Sometimes, Group Sex Just Happens (Pt1)

My husband, Greg, and I had struggled for years trying to manage our weight but we finally managed to find a program we could both follow and 2 years ago we reached our respective goal weights. We decided that if after one year we managed to maintain that weight we'd treat ourselves to a cruise. 16 months later, off we went for seven days in the Caribbean.

It never bothered my husband much but I was always very self-conscious about what swimwear I would be seen in public in. For this cruise though I decided to show off my new figure with a tasteful two-piece suit. I hadn't shown it to Greg until we were onboard and his eyes about popped out of his head when he saw it. Our sex life had taken a definite upward turn as the weight came off but every day aboard the ship we ended up fucking at least twice a day, every morning before breakfast (I love morning sex - it's the best way to start the day!) and again in the afternoon or at bedtime. Not many couples in their 40's can make that claim!

We were on our way back to the ship after a day stop in port following another couple who were about our age when the lady fell on the dock. Greg rushed up to help out which they much appreciated, turns out she had rolled her ankle on the cracked concrete and after a few minutes was able to make her way gingerly back to the gangway. The gangway was a bit steep however so her husband got on one side of her and mine got on the other and they both helped her up while I carried their shopping bags. Once on board she turned to us and thanked us for our help, giving us both a hug and Greg a kiss on the cheek. We chatted on the way up in the elevator and decided that we'd meet in one of the clubs after dinner for drinks and dancing.

Greg and I fucked again before dinner and at about 8 o'clock, we entered the club, the dance floor was already crowded and the music was cranked up. We saw our new friends at a table and made our way over. Hugs were exchanged again and once we got some drinks. Our friends (I'll call them Adam and Eve) got up to dance. After a few minutes we followed suit and we ended up dancing next to each other. After a couple song we all sat down and tried to chat but the music was too loud for much conversation so we soon gave it up as a lost cause. Then Adam asked me to dance, I looked at Greg, he me a thumbs up and off I went. Adam and I weren't on the floor for very long when we were joined by Greg and Eve. The music slowed and we continued dancing with each other's partners. Adam and I were able to make some small talk when we were cheek to cheek and as I looked over at Greg and Eve, it appeared they were doing the same. Soon the song ended and I gave Adam a squeeze and a peck on the cheek. As we turned to go back to our table I saw Eve's lips just leaving Greg's after what appeared to me to be more than just a thank you kiss. We stayed in the club for about another hour when Adam suggested that we go somewhere quieter so we could talk and get to know each other better. We finished up our drinks and left, heading back to our cabin. On the way there I noticed that Eve and Greg were taking every opportunity to touch each other and Adam's fingers would linger on my shoulder or arm every time we shared a joke.

As Greg fumbled with the door key, Adam said to me quietly, "I think Eve likes your husband. I know I sure like you."

"We like you guys too," I replied, naively. "You're lots of fun and we hope we can stay friends after the cruise is over."

Greg got the door open and we went inside. I got some beers from the fridge and when I turned around Greg was seated on the sofa with Eve while Adam had taken up residence on the love seat across from them. We talked about ourselves, work, f****y and eventually the conversation turned to our success at getting and keeping our weight under control.

"Whatever you guys did," Eve said as she rubbed Greg's shoulder, "It sure worked!"

"It did indeed," said Adam as he put his hand on my knee.

It was then I finally clued in to what was happening and I looked at Greg, "Finally figured it out have you?” he said, "Would you guys excuse us for just a sec?" and he reached out took my hand and led me through the sliding doors to the balcony.

"So what do you think?" he asked me. We had occasionally watched group sex porn in the past and often said that if the chance ever came up that maybe we'd give it a go.

"Well, now's our chance to scratch one off the bucket list. If we don't do this now, we never will," I answered. My crotch was becoming warm and wet in anticipation of some experimental sex and I could see the tent in Greg's pants. "Let's go see what happens!" We went back inside and I took my seat back beside Adam and Greg sat back down next to Eve.

"This is obviously your first time at this, we've done it a couple of times so let's lay down some ground rules," said Eve, running her hand up Greg's leg, her fingers resting just below his crotch. "First, a safe word. We can't use 'Stop' because I often say 'Don't Stop' during sex and we don't want any confusion. So we have to come up with a word that would almost never come up."
"Football." said my husband. "I can't see any of us saying that accidentally."
"Football it is," said Eve. "Now, if either of you feel even the least bit uncomfortable, just say the safe word and everything stops immediately. We all have to agree if we're going to trust each other, agreed?" I looked at Greg and we both nodded at the same time. "Excellent," said Eve smiling, "Now do either have any hang-ups about bi-sexuality?"

