The f****y Sucks A Lot ch4

Chapter 10

Dianne came home from shopping early one afternoon and was walking down
the hallway to her room when Andy's bedroom door opened. He had just
finished lifting weights and was heading for the shower stark naked
except for a towel d****d around his neck.

"Ah!" he grunted in surprise.

Dianne scanned his athletic nude body. She deliberately let her eyes
drop to his crotch, where his cock jerked and twitched with excitement.
She looked back into Andy's startled face.

"Well," she said, her voice dripping with sex. "What a pleasant

"What are you doing here?" Andy asked, his voice trembling. He whipped
the towel down from his shoulders and tried to wrap it around his

"I live here," she said in a teasing voice. "Remember?" She chuckled as
she watched him try to cover his pulsing cock. "My, my. No need to be
so modest. You have nothing to hide."

"What do you mean, I have nothing to hide?" Andy asked boldly. "I think
I have quite a bit to hide."

Dianne continued toward her room, swatting him playfully on the ass as
she passed him. "Men! They're all alike. They all think theirs is the

She paused, raised her eyebrows, and decided to try certain words on
him, just to see if she could get a rise out of him - especially out of
his cock.

"They all think theirs is the longest. The hardest. Are you like that
too? Hmh, Andy?" She stroked his bare shoulder. "Do you think your cock
is God's gift to all your little girlfriends? Do you think you're the
greatest fuck there ever was?"

Andy's jaw hung open. His heart started thumping as his cock tented
against the towel. "Ah, well actually, I've been told I'm pretty good."
He shifted his position, trying to conceal his throbbing cock in the
folds of the towel. "Some even say I'm the best."

Dianne clutched his wrist. "Well, why don't you let me be the judge of

He stared at her. "You mean you wanna watch me?"

Dianne pursed her lips and tugged on his arm as she walked to her room.
"No, dear, not watch."

She dragged him to her room and led him to her bed. She pushed on his
chest so he would sit on the edge of the bed, the towel no longer able
to conceal the hard pulsing stiffness of his cock. Dianne removed her
blouse and skirt. Then she reached up to remove her bra.

"Here," she said turning her back. "Do me."

Andy finally stopped clutching his towel desperately and reached up. He
fumbled with her bra, and finally watched it slip down her long arms.

"You have to do better than that," Dianne said, "if you want to get in
a girl's pants in a hurry. How are you at removing panties? Any

She turned to face him. Her tits were about on a level with his face.
She stepped closer, pressing one large firm tit right toward his mouth.

Andy's mouth watered. His eyes were as large as basketballs. He glanced
up from the magnificent sight of his mother's large round tits. He
caught her lusty smile, the fires of passion smoldering in her eyes. He
was about to say something, but was stopped short.

Dianne placed her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face
closer to her tits. Her right tit inched toward Andy's mouth, which
opened instinctively and wrapped around her pointed nipple. She tossed
her head back and sighed.

"Mmmmmm, Andy, yes!" she whispered, her breath shaky and as thick as
syrup. "That's it! That's good! Don't be shy, now! Suck my tits good!
That's exactly what I want you to do. Aaaahhh, yesssss!"

She pulled his face closer, forcing more of her aching tit into his
eager mouth as she leaned closer to him. She stroked and parted his
fine blond hair encouragingly, low moans of increasing delight rippling
up from deep inside her.

Her legs started to quiver and goosebumps sprinkled her flesh. A fire
consumed her deep inside, and seemed to be emanating from her crotch,
licking her pussy with long flames. She flexed her cunt muscles and
pressed her thighs together, feeling the dampness of her pussy.

"Oh, God yes, Andy, yes!" she gasped. "That feels so good! More, Andy,
more! Suck my other tit now! That's it! Chew the nipple! Mmmmmm,
yesssss! What about my panties now? How are you at removing panties?"

Andy slowly started working his hands over her body, caressing her
excited flesh with light feathery strokes.

