The f****y Sucks A Lot ch3

Chapter 7

Tess giggled, her body writhing and squirming, as she swiveled her hips
up, ready to accept the first stab of Andy's red-hot cock into her
waiting cunt. She swung her hips up and down, feeling his throbbing
prick slide along the drenched trench of her pussy. She grabbed his ass
and yanked her crotch up toward his.

His cock-knob found the entrance to her fuckhole and slipped in.
Instantly Tess' neck arched, her jaw fell open and a long expectant
moan rolled off her tongue. She pulled firmly on Andy's ass as she
lifted her hips up off the mat, and his cock slipped effortlessly into
the warm waiting confines of her pussy.

"Oh, God!" she panted, barely above a whisper, her voice quivering. "Oh
fuck, Andy! More, more, more! Shove your cock in me as far as it will

Andy lowered his hips to hers, fucking his cock farther into the tight
oven of her cunt. He pressed his groin against hers, feeling his cock
nuzzle into various parts of her pussy. Without warning, he pulled his
ass upward and sank back down again, feeding his cock into her all the

Braced on his elbows, he covered her completely, his body about twice
the size of hers. As his cock explored the hidden treasures of her
cunt, he worked his whole body in a way that excited her all the more.
His huge barrel chest pressed into her, and when he inhaled, her tits
squished into her chest. He swayed above her, tantalizing and exciting
her hard, pointed nipples.

Tess pressed her fingers into his ass rhythmically, trying to coax him
into working up a good steady pumping stroke. She ground her ass
around, flexing her cunt muscles, feeling the size of his cock fill up
her pussy tunnel all the more. With little room to maneuver under him,
she struggled to press her ass into the mat and thrust up against him,
feeling the length of his engorged prick slide along her well-oiled
cunt walls.

Tiny uncontrollable grunts and squeals escaped Tess' throat as Andy
started a slow, steady pumping motion of his cock in an out of her
cunt. Each time he fucked into her, she gripped and stroked his cock
with her talented cunt muscles. They started out slowly, rising and
falling and gradually building up a good head of steam.

Tess scrunched her eyes closed and saw stars every time Andy fucked his
cock f***efully into her gripping cunt. She yanked harder and faster on
his ass to get him to increase his speed. The mounting delights of
another grand orgasm were already making her head spin, her body feel
wild, fulfilled and satisfied.

She felt Andy pull the weight of his chest off of her tits. Then she
felt the steam of his breath as he lowered his mouth to her tits and
teased her nipples with his tongue. His mouth opened and swallowed one
of her firm tits inside while his hand cupped and tweaked the other.

She extended her arm and reached around one of his huge muscular
thighs, her hand dripping down the crack of his ass. She stretched
farther and felt his balls slap against her fingertips as he fucked his
cock in and out of her pussy. Twisting her body slightly, she reached
even farther and clutched at his balls.

She grabbed one of his balls and pulled, stretching his hairy sac. She
worked one ball around in her hand, then sc****d the sensitive skin
with her nails. Reaching farther, she felt the huge, swollen root of
his cock as he pumped into her pussy.

Her nails sc****d over the warm flesh of his thighs and back into the
crack of his ass. She pressed her fingers into that sensitive area
between his balls and asshole, and felt his cock throb as he continued
to hammer away at her cunt. Her fingers trailed a little farther up and
pressed against his asshole.

Andy grunted and started driving his cock into her cunt all the faster.
Her exploring hand and fingers were turning him on. Shivers breezed up
his spine, and he knew he was about to come.

The magnificence of her tits, the tight grip of her pussy on his cock
and the deft handiwork of her fingers on his balls and asshole sent his
inside churning. He doubled his efforts, fucking his cock into her
pussy all the more energetically. His mouth came off her tit with a
sloppy pop and he panted for air.

"Jesus!" he wailed. "Oh, God! This is it! can't hold back any longer!
Come with me, Tess! I'm going to explode! Unh, unh!"

He pressed his elbows tightly against her body, his hands gripping the
sides of her head. His mouth met hers, nibbling, kissing, sucking,
their tongues dueling. Their bodies and bellies made smacking sounds as
they slapped wetly into each other. Faster and harder he fucked his
cock into her, and the room filled with wild, passionate grunts, groans
and smacks.

Tess suddenly felt her body go limp all over. She had been matching his
frantic fuck strokes as best she could, but her hand came out of his
crotch, and as her arms folded around his back, her knees plopped to
the mat for the pay off.

Her breathing was rapid and noisy as Andy fucked his erupting cock into
her exploding cunt. She lost touch with everything around her,
everything except the wonders of orgasmic bliss.

