Racial Swap-Night

Chapter 1

Eddie Frampton folded his tall but lithe and muscular frame into the
brand new Porsche, started the motor, jerked it into reverse gear and
rocketed the machine down the drive into the quiet street. Tires
squealing and engine reving like mad, he headed toward Manna Avenue and
back to the club. The ache in his loins and his feeling of sexual
deprivation told him, only too clearly that there was a big void in his
married life although in almost every other direction, his life had
changed for the better.

Jesus Christ! Alyce looks she'd be the most fabulous lay of the century
... that luscious body, it sure fooled me. Why does she just lay there
like a sack of flour when I fuck her? She's so goddamn passive, I feel
like I might as well shove my cock into an inflatable doll. It's not
normal. She thinks everything but the missionary position is only for
perverts. Even with the missionary she just lies there and throws her
legs up and waits for me to get it over with.

I better keep my mind on the road, he suddenly realized after just
roaring right past a stop sign. But presently his attention was focused
back in his groin. Fuck! I've got such an ache in my balls! I don't
have to go home for lunch. It would be just as convenient to have it at
the club, but I like to see my wife but apparently she isn't that happy
to see me.

He let his mind drift back over the little scene he had just gone

Still in his tennis gear, the handsome pro bounced into the house,
entering the kitchen where Alyce was preparing lunch. He enveloped his
wife of three months in a great bear hug, giving her a lingering kiss,
hard on her upturned lips, leaning his head down to her and using his
tongue to f***e open her lips to him. The uptight young woman had made
this concession to her lusty husband; his desire for what she
considered unnecessary sexual contact, especially, in a casual kiss of
greeting or goodbye.

The lovely blonde was a little repulsed, but she had decided that it
was a small thing for her to do if it was something that Eddie really

"What's on the menu, darling?" he asked, looking around the kitchen.

"Tuna salad," she said, "we're going to go strictly low calorie around

"Sounds great to me," he said, "those five pounds I put on over our
honeymoon sure show up when I'm playing. I think it was all those
chocolate eclairs for breakfast."

"Yes," she answered with mock sterness, "no more decadence at the
table. I don't want this body looking like someone blew me up with a
bicycle pump."

"I'd like to pump you right now," he leered at her in a suggestive

His hands made suggestive motions down her back, as he smoothed them
across her buttocks, reveling in their firm protuberance, cupping the
rounded mounds of them in his huge hand and pulling her pelvis in hard
to his now stiffening prick beneath his neat white tennis shorts.

Alyce could feel the warmth and the bulging, warm firmness at his
crotch, and she knew that he wanted her. She could hardly stand the
thought of having sex in the middle of the day and she knew that he
felt that it was an added extra with his lunch break.

"Don't you have a group at one o'clock," she asked hopefully. "I mean
you won't have time."

"Baby, I've always got time for a good fuck. We could go right over
there by the sink and I could stick it in you while you're washing the

The handsome tennis pro gave his wife a playful slap on the ass, as she
turned to the counter to begin serving the lunch she had prepared for

Ignoring his lewd comments she said, "It's almost ready you'd better
wash up, Eddie."

The sway of her hips, as she walked away from him, held his attention,
his eyes riveted on her, watching the undulating flesh inside the
jeans, mentally undressing her and he liked what he saw. That was the
reason he had finally married. This woman seemingly had everything.

"I wish it was your cunt I was eating instead!"

Alyce shot him a look back over her shoulder at him. She saw her
husband's lust-filled eyes, as he watched her, and she wished that she
could learn how to handle Eddie's sexually suggestive innuendoes and
lewd interjections.

She turned away from her husband, embarrassed, in spite of herself, the
beginnings of a frown creasing her lovely face as Eddie left the
kitchen and headed for the bathroom.

The things he says! That look of his when he wants to make love to me,
which I think he wants twenty-four hours a day, is pure lust! It's pure
a****l lust and it makes me feel crawly and dirty. I wish I could learn
to understand it, to respond to his lewd demands, or any rate to reply
without blushing to his comments.

The blonde wife finished setting the table and called him to the table.
They ate the meal together, she somewhat bird-like only pecking at the
food but Eddie ate ravenously as athletes will. His appetite always
seemed to match his size but she knew that he was inclined to pack away
a little too much sometimes so she was cutting down on the calories. A
fat tennis pro was not exactly an asset and even though he burned up a
lot of energy on the courts it wasn't quite enough to match his sweet
tooth so she had decided to restrict his intake of fattening foods.

Eddie gobbled up his tasty tuna salad, sighed contentedly and reached
for his wife.

"Since there's no sweets at the table I think I'd like you for

The exquisite blonde had just risen from the table, and she moved to
escape him, trying to pick up some dishes from the table as a
distraction. He rose, swooped and captured her easily holding her
immobile in a vise-like grip, the dishes tailing back to the table with
a clatter. His lips sought hers and he kissed her hard and long.
Finally, she placed both her hands on his chest and pushed him away
from her.

"Come on, baby, give me a little bit."

"Eddie, please it's the middle of the day. It just doesn't seem right

"Right. If it feels right what does the time have to do with it. I want
to fuck. I'm not going to wait for the darkness."

"Well ... I do feel better about it ... at night, darling."

Undiscouraged, he again bent his head down to her, capturing her full
lips and he was kissing her long and passionately, probing her mouth
with his tongue, his hands busy on her body, exploring the womanly
curves of her, kneading and caressing her, trying to communicate his
great need of her through action.

The big man's fingers found the zipper on her jeans. Fearfully she
heard the scr****g whisper of the fastener as he opened it and the
garment fell with a sigh of the material, sliding down over the swell
of her hips to land in gathers around her trim ankles. She broke the
kiss pulling her head back to one side.

"Eddie! What will our neighbors think?"

"The neighbors! Do you think that they have nothing better to do than
to watch us?" he said, vehemently, as he dipped his hands under the
elastic waistband of her panties to grasp a smoothly rounded buttock
cheek in either hand.

