my cuz the cocksucker

about a year ago, me, my cousin, her bf, and my gf got an apartment together. it was common for all of us to be seen together cause we were always hanging out with eachother. me and my cuz were always close growing up, since we are only 2 years apart. whemn we all got the apartment, we set up "basic rules": do your own dishes, lock bedroom doors when getting it on, etc.
one day, i was sick, so my gf came home from work early to help me feel better. my cuz and her bf were working til 7 that night, so w didnt bother locking any doors. well, to help me feel better, my gf decides to give me an AMAZING blowjob. shes on her knees sucking away at my 8 " cock, when my cousin walks in the door. needless to say, red-faces all around.
a month later, her bf went to Maine for a f****y reunion. my gf went to stay at her grandparents place cause we were having problems (typically).
tuesday of that week, my cousin came home from work. i was watching tv. we started talking about her bf and my gf. ( finish next page)
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4 years ago
what a cliff hanger lol
4 years ago
Looking forward to more!! Love cousin stories!