Andy's massive chest was expanding and collapsing a mile a minute, his
hard hairy ass a near blur as he fucked his rapidly firing cock into
her. As his jism shot up his bulging and throbbing cock, he could feel
his prick swell all the more, filling her to overflowing with cock and
spunk - plus her own abundant pussyjuice.

Finally - sweaty, exhausted, and gulping for air - he stabbed her pussy
with a few super-thrusts of his flagging cock, and relaxed on top of
her. He rolled sideways, pulling her with him.

Her head spun as she rose and fell on his huge chest. She felt dizzy,
like she was going to lose her balance, but it didn't matter. There was
no place she could have fallen.

Her limp, rubbery body - tiny compared to the massive size of her
b*****r's - seemed to be drawing its life from his. She wriggled her
ass, grinding her sloppy pussy around on his waning cock, and smiled.
He opened his eyes and they stared at each other.

She chuckled, and he burst out laughing. Her body bobbed up and down on
his jiggling chest.

"Well," she said. "How was it? As good as lifting weights?"

He chuckled. "Smart-ass!"

"Do you lift weights with your cock? To make it stronger?"

He slapped her ass. "Do you eat bananas with your pussy - to give it a
tighter grip?"

"Too bad there isn't some exercise a guy can do with his cock," she
said with a sly smile. "Or with his tongue. Wouldn't that be something?
Lifting weights with your tongue?"

"This is the only exercise I do with my cock," he said, thrusting his
half-hard prick up into her pussy. "And you've already seen my only
tongue exercise. What about you? Are there any exercises you do with
your pussy? Or your mouth?"

"Just what you've seen today." She brushed wet bangs out of her eyes
and gripped his deflated cock with her cunt. "But it never hurts to
exercise. If you know what I mean."

"I can dig it. We'll have to do it again sometime."

"You're on!"

It was about a week later when they got another chance to be alone.
When she came down the stairs and saw him doing bench presses again,
Tess approached him, swinging her hips sexily. Without a word, she
pulled his shorts down over his burgeoning cock, removed her shorts and
straddled his hips.

As he continued to pump iron, she clutched his cock and worked the
bulbous knob up and down the moist slit of her cunt. When she had his
cock and her cunt well-lubed, she lifted her hips, aimed his prickhead
right at her pussyhole, and sank down on it.

She placed her hands on his chest. Leaning forward, she ground her
pussy around on his inflated prick, licking her lips as she looked into
his handsome face. She twisted and gnashed her pussy around, diddling
her clit at the same time, until she exploded in orgasm.

She tightened her cunt around his cock and milked it a few times,
finding it still hard and long and deep inside her ravenous pussy.
Leaning back, she clutched his knees and rode his cock wildly. She
could see his face getting red as he continued to grunt and pump the
barbell, his breathing speeding up and becoming noisy.

Andy's body started to shake and he started to thrust his crotch up
against hers. He was bucking and panting furiously, his hips slapping
up against her, his engorged cock fucking into her pussy at high speed.
Then, with an explosive gasp, Andy shot his load.

When she had fucked and milked his cock dry, Tess pulled her cunt off
his cock. She immediately gobbled his cock into her mouth, puffing the
softening prick-knob into her throat and tasting the remnants of his
cum and her funky pussyjuice. She licked his prick clean, pulled his
shorts back up to his waist and padded quietly back upstairs.

One day Andy was standing nude in front of a full-length mirror in his
room, having just finished working out and showering, when he heard
hushed and muffled squeals and grunts of sexual activity coming from
his s****r's room. He peeked out into the hallway, and seeing no one,
strutted quickly and quietly to her door, his cock already growing and
slapping against his firm thighs as he moved.

He quietly turned the doorknob and peeked in. He gasped when he
discovered Tess flat on her back on the bed, her eyes closed and her
mouth open in ecstasy as she fucked a huge pink dildo in and out of her
dripping cunt. Instantly, Andy's cock sprang to full attention. His
mouth watered as he eyed her gorgeous tits rolling about on her chest,
and especially when he saw her soaked pussyhair and what was visible of
her juicy cunt.

Andy tiptoed to the bed. Leaning over her chest, he stuck out his
tongue and licked her nipples as they jiggled back and forth. He heard
a sudden intake of her breath.

He couldn't see if she had opened her eyes to watch him there, but it
didn't matter. Her body was responding favorably. She arched her back
and shoved more of her tit toward his face.

She writhed and moaned and worked the dildo in and out of her pussy all
the more energetically as her hard nipples seemed to grow even longer
and harder in his mouth. His hand roamed over her belly, his fingers
tangling in the damp curls of her blonde pussyhairs, which were
darkened by the moisture that issued from her cunt. He moved his
fingers ever lower, and eventually grasped her hand working the dildo.

