhh ... God, Aurry ... yesssss!" she cried. "Ohhhh, God
... how good ... how good!"

Aurry tongued his mother's cunt furiously as he felt her grope for his
prick. Then, it was in her mouth and he shoved forward with his hips.
The warmth of her lips and tongue took his breath, and as he felt his
swollen cock sucked into that wet place, he too shuddered as his juices
boiled up. Never in his wildest fantasy had he ever imagined he would be
doing anything like this to his own mother. Now, he was actually eating
her pussy while she licked and sucked his prick!

"Ummmfff ... uming ... uming ..." he gasped.

Pamela felt her son's prick twitch violently in her mouth and she
wrapped her arms about his body to pull him to her. She f***ed his prick
into her throat, then drew back until only the head remained. Licking
the underside of the sensitive head, she heard him groan again and try
to thrust forward. Then, his prick erupted to send spurt after boiling
spurt of sticky white cum into her sucking mouth.

Aurry's body stiffened as he orgasmed with his head buried between his
mother's legs. He felt her shudder too as his prick jerked strongly in
her mouth. His juices boiled forth to be swallowed and he felt his own
face wet with her feminine juices.

Pamela felt her mouth filled with her son's cum and she swallowed time
and time again as his prick jerked spasmodically. Sucking him to
completion left her filled with a sense of well-being, and she realized
that her days of sexual deprivation were at an end. If only she had
stopped Glenda from leaving, how happy she could have been sharing sex
with both her c***dren. And as the thought struck her, she realized
fully what she was thinking about--i****t! How often she had looked upon
her son and wondered what it would be like to have sex with him--now,
the actuality of that very thing numbed her.

Lying there gasping for breath, his face against his mother's soft
stomach, Aurry felt his prick slip from his mother's mouth. He heard her
sob softly, then her chest heaved as she began crying. Slowly, he turned
until he lay beside her, her head cradled on his shoulder.

"It's all right, mother ..." he told her as his hand moved to her ample
tits to ply the soft flesh with his fingers.

Pamela heard the words and felt his hand on her breast. She sobbed
deeply and cursed herself for having submitted to such a****listic
desires--with her own son! The contradicting emotions left her confused.
On one hand, she wanted her son, and on the other, she realized what she
had done was a mortal sin.

As her tears subsided, she became aware of his hands on her body. The
years of being without a man took their toll as her sexually deprived
body began to respond again to his gentle manipulations. Again, her hand
strayed to his crotch to find his prick hard and throbbing. She knew
that she could not control her desires as her hand closed around his hot
flesh and his fingers plied the lips of her pussy.

"Oh, Aurry!" she sobbed, "I'm sorry ... but I want you so!"

Kissing her softly, he replied, "There's nothing to be sorry about,
mother ... nothing."

Pamela shuddered as she helped him atop her; she lifted her legs and
took hold of his prick to guide it into her hungry cunt. As she felt the
head of his cock enter her, she drew her breath sharply and lifted her
hips. His prick was sucked into her and their bodies were pressed
together as one.

Aurry plunged his prick into his mother's cunt as she lifted her hips
from the bed. The warmth he found there was heavenly and he groped for
her full tits as she wriggled her ass to pull him deeper inside her.
Slowly, he began a deep thrusting motion that took her breath with every

Holding his face in her hands, Pamela kissed her son wetly and sought
his tongue with hers. Her being was filled and as her son's prick slid
in and out of her body, she shuddered and cried out.

"Ughhhnnn ... yessss ... fuck me ... fuck me, baby ... fuck your

"Yes, mother!" he cried in return. "I'm fucking you! Come ... come again
... I'm going to come!"

"Yes, Oh yes! Come in your mother's pussy ... let me feel you shoot
inside me, baby! Fuck me ... fuck meeee ... FUCK MEEEEE!"

And the darkened bedroom was filled with their sounds of sex as mother
and son thrashed on the bed. Aurry felt himself coming and reached down
to take hold of his mother's ass. He filled his hands with the soft
flesh and pulled her to him as he thrust his body forward. His prick
slid in to the hilt as she ground her pelvis against his and gasped for

"Ughhhnnn now ... now, baby ... Come in me ... commmmme!" she cried

Aurry stiffened as his prick jerked and the first spurt of come shot
into his mother's cunt. He had her lifted from the bed as he hammered
his body with hers and he could feel the muscles of her cunt spasming as
he shot his load deep inside her.