"I know Greg isn't interested for himself but I also know that he'd love to see me with another woman," I offered. "It's not something I've ever thought much about for me but I'm game Eve, if you are."

Eve smiled back at me and growled, "I think you'll find I'm game for just about anything sweetie!"

Adam said, "Good. I had a go with a man we had a threesome with once and it didn't anything for me either. Last thing; are there any diseases or conditions we need to know about? Eve and I both prefer bareback but we'll use condoms if that's what you guys want."

My own orgasms are often timed with Greg's hot come shot inside me so I said quickly, "Bareback sounds good to me!"

Greg's eyes opened wide and he whispered, "Are you sure? There are no do-overs on that one."

"Yes Greg, I'm sure." I said firmly as reached over and squeezed Adam's cock. "Is there anything else? If not, let's do this before Greg here loses his nerve!" Just talking about sex turns me on and once we had decided to try this foursome thing I was eager to get at it.

Eve reached up and started undoing the buttons on Greg's shirt and whispered, "No, that about it." She turned towards my husband of nearly 20 years and started kissing him deeply. I could see her working her tongue between his lips and soon he was getting into it too.

Adam started rubbing my breasts through my dress and he whispered, "Wow, no bra! Nice!" I turned to him and looked into his face as I ran my tongue across my lips and said softly, "That's not the only surprise in store." As Adam and I started kissing and feeling up each other's bodies I could feel my wetness increasing. Our kiss broke and I glanced over at Greg who had Eve’s breasts out of her top and was licking and sucking on her nipples. Eve was straddling Greg’s hips and grinding her pelvis into his slowly rocking back and forth.
I turned my attention back to Adam and said, “Oh wow that is so hot. Watching the real thing is way better than porn!”

“That’s for sure,” he replied, “You want to watch them for a while?” He placed his hands on my hips and guided me around so I was straddling is hips facing Eve and Adam across from us. “There,” he said, “You watch and I’ll see if I can distract you.” His hands moved to my breasts, kneading them softy. After a few moments he started sliding my dress up exposing my belly, then my breasts so he could massage them directly. I took his right hand in mine and slid it down over my tummy, guiding his fingers over my thong and pressing them into my pussy. He pushed my thong aside and began sliding his fingers around my labia. The first time he brushed my clit I inhaled sharply and pushed my hips forward, wanting him to concentrate on it. My eyes had been closed but I opened them when I heard a soft slap, only to see Eve pushing Greg’s pants down, his cock flicking out of the waistband and slapping against his belly. She looked over her shoulder at me, raised one eyebrow and licked her lips. I just nodded and watched this beautiful woman open her mouth and slide her lips down over my husband’s cock where my own lips had been just hours before. Greg reached down and began sliding Eve’s dress up over her body exposing her well-tanned back and ass with not a tan-line to be seen. I leaned back and whispered to Adam, “Your wife is very beautiful. She has a great ass and it looks like she gives great head.”

“She does have a nice ass, and yes, she is an excellent cocksucker,” he replied, “What about you, are you a good cocksucker?” Greg and I hardly ever talk during sex, I’m too busy moaning and screaming to say much. His vulgarity only served to turn me on even more.

“Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that later but first, would you mind eating my pussy while I watch my husband get his cock sucked?” I said more loudly making sure that Greg could hear me. As Adam lifted me up by the waist I was surprised at how strong yet gentle he was. He turned me around and sat me on the sofa with my ass just on the edge so he could have easy access to my snatch. He knelt down between my lags, pulled of te tiny scrap of satin that was posing as my underwear and spread my lips with his fingers. I was watching Eve expertly suck Greg’s cock, so intent that I nearly jumped off the sofa when Adam’s tongue flicked across my slit and his mouth settle on my clit. Eventually I could no longer concentrate on the action across from me and I laid my head back and savored what Adam was doing to my pussy. After I few minutes of his lips, tongue and fingers probing, licking and sucking on me, I could feel my orgasm begin to build. I placed my hand on his head and pulling lightly on is hair, pulled him up towards my face so could kiss and lick my juices from his mouth and fingers. I then pushed him up so he was standing and finally undid his belt and slacks and slid them to the floor. His cock was now rock hard and a little bead of pre-come sat right at the tip which I licked off. His cock is not as long as Greg’s but it is thicker and is circumcised. I had never had a cut cock before and I licked my lips hungrily before looking up at Adam and sliding my mouth down over the head, going all the way until my nose touched his trimmed pubic hair. Greg then said to Adam, “Dude you are in for a treat, my wife can deep-throat like a porn starlet.”