He slid his face down her torso and belly while his free hand clutched
her tit. Pulling the dildo out of her cunt, he thrust his large thumb
up inside her dripping pussy and lowered his mouth to her clit. She
grabbed the back of his head and shrieked.

"Oh, God, Jeff!" she cried. "Oh, Christ, that feels so good! More,
Jeff, more!"

At the sound of his b*****r's name, Andy flinched and stopped his
fingering and licking - but only momentarily. Then he started fucking
his thumb f***efully in and out of her sloppy cunt while his fingers
pressed against her asshole. All the while, he nibbled and licked her
clit and played with the firm mounds of her tits.

He had Tess writhing and moaning in no time. The triple action of his
mouth and hands on the most sensitive and erotic area of her body all
at once had her convulsing and creaming. Her cunt was practically fluid
as the juices seeped out, soaked his hand and streamed down the crack
of her ass. She shuddered all the more when she felt his middle finger
slip inside her asshole.

"Unh, oh God yes!" she moaned. "That feels so good! Finger my asshole!
I've never felt anything so wild before in my life! It's making me come
all the more! Oh, yes, Jeff, yes! More, more, more!"

She was a virtual writhing, twisting, shaking mass of flesh and bones
as he fingered and sucked her to ever greater orgasmic heights. As her
body became limp, ever more of his finger slipped into her asshole. He
was soon slapping his hand frantically and wetly in her crotch, his
thumb fucking deeper into her cunt as his middle finger fucked her ass.

Tess drifted and sailed from orgasm to orgasm, never wanting to stop.
Her body was soaked with sweat, her crotch drenched with the generous
outpourings of her pussyjuice. Her arms and legs flip-flopped around
like loose rubber bands, and soon she was pushing his head out of her
crotch because she could stand no more.

Andy got on the bed and slipped his rigid cock into the depths of her
sloppy cunt. He fucked fast and furiously. Tess swung her arms and legs
around his back and rode him every ounce of energy she had left, then
finally begged him to pull his cock out of her pussy because he was
fucking her raw.

"Can't take it, eh?" He spoke between rapid breaths. "Fucked you raw,
huh? I knew I could out-fuck you!"

When he spoke, her eyes popped open. "Andy!"

"Thought it was Jeff, eh? What, you been fucking him, too?"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Can't take it in the cunt, huh? Well, that's too bad. Since you seemed
to like that asshole action so much, and since my cock is screaming for
more, what do you say we flip you over."

Tess didn't object. She couldn't have resisted if she had wanted to.
She was like a toy in his strong grasp, and the next thing she knew,
her cheek was on a pillow, her tits were mashed into the mattress, her
ass was high in the air and Andy was fucking his enormous cock into her
tiny asshole.

She shrieked with every advance of his cock into her ass. She thought
her flesh was being ripped to shreds. It felt like he was fucking her
with a flaming torch.

But she also felt her nipples stiffen and ache. A yearning sensation
deep inside her guts begged for him to fuck more of his hard prick into
her ass. Her clit quivered - also begging for more.

Andy worked his hips back and forth slowly, shoving his cock into her
tiny asshole inch by inch, feeling the great warmth and the incredible
tightness. His mouth hung open in awe as he watched the great length of
his prick disappear inside her. He clutched her hips tightly and worked
her ass slowly back and forth with each of his invading stabs into her

Before long, he had his cock in her ass to the hilt. His weighty, hairy
balls pressed into the backs of her thighs, and he began a slow and
steady pumping motion. Gradually picking up speed, he soon had her
asshole stretched out as he fucked his bursting cock into her.

Tess reached under her belly and flicked her clit when she could tell
Andy started coming. Together they grunted and jerked to a mind-
shattering climax. When he finally filled her bowels with as much of
his cum as he had ever shot, he collapsed forward, nearly crushing her
as his frantically heaving chest pressed against her tiny back.

Chapter 8

One Friday evening several weeks later, Tess was sitting home feeling
blue. Her b*****rs had gone to a wrestling match, and her mother had
gone shopping with several friends. Her father was in the den watching
a basketball game on TV, and Tess was in her room reading a heavy,
inspiring romance. When she got to the part where the hero swept the
heroine off her feet and carried her to his bed, Tess realized her
pussy was damp.

She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the warmth, the wetness, as her
crotch came to life. An itching, tickling sensation emanated from deep
inside her pussy and seemed to spread downward, right to her cuntlips
where they brushed against her panties. She palmed her burning cunt,
undulating, her hips. Then she slipped her hand into her panties and
wriggled a finger into her dripping cunthole.

