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New Plan of Attack to Being a Cum Queen

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry that I’m so sporadic with posts and logging in, and I’ll try to be better.

If you have seen my profile or any of my posts before you understand that I’m a total submissive, a Tgirl, always sexily dressed, and ready to be swallowing one load of cum after another while being led around on all fours on a leash… If it wasn’t for my crippling shyness and fear.

That being said, I am working on changing that. Ever since the meeting with the couple where I sucked my first cock, my courage has been building, albeit slowly. I can’t wait to feel another one in my throat, hot, hard and velvety all at the same time, while I do my best to coax all of that delicious, sticky and salty goodness into my mouth. I want to taste it fully before I feel it slide down my throat and into my waiting tummy.

So... on my end I am going to start doing a few things to make these changes…

First, I am going to continue searching for the right situation locally with either couples or other Tgirls. I realize that lingerie and clothing as well as bondage, light humiliation and a little bit of f***e are a necessity to lure me out of my shell into playing with others. That might change a little when I’ve had more experience, but I’m trying to be realistic. And when I find myself in a situation with another cock in my mouth (hopefully very soon) I will try and have some more pics taken of me. Way too shy to do it myself. I don’t even own a camera because of that.

Secondly, I’m going to start writing out and posting all of my fantasies. I think about them all of the time. Maybe some of them will never happen, and maybe some of them are over the top. But if I get them out there, then maybe someone will read it and have ideas, or suggestions, or even be able to help me fulfill a particular dream. So please, I beg you readers to give me critiques, ideas and any thoughts that you might have about any of fantasies.

I just bought a dildo today to practice on. I have been sucking on it for the past two hours, and all while I was writing this. I just adore how it feels in my mouth, and it’s not even real. Help me become a total cum slut!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my posts!


Posted by heatherlingerie 4 years ago
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3 years ago
You've just got to dive right in. Jump into the fire, so to speak. My first time I was so nervous and I was about to cancel when the guy showed up at my apt. But the second I had my lips wrapped around his throbbing cock, I knew. I knew that I had waited far too long to suck my first dick. I loved every second of it.
3 years ago
oh yess girlfeind hehehe
3 years ago
I love to practice sucking on my dildo I feel so slutty doing it. I always try to cum on it and then clean it afterwords with my lips. Great post
4 years ago
Hey Heather. If you want any ideas how to beat being shy and lose the fear, i can help. You're helping me out with dresses for my girl so i'd be happy to help you with this. Send me another email and i will give you some key points to losing fear and shyness.