“No shit!” groaned Adam, as I began to suck on his cock like it was the best tasting thing in the world (well, it did taste pretty good!). After about 5 minutes of my working his hardness in and out of my lips, Adam reached down and pulled up on my hands, lifting me into a standing position. “You like 69?” he whispered as he flicked his tongue across my earlobe.

“Hmm-hmm,” I answered.

“You two will have to excuse us,” he said to Greg and Eve, “We are going to the bed to have a 69. You just can’t do that on a love seat and we’re too old to be fucking on the floor when there’s a perfectly good king size bed nearby.” He led me by the hand to the chamber and we climbed onto the bed. “Let’s stay to one side,” he said, “If I know Eve, they’ll be in here with us in a minute.” He laid down on his back and I straddled his head with my knees. He reached up and pulled down lightly on my hips to move my now soaked cunt down onto his waiting mouth. I put his cock back into my mouth and we both began sucking noisily on each other. After a few minutes I stopped, pausing to stroke him with my hand. “You not want me to come in your mouth?” he asked.

“Just let me know when you’re going to come,” I answered, “We’ll see what happens.”

I placed my lips back on his glans and began slowly working him in and out the way I do when I want to make Greg come. Just then I felt the bed move as Greg and Eve climbed in beside us.

“You gonna swallow his come, baby?” Greg asked breathlessly.

“Maybe,” I panted, “Why, you want to watch?”

“Oh Yeah,” he growled.

“Me too,” whispered Eve. I kept sucking Adam’s cock for all it was worth, caressing his balls with one hand when I felt two different pairs of hands begin to rub my body, Greg’s large rough hands and Eve’s softer smaller ones reaching between Adam and I to rub my breasts and nipples, both of them were running their hands down my flanks and around my ass. I felt one of Eve’s slim fingers started to probe around my pussy, eventually slipping one, then two inside me as her husband ate my cunt. Greg was holding my hair up so he could get a good view of Adam’s cock sliding along my lips. A few more strokes and Adam groaned and I felt his nuts twitch.

“Now!” he moaned and I made my decision. I pushed my mouth onto him to slip his cock into my throat as his come burst out. I gagged a little just once but kept my mouth on him, milking his shaft with my tongue. Adam had sort of lost his place as he came so I pushed my hips down onto his to prompt him to start licking me again. I had been so close to orgasm before he stopped it would only be a matter of seconds before I came as well. His lips and Eve’s fingers soon had me ready and I reached over and kissed my husband as I came, leaking fluid onto Adam’s mouth and Eve’s fingers. My orgasm came in waves until finally I was spent.

I looked at my husband and whispered, “It’s been a long time since I came that hard, baby. We should have done this years ago!” I rolled off of Adam and Greg pulled me close to him and held me tight.

“If I had known you would do this, we would have!” he said. We both looked at Adam and Eve who were watching us, smiling. “Looks like we have a couple of converts,” laughed Adam.

“I think so,” replied Eve, “But I’m not finished converting Greg yet!” she exclaimed as she reached for his still hard cock. “Excuse me dear, you’ve had your first orgasm but Greg and I haven’t. I’m going to fuck your husband while you watch!”

“You mean he hasn’t come yet? He never lasts this long with me!” I cried.

“When was the last time we fucked three times in one day?” he answered. He kissed me again and said, “Excuse me, I have pussy waiting.”

“You always have pussy waiting sweetheart if you only had brains enough to take advantage of it! Well, if you must, off you go!” I giggled and pushed him towards Eve. He turned to her and pushed her back onto the bed and dove between her legs. Eve wrapped her legs around his shoulders and ground her hips upwards to meet Greg’s mouth.

Adam sat up and pulled me towards him. I settled cross-legged between his thighs, my back to him so we could both watch the live porn show in front of us. I laced the fingers of my right hand with his and moved them both between my legs so we could both rub my pussy while his left hand found my breasts. After eating Eve’s pussy for a few minutes, Greg moved up between her legs and positioned his cock head at her lips, not yet entering her.

“What are you waiting for?” moaned Eve loudly.

“He wants you to ask for it,” I whispered. “Go ahead, ask him to fuck you, ask him to put his cock in you.” This was something Greg did to me often when he has me worked up to the point I can’t wait any longer.