Before long the book was tossed aside and she was flat on her back, her
eyes tightly closed and her fingers teasing her cunt to a delicious
orgasm. She came quickly and quietly, half-muffled whimpers and grunts
rolling from her mouth as she flooded her hand with her pussy-juice.
Her hips slapped up into her hand madly as she exploded, her finger
fucking deeply into her hungering cunt.

When she sailed back to the earth, she rested, rotating her ass
slightly on the bed. She pulled her finger out of her cunt and brought
it to her nose. She sniffed and smiled, then licked the slick
pussyjuice off her finger.

She jumped when she heard a quick victorious yelp of joy come from the
den. A warm smile graced her lips.

Tess slipped into a sexy sheer nightie and shuffled to the den.

"Hi, Daddy," she said.

"Hi, hon. How's it going? You staying in tonight?"

"Yeah." She sat next to him. She pulled her feet up under her, exposing
her damp pussy to the cooling air, granting him a full view. She
deliberately leaned against him. "Mind if I join you?"

"It's just a game." He gestured toward the TV.

She rubbed her head up and down his shoulder. "Kinda boring, isn't it?"

He shrugged. "All depends on what interests you."

"You interest me. Can I ask you something?"

He looked at her. "Sure."

"Did you ever think - I mean, do you think I'm pretty?"

"Sure, hon. Very."

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

He looked at her. "Well, yes. Absolutely."

"How come you never made a pass at me?"

"Well, that's just not the thing a father does. I mean, I wouldn't want
you to hate me for it. I wouldn't want you to reject me."

"But what if I wanted you to? Or what if I made a pass at you? What
would you do?"

He tried to chuckle, but stopped instantly when Tess threw her arms
around his neck and pressed her lips to his. She kissed him
passionately, fervently.

She pulled her lips off his and their eyes locked. He reached up and
grabbed her wrists.

"Honey," he said, his voice quaking. "That was more than just a
daughterly peck on the cheek. Are you thinking - what I'm thinking?"

Tess smiled and nodded. She took one of his hands and placed it on her
tit, then let her hand drop to his crotch. She felt his cock, hard and
throbbing, growing larger and begging to be released.

She kissed him lightly, then sucked his tongue into her mouth. Their
passions ignited. Their hands were everywhere. He squeezed her tits and
felt her crotch. She continued to stroke and squeeze the huge bulge of
his cock through his trousers.

"Come, Daddy!" she whispered hotly. "Please! I want you! I want you to
fuck me!"

Her lips were close to his ear, her breath warm and moist. She could
feel his weight as she pulled him over her. Her hands went to his belt
and zipper, and in a matter of seconds, she removed his pants, while he
took off his shirt.

As he spread out on top of her again, both her hands went down to his
crotch. She wanted to see his cock - a cock she had longed to see and
feel and taste for years. She clutched his engorged prick in both her
hands, rotated it back and forth and made long slow pumping strokes.

She groaned as she clutched and fondled his cock. His head moved down
to her tits. She arched her back as he pulled one of her firm tits into
his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples as she squeezed and
clutched his cock.

"Oh, God, Tess!" he whispered between breaths fraught with tension and
excitement. "This is too, too good! I can't believe it! Your tits are
the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life! I can't believe
this! Your tits are gorgeous! I just can't believe it!"

Tess's body was a fluid twisting writhing mass of flesh under him. She
arched her back all the more, forcing more of her tit into his mouth.
She dragged the huge slick knob of his cock up and down her pussyslit,
getting it well-lubed while she turned herself on to greater degrees of

When she could stand it no longer - as much as she wanted to see and
taste his gorgeous cock - she released his throbbing prick. She reached
around him and grabbed his ass while she directed his cockhead to her
gaping pussy. She was hot, turned on and ready for a fast and furious

A long low moan of pleasure, anticipation, and release of the tension
that had been mounting steadily in her rolled up from somewhere deep
inside her. She thrust her hips upward as she released his cock and
yanked on his firm, hairy ass. Slowly, with intense excitement and
great feelings of fulfillment, she felt the great spear of his cock
slip effortlessly inside her.

Ron moaned loudly, every muscle in his body tensing. It was as though
he was trying to remember every exciting second of the unbelievable
fuck that was rising to a fever pitch. He was concentrating on every
inch of his cock as it fucked into the hot, tight confines of his
daughter's succulent cunt.

