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[Story] Late Night In The Office

It was early spring in London, England. The sky was clear and sunny but there was a cool breeze coming off of the river Thames that caressed Mica’s bare long, slender legs as she stepped out of her sports sedan.
“Oh bugger, why in the world did I wear such a short dress today!” she said, cursing the unseasonable cold day while at the same time trying to hold the hem of her skirt from rising up her legs further then it already had.
Mica Doren started working for Thames Incorporated as a professional administration specialist right after she graduated from a local university, but back then... Continue»
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[Story] The Christmas Eve Adventure

Yes I know it's summertime but I wrote this story awhile back. I hope you like

“Sir, RS1 has cleared Sector Five,” Lieutenant Aaron, code name Ginger, said.
I looked at the newly trained communications officer and said, “Roger that. How is Sector Seven looking? Is Snowman in position?”
“Yes Sir, Snowman is in position with his men and reports no action,” Ginger answered.
“Good, I hope this year is quiet,” I said as I readjusted my eye patch, trying not to let my mind wander on how I got the injury. The time I’d spent in Afghanistan was not something I liked to remember. “What abou... Continue»
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[Story] The Adventurous Couple

"Whose ass is this?" Nancy screamed at me as she had me bent over the edge of the bed and fucking me in the ass with her 8" strap-on dildo.

"It's your ass Mistress; it has always been your ass!" I replied through gritted teeth.

Earlier that evening, my loving wife, came out of the bathroom with her jet black hair pulled back into a bun and wearing black rimmed glasses, letting me know she was in the mood to dominate me. She was also dressed in her shinny black teddy that pushed her large milky white breasts together, causing her cleavage to look even deeper than it already was, and her... Continue»
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