Then he kneaded, clutched and stroked her firm round asscheeks. One
hand moved around to the front. He pressed the palm of his hand against
the upper mound of her pussy while his fingers pressed into the crevice
between her swollen cuntlips.

Instantly his cock jerked, parting the towel and protruding through the
opening. His body was quivering with excitement. He couldn't believe
what was happening.

His mother's body was so hot, so exciting. He could feel the heat
emanating from her pussy as he pressed his fingers into the crease
between her cuntlips. He pressed into the thin material deeper, feeling
the wet squishy folds of hot flesh between her puffy cuntlips.

Andy stopped clutching her asscheeks and fingering her pussy and
brought both hands up to the elastic band of her panties. Slipping
several fingers under the band, he f***ed her panties over her hips and
down to her knees. Dianne wriggled her ass and rubbed her knees
together, shaking the delicate garment to her ankles.

With no hesitation, Andy's hands pressed against her inner thighs. His
mouth popped off her tit and he dove for her pussy. Spreading her
thighs, he eyed her gorgeous cunt for a brief moment, then inserted his
tongue between her slick cuntlips.

Dianne shuddered instantly and rewarded him with a generous outpouring
of pussyjuice. Her knees buckled and her legs trembled. Moans of
mounting pleasure rolled off her tongue.

"Oh, God, Andy!" she moaned. "That feels so good! My legs are turning
to rubber! I can't stand it any longer!"

Andy clutched her waist, and as he rocked backwards on the bed, he
pulled his mother on top of him, his mouth still glued to her pussy.
She knelt over his head, feeling his tongue snake up inside her
flooding pussy. She whimpered and shook uncontrollably and splashed his
face with abundant cuntjuice as she came.

Dianne writhed and moaned in ecstasy, getting his entire face wet with
her pussyjuice. He refused to let her remove her cunt from his mouth,
darting his tongue inside her fuckhole frantically while he licked and
sucked up as much of her juice as he could.

"Oh God, Andy!" she wailed. "That feels so good! Stop it now, Andy!
Stop! You're tickling me!"

She laughed and shook and twisted her body, and finally wrenched it
from his strong grasp. As he struggled to fuck his tongue back in her
gushing cunt, she wriggled her body down his. He lifted her high above
him and planted her gaping cunt right over his throbbing cock.

Dianne wriggled her ass on his thighs, feeling the great length and
hardness of his hot cock work around in her crotch. As he held her
poised over him, she reached down to his crotch and snared his wildly
throbbing cock. She squeezed and pumped his massive prick a few times,
delighting in the way it filled up her hand. Raising her ass off his
hips and lifting his huge cock off his belly, she aimed his prick-knob
at her eager cunthole and sank down.

"Oh, jeez, Andy!" she cried. Her mouth fell open. She laughed and
shuddered. "Christ, does that feel good! Mmmm-mmm! More, Andy, more!
Shove your cock up in me as far as you can! My pussy itches way deep
inside! Fuck me, Andy, fuck me good!"

With frantic gyrations, Dianne tried to do everything at once. She bent
forward and planted wet kisses on his lips. She bobbed her ass up and
down, feeling more of the great length of her son's cock fuck inside
her ready pussy.

Moans of delight issued from her throat. Her body twisted and gyrated,
her tits flopping about on her chest. She was about to come again as
Andy started fucking his cock in and out of her insatiable cunt.

"Unh, yes!" she groaned, pulling her mouth off his. She was gasping for
breath, air rushing in and out of her lungs rapidly, noisily. She
tossed her head back and placed her hands on his broad chest to get
better leverage as she started moving her cunt up and down his invading
cock. "Oh, Christ yes, Andy, yes! This is so good! Fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me! I'm seeing stars already!"

She continued to grunt and groan. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open,
an expression of delicious frenzy radiating from her face. She squeezed
her knees against her son's sides, her pussy clutching and milking his
big cock as it fucked in and out of her welcoming pussy.

