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It's Been Too Long, But I'm Dressed To P

Oh god, where do I start. First off, I've been a good girl for the past month and I've scrimped and saved and have finally allowed myself to buy some pretty little outfits. I was going crazy all the time thinking about the ones that I wanted. So I finally broke down and got some. I've posted some pics of the outfits that I bought. I hope that you take a look and approve;)

I also wanted to thank everyone for the advice in regards to getting an e****t. I thought so long and hard (about things long and hard;)but I ended up not going through with it. I was a little nervous, and I also couldn't afford it. but...I did make some progress I'm happy to announce. I got up the courage and went to a fetish party that I saw online. I was so dolled up, so extremely submissive and shy, totally turned on the entire time but it was wonderful!

I dressed sexy, but not like a total whore, even if I felt like one. I met about 4 or 5 people and two of them I have actually called and had further talk about meeting up soon. It's a couple and the wife is far more dominant than the husband, and she will never suck his cock again. My only reservation is that he seems like he doesn't want to do it. Maybe he just needs to be f***ed?
I think I'm going to meet them and play sometime soon, she loves outfits and would love to show me how to suck his cock. Only if he's been good though, she said. Truth be told ... I can't wait.

Let me know if you have any advice or thoughts!

I'll write soon

Posted by heatherlingerie 4 years ago
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3 years ago
Babe when we get our place we'll throw our own parties and you'll be the center of attention each time. I want to do some bukkake shoots with you
4 years ago
what were you wearing? Were you ready to give head or just shopping? I would love to meet up with you.