She persisted. "But what if someone did see us through the window
without our clothes in the middle of the day. Eddie, it just wouldn't
be right."

Desperate to convince her he continued with greater emphasis, "Listen,
we're husband and wife and this is our home. I'll do what I want in it
and when I want to. No one's going to stop me. Why are you so concerned
what other people think? It's our life, not theirs so why don't you
just get over yourself."

Then, with a deft movement he pushed her panties down over the smooth,
rounded curves of her buttocks, and the wisp of nylon joined her jeans
at her ankles. The clasp of her bra occupied his attention only
momentarily. He flung the garments from her, and she stood, nude,
statuesque and magnificent in the middle of the kitchen, leaning into
his tanned arms, pliant and unresisting.

Her innocent face flushed with the shame of it. imagine being stripped
naked during the lunch hour right there in the kitchen with the
curtains opened. She thought of making another complaint but she bit
her tongue deciding that she would only irritate her husband more by
nagging about his unseemly behavior. It seemed to her that she was
always on the defensive and she didn't want Eddie to think that she
objected to everything all the time although in their short marriage it
was beginning to look like she did.

"Oh baby, I want you. I want to fuck you now. Your body turns me on so

His muscular arms swept her up; lifting her, easily, he carried her to
their bedroom, leaving the trail of her clothing behind them on the
way. He deposited his wife on the soft yielding mattress and stepped
back to kick off his shoes. He clawed his tennis garb from his body,
frantically, s**ttering it about the room in a flurry of quick
movements for which he was famous on the tennis court.

Alyce watched her young husband undress, admiring his athlete's body
but as she did a tidal wave of conflicting thoughts and emotions
coursed through her.

Alyce was a body fitness fanatic and she admired her husband's body
almost abstractly like he was a specimen not a human being. But she
just could not get over his sexual appetite. His passion rises so fast
she thought and he gets so hard. Look at his penis. It's standing up
already and it's so huge. The head is bl**d red and it's throbbing so
dangerously I feel afraid of it. I wish he'd give me some time to get
in the mood, wait until the evening. I love him but I can't allow his
lust to ruin our marriage.

Eddie came to the bed and lay down beside his wife. He reached for her,
grasping one full, firm breast in an enormous hand, he massaged it,
roughly, the mound femaleness soft and yielding under his kneading

His great need was apparent in the urgency of his husky voice. "Jesus,
Alyce, I'm so horny. I've got to fuck you now. I want my cock in your

As disgusted as she was by his obscene words and even more lewd demands
she tried to remain calm.

"Let's wait until tonight ..."

His hungry lips stopped her, his tongue lashing into her mouth, as his
hand left the breast it was massaging and moved downward across her
belly, coming to rest on the golden, softly curling hair of her pubic
mound. His hairy hand was stopped there; he couldn't move it, easily,
between her thighs and into her vaginal slit, because she had clamped
her legs tightly together.

Alyce twisted her lips away. "No, Eddie, please let's wait until
tonight ..."

Ignoring her feeble entreaties the big man began to insinuate his
middle finger into the soft, hair-lined crease, but he couldn't get it
in far enough.

"Spread your legs!" he ordered.

She obeyed him, reluctantly. Snake-like, he ran his hand down over her
pubic hair, cupping the whole of her naked loins in his big hand,
pressing it all up tight between her open legs, compressing the folds
of flesh, and kneading her, as he had her breast moments before. She
gasped and she remembered the furious lovemaking of the previous
evening. She did not want to subject herself to his perverted demands
again and especially not in the middle of the day.

"No ... I don't ... want it ..."

"You never do but I have to get my cock inside you. My balls are

The innocent blonde moaned in answer to his frantic demands and the
fear in her groin. She wanted him to be satisfied but his demands were
just too much for her to put up with.

"Stop it ... you're going to be late for work ..."

In answer, his finger went straight to the furrow of her cunt, moving
in the pink, tender flesh, insistently, now then, upward, through the
slight moistness to find the hidden bud of her clitoris. He rubbed at
it, stroking the tiny button, trying to rouse it to alert erectness,
but it lay flaccid and unresponding under his frantic fingers, refusing
to leave its canopied protection.

Suddenly, with a desperate gasp, Eddie heaved himself to his knees; he
couldn't stand the wait any longer. Kneeling over his wife, he placed
himself between her partly spread legs, pushing outward with his
muscular thighs to spread her limbs even further apart.

Eddie's cock was fully erect, its huge, bl**d-engorged length jutting
out from his hairiness like another arm. He took the monstrous cock in
his hand, and came down, slowly, upon her, as he guided it to the soft,
hair-lined slit at the opening of her pussy. He pressed the lust-
inflated head against the reddened flesh of her, trying to f***e the
lust raging cock into her barely moistened and unwilling cunt.

"Stop it, Eddie ... I'm not ready ... I don't want it ..."

"You never do. What am I supposed to do with this hard cock of mine?"

"You're an a****l ... you're unnatural wanting sex all the time like

Eddie's face froze, the anger rising in him, as he spat out, "so now
I'm some kind of b**st, am I? Is that what you think about me?"

She was instantly contrite. "No, I didn't really mean it. It just
popped out."

But Eddie was furious now. "I want to fuck you within an inch of your
life. If you'd get into it, you'd enjoy it."

His base, vulgar language was cutting into her like a knife, slicing,
slashing and jabbing at her mind. Her body stiffened, and her face
froze into a mask of injured self-righteousness.

"I've had enough of this," she said with a voice like icewater thrown
in his face, "let me up."

"Oh, Alyce, stop acting like an injured virgin," he said calmly trying
to placate her.

"Don't speak to me like that. I won't have it. This is supposed to be
lovemaking not that other ..."

"Good Christ, will you be reasonable!" he shot out now completely

"You be reasonable!" she snapped at him, furiously attempting to
release herself from his pinioning embrace.