Her insides rumbled. She felt as though his cock was piercing the rear
wall of her pussy and thrusting right up into her belly. Her cunt walls
stretched, pulsed, itched, burned and drooled as the magnificence of
Andy's cock fucked in and out faster and harder.

Andy picked up his pace, sensing that she was about to come. He slapped
his ass up off the bed, sending his cock stabbing into her hot tight
cunt more f***efully.

A moan and shudder gripped his mother as he squeezed her big tits.
Trapping her nipples between his knuckles, he closed his fingers,
pinching the hard little rosy tips.

Dianne moaned and placed her hands over his, pressing her tits more
firmly. She squeezed his hands, squeezing her own tits all the harder.
Ragged grunts and squeals of pleasure popped up from her throat, and
the look of utter ecstasy smeared over her face intensified.

Together they pinched her reddened nipples. Tiny tweaks of concentrated
pain shot throughout her system. She rode his cock more wildly, more
desperately. Her body spasmed uncontrollably as the rages of a dynamic
orgasm mounted inside her.

She felt as though her whole body was being pricked with a thousand
needles. She whimpered and cried as she bounced more energetically on
her son's hard cock. Electric sparks shot up from her pussy, sending
her mind reeling. She felt flushed and overheated, like a radiator
about to boil over. Her pussy pulsed, causing her to fuck more

The pressure mounted inside her like a balloon being blown too full of
air. Andy's cock was searing the inner walls of her pussy, the huge
prick-knob fucking right into the deepest reaches of her ravenous cunt.
She felt lighthearted.

Her tits enveloped his face as she clutched him tightly with her arms
and legs. Her whole body convulsed. Her pussy gushed quarts of boiling
liquid, scorching Andy's mightily thrusting cock, splashing out over
his loins, his thighs, and down into the crack of his ass.

Andy gurgled and sputtered, his head twisting to one side and his mouth
wrapping around one of her huge tits. He sucked as much of the firm,
hot tit into his mouth as he could, nibbling and biting the nipple. His
hands went down to clutch his mother's ass. He held her tightly as he
slapped his crotch up against hers, his cock erupting great gobs of his
white spunk.

They fucked on and on, coming like they had never come before. The room
was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and grunting. Dianne
panted and wailed, shrieked and coughed, finally becoming weak in his
hands, her warm body limp on top of his.

She huffed and puffed for minutes afterwards, stroking her son's blond
hair and the hard muscles in his massive arms. She wriggled her ass
from time to time and flexed her pussy muscles, gripping her son's
cock. She hummed delightedly, her cheek resting next to his.

She pulled her pussy off his cock and slithered down his broad hairy
chest. When her face came to his hard lower belly, she licked the
sticky underside of his cock with long swipes of her tongue.

She lapped repeatedly up the entire length of his magnificent cock,
from his swollen balls to the sensitive spot just below his prick-knob.
She lovingly lifted his prick off his belly, opened her mouth and
sucked the huge cockhead into her throat.

She worked over his cock slowly. She licked and nibbled his prickshaft,
wrapping her long tongue around the entire thick tube of his swelling
cock. She tickled, licked and sucked his balls while fingering his
thighs and asshole. Lifting his gorgeous ass high off the bed, she
plunged her tongue into his asshole.

Andy's cock had started to respond immediately, but when he felt his
mother's tongue dart in and out of his asshole, his prick stretched,
stiffened and pulsed. She stroked his expanding cock with her fist,
squeezing the swelling prickshaft and swishing her hand up and down the
sticky flesh with a loose grip. She teased the rim of the bulbous cock-
knob, and started pounding his prick faster as it grew harder in
response to her tongue-tickling of his asshole.

When he clutched her head and stroked her soft hair, Dianne knew he was
getting close to coming. His hips started humping and swiveling, his
breathing becoming more rapid. She squeezed his cock harder, pumped
faster and tongue-fucked his asshole all the more eagerly.

