The f****y Sucks A Lot ch2

Chapter 4

"Oh God, Jeffy!" Dianne gasped, pulling her mouth off his. "Your cock
is hard again."

Instinctively, her thighs parted. She swiveled her hips upward, feeling
the huge knob of his prick drag down the steamy crevice of her pussy.
She paused when she felt his throbbing cockhead contact the yawning
opening of her cunt.

Jeff wriggled his hips, feeling his prick-knob move around in her
cunthole. He grinned lewdly, his face still smeared with her pussy-
juice. He thrust his hips forward just a fraction of an inch and felt
her gaping pussyhole open up and swallow his cockhead inside.

A look of awe spread over Dianne's face. She had never suspected the
inside of her pussy would ever feel anything as stimulating as the
hard, hot flesh of her own son's cock.

"Oh God, Jeffy, yes!" she panted. Her eyes rolled. "Shove your cock in
me!" She pressed more firmly on his ass. "Stick your cock in me

She lifted her ass off the bed to draw more of his cock into the plush
overheated interior of her pussy. A long low moan of joy rippled up as
she felt his cock fuck effortlessly into her cunt.

Jeff flexed his thigh and ass muscles and continued his slow journey
downward, inward - the solid length of his cock fucking into the depths
of his mother's cunt. He swallowed hard. His eyes bugged out in
disbelief as he concentrated on the amazing sensation of her hot tight
pussy walls as they enveloped his cock and slid along his lengthy

He felt his thick cockhair coming in contact with the fine, damp bush
of her pussy. He felt her cunt muscles flex and tug his cock. He felt
his nipples, hard and excited, as they pressed into the soft but firm
mounds of her excited tits.

"Oh, God!" he cried. He clutched her head with the sides of his arms
and gobbled up her mouth, his tongue slashing hers as he ground his
cock around in the depths of her furnace-like pussy.

His prick was ready to burst, and he fought to prevent it. His jaw
muscles tightened, his breath trapped in his expanded lungs. He
quivered from head to toe as he felt his cock throb - swelling and
pressing into the snug chamber of her pussy.

He suddenly pulled his mouth off his mother's. He had never been so
worked up in his life. He couldn't control the overpowering sensations
raging in his balls and in his cock.

His mouth opened and closed as his ass instantly started rising and
falling, his balls tingling and crowding up in his crotch. He fucked
his cock into his mother's cunt rapidly, f***efully, in time with each
of the spurts of thick cum jetting out of the head of his prick.

Dianne knew what was happening. She welcomed the torrent of his cum by
slapping her hips up to meet his as fast as she could. Her body ached
with the release of a quick turbulent orgasm. But it also ached with
the yearning for more, much more.

"Oh, Jesus, Jeffy!" she moaned, her mouth pressed close to his ear, her
lips and her jaw limp with the overriding sensations of orgasm bursting
throughout her system. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck your mother good! Hard
and fast!"

She dug her nails into his ass, the muscles in her long slender arms
straining and bulging in her ravenous desire to feel his cock fucking
her cunt as powerfully as it could.

"Unh, unh, unh, oh God, yes, yes, yes!" she groaned as his cum shot
into her pussy and combined with her own generous outpouring of

Jeff felt his balls slam painfully into his mother's ass as he
continued to fuck his exploding prick into her. Sweat oozed from his
pores and hot flashes charged through his body. Every muscle was taut,
strained, rock-hard and working overtime as he practically nailed his
mother to the bed in his crazed ravaging of her pussy.

He stopped bucking and thrusting almost as rapidly as he had begun. He
felt the rapid spurts from his cockhead slow as the storehouse of his
cum emptied into her. He pulled his cock back to the lips of her pussy
as she went weak under him, then hammered his prick into her a few
final times before suddenly relaxing.

His body crashed onto hers, his heaving chest mashing against hers.
Their mouths met and they exchanged tongue probes and hot moist air.
His fingers entwined in her hair while her hands stroked his ass.

"Oh God, Ma," he finally said as he deposited moist kisses all over her
face, neck and tits. "Jesus Christ! What a fuck! I've never been so
worked up in my life. I don't know what got into me. I'm sorry I came
so soon. I hope you're not disappointed."

She released his ass and slapped one asscheek playfully.

"Hell no," she said with a chuckle. "I know what to expect. I was young
once myself. And so was your father. You're a chip off the old block,
that's for sure."

He stared at her. "Really? I'm sorry. I wanted to make it good for you,
too. I didn't mean to come -"

"Don't worry about it. It was fine for me. It was great. Just may be
the best I ever had. I saw stars aplenty. Besides, it gives us
something to work on. It can only get better."

Jeff grinned at her and chuckled lustily as he ground his cock around
inside the squishy depths of her overflowing pussy.

He raised himself on his elbows so he could bow his head. Wrapping his
mouth alternately around each of her swollen tits, he separated his
sticky body from hers. When he pulled his half-stiff cock out of her
cunt, the odors of their combined fuckjuice wafted up to his nostrils.

He sank his prick back into her again, and repeated the action. Each
time he did so, it felt as though her cunt was gripping his cockshaft a
little tighter. He felt renewed vigor in his balls and in his cock,
which was swelling in her talented cunt.

