steps****r caught in the act 1

When I was 13, my dad married a woman, who granted she was wicked nice, and was very attractive, she had an absolute cunt of a daughter named Stacy. Stacy was also 13, but only 2 months younger than me. Needless to say, we NEVER saw eye to eye. Several times it came to getting in eachothers faces, threatening eachother.....but that's regular "sibling" rivalry I guess.
When we were 16, my best friend Adam talked to me about Stacy, asking regular questions like "how old is she?", "does she have a boyfriend", etc. At that time, I didn't give a shit about her, so I told him straight out to fuck her if he wants.
Well they dated only for 2 months, only cause she treated him like crap. Even Adam said she was a cunt to him. Granted I warned him about her, but he didn't want to listen. Maybe it as cause of me. I dunno.
About 6 months later, she brings home this k** she had been seeing for about a month. Her attitude had changed, but as far as I was concerned, she was still a waste of a human life. One night, I was sitting in my room watcing a movie, when I could hear those 2 making out and shit, so, me being the older "b*****r" I was to her, I decided to put a stop to it. When I started to open her door, she was on her knees, with this k**s dick straight in her mouth. I couldn't help but watch her blowing this k**. She had amazing skills too. I know that she was considered my s****r, but we weren't bl**d related, so it was a loophole I was more than willing to use to the end.
After blowing him for what seemed like 10 minutes, she took her pants off and he bent her over and started fucking her......not in her pussy, but in her ass. I was amazed! I never knew a girl like her could be such a freak!
The next day, I talked to her and told her that I saw her and her boyfriend.
Embarresd as all hell, she wanted me out of her room, which I obliged.
She called him up an hour or so later, they argue, and she hung up the phone pissed and upset.
I decided to be the shoulder to cry on, and try and talk to her. She told me that she confessed to her boyfriend that she was turned on by me watching. He thought it was nuts and gross, me being a step b*****r and all, but she wasn't bothered by it like me.
I asked her why she had f***ed me out of her room if she was turned on by it. She replied "cause I was a little embarresed, but now I'm not"
Later that night, I was getting ready for bed, under the covers, when she comes in, wearing these sexy booty shorts, a pink tank top, white sneakers, and her hair in a ponytail. Without saying a word, she pulls back the covers, grabs my cock and starts giving me the most amazing blowjob I have ever gotten in my life. Slow, deep, I could feel her pulse in her throat everytime she deepthroated me......absolutly unreal. I busted the biggest fucking nut in her mouth that night.
After I was finished, I pulled her shorts down an ate her fresh-shaven pussy until she was screaming and begging me to stop.
Not surprisingly, we kept us a secret for about 6 months, when out parents decided to divorce.
She wound up moving with her mother to NY (I'm from Boston).
She wound up marrying a nice guy after a few years, but ill never forget the few months we were together
89% (48/6)
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i would go fine her maybe do her a gain
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hot story
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Lucky man.