my cousin the cocksucker pt 2

she told me that she told her bf that she caught my gf giving me head. she said "he was so friggin turned on by it he just pulls his cock out and begs for head right then and there" since me and her are so close, we pretty much share everything. i asked if she did "no cause i never gave head before" i was so little surprised, but i didnt care. to be honest, there was always a little bit of a sexual attraction between us. "why dont you give it a little practice?" "can i practice on you?" i wanted to drop my pants right there, but i didnt want to seem desperate. i got up, walked into my bedroom, and closed the door. about an hour later, she walks in, sits next to me, slowly rubs my cock under my pants. within a few minutes she has my dick in her mouth. 45 minutes later, i blow the biggest load in her mouth, and she swallows all of it, saying she loves sucking dick and swallowing cum.
i "trained" her on how to give head for the next week, until her bf came home. ( finish next page)
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4 years ago
u should deff write more dont leave us hanging all the time! good story
4 years ago
Another good entry! Can't wait to hear about other hot stuff between you and sis!
4 years ago
more details please
4 years ago
keep going lad. did you get to ass fuck her?