Dianne's neck and back arched, shoving more of her aching swelling tits
into her son's mouth. She moaned uncontrollably as she rotated and
slowly thrust her hips up to meet his, his prickshaft ballooning inside

In a matter of minutes, Dianne could feel his cock - thicker and longer
and harder - sliding into the insatiable depths of her pussy once more.
With long slow steady strokes he fed his cock into her, pulling it all
the way out sometimes till the huge cock-knob popped right out of her
cunthole. But his cock was so rigid that he immediately plugged her
empty pussy full again.

Jeff gradually built up steam, like a jet roaring down the runway, and
was soon fucking his cock into her about as fast as he had done before.
He pounded her cunt mercilessly. Then, pausing to rest, he ground his
groin around hers. The side of his face rested on her shoulder and he
grabbed her asscheeks, slapping her sloppy crotch on and off his stiff
prick as fast as he could.

Dianne shuddered in the throes of another glorious orgasm. She felt
herself go weak, abandoning all control of her fragile body to the
strong arms and cock of her son. All she felt was his cock stabbing her
ravenous pussy relentlessly, and that's all she wanted as the waves of
her climax washed over her.

When she felt herself drift back to reality, Jeff was in one of his
slower interludes, grinding his cock around inside her pussy and
gnashing his pubic bone against hers hungrily. Shivers of delight
rippled up her spine.

She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around his back and started a
slow rocking motion back and forth. She kissed his lips fervently,
slavering the insides of his mouth with her wildly active tongue. When
she rocked him over onto his back, she pulled her mouth off his.

"Ah, good," she said, grinding her pussy around on his stiff-rigid
cock. Her eyes closed as she savored every inch, every nuance of his
cock probing around inside her. The jack-hammer thrusting had been
fine, she thought, but what she needed every now and then was a long,
slow fuck.

Dianne moaned long and low, a smooth velvety sound issuing from her
throat as she ground her pussy around on her son's cock. A dreamy smile
of tranquillity and increasing pleasure brightened her face.

Jeff raised his hands and clasped his mother's torso, his palms pushing
her massive tits outward all the more. He ogled her ballooning tits,
his mouth going dry. The large dark caps surrounding the tiny hard
nipples called to him, begging him to satisfy his hunger, to turn his
mother on all the more. His head lifted off the pillow. His mouth
opened and surrounded one of the huge firm nipples.

Instantly Dianne groaned and arched her back. Her tits ached deep
inside, and only the firm pressure of a talented mouth sucking on them
could relieve the yearning. She clutched the back of Jeff's head and
pressed her tit farther into her son's mouth as she twirled her cunt
around on his rigid cock.

Jeff trapped the stiff little nipple between his teeth and lightly bit
down. He flicked his tongue over the eraser-like nipple, eliciting
moans of delight from his mother's throat. Matching her grinding
motions, he flexed his ass muscles, sending his cock roving around more
f***efully inside her drenched cunt.

As her body started to undulate and rock, Jeff could feel the
constrictions of the tightest parts of her pussy clutch and stroke his
prickshaft like a well-trained fist. His cock felt like a firehose
plugged up at the nozzle, swelling, ready to burst. He agonized in
extreme ecstasy with each pump of her tight pussy over the bulging
parts of his cockshaft.

Moans of increasing pleasure rippled from his mouth. His ass continued
to rise and fall in short, slow movements as it tightened and relaxed,
his cock inflating and pulsing and moving around inside her eager
pussy. On the upstrokes, he pressed and gnashed his pelvis around hers,
stimulating her super-charged clit to greater orgasmic release.

Dianne seemed to be losing control of all her senses, except those in
her cunt and tits. Her mind reeled and her bl**d boiled with the
impending release of another nerve-wracking orgasm. She grew more
powerless, more willing to relinquish complete control of her body to
Jeff. The more f***efully and rapidly he fucked his cock into her, the
more she wanted him to ravage her completely and mercilessly, leaving
her weak and sated in the wake of another orgasm.

Her muscles relaxed and grew limp. Her body began lowering closer to
his. Her knees trembled and her legs and arms went weak as she ground
and thrust her cunt less and less vigorously on his cock.

Jeff didn't disappoint her. He could feel her body succumbing to the
need to be fucked powerfully. Sharp sighs escaped her throat as he
fucked her cunt all the faster, all the harder.

A piercing wail of desperation escaped from Dianne's throat when Jeff
pulled his cock from her churning cunt. He placed her face-down beside
him, then crawled around back and fucked his throbbing cock up her cunt
from behind.

Dianne was powerless and she loved it. Sharp grunts and yelps filled
the air with each thrust of his bludgeoning cock into her. She lay with
her cheek on a pillow, spit drooling out of her open, half-twisted
mouth as her son hammered her pussy.

"Unh God, Jeff," she cried, her words obliterated by the pillow. "More,
more, more! I love it! Fuck me as hard as you can! I can't get enough
of your cock! I've never come so much in my life!"

With infinite youthful vigor, Jeff fucked his cock into her insatiable
pussy. His biceps bulged impressively as he clutched his mother's hips
and yanked her ass back to meet every one of his f***eful thrusts into
her. His jaw hung open and his chest heaved rapidly.