Eddie was rapidly becoming exasperated with her feeble objections and
he found that the growing anger within him was dampening his ardor. His
cock was still rigid, but the inner turmoil was taking its toll; he
could feel the change taking place in him. Some flaccidity of his
virile organ was already evident. He tried one more time to get things
to a mutually happy solution.

"Come on, Alyce, honey ... let's ..." he began, awkwardly trying to

"You're not going to treat me like some whore you just picked up off
the street," she fumed, twisting herself free of him, finally, and
sitting upright on the edge of the bed.

"But, darling, we're married. What do you expect me to do, beat off,
all the time?"

"I'm sure I don't care," she said coldly.

The rejected husband heaved himself up angrily from the bed, gathered
up his tennis gear and plunged toward the bathroom, slamming the door
hard behind him. He turned on the cold shower and jumped under it
bathing his aching cock to ease the frustration of his incomplete
sexual act. Then, he dressed, quickly, to go back to the tennis clinic.
At least, he could throw himself into the group he would have at the
one o'clock session, smashing backhands against the ball machine as
fast as it threw them out. He seethed, inwardly, his anger mounting
higher each moment.

Just thinking about the way his new wife constantly thwarted his
attentions made him seethe. Almost everything else in his life was
coming together. He had just been hired at Marina Tennis Clinics as a
pro. It was something he had always wanted to do and this club was
really the creme de la creme with all the latest equipment. They had
video tape equipment to instantly record the students progress and to
point out their mistakes in technique before they became habit. The
other pros at the club were a friendly crowd and the owner was a very
agreeable sort as well. For the first time in his life he felt like he
had it made. He had married a gorgeous young virgin who was one of the
women signed up for the tennis groups and it seemed like it was a
marriage made in heaven. They made a striking young couple but Eddie
thought ruefully, it was all a front.

Shit, she doesn't even like me to finger her let alone ever let me eat
her cunt. If I could just get her sample a taste of that she'd probably
go out of her mind. God, the first time I did it dog-style to her
instead of missionary, I thought she was going to call the cops.

It's my own fault. All the guys said I was an asshole to marry a
virgin. I should have found out how she felt about sex before we got
married. Now it's too late. It's been almost three months and instead
of getting better it's getting worse.

Sitting at the traffic lights, his attention was diverted momentarily;
it was the body of a woman that had caught his eye and he was sure that
he recognized Sally Dunn in her white tennis dress walking along the
street carrying her racquet on the way to the tennis club.

That's a body! Jeeeeesus! I've always thought she must be the hottest
cunt in the club and standing around in the pro shop all day she nearly
drives me nuts sometimes. I wonder what it would be like inside that
hot little cunt? I bet she'd be a fabulous fuck!

Eddie, old boy, you're getting a little ahead of yourself. You've
gotten married and already you're thinking about other women. This is
not a good sign.

... Christ, though, my cock aches! Why doesn't Alyce let herself go?
What makes her so uptight?

Suddenly, he found himself almost abreast of Sally Dunn. The
provocative swing of her hips and the flashing smile of recognition she
threw over her shoulder toward his new Porsche, combined to cause him,
on impulse, to steer the car over to the curb and stop beside her. He
leaned across the seat, looking up and out at her where she had
stopped, waiting, hesitantly.

"Mrs. Dunn ... can I give you a ride over to the courts?"

She trotted over to the low-slung automobile. "Why Mr. Frampton. Hi!
You're a lifesaver. I didn't realize it was so far on foot."

The tanned tennis pro opened the car door for her and she got in,
revealing her long, tapering legs to good advantage. Eddie took a good,
long look, feasting his eyes on her female loveliness. She had even
more beautiful legs than he had remembered from seeing her in the pro
shop over at the Marina.

"Where's your car?" he asked her when she had settled herself in the
low bucket seat, moving her hands to her hair to fling the long tresses
over her shoulders. The movement accented her heaving breasts; the
outline of her bosum prominent under the thin white material of her
tennis dress.

"It stalled just around the corner and I discovered that I had left my
wallet at home. I don't have a dime with me and all my credit cards are
at home so I'm walking to the club to call David to have the car

"I'm glad I happened along. Always glad to rescue a damsel in
distress," he joked, easing the car back into the traffic.

Trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, he glanced over at her,
appreciatively, noting the swell of her tanned thigh, which the white
tennis skirt accentuated. Her legs were bare as far up her thigh as he
could see and he wondered about her panties which were the only things
keeping her decent. Keeping her cunt away from his prying eyes.

Against his will, he felt the familiar, pleasurable throb between his
legs, as his penis began to engorge with his racingly hot bl**d,
building an erection. His scrotum began to tighten and to pull his
testicles up, the crawling sensation, again, making him acutely aware
that he had been thwarted in his noon-time attempt to make love to his
own beautiful wife.

The handsome husband took another sidelong look at the lovely olive-
skinned beauty of Sally Dunn, her deeply wide-set dark eyes, straight
brown hair and her straight attractive nose. Her trim dress fell in
natural folds around her breasts, revealing the generous nature of
them. The contours, softly rounding, made him wonder whether or not she
was wearing a brassiere. The curve of her thigh was firm, her skirt
stretching and straining to cover it but slightly. He followed the
curves on down to tapering lower thighs and delicate knees, the calves
swelling gently and muscularly. He could see her trim ankles peeping
over the tops of her tennis half socks and saw that they were in
perfect proportion to the rest of her voluptuous body.

Eddie's prick jumped in his own tennis shorts. Quickly, he glanced down
at himself to ascertain whether his throbbing erection was going to be
obvious to his passenger.

Sally was a well put together bundle of womanly beauty, he decided, but
the fact that she was David Dunn's wife and David was another pro at
the club and she worked in the pro shop made the thought of having any
physical contact impossible. She was forbidden by the moral rule that
the instructors didn't have anything to do with their co-workers.

