My little Asian slut Ming

What I'm going to relate happened over a time of about six weeks. It started one Saturday when I was at the market shopping for some food.

It was bright and beautiful warm Saturday when I awakened in my upscale 5 bedroom home to the early morning sounds of birds chirping and somewhere off in the distance the sounds of a high flying jet overhead.

"Fuck!" I thought as I woke up with a typical American rock hard cock. Almost 7 inches of thick prime fuck stick and nothing to use it on. My last girlfriend had gotten too uhhh lets just say 'needy' as in the ring and wedding dress shit way and I'm not into that. I'm into pussy when and how I want it and that's about it. Maybe someday I'll find the 'girl of my dreams'.... NAH! Who the fuck am I k**ding. I love pussy! I love a lot of it and I most especially like my women to be submissive and accommodating. That can be a real challenge with me. I'm a fucking dog.

I sl**p in the nude so when I pushed the covers back and walked to the bathroom for that first, deeply satisfying piss of the day I got to thinking about how it sucked to not have a peace of pussy just waiting for me. Well...fuck it! Some other day.

The day's chores lay before me. Mowing, wash the car (maybe), do some shopping. Shopping you say? Well yeah fucktards! I'm a hell of a cook as well as being good looking, hung like a god damn mule and very well paid on the job. I want for nothing! If I want something I get it. If that's a car, a boat, plane....another mans wife...I get EXACTLY what I want 100% of the time. I have this almost 6th sense in being able to read people. I can't explain it, I just use it like a powerful skill set and so far it's been very, very good to me.

So on that particular Saturday about four in the afternoon I went to market to pick up some steaks to cook on the grill the next night. I'd invited my friend Tom and his wife Christy over for a cook out. Tom didn't know it, but Christy and I had a 'thing' a couple years ago and off and on since. Let me tell you, that woman can suck a cock like none other! No wonder Tom has a perpetual smile on his face. I also know, thanks to Christy, that Tom is not especially well endowed....and my girl Christy just LOVES a big, thick cock.

Oh shit where was I? (Got distracted thinking about Christy's amazing tits!) Oh right, my little Asian slut. Now I remember.

I was in the local grocery store and was almost finished with my shopping when I spotted this petite little Asian girl looking over the lettuce and cucumbers. That fucking 6th sense thing kicked in and for some unexplainable reason, I just knew I wanted to fuck her little body! Pretty damn bold huh? Like I said, I pretty much always get what I want! Here goes!

Anyway, I kept close watch on her as she looked over the produce and it appeared she was alone. That surprised me. A hot little Asian cock magnet like that out on her own. Didn't really matter though. I would have taken her anyway.

So after watching her a couple minutes and getting more than a couple quick glances up her skirt at that tight little ass as she leaned over I decided to introduce myself. I walked up next to her. Towering over her as I did, she had to look up to me to make eye contact.

'Hi. Looks to me like you need some help' I said.

'No. I don't need help.' she said, in a low demure voice and dropped her eyes. Her clearly being submissive really kicked it into overdrive.

'I said you need help and I'm here to help. What are you shopping for?' I smiled at her, but all the while my senses were on full alert.

'I cook for my friend tonight. She American like you and I don't know how to cook for her.'

'Well, for starters, what's your name? I'm Sam, and it's my pleasure to meet you!' I offered my hand to shake hers. Slowly she extended her right hand to mine. I gripped it firmly and pulled her closer.

As I pulled her into me I said, 'Actually, I'm going to call you Ming. From now on you are Ming. Do you understand?' Her dark eyes averted mine and looked from one place to another. She seemed slightly alarmed but totally submissive, just as I knew she would be.

'Yes. Now you can call me Ming.' Her small face raised to mine. I cupped my hand behind her neck and gently massaged it. She almost collapsed into my arms and purred a gentle moan.

'You are my China doll. My desire. I will treat you like a Princess. I will pay all the bills. I will feed you, clothe you and provide you everything you need. You're also going to be my little China girl and I will use you any way I want to. And you will never complain. I own your beautiful little Asian ass!'

'Yes Sam'. Her breathing was faster and her chest heaved. Her complexion changed and her flawless face and skin darkened.

'Okay. Call your friend and tell her you're not feeling well and tell her you'll reschedule a dinner date. Okay?'