Pamela grabbed the cheeks of her son's ass and pulled him to her as she
orgasmed. Wave after wave of sensual pleasure washed over her body as
her son's prick jerked in her pussy and his hands mauled her naked ass

Slowly, their emotions ebbed and the two of them lay gasping for breath
in each other's arms ...

* * *

Prinz brought himself out of the experience ... he had done it again,
and as he sat up in his deep chair, he cursed himself for dwelling on
that long ago day when he had begun his i****tuous affair with his own
mother. They had continued for nearly four years following the initial
encounter--until he had gone away to medical school. During his absence,
she had remarried, and the love he had once felt for her had diminished
to near disdain as the years robbed them of the closeness they had once

Now, Prinz dwelled briefly with thoughts of his s****r. He had seen her
occasionally through the years, but they had never spoken of their
earlier relationship. He knew that she had married, had a daughter, and
later divorced, but when he moved west and went into practice, he had
lost contact with her. Now, a nagging curiosity plagued him, for he
realized many of his own repressions came as a result of never having
achieved closure with his s****r following his mother's discovery of
their relationship. And he wondered idly how Glenda might feel if she
knew he had picked up with their mother where the two of them had left

"Academic ..." he said aloud and stood up from his desk. He glanced at
his watch and realized he had wasted an entire hour of his life while
day-dreaming about days gone by.

Locking his offices, Prinz went to his car and slid behind the wheel.
His day had been exhausting, but he felt in need of some release
following the recall of sex with his mother. The old feelings welled up
in his body as he drove the Coast Highway toward his beach house.
Perhaps he should have asked young Mandy Golden over ... but no, it was
too soon. She would have culminated her encounter with her mother by
now, and Prinz knew it would take some time for the two of them to
adjust to it.

And as he drove slowly through the early traffic, Aurelius B. Prinz, MD,
Ph.D., had no way of knowing it, but the stage he had set earlier in the
day was about to be used by a nervous mother and an anxious daughter.

* * *

Rebbeca Golden had been left with unsettled feelings when she picked up
her daughter at Dr. Prinz's office earlier that day. Not wanting to pry,
she had refrained from questioning Mandy in regard to her conversation
with the analyst. They had spent the remainder of the afternoon
shopping, then dropped by Paul Golden's offices.

"I won't be too late," he told his wife, "But don't wait supper on me
... I've several things to wrap up before I can leave for the day."

Rebecca and Mandy had driven home then, eaten a light meal and, as the
sun swung low in the western sky, Mandy had stood up from the table and
glanced toward the pool and the sauna beyond.

"Think I'll take a quick swim, then relax in the sauna for a while," the
pretty teenager told her mother.

A certain thrill went through Rebecca Golden's body as she watched her
daughter pull her sweater over her head and leave the room with her
youthful tits swaying gently. "The sauna ..." she said softly to herself
and stood up from the table. Walking quickly to her room, Rebecca
removed her clothing, wrapped a light towel about her dark hair and
slipped into a robe. When she slid aside the glass door that led to the
patio and the pool area, she felt the excitement growing in her stomach
as she saw Mandy sitting on the side of the pool, her shapely legs
dangling into the heated water.

"I ... I believe I'll spend a little time in the sauna myself," Rebecca
said nervously and avoided her daughter's eyes as she walked around the
deep end of the pool.

Mandy followed her mother with her eyes and a thrill went through her as
she recalled the psychiatrist's words. The vision of her mother's
lovely, naked body flashed across her consciousness as Rebecca stood
before the sauna door and checked the temperature. She watched as the
older woman entered, looked wistfully over her shoulder, then entered
the sauna.

Mandy slipped into the water and as it enveloped her ripe young body,
she stroked strongly for the other side of the pool. The excitement rose
then as she hoisted herself out of the water, reached for a towel, and
shed her brief bathing suit. Over her shoulder, the sun had painted the
sky a bright orange and a light breeze was coming from the direction of
the ocean. She felt the soft fingers of air caress her body as she
wrapped the towel about herself and walked slowly toward the sauna door.

Inside, Rebecca sat reclining on the second and third steps. The wood
was warm and reassuring against her naked flesh. She had opened her robe
and let it fall back off her shoulders as she waited and her excitement
grew. Then--Mandy stepped into the superheated air and Rebecca saw her
framed in the orange sunset.