His chest rose and fell dramatically as his body was hunched over hers.
He was still tonguing and kissing her luscious tits as she guided his
cock into her pussy. He let her pull his hips toward hers, letting her
take charge of the mind-boggling fuck that he still couldn't believe
was really happening.

When his belly pressed against hers and when he felt his coarse wiry
cockhairs tangle with the soft downy tufts of her blonde bush an
incredible sigh of victory rushed from his lungs. He instantly pulled
his mouth off her tits. His face went to hers, their lips meeting,
their tongues clashing, his hands clutching her head and fingering her
soft golden hair.

"Oh, God, Tess!" he panted between fervent, wet kisses. "I can't
believe this! I can't - oh God! Oh my God!"

His mouth twisted on hers as his crotch ground against hers. The
unparalleled excitement of the situation added to the flames of passion
raging inside him, inflating his cock to unequaled length and hardness,
and he could tell he was about to shoot his load.

Visions flicked through his mind as he plunged his tongue into her hot
mouth, tasting the sweetness of her saliva and feeling the youthful
firmness of her hot tongue. He recalled the many times he had thought
about fucking her.

There were times he would sneak an extra peek at her when she was in
her bathing suit - especially when she was wearing that hot pink
bikini. There were times when he wondered what he would see if her
shortie nightie was just an inch shorter. He wondered if she was still
a virgin - or if she had let any of her young high school boyfriends
fuck her.

He had dreamed of the sweet taste of her ripe young pussy. He had
wondered about the feel, the tightness, of her cunt. How lucky any guy
would be able to slip his hard hunk of cockmeat into the snug confines
of her tight pussy.

Ron's prick was inflamed and swollen larger than he could recall it
ever being. His cockshaft traveled at a steady pace in and out of the
warm, slick and gripping interior of her fuckhole. His mind focused on
every detail, every contour of the hot succulent walls of her pussy. He
drew his hips back as far as he could, feeling the giant straining knob
of his huge cock come to the very opening of her cunt. Then, with a
sigh and a lurch, he reversed his direction, fucking his cock deep into
her cunt.

He paused. His prick felt at home there. Though his cock had never
slipped inside her pussy before, it felt wonderfully at home.

Gripping her tightly with his arms, he ground his cock around inside
her moist cunt. He pushed his crotch against hers, feeling his coarse
hair tangle with her damp yellow pussybush. His cockhead probed and
pressed deeply and firmly, nudging right up against the end of her

Tess rotated her hips up to feel more of her father's cock. Her
breathing was ragged and raspy. She thought she would lose her mind as
she wound her pussy around his invading cock.

Although she had fucked younger and stronger men - including her
b*****rs - there was something about this fuck that made it special.
There was something about having her father's cock buried inside her
pussy that made the fuck much more exciting.

Ron fucked his cock into her ready cunt as far as he could, and mashed
his loins against hers.

"Unh, unh, God, Daddy!" She practically choked as his cock seemed to
pierce the wall of her stomach. "Oh, God!"

She wrapped her legs around his back and clutched his ass to feel his
cock penetrate even deeper.

"Oh, Christ! Your cock feels so good inside me! I can't stop shaking!
You've got me so worked up!"

She yanked and pressed her hips up against his all the tighter, as
though trying to get all of him inside her greedy pussy. Great moans
and whimpers of joy rippled up from her throat as early quivers of
orgasm wracked her body.

"Oh, Daddy!" she moaned in his ear as he started to fuck his cock into
her faster. "I love the feel of your cock inside me, Daddy! Your prick
feels so good! Ram it into my pussy harder, now, Daddy, please! Fuck me
faster! I'm coming already!"

Ron's chin went to her shoulder, his hands to her ass. As he started to
pump his cock into her pussy faster, he gripped her asscheeks tightly
and started slapping her belly up against his. Their bodies slapped
together with loud wet sounds as they soared toward climax.

Feeling his balls tingle and a rush of orgasmic thrills race up his
spine to the base of his brain, Ron started fucking her pussy with
everything he had. He grunted wildly, beads of sweat popping out on his
forehead. His ass tensed.

"Unh, oh, oh, oh yes, Daddy!" Tess gasped in time with the rapid
thrusts of his cock into her erupting pussy. "That's it! That's it!
You're driving me crazy!"

Just before everything went black, Tess raised her head and sank her
teeth into her father's shoulder. She squealed and gurgled as though
she were being skewered alive.

Ron exploded like a torpedo as he sent his hot creamy cum shooting into
her waiting pussy. Tess thought her whole body was breaking up and
drifting away. She scrunched her eyes closed as tightly as she could
and saw multicolored stars as she climaxed.

The next thing she remembered, her father was stroking her shiny yellow
hair and whispering softly in her ear.