"Oh, God, Mom!" he finally cried out. "This is it! I'm coming! I'm

His body stiffened. He let go of her head and clutched the sides of the
bed. His back arched, only his shoulders and heels in contact with the
mattress as he came. Dianne instantly pulled her tongue out of his
asshole, wrapped her mouth around his exploding cock and sucked.

Blast after blast of his cum squirted into her mouth. She straddled one
of his legs and worked her inflamed pussy quickly up and down as his
cock filled her mouth to overflowing with great quantities of jism.

Thick white rivulets of Andy's warm cum oozed out his cockslit and down
over his mother's knuckles as his body relaxed and crashed back to the
bed. Dianne frantically slid her cunt up and down his leg until her own
orgasm subsided. When it did, she squeezed his cock, watching the last
dribbles of his creamy cum ooze out. Then she sucked his cock dry and
licked up all the gobs of spunk that dotted his crotch, coated his
balls and streamed over her knuckles.

Chapter 11

Tess bounded in the back door. She grabbed an apple from the fridge,
called out hello, and when no one answered, concluded she was home

Feeling in a particularly horny mood, she thought she would borrow some
of her mother's sex toys, pull out some of those fuck books she kept
hidden under her mattress and diddle her pussy till she was satisfied.

She bounded to her room. When she flung open the door to her room, she
got the surprise of her life.

Andy was on the bed, naked, a hard-on as huge as a baseball bat dancing
in front of his crotch. He was half on his side, propping his head up
with his hand.

"Hi, Tess!

After Tess recovered from her shock, she focused on his throbbing cock
and smiled.

"My, what a surprise," she said with a smile. She walked across the
room, swinging her hips and licking her lips as she ogled the marvelous
prick stretching up toward her b*****r's belly. "What are you doing in
here - as if I couldn't guess?"

"I have a surprise for you," he said. "We have a surprise for you!"


Andy glanced behind his s****r, nodded and grinned. "We."

Tess turned around. Jeff, who had been behind the door, stood before
her stark naked.

For a brief moment, Tess was taken aback. She brought her hand to her
chest as her head twisted back and forth, taking in the sight of the
two handsome young studs, their cocks inflated and ready for action.
She felt an uncontrollable quiver of delight deep in her pussy.

"Jeff!" she gasped. "Andy! What's going on? What's the meaning of all

"Meaning?" Andy said smugly. "It means it's party time. That last time
we were fucking, when you accidentally let it slip that you had been
fucking Jeff, I got me an idea. How would you like to have the two of
us fuck you at the same time? You seemed to get off on -"

"Wow!" Tess's face suddenly lit up. Her cunt quivered and drooled.

Jeff had closed the distance between them, and she reached down and
snared his wildly throbbing cock. She pumped it a few times, looking
first into his lusty eyes, and then into Andy's as he watched her
stroke Jeff's stiff prick.

Jeff reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, while Andy got off the bed,
dropped to his knees and removed her shorts. While she stroked Jeff's
cock, her two b*****rs undressed her. When she had her chest and sucked
on her tits, and Andy buried his face in her damp crotch, snaking his
tongue up between the downy folds of her pussylips.

Tess spread her legs and rotated her hips forward. She felt more of
Andy's tongue work into the soft squishy folds of her itching cunt. She
arched her back and shoved more of her tit into Jeff's mouth. Then the
boys placed her flat on her back on the bed.

As Andy knelt between her thighs and tongued her wet cunt, Jeff knelt
at her side, licking and sucking on her tits.

Tess was writhing and moaning in ecstasy - arching, quivering, her body
weaving and undulating restlessly - as they continued sucking her tits
and cunt. She moaned and sighed, hot whispers of words rippling off her

"Ooooh, God! I can't believe it! More! Oh, God, yes, yes, yes! More!"

She spread her legs wide and shoved her pussy up tighter against Andy's
mouth. She alternated between clutching Jeff's head and pressing her
tits into his mouth and clutching Andy's head and working it around in
her moist crotch. Goosebumps danced over her hot flesh, and she felt
waves of orgasmic bliss splashing throughout her system.