"We don't need these lights, do we?" the pretty teenager asked as she
closed the door behind her and reached for the light switch.

Rebecca swallowed thickly as she saw her daughter turn off the overhead
light. A dim glow came from the elongated window beside the door. Opaque
and diffused, the light that entered the room cast deep shadows that
accentuated Rebecca's excitement. She watched as Mandy dropped her towel
and stood beautifully naked just a few paces away.

"Well ..." Rebecca said nervously as Mandy shook her short hair and
approached the bench. She could not keep her eyes from the dark triangle
of pubic hair at her daughter's crotch, and as the girl stood before
her, she licked her lips and offered, "You ... you really do have a
lovely body, Mandy ..."

The girl laughed lightly and replied, "I take after my mother."

Sensing the game, Rebecca responded, "Oh? Is your mother as pretty as

"Prettier ... at least most people think so." She reached out and
touched the nipple of her mother's right breast. "She has bigger titties
than I do ..." And she laughed again.

The touch of the girl's fingers on her flesh sent thrills through her
aching body as she glanced up and found her smiling down at her. "Well
... I ... I'm sure your ... ah, titties will fill out in a year or two."

Stepping forward, Mandy closed her hand about her mother's full breast
and felt the nipple stiffen against her palm. "Do you really think so?"
And she lifted her other hand to cup her own breast lightly. "They seem
awfully small by comparison ..."

Hesitantly, Rebecca reached up and took hold of her daughter's ripe
young breast and cupped it gently. As her fingers closed about the soft
flesh, she shivered slightly and fought the desire to close her mouth
about the girl's erect nipple. She swallowed back her desire and looked
up into her daughter's eyes as she replied, "They're lovely ... really,
Mandy ..."

Looking down as her mother's fingers played about the turgid flesh of
her nipple, the girl swallowed back her own apprehension and asked, "Are
my titties as nice as Helga's, mother?"

Rebecca felt her face burn in the dim light. Her hand felt the heavy
beat of her daughter's heart and she realized the girl was just as
excited as she was. Leaning forward, Rebecca cupped the girl's tit in
one hand and kissed the darker flesh of her nipple. As her mouth came in
contact with her daughter's body, she chilled slightly and then the
chill was followed by a hot flash. She squirmed on the hot bench as she
felt Mandy's hand press her head forward and hold it against her breast.

"Ohhh, Momma ... that feels so good ..." she moaned.

Rebecca opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to ease out between her
lips. As she licked Mandy's turgid nipple, she felt her other hand drawn
irresistibly to the girl's thigh. She felt the soft sweep of her leg and
as she ran her hand upward, Mandy pressed forward and Rebecca found her
hand cupping the lovely teenager's full ass cheek.

Spreading her legs slightly, Mandy took the initiative and took hold of
her mother's hand. She moved it over her supple young hip and slipped it
between her legs as her mother continued sucking her tit. "Oh, yessss
... yes, mommy ... suck my titty ... it feels so good!" And she eased
her mother's hand to press against her hot pussy as she stood before

Rebecca needed no further encouragement from her lovely young daughter
as her fingers came in contact with the hair-fringed lips of her pussy.
She moaned lowly and began a light stroking motion with her fingers.
Mandy writhed above her as she felt her mother's thumb spread the lips
of her pussy and ease upward to that turgid nub of flesh. As Rebecca's
thumb encountered her daughter's clit, the girl sighed deeply and placed
her hands on her mother's head.

"Oh, mommy ... kiss it for me ... do that ... yes!" she cried out.

Rebecca lifted her mouth from Mandy's tit and looked up at her daughter,
suddenly aware of what was happening. She scooted down a step and found
her head on a level with the girl's widespread crotch. Leaning forward
slightly, she kissed the girl's smooth stomach just below her navel,
then moved her mouth lower as Mandy increased the pressure on her head.
She inhaled deeply of the odor of Mandy's body as the girl hunched to
her, her legs spread obscenely.

"Please, mommy ... do that ... kiss it for me ... please!" Mandy
implored her.

"Oh Mandy ... Mandy baby ..." she whimpered and pressed her mouth over
the girl's cunt. A deep thrill went through Rebecca as she began
tonguing her daughter's pussy, and the thrill was heightened by Mandy's

"Ohhhh ... Jesus ... suck me, mommy ... make me come ... God, eat my
pussy! That's so good ... so fucking good!"

