Arabian Tail

I had been traveling for weeks exploring the Egyptian Pyramids and surrounding areas I crossed thousands of miles of desert on horseback my body aching for attention. I traveled by night and camped by day the blistering sun showed me no mercy. Alone in my tent I would lie awake and dip into my fantasies for company, only there did I find what I had been searching for all of my adult life, only there was my master. He was tall and his build total perfection. His lashes were long and looked spun of silk which framed his azure blue eyes, eyes so deep a woman could get lost in them for eternity. His hands were large and so very strong yet they wer as gentle as a spring breeze when they caressed my face, my brests, my bldy. How I craved his touch, to taste his lips on mine, to feel his body pressed to mine. As my dreams of my adonis grew more frequent my determination also grew I knew he was out there somewhere. Then as I aproached the crest of a sand dune I saw what I believed to be a mirage for off in the distance I saw an oasis yet it was not on any of my maps nor had anyone told me of such. I thought to myself this is madness my mind is playing tricks on me, don't fall for it you will only be disappointed but my body wouldn't listen to my brain and therefore urged my horse in that very direction. I didn't understand what was drawing me towards this unknown but it seemed to call to me to my body. As I drew closder my stomach fluttered, my breathing became shallow, my nipples hardend. My mind began to swim in arousal the juncture between my legs grew wet and wanting. With every step that my horse made more my body would shiver as if tiny volts of electricity were awakening every nerve every pulse sent another shiver down my spine. I urged my horse on faster and faster I had to see what was making shutter and as my horse galloped my hands roamed first to my breasts they were so sensitive my nipples hard and so pink they even shown in the dark of night. Next my hands traveled down my stomach and to the center of my being. I was so wet I couldn't stop myself I dipped first one finger then two. I urged my horse faster I couldn't wait any longer I had to be there, there in that haven in the middle of the desert real or fantasy I had to get there. After what seemed like miles and miles I pulled in the reigns of my horse he slowed and to my utter astonishment it was real. There were palm trees with large frawns that slowly swayed in the cool midnight breeze, in the center was a large crystal clear pool that you could see all the way to the bottom yet I saw no bottom. There were trees amidst the palms that were latent with a variety of fruits and dates. I could not believe the heaven I had found if only it had him the adonis that haunted my dreams each day and my every waking thought each night. I thought to myself he has to be here for why would my body tingle so why would I feel his pull if he wasn't here in the flesh as I have never felt his pressance like this when I was not dreaming and this just couldn't be a dream it just couldn't. I walked slowly towards the pool afraid that if I touched it it all would fade from my sight, I bent down and to my utter astonisment I dipped my hand into that crystal clear water and it felt like paradise. The water welcomed me like a lover I quickly stripped off my clothes and without trepidation I entered the pool. It was truely heaven my very own personal heaven. I began to move around the water playing like a water sprite without a care in the world until once again I felt that pull the electric energy flow through me and spread from my breasts to my loins. I sucked in a breath and moaned the feeling so intense my legs nearly gave out from underneath me, such raw pleasure I cried out. Then in but a blink of an eye he was there touching me, caressing me, kissing me with such fervor that my only breath escaped me. My adonis, my dreams come to life, I encircled him in my arms wanting to hold him to me forever. I opend my mouth to his and he slid his tongue deep into mine his taste of warm honey and sandlewood made my mouth water I had to have more. He cupped my ass and lifted me up to his chest taking each of my hard nipples into his mouth gentley sucking and nipping and laving me with his tongue, my head lulled back savoring every pinch every moment of his ministrations. I traced a path with my tongue from his ear to his neck the taste of him intoxicating, addicting i couldn't get enough. He worked his way from my breasts to my core his fingers probing my folds. His fingers so large yet so soft he rubbed my clit and I whimpered, he inserted one finger and I whimpered again and in a barely audible voice I said more I need more please. he carried me to the edge of the pool and up onto the shore and to my amazement there amongst the trees was a tent. I had not seen it there until this moment but at this particular moment I didn't care I was just happy it was there. He took me inside and as I surveyed the area I saw thick soft pillows everywhere and sheer curtians hung from the ceiling candles were aglow and platters of fruits and meats were laid upon a long table in the far corner. There were glasses of wine already poured and incense burning with the sweetest scent I had ever smelled. Gentley he laid me down never once taking his eyes off of me, he smiles ande in the most seductive voice I had ever heard he asked does this please you? I thought for a moment that I had lost my voice because I opened my mouth to reply but no sound emerged then his lips found mine again and a moan came from deep within me he knew then that I was very pleased. His tounge danced with mine for a few moments then to my dismay they left me I tried to retrieve them but they traveled down my neck stopping for a brief moment at my breasts then traveling on down to my hot wet pussy. I spread my legs wide for him my hands shaking, my body shivering with anticipation, my every nerve alive waiting for him. Then it came his velvet tongue lovingly lapped at my core my back arched my hands twisting in his hair my breath escaping me as he licked and sucked and delved in and out I could feel my pleasure mounting he pressed his fingers deep inside me one then two all the while his tounge playing me like a well tuned instrumant I wanted more so much more I needed more. I wnated to taste of him too, I somehow managed to get him to come up to me and I then began my own exploration of his exquisite body my tongue licked every ripple every curve stopping at each nipple to pay homage to their beauty. I made my way down to is hard swollen shaft it's beauty unmatched I gazed upon it with revrence. I licked my lips as I began to squeeze it in my hand as I slid it into my mouth. It was so very hard and large and the taste of him ambrosia to my senses. I licked and sucked and rubbed until he was moaning with need. He then lifted me up and placed me atop him his shaft begging entrance to my core, I opened for him. Slowly he ventured and it felt so full so wonderful I still craved more, he reached between us and found my clit and began encircling it with his thumb I couldn't hold back I screamed and clutched him tighter as the spasms overtook me. It was so intense I thought for sure I was going to pass out and as I rode him harder and harder he pumped faster and faster until his climax overtook him and his body slamed and shook along with mine for whagt seemed like foreveer, until we both collapsed fully sated and exahusted our nerves still very much alive and sensitive. Our breathing in bursts and pants, our bodies gleemed with sweat and both of us completely content to lay there in each others arms until sl**p descended upon us both.
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3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
wow..awesome story ...
wish i can make ur fantasy come true oneday if u visit me ;)