"Oh, God, Ma!" he panted. "Oh God, oh God, oh God!"

Tears formed in his eyes as he felt the familiar tingling sensation in
his balls that preceded every orgasm. His knuckles whitened as he dug
his fingers into her hips and slapped her ass back all the more
f***efully. His body convulsed as massive spurts of his cum fired into
the flooded chamber of her pussy.

Dianne managed to slip a weak arm under her body, her hand just barely
extending to her cunt. With rapid-fire speed and excellent precision,
her fingertip flickered over her exposed, quivering clit, and she

Unintelligible words and grunts and shrieks filled the room as they
came simultaneously.

Almost as rapidly as it began, it ended. Except for their
uncontrollable rapid breathing, they were motionless. Jeff collapsed on
top of his mother, forcing her to the bed.

"Oh God, Jeffy," Dianne said. "That was magnificent. I've never been
fucked so thoroughly in my life. How was it for you? Was it as good as
those little girls you occasionally get to swing on your cock?"

Jeff sputtered as he laughed. "Are you k**ding? A hundred times better.
A thousand times better!"

"Good. But believe me, it'll get better yet. All we need to do is

And over the next several months, Dianne seized every opportunity she
could to fuck him. Whenever her husband Ron, Tess and her other son,
Andy, were gone, she and Jeff had another opportunity to practice
fucking, as she put it.

"I don't want you to disappoint your little fuck partners," she would
say. "Besides, practice is its own reward, and you can never get too

They fucked in just about every part of the house and in every position
possible. The days, and some of the nights, were spent in wild fuck

Jeff suddenly had his hands full trying to fit both his s****r and his
mother into his busy fucking schedule. But he didn't complain.

And neither did Dianne. Now she was getting more than her share, for
she and Ron were still fucking regularly.

Then one day everything changed. Jeff was fucking his mother from
behind again, a position that both of them preferred. They were in the
fenced-in back yard. Jeff had been swimming in the pool when Dianne
came home, and she had coaxed him out of the water and between her

Then, with the sun beating down on them warmly, drying the sweat on
their bare backs as Jeff fucked his cock into her from behind, they
were startled to hear the patio door open. Their hearts thudded in
panic as Tess stepped onto the patio in her bikini bathing suit.

Chapter 5

Dianne and Jeff froze, remaining absolutely still - unable to speak, to
disengage themselves, or anything else - except to wonder, in fear and
panic, what might happen next.

The tension was broken when a broad lusty smile spread across Tess's
bright pretty face.

"Well," she said. "You didn't tell me we were having a party." As she
stepped out onto the patio, she reached behind her and undid her scant
bikini top. She dangled the strap across the flagstones as she
approached her mother and b*****r, then let the top fall into a tiny
brightly colored puddle near them.

They looked up along the smooth tanned lines of her shapely legs. Up
past the pink triangle of shiny material covering the mound of her
cunt. Up past the curves of her hips and narrow flanks. Up to the
gorgeous set of full melon-like globes of her exposed tits. And up
further to the sensuous smile pasted on her pretty face.

Slipping two fingers under the elastic of her bikini bottom, she
wriggled her ass, the polyester material slithering over her hips and
down her legs. She jutted her hips forward slightly, exposing the
delicate fluff of her yellow cunthair.

"Joiners?" she asked, her voice syrupy with sexual heat. "Or is this a
private party?"

Dianne cleared her throat and tried to pull her ass forward, yanking
her pussy off Jeff's cock. But his fingertips were buried in the flesh
of her hips. She reached up and nervously flung her sweaty bangs off
her forehead.

"This is none of your business! Just get out of here!" Dianne's voice
cracked, her body shaking suddenly, her eyes scanning the patio in
desperate search of something to cover her nakedness.

"Whose business is it, then?" Tess asked, swiveling her hips. She had
placed her hands on her tits and rotated them into her chest,
undulating her body as though her tits itched and ached deep inside
where she couldn't scratch. "Daddy's?"

She leered at her mother and ran her tongue sensuously over her upper

"Don't you dare," Dianne said. "Don't you dare say a word about this to
anyone, or you'll live to regret it!"

"Oh, I won't say anything," Tess said in a lilting voice. "As long as
you let me join the party."

Dianne felt Jeff's cock twitch inside her pussy. My god, she thought,
it must have grown to twice its size just at the mention of Tess making
it a threesome. She tried to laugh.

She looked up again at Tess's beautiful features, her shimmering eyes,
her long yellow hair, her tits cupped under her hands - and the
delightful patch of bright-gold fluff just above her pussy. Her heart
suddenly leapt into her throat.

As she hungrily eyed her daughter's gorgeous crotch, Dianne thought she
could detect the fragrant aroma of fresh pussy. It had been a long time
- ever since she was in college, since before she got married - since
she had savored the treasures of a nice tasty cunt.

Her throat went suddenly very dry. She could hear her heart thudding in
her ears, feel her bl**d coursing hotly through her veins. Her pussy
contracted and quivered and became hotter than an oven.

