Fantasy Cum True

I have always had a "thing" for she-males, but growing up where I have and hanging with the crowd I hung with, it was taboo to express this thought. I used to go home d***k and pull up shemale sex videos on my computer after hanging with the fellas and I would be so horny watching these creatures that looked like women, with curves and all, but nice juicy cocks to go along with it. I would often fantasize about an abrupt meeting with a shemale and for whatever reason, we would talk and become cool. In my fantasies i knew what I was meeting and wanted it. We would talk and everyone around us did not know that my woman had a 8 inch secret that would probably put them to shame. Anyway, after eating and talking, she invited me home with her and of course I accepted. When we got to her place, she treated me like a king, anything I wanted, she catered. She was everything a man could ask for in a woman. Finally, we were d***k and I now had the courage to make a move on her, but she beat me to it. As i tried to kiss her, she pushed me on my back and sat on my chest, I looked in her eyes surprised and next thing i knew, I was chewing on dick. Felt strange to have a dick in my mouth and I didn't know what to do at first, but my girl whispered me to relax and think about the head I received in my life and to follow suit. I did and she assured me I was doing fine. I would bob my head up down along her shaft, choking at times, but continuing. Then she pulled her throbbing cock from my mouth and told me to lick it, "lick it like an ice cream cone" which I went to with my eyes closed, visualizing an ice cream cone. I was slurping, sucking, swallowing licking, slurping, swallowing licking, etc. she told me I was a natural and grabbed my ears and in one motion she froze with my mouth around her cock and she yelled "oh my frickin God". All I knew was my mouth began to fill so I swallowed and she kept gushing and i kept swallowing until her moans turned to shrieks. I never thought I would enjoy the taste of semen from a dick going into my mouth and down my throat, I wanted more, but of course I had to wait, so I thought. This treat of mine knew I was turned on so she turned me over onto my chest and licked my ass hole until i practically came, at this point, she climb under me and sucked the cum out of my dick, all of it...while I lay there mesmerized, she climbed on top of me and gave me a french kiss full of my own come into my mouth and down my throat. I thought it a little weird to swallow my own cum, but it was weird to suck a cock not to long earlier. That was the end of my fantasy, stay tuned for how and when it became reality.
40% (6/10)
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2 months ago
Dreams can cum true :)
3 months ago
that does sound good
3 months ago
That is beautiful!
2 years ago
Great story...I think may of us have had the same fantasy
2 years ago
I also want a lady to cum in my mouth!