"Hon? Tess? You okay?"

She opened her eyes. His handsome face appeared blearily over hers. She
returned his smile.

"Aaaaahhhhh, God, Daddy!" She wriggled her body, flexed her ass muscles
and gripped his cock with her cunt. She could feel his prick still
planted deep in her pussy. She pecked him lightly on the lips and
wiggled her shoulders. "That was wonderful. Let's do it again."

He smiled lustily at her. Pulling his ass back slightly, he dragged his
half-limp cock from her pussy with a slurpy pop.

"Maybe some other time," he said, still panting. "No - definitely some
other time. But we really shouldn't take chances like this."

He drew his body back, coming to rest on his knees between her legs.

"Wait!" she cried as he started to get off the couch. She swiftly sat
up and leaned into his crotch. Grabbing his semi-stiff cock, she pulled
it into her mouth and licked and sucked all the juices of their
wonderful fuck from his shrinking prick.

She hummed and looked up into his smiling eyes. "Thanks, Daddy. That
was wonderful."

He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back down.
Diving into her sopping crotch, he licked the entire surface of her
cunt clean, then fucked his tongue as deeply into her pussy as he
could, lapping and sucking her cunt dry. When he finished, he kissed
and licked the traces of her cum off her gorgeous smooth thighs,
clutching her asscheeks and spreading her legs wide.

"No, no, honey," he said when he finally pulled his wet face out of her
crotch. "Thank you!"

Chapter 9

Spring flowed on in happy splendor, for everyone in the household -
everyone finding whatever excuse they could and whatever chance they
could to get together secretly and fuck their brains out with each
other. And all assumed no one else knew anything about it.

One weekend when Ron packed up his gear and took his two sons trout
fishing, Dianne seized the opportunity she had been waiting for. She
had announced to Tess a few days earlier that they would have a
wonderful chance to get to know each other real well.

She prepared a special dinner. They talked and giggled, their eyes
caressing each other the whole while, each knowing full well what the
other had in mind. They languished kisses and gentle strokes each time
they passed each other, hugging and brushing their tits together as
they cleaned up afterwards.

"And now," Dianne said as they finished the last of the dishes, "for
the special treat." She kissed her daughter lightly on the mouth,
parting her daughter's lips with her own and letting her fingertips
gently trace over the curve of Tess's tits. "Come with me."

She took Tess's hand and led her to her room. She slowly undressed her
daughter, paying careful attention to each new curve that came into
view, each new square inch of excited warm flesh, each wisp of body
hair and each perky nipple. Dianne cupped one hand under Tess's left
tit and lifted it, the nipple already pointing to the ceiling. She
lowered her face to the girl's tit and gently flicked her tongue over
the erect nipple.

Shivers of ecstasy rippled up Tess's spine. Her head arched back and
her jaw flopped open. She softly stroked her mother's radiant blonde

"Oh God, Mom!" she whispered, her voice fraught with electric tension,
anxiety and anticipation of what was about to follow. "You've got me
shivering already! My pussy is aching for your touch and for your

Dianne took Tess's hand and led her to the bed. She pushed Tess down
and rested on top of her. Her hand immediately went to Tess's crotch.
She palmed the downy mound of her daughter's pussy, letting one finger
slip between her cunt lips. Tess's cunt was warm, soft and undulating
under her cupped hand.

Tess swiveled her hips, rotating them upward and pressing more of her
pussy into her mother's searching hand. She moaned and wriggled her
ass, eager for her mother's finger to probe up inside her pussy and
scratch where she itched. Her head went to Dianne's chest, and while
she sucked on one of her mother's firm ripe tits, she fondled and
clutched the other.

Dianne's back arched, forcing more of her tit into her daughter's
mouth. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and her heart thudded
excitedly. She rolled and flexed her ass, feeling her thighs rub
against each other and stimulate her protruding clit.

"Unnnhhhh, God, Tess!" she whispered, her breath hot and moist on the
top of Tess's golden head. "God, you're so hot! You're making me wild
already! I can feel myself heat up! You're really turning me on! I want
to feel your pussy heat up and turn to liquid and flood my hand with
its juice!"

She wriggled her fingers on Tess's pussy to emphasize her point. Tess
responded willingly, eagerly. She slowly slid her one foot up the
smooth length of her tanned shapely leg, her pussy opening up to
Dianne's fingers in the process. When her toes had trailed nearly to
her crotch, she twisted her body and let her cocked leg fall to the

Instantly, her cuntlips parted, her pussyhole gaping hungrily for her
mother's fingers. She lifted her ass off the bed slightly, so that her
yellow-tufted pussy pressed more firmly into her mother's cupping hand.
She felt Dianne's middle finger slip into her fuckhole.