Dianne reached up invitingly toward Tess. Tess lowered one of her hands
from her tits. As their fingers touched, a bolt of electrical
excitement shot throughout Dianne's body. Dianne took her hand and
gently pulled Tess down to the blanket.

"Come, my dear," Dianne said, her voice quivering in anticipation of
what was about to happen. "Sit here."

Tess lowered her bare ass to the blanket near her mother's head. Their
eyes remained fixed. Their bodies shook uncontrollably.

"No, no, my sweet," Dianne said, her voice revealing the high-pitched
fever of her excitement. "Swing around this way. Put one leg over ..."

Her words tumbled off into oblivion as she held one of Tess's ankles
and swung it so Tess was sitting in front of her, her legs spread and
her crotch exposed.

Jeff swallowed hard. He couldn't believe what was happening. The sight
of his s****r's golden-fringed pussy opening up before him with its
bright-pink membranes glistening in the full light of the afternoon
sun, and the thought that he was going to see his mother actually dive
in there and lap at that succulent slick of pussy, was driving him

His cock pulsed and twitched and suddenly exploded. He felt his body
shaking with the convulsions of an uncontrollable orgasm.

He struggled desperately to conceal the magnitude of his excitement as
his body spasmed and quivered in the throes of a dynamic climax. His
mind reeled in ecstasy.

Jeff stared bug-eyed as his mother lowered her head toward the yellow-
tufted swollen lips paralleling that bright, slick crevice of his
s****r's pussy. He wanted to pull his cock out of his mother's glove-
tight pussy and move around so he could see better that magical,
unbelievable moment when her tongue actually caressed Tess's cunt.

But the grip Dianne's cunt had on his cock prevented him. The gripping,
fiery sensations of her pussy were like nothing he had ever felt
before, and he knew he'd be crazy to give it up for anything in the
world. Just knowing that his mother's tongue was lapping up the length
of her tasty pussy, savoring the sweet delight that he had savored so
many times himself, made his balls ache and made his cock stiffer and
more powerful than ever before.

He felt his mother's cunt muscles flex and milk his cock the instant
she buried her face in Tess's crotch. A long low moan of lust and
pleasure flowed up from somewhere deep in her chest. Her body shook
with tiny little quivers, and it seemed as though she was coming and
coming and coming.

Dianne nuzzled her nose into the squashy folds of Tess's upper cunt,
inhaling deeply the heady fragrance of excited pussy. She shagged her
head, her nose flying over the sensitive tip of her daughter's half-
exposed clit. She was going wild with raging desire. The scent, the
flavor of sweet young cunt made her heart pound faster, her breathing
race out of control, her pussy quiver and clutch Jeff's hard thick

She probed her tongue inside Tess's cunthole a few times. She could
feel Tess's pussy getting wetter by the second. It warmed and moistened
Dianne's parched tongue and mouth as she sucked some of the tasty
fluids of excitement from the depths of Tess's cunt.

Tess was quivering like a candle flame. She felt as though the entire
surface of her body was being tickled by a feather duster. She had
never dreamed that her mother would be into eating pussy!

Her cunt was practically liquid - half from the expert tongue-job she
was feeling on her cunt, and half from the unbelievable knowledge that
it was her mother's tongue that was licking her. She had long been
envious of her mother's shapely form, and considered her father a very
lucky man to have the chance to crawl in bed next to her every night
and suck and fuck her gorgeous pussy.

Thinking these thoughts caused Tess to come instantly. Her body
quivered, her ass bouncing and her tits flapping in the light breeze as
Dianne licked away at her super-charged pussy. She cupped her tits and
tried to pinch away the aching, begging desire that concentrated in her

Dianne gurgled and sputtered and made slurping sounds as she struggled
to lap and suck up all of the fluids issuing from her daughter's
sumptuous cunt. She herself shook and jerked spasmodically as ripples
of orgasm welled up inside her, threatening to break loose at any
second. She was excited like she never had been before in her life, her
guts rumbling uncontrollably. She thought she might pass out from the
high-voltage experience.

All the while, she continued to lurch her ass back to feel Jeff's cock
spearing her pussy from behind. The combined sensations - of Tess's
cunt splashing its warm liquid into her mouth and Jeff's long hard cock
fucking her pussy - overwhelmed her. Her heart raced and sweat
literally coated every square inch of her tingling flesh as her orgasm

Jeff was fucking her pussy about as fast as he could. His cock scorched
along her steamy cunt walls. His balls ached, hanging low and swinging
freely, slapping up into his mother's crotch.

He swallowed hard, watching the unbelievable scene unfolding before his
eyes. He could tell Tess was exploding like a grenade. The look of awe
spread across her face, the guttural sounds of lust rumbling up from
deep inside her somewhere, the way her body jerked and quivered,
glistening in the bright afternoon sun and the way she clutched and
pinched her tits all excited him outrageously. And from the way his
mother's hips and ass were twitching and thrusting, he could tell she
was enjoying the rewards of orgasm herself.

His jaw hung open as he tried to concentrate his attention on every
detail of the marvelous fuck. He didn't want to ever forget it. He
wanted it to stay fresh in his memory - for he thought he would never
experience another fuck as exciting, ever again.