Of course, he couldn't help but notice her around the club and they had
exchanged a few brief words but that was it. He wasn't going to let
himself be tempted and besides he didn't want to compromise his growing
friendship with her husband, David.

In this moment, however, he began to see Sally in a new light in view
of the events of the last hour with his own wife. She was a fully
mature woman ... a very desirable woman, and Eddie needed a woman and
desperately. He stole another glance at her. He decided that she was,
definitely a very sexy young woman.

I wonder if I should try and come on to her? I wonder if she'd be open
to that? It probably wouldn't be fair to especially thinking about
David. After all, I do have to work with him.

Jesus! I've already got a hard-on. Look at those tits! I'd give my
right arm just to feel them.

He smiled over at her, noting that her slim, tapering hands were in her
lap, the fingers entwined, nervously.

"How's David?" he said. "Has he had a couple of days off or something?
I haven't seen him around for a few days."

"Yes, he took a couple of days off to go to a tournament in Los

"Oh, he sure works hard at it, doesn't he?"

"Yeah. I wish he'd work just as hard in other directions," she said
smiling wistfully. She turned her head to look out the window. Eddie
spoke to the back of her shining head, puzzled by the meaning of her

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It just means that he keeps himself in top condition to play but when
it comes to me ... well ..."

Her message came over strong and clear, but he was also sure that she,
naively, didn't realize the signals she was giving out. She was being
honest only. His eyes drifted over her, again, liking what he saw more
and more, meanwhile his attentions of keeping away from one of his
fellow tennis pro's wife was getting pushed farther and farther into
the recesses of his mind by the persistent pulsing of his rock-hard
erection between his legs. He decided to probe a little deeper.

"Do you mean he's not satisfying you in bed?" he burst out

The dark-haired beauty didn't answer immediately. After a moment, she
said. "Yes, that's it." She sighed and dropped her gaze, demurely to
her hands, wringing them agitatedly in her lap.

Eddie knew just how she felt. There's nothing worse than frustration.

"I'm sorry I said anything," she said suddenly. "You must think I'm

"No, it's all right. I'm not a marriage counselor just a tennis coach."

"David doesn't even know I exist, half the time," she sighed ignoring
him, turning to look out the window again.

"So that's the problem, he ignores you ..." he prompted wanting to get
to the bottom of the matter.

"He doesn't want to do it very often. His idea of keeping me happy is
to do it a couple of times a week," she said miserably still looking
out the window.

"And you want it more often," he queried.

"Well, God. It seems to me to be unnatural to have such a low sex-
drive," she said matter-of-factly .

Eddie laughed out loud. A hard bitter laugh which startled and confused
her. She jerked her head around to look at him in a wide eyed

"I don't think it's funny."

"Please believe me when I tell you, I know. How well I know! It's
amazing. What a rotten coincidence!"


"Yes ... we're in the same boat."

"I don't follow you."

"Alyce is just like David."

"I see." She dropped her gaze again, afraid that she had gone too far
in revealing to him an intimate fact of her married life to a
comparative stranger.

Then Eddie reached out, on impulse, his huge paw settling on her bare
knee, gently. The smooth, tanned flesh was warm to his hand, inviting
him and tantalizing him with its warm promise.

She looked up at him, startled, as his hand massaged the inner part of
her knee and began to move upward an inch or so along the soft, smooth
flesh of the inside of her thigh.

"Mr. Frampton! I hope you don't think that because I told you about
David that I'd ... I'd ..." she gasped, at a loss for words, her legs
clamping together, but the big hand was trapped between her thighs
still trying to move upward toward her cunt.

"You're a lovely, desirable woman, Sally, and I want you. I want to
make love to you," he rasped out, his breath starting to come in low
spurts now.

"Good god! We're both married. How could you even think ...?"

"Listen," Eddie cut in, "you just said that David wasn't giving you
enough in the sack ..."

"Well, yes, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to start hopping in
bed with every ..." The words came tumbling out of her, as she
struggled to find reasons to stop his advances toward her.

"We could be discreet. No one would ever know," he said.

"You make it sound like going to the supermarket," she said. "I
couldn't get involved in something like that. Besides, there are other
people to think about."

Overwhelmingly, the burden of his sex was bearing down on him. He felt
his prick straining at the confines of his shorts. It was standing up,
painfully, throbbingly, alert. Christ! How this woman had aroused him.
He wanted her, but he knew that it was impossible. It was broad
daylight and time for his one o'clock group. He was supposed to be
instructing now. Of course, he rationalized, one of the assistant pros
could get the people out on the courts and get the video equipment set
up so that would give him an extra couple of minutes.

Silently, they rode along for a few moments, then Eddie, again, reached
out his hand to her thigh. She shifted in the bucket seat, and almost
imperceptibly her legs spread for his hand as it gained the inside of
her thigh and moved upward along the warm flesh to the heat of her

Quickly, he made his decision. She was ready!

"You're dying for it, aren't you?" he said, making his question a
statement of fact.

"No. You're wrong. I can't do it. It wouldn't be right."

Her thighs closed on his hand, and he felt a slight thrust of her hips;
a gentle uncontrolled, grinding motion that made her words a lie, her
body speaking the truth of her need.

"Where can we go? Obviously, we can't go to your place or my place."

"Mmmmmmmmm," she gasped, her hips straining forward even more.

He frowned, time was of the essence. His hand was at the juncture of
her thighs. He used his fingers, probing until he found the crease
below the pubic mound and insinuated his middle finger. He pushed
against her and found the bud of her womanhood under the thin wisp of

"No ... please ... I can't stand it ... nooooooo," she gasped with

Her words jolted him. Now, he was beginning to have second thoughts
about the whole thing. He began to wonder if he might have gotten
himself in too deeply, already, as he thought about the bizarre
situation. They were both aroused sexually and there seemed to be no
immediate answer to where they could go and fuck.