Tess sighed and shuddered. Her body was wracked with convulsing
quivers. Her legs flinched and a grunt escaped her throat but was
stopped short by the mound of her mother's tit.

Slowly, her mother's finger slipped inside Tess's waiting pussy. It
felt rough and scratchy against the only slightly wet cunt walls. But
it felt good, and it filled up her empty cunt just right.

She wriggled her ass, rotating her pussy around her mother's finger.
Dianne twirled her finger around in Tess's cunt, feeling the soft
contours of the hot pink flesh. She started fucking her finger in and
out slowly, feeling the interior of her daughter's cunt turn to liquid
as she did so.

When she had her finger inserted as far into Tess's pussyhole as it
would go, the palm of her hand pressed against the upper part of her
swollen cuntlips. She pressed and rotated her hand, feeling the tiny
bud of Tess's clit poke into her hand. She massaged her daughter's clit
tenderly, then drew the heel of her hand away and flicked over Tess's
clit with her thumb.

Tess flinched and moaned. She was getting hotter. Her pussy was getting
wetter. And that was just what her mother was after. She sucked harder
on Dianne's tit, rotating her ass and pressing her pussy into Dianne's
hand, feeling her mother's long slender finger scratching and scr****g
her tender cunt walls.

As she started a pumping, fucking motion with her ass, Dianne started a
pumping, fucking action with her hand. The inside of her daughter's
pussy was turning to liquid - hot, steamy and ready to be fucked.
Together they worked faster and more furiously, until Tess's body
twisted and shook violently. Her mouth pulled off her mother's tit and
she rolled onto her back, a sharp intake of air indicating she was
coming grandly.

"Oh, God yes, Mom, yes!" she groaned, her voice just above a whisper.
She was coming. It was not a dynamic, explosive, mind-shattering
orgasm, but it was still grand.

What her climax lacked in intensity it more than made up for in
duration. She couldn't stop shaking. She couldn't stop her pussy from
gushing its sweet juices. She couldn't stop her clit from quivering.

Dianne knew what was happening. She could feel the inside of her
daughter's cunt turn to hot liquid. She could feel her finger slip and
slide in and out of Tess's pussy all the easier. She could feel the
boiling juices of Tess's pussy splash against her hand, and she
suddenly felt the need to drink from that overflowing fountain.

Dianne pulled her finger out of Tess's pussy and dove into her
daughter's crotch. She wrapped her lips around Tess's flooding pussy
and sucked. Her tongue darted out and plunged into the steamy depths of
Tess's cunthole. Hums and gurgles of excitement and approval - and
encouragement - rippled up from her throat as she licked and sucked her
daughter's flooding cunt.

She straddled one of Tess's legs and worked her own drenched pussy up
and down her daughter's shin. Dianne buried her nose in the wet folds
of Tess's pussy and nuzzled her daughter's clit while they both came.
Her hands went under Tess's ass, where she clenched and gripped and
kneaded her daughter's lovely firm asscheeks.

Dianne closed her eyes and continued to suck on the delicacy between
her daughter's firm smooth thighs. Her tongue fucked into Tess's
flooding cunthole as fast as it could, alternating with great slurpy
sucks as she sucked up all the pussyjuice she could. Dianne's own pussy
was a super-heated liquid mass as it roamed up and down and around in
tiny circles on her daughter's shin.

Tess shuddered and whimpered as her orgasm continued. It was as if her
climax never really peaked, just rose and fell and swelled more along a
pleasant plateau of mist and clouds and soft music and soothing lights.
And when she came to the end of the grand experience, her body drifted
over the edge and floated back to the earth like a feather on a gentle

Her body stopped shaking. Her ass sank into the mattress. Her eyes
opened and she craned her head and looked past the huge mounds of her
tits to see the top of her mother's head moving slowly up and down as
Dianne lapped up the last of the sweet pussyjuice Tess had to offer.

Dianne kissed the downy swollen spongy mounds of her daughter's
cuntlips repeatedly. Then she lifted her head. Her eyes met Tess's, and
they smiled.

"Wonderful," Dianne said. "That was so wonderful. Your pussy is so
young and so ripe and so tasty. I love it!"

She pulled herself up over Tess, her drenched cunt leaving a wet trail
up her daughter's leg. When their faces met, their mouths pressed
together, their lips parting. Each clutched at the other's face gently
as their tongues wrestled. Dianne ground her dripping cunt against her
daughter's upper thigh, and Tess responded by massaging and stimulating
her mother's pussy with her leg.

