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Hello everyone,

i'm thinking of taking a drastic, highly longed for, and extremely nerve wracking step. let me explain...

So it's been a rough past couple of months. my house was flooded about two months ago. i had to move and lost tons of my possessions and more important, tons of my clothes.

I'm finally in a new apartment, and it was more affordable that i had anticipated, which is good for a few reasons. I had enough left over to buy two of the items in my "outfits i must get ASAP" pics. so happy and excited about them. I got the black mini bustier and matching panty, and the black, gray and white babydoll dress (spring is here!).

the money that i had set aside for a security deposit i am thinking about using to get myself a shemale e****t. someone that i can relate to, who's gorgeous, will soften the situation by talking about outfits, lingerie, etc. and who will then take control of the situation and train me to suck her beautiful cock.

i'm so submissive, that i think that this may be the only way that can summon the courage to suck my first real dick. i know that when i've done that, i'll find it a lot easier to meet people and will feel far more confident in finding a dominant person to hopefully spend some time with and explore some of my mpre erotic and exciting fantasies.

i need to know if you think this is a good idea, and if anyone has any tips. keep in mind that i'm VERY shy.

OOOh, and i can wear my near sexy dress and lingerie. yummy!

Let me know what you think.
Posted by heatherlingerie 4 years ago
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2 years ago
Go for it...........life is too short to spend fantasizing about what you know you want. Just be safe about it.......
2 years ago
no need for escort,try contact sites,you will find,have fun x
4 years ago
No need to spend money and take the risks of being with an escort. You are so pretty I would like to try my fantasy with a tgirl with you.
4 years ago
go ahead do it. and fuck that shemale shithole good. fuck her right up tha asshole
4 years ago
Your story has me rock hard. I have never been with antone like you and I'm fascinated.
4 years ago
I am fasinated by your dilema. I have wanted to hire a shemale escort to GET a good blowjob from, but have never had the courage. I love your pics, especially your outfits you plan to buy. Very hot!
4 years ago
honestly, i wouldnt spend the money on an escort when there are so many attractive cocks out there that would love to take you out for a nice evening and finish with a good cum.
4 years ago
Do it.....just be safe
4 years ago
Mmmmmmmm,do it honey,you know you want to,mmmmm I wish I could be there to see what a fantastic cocksucker and cummmm lover you are,like me,instantly addicted to sucking cock,mmmmmmmmm