"Let's go to a motel," he suggested.

"It would take too long to get there," she murmured, her eyes glazed
and passion-filled.

"All right, I know what we'll do," he said. "There's an equipment hut
behind the pro shop ..."

"Isn't that kind of risky ..."

"You're right. We'll park behind it and just stay in the car. Well
manage. Where there's a will there's a way."

Pulling his fingers from her cunt, he drove into the drive of the tree-
shaded club and threaded his way around the member's parking lot around
the rear of the pro shop to the employee's lot. No one else seemed to
be around and he parked the car over to the corner of the small lot,
quickly turning off the ignition and reaching for her.

Eagerly, readily, Sally came into his arms, lifting her lips to him
willingly, and moving as close to him as the bucket seats of the
expensive Porsche would allow.

Their lips met, and her tongue came probing into his mouth, wetly,
seeking him. He was pleasantly surprised by her wanton search of his
oral cavity, her lingual member hotly slithering into all its crevices.
He sensed the urgency in the woman and thrust his own tongue forward to
joust, momentarily with hers, before giving her just the tip of it. She
instantly, voraciously, sucked on his tongue, pulling it deeply into
her warm, hungry mouth.

At the same time his hands were occupied with her body. He found her
breasts, to his delight, they were completely unfettered. She wore no
bra under her tennis dress. The swell of her thigh was firm and long
tapering and he revelled in the wonderful womanliness of her. His
strong hands explored all her curves, massaging her, roughly, molding
and kneading her, and her breath came fast into his mouth.

Frustratedly, he broke the kiss. "We're not going to be able to do
anything in this car. It's just too small."

Shyly, she smiled up at him, her face framed by her long, dark-brown
hair, not knowing how to say the thing she wanted to say, yet knowing
that it must be stated, somehow, if they were to finish what they had
unknowingly started.

"We could take turns," she said, her voice scarcely louder than a
murmur, "take turns doing it to each other."

It was at that moment that she saw it. Her dark eyes drank in the
throbbing bulge at his crotch revealing his desire for her. She reached
out to him, her tiny hand trembling slightly as she rested it,
momentarily on his bare knee, then dragged her fingers with a
slithering motion up the inside of his thigh, feather-touching his
hardened prick. As she withdrew her hand his cock jerked up hard, and
he could feel the moistness at the tip of it. She smiled up into his
eyes, laying her hand gently on his huge bicep, she squeezed,
meaningfully and finished.

"Do you know what I mean?"

"I get the picture," he said, "are you sure?"

"Well, it's the only thing we can do here in this little space," she
said blushing thinking she had already been too bold.

"You don't have to do it, Sally," he started to say surprised that she
would initiate such a thing. His own wife Alyce would never in a
million years entertain such an idea.

"I want to. We can do it right now."

"We could go out tonight and find somewhere," he suggested hopefully.

She reflected for a moment. "I don't know. David will be home. But
maybe we could come back here."

"Super." he said. "The courts close at ten, I've got a key. "I'll meet
you back here."

The more he thought about it, the more he realized that the lounge of
the tennis club would be the perfect place. He wondered that he had not
thought of it before this.

Again, he took her in his muscular tanned arms and kissed her with
passionate abandon. She stopped him momentarily, her dark eyes smoky
and lust glazed, as she lifted her hips, raised her tennis dress high
and reaching down, slid her panties down over her swelling thighs,
exposing the olive-toned nakedness of her buttocks to him; then she
slid down into the seat moving her pelvis up and forward.

Unerringly, Eddie's big hand went down between her legs to her pubic
mound, the black, curling hair tingling in his palm. As his finger
found the erect bud of her clitoris, she moaned with sensual pleasure,
her hips beginning to rotate sensuously and snake-like up against his

He put his arm behind her and levered her forward while he unzipped the
back of her white tennis dress. Inserting his arm inside the dress, he
put his arm around her and captured a full naked breast in his hand.
She leaned back against him as he began to massage the smooth flesh
mounding under his fingers grasping the nipple between thumb and
forefinger, he urged it to stiff erectness.

"God," she murmured, "your hands are doing wonderful thing to my body."

"Ohhhhhhhh, baby ..." he mumbled.

Now, the moistness of her furrow told him she was stimulated, ready,
and he inserted two fingers in her cunt, moving them in slowly,
spreading her to receive them, feeling the soft resiliency of the inner
lining of her vaginal walls. He leaned over and kissed her, thrusting
his tongue into her throat, stiffly. She took it, sucked it deeply into
her mouth, making tiny mewling sounds in her throat.

Abruptly, she broke away from him, looking up into his face with half-
closed, glazing eyes. She reached out to him, placing her hand behind
his heavily muscled neck and gently drew his head downward to her
loins. Her silent but eloquent message sent a thrill through him,
spearing into his loins and making his cock pulsate, jerkingly, inside
his pants. He was aware of a good deal of moisture on the head of his
prick and that it was soaking through the cloth of his trousers.

The tanned tennis pro removed his arm from around her, inside her
tennis dress, and she leaned far back into the corner of the seat,
spreading her legs widely for him, as his great head was lowered to her
soft, darkly, hair-lined pussy.

His tongue slid out to her, touching her pulsating clitoris, the damp
warmth of the quiveringly erect mystery of her driving him on. He made
circles with his tongue, feeling it grow even more erect, pulsing under
his lips.

Then, more maddeningly for her, he began stroking up and down on the
short length of her clitoral bud, as her hips ground in circles
thrusting up into his face with urgent demands.

The pungent taste of her spurred him onward. He took the bud in his
lips, drawing the erectile tissue into his mouth to suck upon it. Then,
he bared his teeth and gave the tiny nipple of her cunt a gentle little

Sally almost exploded under him, as she groaned out her pleasure.

"My god ... oooooooooooohhhhh!" he heard her moan as his tongue moved
on her like lightning, igniting lascivious fires of passion deep within
her hungering loins.