When she stopped bouncing, Jeff quickly pulled his mouth off her tits,
pushed his b*****r aside, and buried his face in her soaked crotch. He
moved his head frantically, his tongue fucking in and out of her
flooding pussyhole. When he had sucked her dry, Tess pulled his head
out of her crotch.

"God, that was magnificent," she said, her voice weak and shaking.
"That was absolutely out of this world. But you know what I need now?"
Her eyes teased theirs, knowing full well that she didn't have to spell
it out for them. She patted the bed on both sides of her. "Come. Lie

The two b*****rs stretched out next to her, their huge cocks pulsating
and twitching wildly. She got to her knees and motioned for them to
slide as close to each other as possible. Grabbing a cock in each hand,
she ogled the magnificent specimens.

She leaned first toward Jeff's crotch and lapped the oily early
fuckfluid off the bulbous head of his cock. She made a stiff point with
the tip of her tongue and poked it in the oozing prickslit. Then as she
slowly squeezed and stroked his cock, she leaned over the other way and
repeated the same thing on Andy's big prick.

She alternated from one cock to the other, licking, sucking and
nibbling one while she squeezed, fondled and pounded the other. She got
them to roll sideways, and she licked and sucked both of the
magnificent pricks at the same time. When she felt Andy about to come,
she pulled his cock into her mouth as far as she could, the great
cockhead plunging into her throat, and she sucked him off as he bucked
and writhed.

When she had sucked him dry, she concentrated her attention on Jeff's
cock. She thrust her hands under his ass and clutched his balls and
asscheeks as she pumped and sucked his cock until he too shot a bucket
of cum into her mouth. She relished the torrent of cum as it fired down
her throat. She had never had so much come at one time in her life, but
she swallowed it happily, getting more turned on by the second.

As she knelt between Jeff's thighs and mouthed his prick, Andy scooted
under her and lapped her pussy until she came. His cock was hard and
hot and ready again for action in a matter of minutes.

Then Andy pulled out from beneath her and turned around. As she
continued to play with Jeff's cock, he fucked his rock-hard prick up
her cunt from behind. She gasped and swallowed hard, pulling the huge
knob of Jeff's gigantic prick into her throat.

Tess coughed and sputtered, squeezing Jeff's cockshaft hard with her
hand as she pulled her mouth back off his pulsing cock. By now, she had
swallowed about all the spunk his glands were going to chuck up at the
moment, and his cock had started to soften in her mouth. She squealed
and whimpered, clutching his balls to work up more of his spunk.

As Andy fucked his stiff prick in and out of her pussy, she slurped
Jeff's cock, hoping to get it hard again. She pulled her mouth off his
cockhead so she could play with his half-limp prick.

"God, you guys!" she panted. "This is terrific! I have never had so
much cock at one time in my life!" She paused to wrap her lips around
Jeff's bulbous cockhead, and then slurp up and down the entire length
of his stiffening prick a few times. "Mmmmm, this is great! I could go
on like this forever! Your cock feels so good fucking in and out of my
cunt, Andy, I can't believe it! And having another cock to suck on at
the same time is beyond my wildest dreams!"

"How would you like to have one cock in your pussy and another in your
ass at the same time? Hmh? Sound good?" Jeff asked.

Tess slurped off his cock, licking the glistening prick-knob. "Mmmmm,
yeah! That sounds great! Fuck me in the ass, Andy, while Jeff fucks my

Andy pulled his cock out of her cunt and nosed the prick-knob around in
the area of her asshole for a few seconds. Tess spit in her hand and
reached down to finger her ass, slipping several fingers inside to lube
and stretch her asshole. She grunted and squirmed the whole time, her
mouth twisting and contorting and her eyes rolling as she geared up for
the fuck of her life.

Andy was eager to help her and replaced her finger with his own,
wriggling it around and stretching the opening of her ass all the more
to accommodate his huge cock. When he figured he had her asshole
stretched enough, he grabbed the thick shaft of his cock, directed the
prickhead against her asshole and fucked forward.