“Oh come on Greg,” Eve whispered into his ear, “Put your hard cock in me. Drive it in, hard. Fuck me till you turn me inside out,” she cried as she reached down and grabbed Greg’s ass to try and pull him into her. I climbed over, placed my lips beside Greg’s ear, placed my hips behind his ass and whispered, “Yeah, c’mon Greg, put your cock in her, fuck her hard, baby!” and I pushed my hips forward, pushing Greg’s cock into Eve’s waiting quim to the hilt. I moved back and snuggled into Adam, resuming our position and whispered to him, “Sometimes, he likes to think he’s a big stud with women begging to be serviced by his monster. I let him live that fantasy and end up getting fucked better in the end.” I felt Adam stiffen into my backside and I pushed my bum against him. “What about you, are you ready for another round?”

“Almost,” he said softly, “Let’s just watch for a bit.” I pushed his hand into my wet folds and said, “Don’t wait too long or I’ll start without you.” Adam nuzzled his lips against my neck and nibbled my earlobe as we watched our spouses screw each other. Eve’s ass was being pounded into the mattress under Greg’s driving hips and I whispered, “Oh Adam, please fuck me like that. Please Adam, fuck me hard and fuck me now!” I begged. I learned in high school the power a woman can have over a man by making him feel strong and virile, and how that power can be used to manipulate a man into giving a woman anything she wants. Right then I wanted Adam to fuck me, hard. I moved forward on my elbows and knees and stuck my ass up in the air, presenting my cunt to Adam so he couldn’t resist. He moved up behind me and I reached back and placed the tip of his cock against my soaking wet opening. “Come on Adam, PLEASE!” I begged and he finally filled my pussy with his nice thick cock. Eve had pushed Greg’s head aside so she could watch me fuck her husband so I said, “Never mind us, you’ve already watched us, now it’s our turn to watch you!” Adam reached around and began massaging my clit as Eve mashed her lips against Greg’s and started moaning in time with his pounding. After a few minutes the guys had almost synchronized their thrusts so that Eve would moan and as Greg was pulling back for another thrust, Adam would pound into me and I would groan. Pretty soon, our moans and groans grew into soft cries and then louder till we were almost screaming in syncopation. I knew Greg was close to unloading into Eve when he sat back on his haunches and started pulling Eve’s hips back into him so his cock would rub on her G-Spot as he thrust into her.

“I think I’m going to see my first up close cream pie,” I whispered to Adam. “His come is gonna start oozing out of Eve’s pussy any second!” Adam just murmured and continued driving his dick in and out of my pussy. Just a few strokes later Greg stiffened and we watched his ass cheeks clench as he dumped his load into Eve’s snatch. Eve let out a long low moan as her orgasm peaked along with Greg’s. Greg started thrusting again and sure enough, every time his cock came out his come started leaking along his shaft, clinging Eve’s curly blonde pubic hair and running down Eve’s ass. Just watching them fuck put me over the edge and I had my fourth and best orgasm of the day. I pushed myself back, impaling myself on Adam’s cock as he filled my pussy with hot sperm. We all lay there for a few minutes as the men’s cocks began to soften, one then the other slipped out of mine an Eve’s pussies. Adam and I moved up beside Greg and Eve and we all snuggled up together. I kissed Adam, then Eve and finally Greg as my orgasm faded.

“Many firsts today,” I said, “my first foursome, my first new cock in over 20 years, my first girlie kiss, the first time I watched two people fuck right in front of me and the first time I came four times in one day.”

Eve reached over and kissed me again and said, “We’re glad to help and believe me we enjoyed at much as you did, didn’t we honey.”

“Yeah we did. Watching your husband screw my wife is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a very long time!” said Adam and we all collapsed on the bed laughing.
We lay together, arms and legs intertwined for a few more minutes, each couple slowly drawing towards their own partners. Greg’s fingers swept my hair away from my face as I ran mine down his jaw line. I could feel Adam’s come running down my thigh so I said, “Excuse me, I have semen running down my thigh!” and I got up to go to the washroom.

Eve burst out laughing and cried out, “Me too! Wait up!” and she got up to follow me. I stepped into the shower for a quick wash and just as I got the water adjusted I felt Eve slide in beside me. I took the shower head and rinsed myself down and then passed it Eve.