Eddie strained forward in the confines of the car, reaching out with
his tongue to probe into the narrow slit of her pussy. His tongue went
into her, and he began to move it in and out, flicking it from his
mouth to the rhythm she had already set in her wildly gyrating pelvis.

Sally began to move faster. He went back to her clitoris and licked
her, furiously, as she arched up at him off the seat of the Porsche
grinding her open cunt with wild abandon into his face.

Moving up and down her furrow, she felt his tongue, alive on her,
lashing at her clitoris, accelerating her on, moving her upward, where
she soared with ecstasy of her passion to the heights, and there was a
great rushing, whistling wind in her ears, as great, explosive spasms
of orgasmic relief wracked her body. She gasped and moaned out her
delight, wanting him to go on and on.

"Eddie ... my god ... faster ... keep on harder ... oh eat me ... I'm
... aaaaaahhhhhhh ... going to ... ccoccuuuuurnmmmmmmmmm ...
oooohhhhhhhhhhhh ... I'm there ... I'm cuuuuummmiiinnnngggg!"

The small brunette's body arched off the seat in a final spasm of
climax and collapsed in final release as wave after wave of relaxing
euphoria overcame her.

"Aaaaaahhhhh ... ooooohhhhh ... thank you ... it was ... wonderful!"
she said, as she ran her fingers languidly through his short bristly

She closed her eyes and leaned back in the bucket seat of the tiny
foreign car savoring the warmth of her sensations. Eddie's head was in
her lap, her naked thighs and buttocks exposed, and he gently rubbed
his hand along the silky smoothness of her, waiting for her, allowing
her to luxuriate for a few moments ... until she would be ready to
manipulate him to sexual release.

Finally, she stirred after a few moments, and Eddie raised himself to a
sitting position. Her delicate hand reached out to his zippered fly. He
heard the metallic whisper of it as she opened his trousers, dipped in
a cool hand and liberated his throbbing penis, bringing it out into the
car with them.

Sally Dunn leaned over him, slithering her body around in the seat
until her head was directly over his cock. With one hand she grasped
the shaft of it, her hand barely able to wrap completely around its

Slowly, she pulled the foreskin back to reveal the purplish red cowl of
the glans from which a trickle of the viscous preparatory juices ran.
She scratched her fingernails lightly over the length of it, as the
great rod strained upward, pointing at her, and Eddie could feel the
hot moistness of her breath flowing over the smooth rubbery head.

Alyce! Suddenly his wife's name popped into his over-stimulated brain.

Jesus Christ! What am I doing? I've only been married a couple of
months and already I'm picking up other women. I have no right to do
this kind of thing even if Alyce did put me off ... I must be flipping
my cookies to be eating some woman's cunt in broad daylight out here
behind the tennis club. If Clay Marsdale or any of the other directors
caught me it could mean my job!

The guilt stricken husband swallowed deeply; his decision was actually
made for him. He was too far along, and there was no stopping, now. He
trembled with an emotion he had never before experienced. This was new
to him, even though he knew what was coming, he didn't know what to
expect from it, until he felt her lips encircle the entire head of his
cock, absorbing it into the warm, wet confines of her mouth. The
keening sensation knifed through him, his whole body vibrating with the
lewd sensuality of it. Her warm, moist mouth on the sensitive, pulsing
head of his prick was like nothing he had ever imagined.

Then he thought he would die! She began to suck on his cock with
tantalizingly rhythmic movements, her tongue moving in swirls around
the head of it while her head began a slow up and down bobbing with a
slight twist on each up stroke.

Eddie looked down to watch her, and the sensations she was producing in
him were trebled as he saw how much of his hard fleshy rod of dangerous
aroused meat she was taking into her delicately modeled mouth. She was
moaning softly and taking almost all of his massive cudgel into her
oral cavity, as her head bobbed sensuously up and down over his hairy
loins. He began to move his hips in instinctive opposition to her and
was further amazed when all of his lust-hardened cock seemed to
disappear into her ovalled lips.

Now, using her teeth, she began to suck harder allowing them to sc****
along the length of his hardened flesh, leaving white marks in the skin
where she bit into it with gentle nips.

Her tongue was alive and busy in her mouth; its nerve-tingling lick on
the outstroke was making the head of his member throb and jerk,
signaling him of his rising passion. It felt like an urge to relieve
himself but the damming action of the tumescent flesh held the seminal
flow in check until it would be time. He could feel the beginnings of
it deep in his loins, his testicles drawn up below ready to discharge
their waiting load of semen.

Tenderly, reaching out a hand to her, he tangled his fingers in her
hair, feeling that he should help her to set the pace. He watched,
fascinated, as he saw the flesh of her lips being pulled in and out,
and he marveled at her technique, her sexual knowledge, knowing
instinctively that she had performed this sex act before, probably with
her own husband David Dunn.

Beginning to get more desperate now, he began to move more rapidly,
jerking his hips up into her face, ramming his member without mercy
into her mouth, as he felt the surge within him and his cock seemed to
grow even larger in her mouth. She kept pace with him, never missing a

The tennis pro knew he was near the zenith now. He could feel the
dammed up pressure of it beginning to reach the point of no return and
suddenly the walls of the dam were down!

Breathlessly, he gasped, "Sally ... sweet Jesus, baby ... I'm nearly
there ..."

The spewing semen came in a rush, jetting into her mouth in great
spurts of viscuous, white jets of thickly hot fluid. She swallowed and
kept swallowing, as wave after wave of it was sucked from him.

"Shit! Oh Jesus! I'm summing! Don't stop ... don't stop sucking my
cock!" he gasped out at her, ramming her head down farther onto his
jerking prick, his hips bucking up at her wildly.

Happily she went on sucking, her lips hollowing in and out, as he
continued spewing his load into her mouth, his rod plunging up at her,
mercilessly, its entire length buried in her throat. He felt as though
he had been turned inside out, the drawing sensations seeming to start
in his bowels.