His body was growing weak and tired from exhaustion. He had been
fucking his cock into his mother's drenched and super-charged pussy at
high speed for longer than he had ever fucked before in his life. The
tingly sensations that signaled his orgasm had gripped his balls and
spread throughout his body minutes ago, but he still hadn't come.

He had to shoot, he told himself. He just had to dump his load of hot
sticky cum inside his mother's pussy or he would burst apart at the
seams. He felt himself right on the verge of shooting his load, so he
fucked his cock into her faster and harder.

Tess was shrieking with delight as she felt Dianne's nose lurch into
her clit with every one of her b*****r's dynamic thrusts into Dianne's
pussy. She let go of her tits and clutched her mother's head. Holding
it steady, she could feel Dianne's hard oral spear lick the excited
walls of her flooding pussy.

"Oh God, Mom!" she wailed. "Oh fuck! I can't stop coming! You're
driving me nuts! You're tickling me! Stop, Mom, please! I can't take
any more!"

Dianne slowed her pace. She stopped rubbing her nose over Tess's clit.
Wrapping her lips completely around Tess's flooding cunthole, she
sucked up the last of her fuckjuice before Tess succeeded in pulling
her mother's face out of her crotch.

"Unh, unh, unh!" Dianne gasped. "Christ! Jeff! Wait! Wait! Holy shit! I
need a breather! Your cock is fucking my cunt raw!"

She relaxed as Tess tugged on her head and pulled her body up over her
own. In an effort to keep his cock from slipping out of his mother's
cunt, he leaned forward, coming to rest on Dianne's back as Dianne
rested on top of Tess. Their chests rose and fell dramatically as they
all gulped air.

After several minutes, Dianne flexed her cunt muscles around Jeff's
cock and felt it still hard and throbbing inside her aching pussy.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed between breaths. "Your prick is still hard!
Didn't you come?"

"Oh, yeah," he panted. "A couple times. Watching you two just got me so
worked up that I got a hard-on that won't quit."

Dianne tightened her pussy around his cockshaft and milked it as best
she could, but she felt weak. Her cheek was resting against Tess's and
she felt her daughter's face stretch in a broad, lusty grin.

"Oh, good," Tess said. "I have just the thing for it."

She ground her sloppy cunt against her mother's.

Dianne lifted her head and looked into her daughter's eyes, searching
for an answer. "You? Fuck your b*****r?"

Tess giggled and scrunched her shoulders teasingly. "Why, Mother! You?
Fuck your son? Tsk tsk! Believe me, this won't be the first time. And
don't look so surprised!"

Dianne saw the twinkling lights of mischief in her daughter's eyes.

"Imagine that," Dianne said. "Well, this should prove to be very

She wriggled and humped her body to indicate that Jeff should get off

Jeff got the message and pulled his long cock from the depths of his
mother's cunt and rolled sideways. Dianne rolled off Tess in the other
direction. She rested on an elbow as Jeff rolled back into position,
this time on top of Tess.

Without wasting another second, he raised his hips as Tess spread her
legs. She reached between his legs and grabbed his lengthy, sticky cock
and pumped it a few times. She was about to plant it in her waiting
pussy when she got another idea.

"Wait a minute. Let me have a taste first." She hoisted him off her and
scooted down the length of his torso until his long hard prick was
directly over her face.

She hoped to accomplish two things. She delighted in the feel of his
cock in her mouth, for one thing. Plus, she wanted to convey to her
mother that she enjoyed the taste of pussy as well.

She popped Jeff's cock in her mouth and sucked it in as far as she
could, humming gleefully all the while. Working her tongue around as
much of the entire surface as she could, she lapped and sucked off all
the great flavors of her mother's pussy that remained there. Then she
pulled her mouth off Jeff's cock and licked and sucked his balls and
the entire area of his crotch, humming approvingly.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned as she pulled her body back to its original
position under her b*****r's. "There's nothing like a little pussy-
juice to get me really turned on! Now, Jeff, shove your cock in me and
fuck me to the moon!"

She still had a hold on his cock, and she poised it at the entrance to
her fuckhole. When she released his cock, he fucked the length of his
prickshaft right into the well-oiled tunnel of her soft, warm pussy.
They grinned at each other, then turned to observe the look of delight
on their mother's face.

Dianne was half-sitting next to them, her eyes glued on Jeff's cock as
it disappeared into her daughter's cunt. She started to finger her
pussy. Although she had been fucked nearly raw a few minutes earlier,
the sight of Jeff's gorgeous prick fucking into Tess's pussy ignited
flames of passion in her cunt.

"Why, Mom," Tess said, "no need to play with your own pussy. Join the

Dianne's eyes caught Tess's for only a second. She grinned lewdly, then
got up and straddled her daughter's face. She came instantly as she
felt Tess's tongue snake inside the succulent folds of her ready cunt.

Jeff swung his cock into high gear. He fucked his s****r fast and
furiously as he watched her suck their mother's wet cunt. The sight,
the fragrance and the sensations combined to heighten his sexual

He hammered his cock into Tess's receptive pussy for minutes on end as
he watched his mother's gorgeous ass hover over Tess's face. Tess and
Dianne both enjoyed several more glorious orgasms before he shot his
load deep into Tess's cunt. Then he collapsed onto his mother's ass,
forcing her flooding pussy right into Tess's face. By the time the
festivities ended, Jeff was so fucked out that his cock felt like a
twisted garden hose.