Tess instantly convulsed, her asshole contracting shut for a second.

"Easy, Tess," Andy said, his voice soft and encouraging. "Just take it
easy. Relax." He watched with eager eyes as his cockhead pressed
against the tiny opening of her ass. "Sink back. That's it."

He spread her asscheeks with his strong fingers. Her asshole yawned and
his prickhead fucked inside.

Tess groaned. The tight outer ring of her asshole clutched his cock-
knob with a vise-like grip, but the more she relaxed and sank
backwards, the more of his cock disappeared inside her.

They began a slow rocking motion, Andy's cock reappearing and then
sinking a little deeper inside her ass with each rhythmic movement.

Before long, Andy had most of his cock buried inside her ass. He was
clutching her hips and yanking her back and forth very gently.

"Unh, oh God yes!" Tess cried. "That feels so good! I'm practically
coming already! My pussy is just itching deep inside! I need your cock
in me, too, Jeff! Slide under here and fuck my cunt with your cock."

She had been licking and slurping Jeff's cock to keep him interested in
the activities, and she now pulled him down under her. As she and Andy
spread their knees to make room for his legs, she aimed the great head
of his prick right at her dripping pussy. She lowered herself to him,
pulling Andy along with her, while Jeff thrust upward, his cock fucking
effortlessly into the depths of her receptive cunt.

Tess hissed as she felt the two cocks fill her up. "Shove your cocks in
me till I see stars! This is great! I've never been so turned on in my
life! I've never been so full of cock before! Do it, do it, do it! Make
me come again and again and again!"

She moaned and gyrated, her back arching and her hips rising and
falling, one cock fucking into her as the other slid out. Her hips
moved in circles as she delighted in the sheer rapture of being stuffed
to capacity with two cocks.

She looked at Jeff as he fucked away furiously at her pussy. She felt
him thrusting his hips upward in time with his b*****r's mighty
thrusts, filling her pussy with a generous amount of his cum.

Tess convulsed violently as she climaxed one more time. Then everything
went black.

Chapter 12

Tess languished in the afterglow of her blissful double-fuck for days.
All her thoughts were filled with the remembrance of the two gorgeous
cocks stuffing her insides full.

She smiled almost constantly, a warm feeling radiating from her body,
especially her pussy. She rubbed her thighs together often, feeling her
sore pussy and asshole.

When Tess came home from school about three days later, she could stand
the waiting no longer. She had been thinking all day about having a
good fuck. She was doing all she could to keep her pussy from drooling
right down to her ankles. She looked in the rec room. No Andy. She
looked in Jeff's room. No one was there either.

She decided she might just as well service herself. She couldn't wait
for hard cock to satisfy her. She went to her room and stripped in
front of a full-length mirror.

She cupped her tits and tweaked the hardening nipples. One hand went
down to her soaked cunt. Her fingers twirled in the wispy golden hair,
dipped farther, and pressed against the puffed-up lips of her waiting

She drew her fingers along the entire length of her dripping pussy,
then raised her fingers to her face. She inhaled the delightful
fragrance of her sweet cuntjuice, then licked the honey off her

Going to the bed, she pulled out a couple magazines from under her
mattress. She lay on her bed, her thighs spread, one hand working into
her drenched pussy while she flipped through the magazines.

Then she got an idea. If she couldn't have a cock, she could borrow
some of her mother's fuck toys. Without bothering to put anything on,
she pranced to her mother's room, quietly opened the door and stood in
stunned silence.

Her mother was kneeling on the bed, sucking Andy's cock while Jeff was
fucking her pussy from the rear!

Tess gasped. She brought her hand to her mouth. Her whole body quivered
with orgasmic bliss. She could feel her pussy ache and pulse, begging
for cock. Her asshole clenched.

Her legs shaking, she stood and watched for a minute. She wondered how
they could have been so quiet that she hadn't heard them.