Then, as his prick continued with smaller and smaller pumping spasms,
she went on, gently, nibbling and licking the last drops of the white
liquid sperm from his moisture glistening maleness.

The handsome tennis pro groaned out his satisfaction leaning back into
the car seat, his eyes closed, as he savored the effects of his orgasm.
Gradually, his member began to deflate in her mouth, its tumescence
beginning to make it flaccid and limber, again.

So rapt in their lewd activities were the two adulterous companions
that they did not notice the hasty retreat of a man in tennis whites.
The man had been taking the video tape equipment back to the court
where he taped the progress of the players and then played it back for
them so that they could instantly review their errors. He hadn't
expected this unexpected bonus. His video camcorder had been able to
zero in on the erotic scene.

Sally Dunn released his slowly deflating prick, allowing it to pull
from her mouth, as she rolled her head to one side of his knees. She
continued to look at it in fascination, almost hypnotized by the
deflating action. Finally, she looked up at Eddie, emitting a sigh and
raising her lips to him for a kiss.

Eddie took her in his arms and kissed her full on the mouth, inserting
his tongue to taste the essence of his own cum still remaining somewhat
pungent in her mouth.

It was she that broke the kiss. "Did you like me sucking your cock?"

"Ohhhhhhh, baby ... super ... out of this world!"

"Just wait until later," she promised.

"Wait ... my balls will be in a knot all day, Mrs. Sally Dunn!"

Chapter 2

Alyce's smooth, long-legged tanned beauty topped by her upswept golden
sun-streaked hair was reflected back to her in the bathroom mirror as
she stepped gingerly from the tiled shower on to the fluffy bath mat.
Vigorously, she toweled herself dry, being especially careful of the
upthrusting mounds of her breasts; they were rather tender to the touch
and in particular the darker pink of the nipples, standing erect now
from the stimulation of the terry toweling. She looked into the mirror
with intense inspection.

The young blonde wife surveyed her body minutely as she catalogued the
areas where she could still feel the imprint of Eddie's strong hands.
She examined the creamy, lustrous skin of the generous hemispheres of
both breasts. She felt almost disappointed that there were no marks
because they would have been proof to her what an absolute sexual b**st
her husband was.

Running her hands over her body, she winced with disgust as she became
aware of tender places on her curving thighs and rounded buttocks.
Then, her hands found the silky triangle of her womanhood, moving,
gently, over the private parts of her, there exploring any damage he
might have done. With both hands now, she spread the lips to determine
the extent of the havoc her lust-maddened husband had played upon her
genitals during his desperate attempt at a "nooner." She ran a finger,
cautiously, into the slit and around the vaginal opening; the raw,
exposed nerve endings signaled, their tender state.

She moved onward, upward to the clitoral bud, instantly feeling the
electric tingle of sensual pleasure as she touched it. She did not
dwell there. The thought the very idea that she might generate in
herself a towering, sexual climax ran counter to every fiber of her
conscious being.

Every time I've felt like doing it to myself, there it is. It's in my
brain yelling loudly. It's a sin an the eyes of God. Don't do it. Maybe
that's the reason I can't be the kind of woman Eddie wants me to be. I
even try to stop him from touching me there. But, Lord, how I've
desired him to do it anyway.

Even in the privacy of her own bathroom, she felt the flush spreading
in her cheeks as the thought of the pleasure she had received, on those
few times, when Eddie had stroked her clitoris to hard erectness,
bringing her a feeling of indecent shame.

Alyce was trying desperately to rationalize her conditioning. Life in
Salt Lake City with her strict Mormon upbringing gave the young woman
little chance to think for herself. The strict religious community of
which her f****y played a leading role gave her little chance to do
anything without the watchdog eyes of everyone upon her. Always present
and in the forefront was the consideration of what other people thought
... about what you did, or didn't do. Her church life had been her
entire life and even though she did not have a religious nature her
conditioning had imposed one on her. And now even though she was almost
two thousand miles away from Salt Lake she still felt like the eyes of
the Elders of the church were on her. Judging. Judging. Her body had
escaped the physical restraints of the place, but her mind was still
bound, an unwilling prisoner of her past.

She dressed quickly, covering her body, blotting out its demanding
sensuality from herself. In the face of the growing awareness of her
need ... a desire for sexual fulfillment, she could not trust herself;
her beautiful young body reflected in the mirror screamed for it, and
she was frightened. The naughty part of her mind knew that she only had
to reach her hand out to herself to gain a pleasurable release but her
reasoning conditioned mind rejected it, completely.

The young wife glanced at the clock as she finished dressing. She
noticed that it was almost three o'clock. Three. Already. Oh God, she
thought. I was supposed to go over to Nina Marsdale's for drinks this
afternoon. This was the day she'd been invited by Mrs. Marsdale, wife
of the director of the Marina Tennis Clinic to socialize with some of
the other women associated with the club and she was rather pleased
about it.

Quickly, she dabbed some perfume behind her ears and frantically raced
around looking for her car keys. At last she found them and was on her
way. She arrived a little late but hoped that Mrs. Marsdale was
sufficiently flexible to tolerate tardiness.

Nina Marsdale stood framed in the doorway in answer to the doorbell, a
radiant smile on her lips, her beautiful, oriental eyes accented,
tastefully, dominated a doll-like face. The Chinese woman was much
shorter than Alyce, perfectly proportioned and she stood with the
a****l grace of the exotic dancer she was before marrying Clay
Marsdale. She moved toward Alyce to an inner rhythm of her own, her
body under complete control, projecting an image of the completely
realized woman, fulfilled, self-confident and madly in love with life.
She spoke with a warm, throaty, softly modulated voice, her slight
Oriental accent charming but her English was cultured and correct.

"Oh Alyce, you look lovely today. You really have a great tan ... come

"Thank you, Nina," Alyce said following her in.