“Thanks,” she said and he rinsed her body. This was the first time I had ever been this close to a naked woman and I found I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. She handed the shower head back for me to put in its holder. I hung it up and reached for my shower gel but instead of squirting some into my hand, I deposited a large dollop onto Eve’s shoulders and chest. I put the bottle back on the ledge and reached to lather her body. After soaping her shoulders, I moved my hands down to begin lathering her breasts. Eve picked up the bottle and put a large amount in her palm before lathering my shoulders and chest. I caught a movement by the door and noticed that the guys were both standing there wrapped in towels watching Eve and I wash each other.

I looked at Eve and said, “Y’know what, I’m not sure about this right now, not sure I want those two ogling us. How about we just get cleaned up for now?”

“Okay,” she said, “I sure don’t want to push you into anything you’re not ready for. How about we meet for breakfast and if you like we can talk about it then.”

“Okay,” I answered, “Thanks” I reached in and kissed Eve lightly in the lips, then looked at the guys, “Sorry guys no show tonight,” they both made mock frowns and turned away. Eve and I washed each other’s backs and I turned off the shower.

After we dried off we both put on robes and went out to where the guys were sitting. We sat down with our own spouses and Greg said, “Well, now what? I can see this part being awkward.”

“Doesn’t have to be,” said Adam. “The thing is you can’t get hung up on what just happened. We had uninhibited, fantasy sex, that’s all. There’s no romantic attachment, it’s just new friends who put their petty jealousies aside for a couple hours. Very liberating in my opinion.”

“Really,” I said, “It’s kind of hard getting jealous of your husband screwing another woman when you’re getting your own brains fucked out!” We all laughed again and Eve spoke up.

“You know, we have one more night on the cruise, how about we go for dinner tomorrow night and see what happens. That way you two can talk about what went on tonight and see how you feel about it after a good night’s sl**p.”

Greg and I looked at each other and nodded, “Sounds like a plan,” he said and with that, our new friends got up and said they were going to head back to their own cabin. Hugs and kisses were exchanged and they left. It wasn’t a minute after they left that there was a knock at the door. I went to answer and it was Eve.

“I left my purse – accidentally on purpose. I wanted to ask you if you’d like to have a girls’ day at the spa?”

“That sounds awesome!” I replied. “What time you want to meet for breakfast?”

“8 o’clock OK?” she asked.

“It’s a date!” I exclaimed and I gave Eve her purse and kissed her goodnight. Greg was in the washroom getting ready for bed and he asked, “Who was that at the door?”

“Eve forgot her purse.” I answered. “She wanted to know if I wanted to go to the spa with her tomorrow. I said sure, unless you have something else planned.”
“Nope no big plans for tomorrow, thought we might just spend the afternoon around the pool.” he said.

“OK then.” I said as I slipped off my robe and headed to the bedroom. I normally wear a nightie to bed but tonight just wanted to be naked next to Greg. He got into bed a few minutes later and we just laid there looking at each other for a bit. Finally I took a deep breath and said, “So what do you think about tonight?”

“Well,” he sighed, “I’m not going to rate performances but if you had told me this morning that we would end up having a foursome with a couple we just met, I’d have said you were nuts. I know we talked about it before but I never really thought I would ever have sex with anyone other than you ever, but I have to say I was surprised how easy it was to get into it. I was beginning to think you were never going to pick up on the subtle hints they were both dropping but you finally clued in.”

“Yeah, I was a little slow catching on.” I laughed. “I wasn’t really sure how things would go but those guys were great the way they sort of led things along. One thing’s for sure; I have no regrets, not yet anyways. Like Eve said, maybe we’ll feel different in the morning, we’ll see. So if they want to have another orgy tomorrow night, what do you think?”

“Sounds good right now, we’ll see tomorrow night,” said Greg as he pulled me in close for a nice toe-curling kiss. I reached down to stroke his cock and he said, “Y’know what, I’m a little tender down there, three times in one day might be my limit.”

“Oh, that’s right; I got an extra fuck today, didn’t I?” I giggled, “Good for me!”

“Good for me too!” Greg growled, “I got to watch! Maybe if things work out, we’ll get to watch some more tomorrow night!”

“Either way, we’re going to continue our twice a day schedule till this ship docks!” I answered, “Fair warning mister, I have set the alarm for 7 so I can have your cock for breakfast!”

“Why set the alarm?” he asked.

“I’m meeting Eve for breakfast at 8 and I want to have lots of time before I go. You can go back to sl**p after you satisfy my morning carnal desires!” I replied with a sinful smile and snuggled into his chest. A few minutes later our breathing slowed and I drifted off.

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Excellent Story
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Great story, thanks
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hot times indeed:)
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