Rebecca found her hands cupping her daughter's ass cheeks as she tongued
her furiously. Her own body ached for release, and as her breath came in
short bursts, she moaned lowly and lifted her wet face from her
daughter's cunt.

"Do ... do you like that, baby?" she questioned breathlessly.

Mandy cupped her mother's face and leaned down to kiss her passionately.
She eased her tongue into her mother's mouth and as the older woman took
it softly, Mandy kneeled between her mother's legs. She found her tits
with both hands and began plying the soft flesh as the perspiration
rolled off both their bodies in the super-heated air of the sauna.

Finally, their lips parted and Mandy told her mother, "Oh, mommy--I love
you so much!" Then, the girl lowered her mouth to lick her mother's
erect nipples. Lower her head went, and Rebecca Golden sobbed out a sigh
as she spread her legs and lay back on the steps of the sauna. She
watched as Mandy licked the sensitive area about her inner thighs and
nudged her seething cunt gently with her face and chin.

"Ughnnn ... God, Mandy! Yessss!" Rebecca hissed out as the girl's mouth
came in contact with her pussy. She lifted her legs and laid them over
her daughter's shoulders as she felt the lips of her pussy spread and
Mandy's tongue sought her pulsing clit. "Ughhhnnn! God, baby ... suck it
... suck your mommy's cunt! Eat me! God, yesssss ... make me come!"

Running her hand between her mother's legs, Mandy inserted her thumb in
her mother's wet cunt and then eased her index finger into the older
woman's tightly puckered asshole. She felt her respond just as Helga
often did, and the sounds of her muffled gasps filled the sauna.

Rebecca writhed beneath her daughter's mouth and hands and as a crushing
orgasm approached, she envisioned herself, her daughter, Helga, and
Mandy's friend, Beverly, all wrapped together in a passionate, sexual

Mandy slid her thumb in and out of her mother's pussy as the sweat
poured from their bodies. She eased her finger into the woman's clasping
asshole as she writhed in sensuous pleasure above her, and she felt her
shudder. Licking her clit laviciously, Mandy knew her mother was but a
breath away from orgasm and her own passion had risen to a new height as
she finger-fucked her lewdly.

"Ohhhh ... God, yes, baby ... now ... now ... I'm going to ... oh ... oh
... OHHHHHHHHH!" Rebecca cried out and her body stiffened.

Outside the sauna, Paul Golden stood frozen as the sounds came to him
through the door. He felt his prick twitch painfully against his trouser
leg as he realized what was happening in the room beyond. His head was
filled with a hundred images and he recalled his i****tuous interlude
with his own daughter as the sounds of his wife's passion came to him.

Paul stiffened as he heard Rebecca cry out and call Mandy by name and he
envisioned his daughter with her head buried between her mother's legs
as she sucked her pussy. Quickly, Paul stripped off his own clothing and
tossed it aside. Standing naked, he waited a long moment as the sound of
passion subsided from within the sauna. Then, as the sun dipped into the
Pacific Ocean at his back, he swallowed his apprehension and opened the
door of the sauna and stepped in.

Rebecca was lying back with her eyes closed, her breath coming in sharp
bursts. Mandy lay with her head on her mother's heaving stomach, her
finger and thumb still buried deep in her mother's body. The girl sensed
someone entering the sauna but she didn't look up.

With the setting of the sun, the interior of the room had become
darkened. Rebecca first became aware of the presence of a third person
when her husband's hand closed over her tit and his mouth sought hers.
She stiffened suddenly with fear, then she relaxed as she heard him
whisper, "All right ... it's all right, Becky ..." And, his hands
explored her naked body.

Mandy moved between her father's legs and found his prick erect and
throbbing. She took the head of it into her hot mouth, and, as she laved
it with her wet tongue, she felt her mother slip off the bench and
spread her legs gently. Then, the woman's mouth was on her pussy and she
recalled the words the psychiatrist had spoken to her earlier: Just let
nature take its course--I believe your mother will have a different
outlook toward your lovers in the future. And Mandy wondered if that
would include her father, too.
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so hard now. thank you
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excellent hard
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Great series
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this is so great
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again, a family sharing love...a perfect love.