Creamy cuntjuice streamed down Tess's tanned thighs as she watched
Jeff's cock fuck in and out of Dianne's cunt. She ogled the muscles in
Andy's upper arms as he clutched Dianne's head, watching his own solid
hunk of cock disappear over and over into his mother's mouth as she
bobbed up and down on his glistening cock. Dianne's tits hung firm and
inviting under her as she sucked greedily on Andy's cock.

Andy was the first to notice Tess by the door. He glanced up from the
magnificent sight of his cock sliding into his mother's mouth. For a
moment, he was startled. Then he nodded his head, motioning for Tess to
join them.

Tess smiled and tiptoed to the bed. She slipped a hand under her
mother's chest and clutched one of her tits. At first, Dianne was
surprised. She couldn't figure out where the hand was coming from. She
frowned. Her eyes opened as she clutched Andy's cock with one hand. Her
other hand was in her crotch, fingering her clit as Jeff fucked her
pussy from behind.

Her head turned sideways, her mouth still swallowing as much of Andy's
cock as she could. She grunted and gurgled, her words muffled by the
huge prickshaft filling her mouth.

Tess laughed.

"Well, this is great! Having a party and you didn't invite me! I should
be upset! In fact, I am quite upset! I think you deserve a good

She walked around the bed and hopped on, thrusting her head under her
mother's belly. As the boys made room to accommodate her, she lifted
her head to the crowded area of her mother's pussy and started tonguing
her clit.

Dianne flinched, squeals of delight leaping up from her throat. She had
wanted to pull her mouth off Andy's cock - but the strong grip he had
on the sides of her head prevented it.

She tried to spread her thighs even more to make Tess's job easier. But
she didn't want Jeff's cock to slip out of her pussy.

Jeff grinned broadly. He gave his mother's cunt a few extra hard
thrusts of his cock. He could feel Dianne's cunt twinge and clutch his
invading prick, inspired by the tongue-lashing she was receiving from
her daughter.

The sight of his gorgeous s****r lapping pussy drove Andy wild. His
cock twitched and pulsed and swelled in his mother's mouth. He thought
he would drown her with his spunk when he came.

As much as Tess seemed to love cock, Andy never dreamed she would also
be into pussy-licking. But that didn't stop him from making the best of
the situation. Watching her tits flop on her chest as she wriggled her
ass on the bed made his mouth water. And seeing her golden-tufted pussy
slap up in the air, as though seeking a cock, inspired him all the

Spurred on by the sight and scent of fresh pussy, he knew what he had
to do. He slowly twisted his strong body, being very careful not to
pull his cock from Dianne's mouth. He grabbed Tess's hips, pulled her
in his direction and leaned over to suck her pussy while she ate their
mother's cunt.

He stuck his tongue out and lapped along the glistening pink crevice of
her cunt. Tess wriggled her ass around and reached down with one hand
to spread her cunt open wider, shoving her moist slit up into his face.
With her other hand, she parted her mother's pussylips so she could
have easier access to the quivering little bud of Dianne's clit.

She watched with great delight at the sight of Jeff's cock fucking in
and out of Dianne's stretched pussyhole. Seeing his cock was getting
her hornier by the second. Her heart beat rapidly and she started
slapping her squishy cunt up into Andy's face all the faster.

Jeff's cock pulsed as he fucked his mother's pussy. The sights, sounds,
and smells of all the hot fucking and sucking were getting his juices
boiling like never before. His balls ached for release. His cock felt
so hard he feared it might break in two.

He started fucking his mother's cunt faster. Sweat formed on his
forehead and in the small of his back. He clutched Dianne's hips
tighter and leaned back so he could watch his stiff cock fuck in and
out of her pussy.

Dianne whimpered and groaned as she neared a climax. She was aware of
the increased pace of the activity since Tess had joined the gathering.
Andy's cock seemed to swell and pulse in her mouth as he licked and
sucked Tess's pussy. His talented tongue-work excited Tess all the

She gobbled Andy's cock all the more frantically, eager to have a
generous amount of his cum shoot in her throat. She wriggled her ass in
Jeff's hands, but was hampered in her efforts to thrust back and forth
by the presence of her daughter's mouth on her clit.