Chapter 6

Tess and Dianne fucked Jeff to the bone that afternoon. Then, for a
variety of reasons, they lapsed into a long dry spell. Finally, Tess
could stand the pressure no longer. She was hot, wet and raring to go.
She couldn't stop her pussy from drooling.

She was working herself off with a dildo one day when she heard huffing
and puffing sounds coming from the basement. She recognized the noises
her b*****r Andy made when he lifted weights. She suddenly got an idea.
She put on a short negligee and went downstairs.

"Hi," she said as she approached her b*****r.

He was flat on his back, bench-pressing a barbell over his chest. She
ogled the steely hard muscles in his arms as they bulged and strained,
sinewy and sexy under the deeply tanned skin. She eyed his crotch, also
bulging inside his grey fleece shorts as he exerted pressure to push
the weights into the air.

"Hi," he said between thrusts, not wanting to waste words or energy in
lengthy discussions.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned as she took a place on the mat near him, her gaze
glued to his bulging cock. Tess curled her legs and sat with her ankles
under her. Her crotch opened up, her dripping pussy coming into full
view. "Are those all the muscles you exercise?"

"No, I do all of them," he panted.

"All of them?" She worked her voice in a lusty way, knowing full well
her b*****r would understand her meaning. "Do you lift weights with
your - cock?" She laughed. "Or are there other exercises you do to
strengthen your cock muscles?"

Andy just about lost his rhythm and his count. His cock throbbed and
tented mightily in his tight gym shorts.

"Do you exercise your pussy muscles?"

"Sure," she said. "Wanna see?"

A sharp burst of air exploded from his lungs as his head turned
sideways. He could see right up Tess's thighs to the furry damp spot
she had intentionally revealed to him. His eyes bugged out when she
spread her legs and lowered a dildo to her pussy.

The barbell came crashing down to its cradle. Tess spread her pussylips
with several fingers, gently teased her clit for a few seconds, then
worked the head of the dildo inside the opening to her fuckhole.

Andy's chest rose and fell rapidly. His throat went very dry. His eyes
bugged out in total disbelief as his prick stiffened and strained for
release from his shorts.

Tess teased him with lusty eyes as she glanced alternately between her
pussy and his face and cock. She ran her tongue over her upper lip and
smirked as she observed the look of delight on her b*****r's face and
the incredible bulge his cock was making in his shorts.

She raised her eyebrows. "Didn't believe me, did you? Now what about
you? Do you ever exercise your cock?" She let her eyes fall to his
throbbing, swelling hard-on. "Looks to me like your prick could use a
good workout."

"Holy shit!" Andy gasped. "I don't believe this!"

He tried to get up.

Tess beat him to it. She slipped the dildo out of her pussy, got up and
straddled her b*****r's legs. Without wasting a second, she immediately
pressed her hands over the bulge of his straining, pulsing cock.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned. "Boy, I'll say! Your cock is ready for action!"

As he lifted himself to his elbows, Tess slipped her hand up under the
leg opening of his shorts and cupped his cock through the material of
his jock. She squeezed and pressed and clutched and rotated his cock
around for a few seconds, then pulled her hand out.

Leaning forward, she wrapped her mouth over the bulge and blew warm
moist air on his cock. It pulsed and swelled even more, practically
filling up her mouth. The thick material of his jock and shorts made
the dimensions of his prick appear all the larger.

She slipped her fingers under the elastic of his waistband and started
to tug his shorts down.

"What the fuck?" Andy still couldn't believe what was going on.

"Just relax, and enjoy," Tess said. "Didn't you ever dream about
fucking me? Be honest. Didn't you ever want me to give you a blow-job?"

Hearing her say the words excited him all the more. His cock throbbed a
quick response. He chuckled. "You gotta be k**ding!"

She pulled his shorts down over the huge bulge of his expanding prick.
She watched as his dark-blond cockhairs came into view, then the thick
tube of his prickshaft, and finally the huge bulbous knob of his cock.
When the waistband inched down even farther, his cock sprang up
f***efully, slapping noisily against his lower belly.

"Ooooh, Andy!" Tess cried approvingly. "What a gorgeous hunk of cock!"

She eyed its great size, the giant cockhead thudding wildly against his
hairy bellybutton, the full girth of his prickshaft throbbing with
intense excitement.

She pulled the shorts even lower and eyed his massive balls, huge and
thick-skinned and dark and hairy. She hoisted her ass off his legs and
pulled his gym shorts and jock down to his ankles, where he instantly
kicked them off. Her hand came back up to his crotch and cupped his
weighty balls.

A look of awe spread over both their faces as she weighed his balls.
Her fingers worked restlessly, stroking, squeezing, stretching and
rolling. Then she brought her hand up a little higher and wrapped her
fingers around his cock.

