Forest Nymph-o

The day had been so very hot and I along with it craved the coolness of the night I had walked for what seemed like days in this beautifully magical wonderland. With each step I took I could feel someone watching me but yet I could not see them. When I came upon a secluded pond it's only light was the full moon shining down on the water it looked like heaven. I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough. I walked slowly into the cool water it caressed my skin as it enveloped me. I closed my eyes and thought to myself that if only I had someone to share this heaven with it would be absolutely perfect. Then once again I felt it someone or something was watching me, a little shiver ran up the length of my spine not sure if it was fear or anticipation or maybe it was both I proceeded to touch myself. The warmth of my hand and the cool of the water such an erotic combination I began caressing my breasts until my nipples were hardend nubs and the ache growing between my legs was screaming for attention. I slowly worked my way down to the small patch of tiny curls that shielded the entrance to my wanton core, but before I could enter there I heard the water around me splash. I quickly turned towards the direction that I could swear the noise had come from but there was nothing not even a ripple that's when I felt it a strong warm hand travel up the length of my leg and stop at the entrance of my womanhood. Another shiver ran through me and I thought to run but my legs wouldn't move, the feeling was so sensual I just couldn't tear myself away, I had to know who or what was making my body hum. Then up from the depths of my magical pool came the most beautifully made creature ever created in heaven or on earth. His body was lean and wrapped in muscles that roped his middle, his arms were thick and strong,his face that of an angel with the eyes of the darkest green I had ever seen. His lips were utter perfection and they screamed for me to taste them. I had to know what this adonis tasted like. He slowly bent his head as if he read my thoughts and captured my lips with his. The feelings that shot through me were unimaginable he tasted of mint and smelled of fresh rain his hair brushed my face and was as soft as gossamer. I couldn't get enough of him he pulled me closer so that my breasts were pressed firmly against his chest and he lifted me up so that his already hardend shaft was begging for entrance into my core. I was so wet and ready for this god before me, I moaned in answer to his silent question. He slid into my tight wet pussy like butter filling me to the hilt and I shuddered my walls constricted around his huge shaft as he pumped in and out slowly at first then increased his speed. I thought I had died and gone to heaven at the feelings he was bringing to life inside of me and I never wanted it to end. He kept his pace as he probed my mouth with his tongue so sweet was his taste with his free hand he rubbed my clit making my body shudder harder I could feel my climax coming as he pumped into me harder and harder I couldn't clutch him tight enough as it over took me. My body began to spasm and shake and he pounded harder and deeper as my walls squeezed him tighter and tighter until I could feel his hot seed shoot into me causing another orgasm. When we were both fully spent and could barely stand he carried me to the edge of the pool and laid me on the grassy shore he too laid down and wrapped his arms around me and we drifted off to sl**p without ever saying a single word.
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3 years ago
Good story babe