She reached into Andy's crotch and played with his huge hairy balls.
Pulling her mouth off his cock for a few seconds, she hoisted him up,
with his eager help, and tongued his asshole while she pounded his
rigid cock with her fist.

Andy raised his ass high off the bed, his muscular body twisting and
contorting as he tried to press his ass into his mother's face. The
tingly sensation that preceded every orgasm began emanating from his
crotch and rippling up his spine. He mouthed Tess's pussy more rapidly,
switching from flickering over her clit to delving deep into her tight

"Mmmmmm!" he moaned between tongue-flicks on his s****r's pussy.
"Annggghhhh, yeah! That's it, Mom! Pound it harder! Unh, unh, unh, I'm

Dianne pulled her tongue out of his asshole and wrapped her mouth
around his cock. She sucked his long prickshaft as far into her throat
as she could just as he started firing great gobs of his jism down her

Her cheeks caved in from the pressure as she sucked his cum. She twined
her tongue stiffly around his pulsing prick, and increasing her pumping
strokes on his long cockshaft as his cum splashed into her mouth.

Dianne squirmed and bounced and squealed with great delight. There were
few things she liked better than sucking cock. The feel of a nice hard
cock in her mouth excited her, thrilled her and made her delirious with
glee. Feeling a cock explode and pulse as it fired blast after blast of
warm creamy cum made her body shake with ecstasy. Tasting a great load
of warm spunk, rolling it around on her tongue and swallowing it down
to her stomach made her pussy quiver with orgasmic delights.

Her pussy erupted like a fountain. Tess could see the generous amounts
of fluid streaming out of her mother's pussy, coating Jeff's cock and
streaming down her thighs. She stopped flickering her tongue over her
mother's clit for a second and tried to push Jeff back.

"Let me," she said. "Let me suck her pussy."

She pushed harder on Jeff's thighs. She wasn't strong enough to
overpower him, but Jeff was willing. He pulled his cock out of his
mother's flooding pussy, and Tess wrapped her lips around the flooding
opening. She grabbed Jeff's cock and jerked it while her tongue darted
up inside Dianne's erupting cunt. She licked and slurped and sucked all
the cuntjuice Dianne had to offer.

"Oh God!" Jeff cried. "Look out! Look out! I'm gonna shoot a load all
over your ass! All over your back! Unh, unh, unh, yeah! Here it comes!"

He started bucking and thrusting, his cock sliding in and out of Tess's
tight fist. But Tess wasn't about to let him waste a load of his tasty
cum. She sucked Dianne's pussy a few final times, moved her head
further back and pulled Jeff's cock into her mouth just as it erupted.

She was overwhelmed by the generous amount of cum he shot into her
mouth. Tess squealed and gurgled as her b*****r's cock fired round
after round of his spunk into her mouth. She swallowed, practically
drowning in the massive amount of jism. Then she pulled his cock out of
her throat and let him fire the remainder of his fuckjuice into her
open mouth as she squeezed and jerked his cock for more.

Dianne pulled her mouth off his flagging cock and dove for her
daughter's flooding pussy. She wrapped her lips around the entire
fuckhole and drank from the depths of Tess's erupting cunt.

The fuckjuice flowed freely, until everyone was drained. Then they lay
in each other's arms. It was minutes before they all regained their

Dianne was the first to speak.

"Let's get these cocks hard again," she said to Tess. "I want to have
one fuck me in the ass and the other in my pussy before your father
gets home."

"Too late," came a voice from the doorway.

Four startled faces turned toward the door.

Ron was taking off his pants as he entered, his cock huge and hard and
throbbing. He grinned as he approached the bed.

"Now you'll have a cock for your mouth," he said.

The End
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excellent a true great classic