His prick twitched instantly, and as she lovingly squeezed it and
lifted it off his belly, she ogled the clear drop of pre-cum oozing out
the winking piss-slit. Her eyes flashed from his cock to his face. And
since he showed no signs of resistance, she lowered her face to his
cock. She stuck out her tongue and lapped off the slick drops of jizz
coating his cockhead.

Andy flinched and shuddered. He thought he would come as soon as he
felt her hot mouth on his cockhead. His heart was beating fast and his
mouth was dry. He simply lay there and watched his s****r's mouth wrap
around the head of his cock.

He felt the wetness and heat of her mouth as she sucked his cock. The
temperature in his prick was rising rapidly, and his knees quivered.
His guts rumbled with excitement and he felt his balls tighten up in
his crotch as she pulled more of his crazily throbbing cock into her

He swallowed hard.

"Oh jeez, Tess," he said, his voice trembly. "Oh, God. I'm gonna shoot.
Suck it good, now, Tess. Suck my cock hard. I can't hold back."

Tess's level of excitement doubled in a second. Her pussy dripped in
anticipation of tasting her b*****r's hot, salty cum as it blasted into
her mouth. She wriggled and squirmed, her tits hanging free from her
half-opened nightie and flopping around on his chest.

She started pounding Andy's cockshaft with a tight fist, eager to have
him shoot his load. Her mouth worked up and down the upper part of his
great cock as fast as it would go, feeling the giant cockhead press
into her throat. Her other hand still toyed with his balls, her nails
scr****g his tender thighs and pressing back into his asshole.

When she felt his body tense up and quiver, she knew she was about to
receive the rewards of her efforts. She bounced all the more
frantically on his legs, sliding her ass to one side so her soaked
pussy could rub up and down his shin. She clutched and pumped his
throbbing cock all the harder, and prepared to accept his plentiful
spurts of cum.

Andy suddenly clutched the sides of her head and held her in position
while he fucked his cock up into her greedy mouth. He was too strong
for her, and she instantly realized it was more like he was fucking her
face than she was giving him a blowjob. His body started to buck and
churn, and he grunted uncontrollably in time with each blast as his
cock suddenly erupted into her throat.

Tess squealed and squirmed with glee, welcoming blast after blast of
his tasty spunk. She wrapped her tongue more tightly around his
cockshaft, feeling it pulse as his cum squirted up from his balls and
shot into her mouth. Her own orgasm wracked her body with delightful
quivers as her pussy flooded his shin with abundant outpourings of her
warm cuntjuices.

Andy started to jerk unevenly as his blasts of cum into her mouth
started to slow. He collapsed to the bench with a wet slap as his cock
shot the last of its cum. He released her head, and Tess pulled her
mouth up.

She licked and sucked his prick eagerly, greedily trying to suck up as
much of the stimulating fluid as possible. She squeezed his balls,
forcing up every last drop of his tasty cum she could find. Pulling her
mouth off his flagging cock with a pop, she swished the last of his
load around in her mouth, humming delightedly before swallowing it down
to join the cum already warming her belly.

She smacked her lips and grinned as their eyes met.

"Aaaahhhhh," she said, beaming.

"Delightful." She flopped his limp, sticky cock back and forth on his
thighs. "Well, how was it?"

"You gotta be k**ding! The best exercise my cock has ever had!" He
glanced down to the spot where she was still rubbing her drenched cunt
slowly up and down his shin. He grabbed her and hoisted her upwards.
"Now it's time to give my tongue a workout!"

Tess giggled and shook her shoulders. A broad grin of lusty excitement
graced her lips. She nuzzled her damp pussy into Andy's shin to
indicate that she had no objections.

Andy pulled her toward his face, but very slowly, and only halfway.
Their eyes were still locked in a deep smoldering stare saturated with
lust. Andy's eyes eventually bobbed downward and caught the sight of
her tits coming into view as he hoisted his s****r upward. He rested
her wet crotch on his lower belly, and as he removed his hands from
under her armpits, he swished her sheer nightie to the floor.

Her tits revealed, he very gently cupped his large beefy hands over
them. He rotated them as he squeezed, then pressed them against her
ribs. Closing his grip, he snared the long hard nipples between his
knuckles and watched as he pinched and pulled his s****r's tits. Her
nipples were like tiny thumbs, jutting out from the dark, rose-colored
circles of her tits, and they made his eyes widen with delight and his
mouth hunger for a sampling.

Lifting his head to her chest as he removed his hand from her left tit,
he opened his mouth and flicked his tongue lightly over the protruding
nipple. He caught it between his teeth and bit and rotated the erect
nipple very lightly. A sharp intake of air filled Tess's lungs, causing
her tits to expand all the more and mashing more of the large, firm
mounds into Andy's face and hand.

Andy opened wide and pulled the gorgeous fleshy mound of tit into his
mouth. He sucked hard, as though he were trying to pull her tit into
his throat.

Tess was surprised. She inhaled deeply and excitedly again, feeling
renewed dribbles of excitement trickle out of her cunt.

She shuddered, her shoulders shaking again.

"Oooooh, Andy!" she gasped, her voice shaking slightly. "Oh God, that
feels good! My tits really ache!"

She rotated her shoulders and arched her back in a slow undulating
motion, mashing her one tit into his mouth all the more, while her
other tit pressed into his gripping hand. She clutched the back of his
head and pulled him closer.

