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[Story] Morning Routine at the Mansion of My Misstress

My eyes open with the gentle humming of my small alarm clock. I quickly shut it off so as not to disturb anyone else in the room. Its 4:30am, well before light creeps into the day and the room is now pitch black. Very quietly I rise up on my hands and knees and crawl off of the small doggy bed on the floor next to the big bed. It‘s embroidered with my name “Heather” in pink because it’s my bed and I’m the pet of my Mistress.

I’m silent when I move because I have done this so many times before. On all fours I make my way to the master bathroom and gently close the door behind me. I then st... Continue»
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New Plan of Attack to Being a Cum Queen

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry that I’m so sporadic with posts and logging in, and I’ll try to be better.

If you have seen my profile or any of my posts before you understand that I’m a total submissive, a Tgirl, always sexily dressed, and ready to be swallowing one load of cum after another while being led around on all fours on a leash… If it wasn’t for my crippling shyness and fear.

That being said, I am working on changing that. Ever since the meeting with the couple where I sucked my first cock, my courage has been building, albeit slowly. I can’t wait to feel another one in my throat,... Continue»
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[Story] First Meeting with Couple

Hi everyone,

I actually went through with it and got together with the couple from the fetish party to experience my first sex and scene in real life. It didn't go as i had dreamed of; but, thinking that it would go like that was pretty naive on my part.

To start with, i Must tell how cute I looked and what I was all dolled up in. We were meeting at a hotel that i was familiar with (but lived about 20 miles away) so I wasn't concerned about seeing anyone I knew or dressing too provocatively.

I've colored my hair and need to upload a new photo. I'm a blonde now ( an... Continue»
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[Story] First Blowjob

I'm a tgirl and have been crossdressing for as long as I can remember. Once when I was 17 I went to a Halloween house party dressed as a hooker. (yeah, yeah, been done before but it's true). I wore a short and tight low cut black spandex dress, a silicone padded bra, black patent 5" pumps, and fishnet stockings. I added a long blonde hair extension to my naturally long hair, and did my makeup on the slutty side with false eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, and deep red glossy lipstick. Big hoop earrings and long fake acrylic nails completed the outfit. I have very soft and feminine feat... Continue»
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End of a Very Long Day

There is something very satisfying about coming home at the end of a long day, and getting out of your heels:) and peeling off your jeans, panties and tank top and slipping into what should be a steaming hot bath but instead is practically ice cold. i wonder what i did to deserve this. now i get to throw my clothes back on which isn't nearly as easy as taking them off and go find my landlord while shivering.

the only good thing about this is that he and his girlfriend are both drop dead gorgeous and i'll be fantasizing the rest of the night about my having to service them all nig... Continue»
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Hottest Shemale

I'd like to take a poll of everyone's favorite shemale/tranny. My personal favorite is Suzanny Petrovik. But you can't help but love Marcia Medeiros, Bianca Freire, Thays Schiavinato, Alessandra Ribeiro, Fabiane Spears, Patricia Araujo and Talita Houston. Probably dozens I haven't listed. Lets start a poll or list of our favorite shemales....
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I Could Spend Days Browsing for Lingerie

i took a mid morning nap, woke up, did my hair and put a fresh coat of polish on my fingers and toes. then i put on my cute new light yellow satin cami and short set just to feel a little sexier today. then i spent 3 solid hours between shopping online for lingerie i want to buy in the upcoming month, and watching endless videos of cocks being slurped on, spit on, sucked down and licked all over.

i must say that i couldn't have spent a finer Sunday afternoon without having been able to buy and wear those sexy outfits today or having a domme here with her male slave while she f***ed me... Continue»
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[Story] How I Ended Up a Submissive Shemale Slut...Part 1

I am sitting here in my studio apartment, and I am alone and depressed and looking for guidance from a very dominant woman who wants a very submissive shemale slut that is 30 years old, horny as hell, and shares the same likes and tastes that I do. Mainly f***ed blowjobs, and lots of different outfits, everything from leather, latex, lingerie, you name it. Let me go back 5 years ago to how it all started for me. We all have our own stories and beginnings, and this one is mine.

I am a very intelligent, personable person, eager to please but not overly so, and I get along with everyone... Continue»
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