Tess tasted the remnants of her own sweet pussyjuice on her mother's
tongue, and she was inspired. She felt her heart racing once more. She
felt a yearning rumble in her belly.

That flavor of pussy was only enough to whet her appetite. It was not
nearly enough to satisfy that hunger deep down inside her.

She pushed her mother sideways. Then slowly - very slowly and very
sensuously - she slid down the length of her mother's torso, caressing
and stimulating her mother's body with her own by writhing and
undulating. She paused briefly at her mother's tits, sucking on the
huge nipples. Then she drifted down to the puffy thick-matted bush of
her mother's cunt.

After sniffing and nibbling Dianne's cunthair, Tess pulled her face
back about a foot. She placed the flat of her hands on the insides of
her mother's thighs and pressed sideways. Her heart swelled and thudded
as she watched the slick pink folds of Dianne's cunt come into view.
Dianne's pussy was dripping with excitement, and Tess wasted no time
thrusting her tongue into the depths of her mother's delectable cunt.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned dreamily. Her mind reeled as she tasted the sweet
flavor of her mother's cunt.

Tess felt her own pussy twinge and trickle with excitement. She sucked
and licked her mother's cunthole, drinking up the generous flow of

She reached under her mother's hips, clutched her ass and lifted. She
snorted and giggled as her nose slipped into the moist crevice of
Dianne's cunt and stimulated her clit. She tongue-fucked her mother
eagerly while her nose stimulated Dianne to a grand orgasm.

All the while Dianne was squeezing and rotating her own tits, pinching
and tweaking the hard nipples, each time sending a jolt of electric
excitement to various parts of her body. Her temperature was rising,
her breathing was racing, her body was convulsing uncontrollably.

She grunted and whined. Her back arched and fell, her legs flexed and
relaxed. But Tess continued to lap happily away at her tasty cunt.

Then barely perceptible little quivers started wracking Dianne's body.
The tiny quivers grew and grew. Her whole body was suddenly shaking
like a house in an earthquake. And she exploded.

"Oh, God yes, Tess, yes!" she wailed, her voice barely recognizable. It
was deep and raspy and laden with the sounds of an a****l in heat. "Oh,
Christ, eat my pussy good! I love it! I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm
coming! Yes, yes, yes!"

She practically broke Tess's nose as she slapped her cunt up against
her daughter's face. Her cunt was a virtual river of sweet pussyjuice.
Tess yipped and bounced with delight as she received the bountiful
harvest of her mother's cunt. She sucked and slurped and licked as fast
as she could, her face wet as the cuntjuice erupted from her mother's

Dianne's back arched and her pussy shoved up tight into her daughter's
face as her orgasm crested. She clutched the sides of Tess's head and
held on for dear life. Her knees jerked spasmodically as she tried to
extend her climax. She yelped and, as her orgasm subsided, laughed.

Then they rested. They hugged and gently caressed each other, their
tits rising and falling. Their hard nipples sc****d while they tried to
regain their senses. Dianne stroked her daughter's soft yellow hair.

"God, that was magnificent," she said. "You really know how to eat
pussy. I never would have believed it."

"Oh?" Tess sounded surprised. "What about you? Can you imagine my
surprise - my own mother?"

"Why is it every generation thinks they invented sex? And why is it
k**s can't believe their parents fuck?"

Tess considered it for a moment.

"Do you and daddy still fuck?"

"Mmmmm, yessss," Dianne said dreamily. "Not as often as we used to, of
course. We specialize in quality now, rather than quantity."

"He's good, then?"

"The best!"

"Mother, tell me - be honest. What would you think, or do, if daddy and
I - I mean, would you mind if ..."

Tess could feel her mother's smile against her cheek. "Why you little
shit! Are you getting ideas?"

"Well, mother," she said cautiously. "A girl has to learn somewhere. Or
would you rather I learned out on the street?"

Dianne considered it. "Why, darling, I have to admit it, you do have a
point. I think it's a great idea. He could show you so much."

Tess kissed her mother. "Oh, thank you, Mom. I was hoping you would say

Their lips parted and their tongues clashed. Slowly their bodies
started to undulate and writhe. They worked each other to a fever pitch
again, and it was Dianne's idea to invert their positions so they could
suck on each other's pussy.

They tongued each other's pussy several more times that evening and
fell asl**p in each other's arms. The next day Dianne introduced her
daughter to a small collection of fuck toys she had. And before the
three men returned home late the next afternoon, mother and daughter
had sucked and fucked each other several more times.
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Keep them cumming!
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Great story
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this is the family to be apart of
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brilliant, read the lot and would love to be part of a family like that