"Your mouth feels so good on my tit!" she cried. "Mmmmm, yeah! That's
really turning me on! I can't stop shaking! Aaaaah!"

Moans of delight rumbled up from deep inside her as she ground her
drenched cunt over the thick patch of wiry hair carpeting his lower
belly. She could tell her pussy was getting his stomach wet and warm,
and that thought excited her all the more.

Tess could feel the flames of her passion rising higher. Her head was
swimming. Her whole body, inside and out, was being elevated to ever
higher plateaus of sexual excitement by the wonderful feeling of Andy's
warm mouth wrapped around her tit and the tip of his stiff tongue
flickering ever so gently over her nipples.

Andy pulled off her tit with a series of suction-slurps and switched to
the other one. He repeated his powerful sucking on her right tit,
sending shivers of mounting bliss up his s****r's spine. Her head flip-
flopped around as he sucked and tantalized and clutched her firm fits.

But as wonderful as her tits were to suck on, he had other plans for
her gorgeous body. He could feel the jungle of hair on his belly
growing wetter by the minute from her freely flowing cunt, and he
wanted to sample her juicy pussy before it ran dry. Already the heady
fragrance of pungent pussy was wafting up to his nose, sending his mind
reeling with desire and causing his cock to stir under her shapely ass.

He placed his hands under her arms once more and lifted her still
higher. She was like a light ball of fluff in his strong arms. He could
have lifted her completely off him and tossed her aside. He could have
- if he had wanted to. But with the aroma of her ripe and ready pussy
stimulating his aroused senses all the more, he needed to satisfy the
hunger deep in his belly for a generous sampling of her succulent cunt.

As he pulled her higher over him, he eyed that delicate patch of fluffy
yellow cunthair - wet and matted - coming into view. He inhaled deeply,
relishing the odors that issued from her crotch as it neared his face.
He paused as he held her pussy directly over his face, and after eyeing
the magnificence of her cunt, he nuzzled his nose into her patch of

Tess could feel his huge chest expand and his hard nipples tickle her
ass as he inhaled deeply. She giggled and wriggled her hips, brushing
the smooth flesh of her gorgeous asscheeks over his stiff nipples. She
ground her ass around a little more, feeling his nose nuzzle between
her swollen cuntlips.

Andy's tongue came out of his mouth almost automatically. He lapped
eagerly up the entire crevice of her pussy several times. He was still
holding her over him, and lowered her ass a bit closer to him as his
tongue snaked up into the gaping and drooling opening of her cunthole.

Tess shuddered and leaned forward, her only support the barbell that
rested on its rack. She could feel her pussyjuices flow all the faster
and the inside walls of her pussy itch and tickle as the fluids
trickled downward. She caught her breath and felt herself tremble in
near-hysterical early waves of orgasm.

Holding her as tightly as he could, Andy rolled sideways, lowering Tess
to the floor, his face still glued to her pussy. Instantly, her legs
went up and wrapped around his head. He wrapped his lips around her
entire pussy opening, stuck his tongue as far into her cunt as he could
and sucked.

Her pussy was already so wet with her tasty fuckjuices that Andy didn't
have far to go for his dessert. He licked and sucked up as much of her
pussyjuice as he could. Then, when he felt her spasms subside, he
switched to her clit.

He worked his tongue over, around, and up and down, tickling and
lapping at her clit as she undulated her hips under him. Her ass rose
and fell on the mat as his tongue worked its magic on her pussy. Moans
and gurgles of delight poured from her mouth as she floated higher
toward another glorious climax.

"Oh God, Andy!" she cried, clutching his head. "God, that's marvelous!
Lick my pussy good, now! Faster! I'm coming again! I can't stop
shaking! I'm coming like a fuckin' gypsy in heat!"

Andy reached around her legs and grabbed her tits. His biceps bulged
into the backs of her thighs as he pinched and pulled her excited
nipples, causing her back to arch and jerk in mounting delight. He
pulled her fleshy clit between his teeth and licked over it frantically
as he felt her quiver and convulse on the brink of another orgasm.

When her thighs slapped against the sides of his head and his chin
burrowed into her flooding cunthole and uncontrollable yips and squeals
of excitement exploded from her throat, he knew she was coming grandly.
He pulled his mouth off her clit and thrust his tongue back into her
pussy. He slurped and licked and sucked as furiously as he could.

Tess was erupting like a fountain as the waves of orgasm washed over
her. Her whole body was drenched with sweat as her pussy gushed the
sweet nectar of her excitement. She yanked Andy's hair absently,
causing him to wince.

When she finally stopped shrieking and jerking, her legs weakened and
her thighs loosened their grip on Andy's head. Her legs slapped wetly
to the mat, and Tess pulled Andy's head up out of her crotch. With
closed eyes, she kissed and licked up all the remaining cuntjuice that
coated his handsome face - and felt his enormous cock, hot and hard and
throbbing, slide up her thigh and come to rest against her quivering
98% (30/1)
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Can't get enough of this series! Hope it gets even better and sure it will. There must be a family sucking event in my future! :)
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more classic porn at its best