Nina steered her expertly among the women gathered in small groups,
introducing her graciously to those whom she did not know; finally
leaving her over at the bar where a bartender was taking drink orders.

The chatter and gossip of the women was really juicy and she was soon
caught up in it, listening to them, as they wittily tore to shreds all
their friends who were not there. Feeling too new to the group, and
also not knowing many of the people, Alyce contented herself with only
a few nods or interjections.

Gradually, the women began to filter out of the Marsdale's residence
back to their homes as it was nearing the dinner hour.

"Why don't you stay and have another drink?" Nina invited.

Although liquor had been a strict taboo in the Mormon religion Alyce
had rather turned her back on the church now to some extent and did
have a social drink now and again more out of politeness than any great
desire for its effects.

"Yes, all right, but only a small one," Alyce accepted.

Nina poured from a chilled pitcher, the clear liquid cascading into the
stemmed glasses with a refreshing fragrance.

Alyce knew that she was able to cope very well on one martini but
against her better judgment and Nina's insistent urging finally
breaking her resistance, she accepted a second.

The young blonde wife found that the Oriental beauty was a wonderful
listener, as the alcohol loosened her inhibited feeling and she began
to pour out her soul to the older woman. Nina listened with sympathy
while Alyce told of her fears and frustrations concerning her sex life
with Eddie since their recent wedding.

"My poor, poor, darling," Nina said with some animation. "You haven't
yet learned that sex isn't a one-way street. You are every bit as
entitled to fulfillment from it as Eddie. You have to make your demands
known to your husband or otherwise he can't know what turns you on.
You'll want to indulge yourself magically in anything that will bring
you to full orgasm."

The Oriental woman's eyes were bright, excited and she warmed to her
topic, as Alyce made objections, saying, "But, Nina, some of the things
he wants me to do are filthy, perverted, and unnatural. I'm perfectly
willing to do the regular stuff, but this other ..."

"Alyce! Good Lord! I'm really astonished that you don't know that these
things are a part of most married couples life. Believe me, there's
nothing wrong with them, as long as you both end up having a genuine
sexual experience. Clay and I constantly experiment with new things
just to find ways of equally fulfilling each other."

The conversation went on longer than Alyce had anticipated. Nina got
very graphic explaining, naming and describing in detail various
positions and techniques for erotic gratification and she felt her
cheeks flame as the list grew. It seemed to her that each new category
was more depraved than the last, until, finally, her mind was in a
whirl, not only from the effects of the alcohol, but also, from the
sheer effort of trying to understand Nina's dissertation and her
liberal attitudes toward them .

Finally, in desperate embarrassment, Alyce pleaded a headache and the
lateness of the hour, reminding Mrs. Marsdale that she would have to go
home as Eddie would soon be home.

Nina had finished her third martini on top of what she had consumed
before but Alyce had had the good sense to limit herself to two of the
potent drinks. As it was, the Chinese woman was beginning to slur her
words, and her genteel vocabulary became salted with more than a few
lewd references.

Gradually, Alyce began to see another side of Nina Marsdale. It was the
shocking realization that the woman underneath the sophisticated veneer
was somewhat lewd, salacious, sometimes vulgar, but not, she conceded,
coarse. Vaguely, she began to wonder what the other woman's background
might be, and how it was that she was married to the fabulously wealthy
Clay Marsdale. It would be very interesting to know these things, she

Holding the door for Alyce as she left, Nina's face was flushed
slightly and her speech was a slight bit slurred. She extended an
invitation to Alyce but this one included her husband, Eddie.

"We'll have to get that handsome husband of yours off the tennis courts
and have you and him over some night. We'll play some new games. I get
so tired of tennis, tennis, tennis. Clay lives, eats and sl**ps tennis
with very few digressions."

"That would be nice, Nina," Alyce assured her. "Just name the day. I'm
sure Eddie would be pleased to accept, too."

"Perhaps we can play a little game of charades demonstrating the ways
of sex, huh?"

Alyce didn't reply. She walked out to her car feeling more than a
little bit confused, her head in a whirl and a welter of conflicting
thoughts rushing, madly, through her mind.

Did I understand correctly what Nina meant by that last remark? I find
it hard to believe that Nina would say those things? Why they're
terribly lewd. I don't usually even think about such things. All that
disgusting stuff that Eddie's always wanting me to do to him or that he
wants to do to me. I don't care what anyone says. They're sinful and
perverted. But Nina says that most people do those things and really
enjoy them. And, she even seemed to be hinting that I could enjoy them
too. it's just all too confusing for me. What does it have to be so

Eddie was already preparing dinner when Alyce came in. She tried to
bring up the noon-time fiasco thinking that if they talked about it, it
wouldn't be such a huge problem. But, to her complete amazement,
instead of being furious, he just brushed it aside with an apparent
lack of concern.

"It's no big deal, Alyce. We'll get it together, yet," he told her,
hardly looking at her.

The young wife began to look forward to their evening together, vowing
to herself that she would try to be more responsive in bed with Eddie.
Nina's little talk this afternoon had had some effect after all and she
was really secretly hoping that she would have a second chance to prove
that she was a sexually exciting woman. Maybe, she'd even consent
tonight to trying out one of those wildly unnatural positions that her
new Oriental friend had described to her in detail.

For some reason, though, tonight, Eddie seemed very distracted and she
couldn't figure out why since he'd said that he wasn't annoyed about
the noon-time affair. What could it be?

The blonde newlywed was hoping that her opportunity for a truly
fulfilling night with her husband would come to pass this very evening.
But, her hopes were short-lived, when after reading some Tennis News
magazine and quickly flipping through the regular newspaper, he
announced that he was giving a make-up lesson for two men on backhands
and was probably going out later with them for a drink.

Eddie called over his shoulder as he left the house, "don't wait up for
me, Alyce, sometimes I get so involved I forget the time."
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