I glanced around then and noticed a couple of guys were standing off to one side. I didn't give a shit who was there! I pulled Ming's little body into mine and quickly slid my hand down her flat tummy and right into her panties. I felt a thin layer of hair on her pussy as my fingers quickly found her moist slit. Roughly I pushed my first two fingers inside her slick wet pussy. She moaned quite loud and her knees almost gave out.

'God damn Ming!' I said a little too loud. 'Your pussy is so fucking wet I might fuck you right her and right now.'

Before she could say a word, the two guys I'd noticed before started snickering and laughing.

The tall one said, 'Don't talk about it dude! Fuck the bitch! Plow that cunt and make it hurt!'

I looked at him and said, laughing, 'Hey watch your fucking mouth asshole.' Continuing, 'This is Ming. She's the hottest piece of Chinese pussy around. So what do you think? Would you fuck her?'

'Yeah I might but shit dude look at her. So submissive and so in need a strong man to service her nasty slag ass cunt.'

'I think you're right.' And then I continued. 'I'm going to take her home and I'm going to give her the deepest, hardest fuck she's ever had and I'm going to leave her little cunt dripping my sperm. And then I'm going to dress her up like a tiny little Asian hooker slut and take her out to the best place in town before taking her home and fucking her stupid again.'

Clearly he was shocked by what he heard. 'So where...'

'I'm taking her to 56 Club down on Everest Street. If you're game...see you there. You might get lucky!'

A few minutes later I drove into my driveway and said, 'Home sweet home. Get out.'

Without saying a word she unbuckled her seatbelt and slid out the door. I walked around to the passenger side of the car and took by the hand. 'Want to go inside?'

'Yes'. A coy smile formed at the corners of her mouth as she gently gripped my hand. I led her through the garage into the kitchen.

Once inside, I put the items from the store down on the large granite island top. I turned to face Ming, whose real name is Lynn by the way, and motioned for her to walk over to me.

I pulled her close and tight. She did not resist but seemed to melt into me. Her tiny arms circling my waist, she gently hugged me back. 'I knew from the instant I say you that you crave to be dominated. Am I right?'

'Yes. I do.'

I relaxed my hold on her and pressed down on her shoulders. In an instant she was on her knees looking up at me with a surprised look on her face. I took her hands and brought them to my now much hardened cock still held tight inside my jeans. 'Take it out.'

Without uttering a word she slowly unbuckled my belt and jeans and pulled the zipper down. Her tiny hand disappeared inside and withdrew my thick 7+ inches of cut man flesh. I pressed two fingers to her mouth and she greedily sucked them in, lapping them with her moist tongue as her hands massaged my cock shaft and gently explored the ridges of my thick head.

'I want you lick my cock all up and down and suck my balls.'


'NOW!' I took my cock and began to rub it all over her face and neck. I rubbed the ruby head over her eyes and ears. She couldn't resist, her breathing tempo increased noticeably. She began to lap at my thickness with extreme passion, her tongue working up and down and all around. I let her pleasure me for many long minutes during which I worked out of my clothes. I reached down and pullet her top over her head exposing a dark blue bra. I unclasped the bra and it fell from her shoulders easily as her hands and arms worked on my cock.

'Stand up. Let me look at your tits.' She complied. I leaned down then and gave each hard nipple a firm suck and pinch. 'I'm going to love pinching and slapping your little tits while I fuck you.' Pausing for a second, I said, 'Would you like that?'

A small little purr slipped from somewhere inside her. I knew I'd found her weakness!

I pushed her down again and fed my now rock hard cock into her mouth. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her hard onto my cock as I rhythmically thrust it into her throat. She began to gag and pull away. I held her firm and continued to fuck her mouth. Soon my meat was wet with saliva and with every thrust it seemed to slide deeper and deeper down her throat. I couldn't believe it! This petite little cock sucker could take it!

I timed my thrusts then to give her time to breathe and would then drive hard into her. She seemed to 'bottom out' at about the 5 inch mark. I could just begin to get that amazing tingle at the base of my spine telling me that soon my seed would blast free from my cock. 'We're going to work on this Ming. You will be able to swallow my entire cock, right the balls!' I continued to pump her.

I then picked her up and turned her toward the cool granite slab, facing away from me. I pressed her back then so she was bent at the waist. I hiked up her short denim skirt then and noticed her rather un sexy white panties. 'No more of these', I snapped as I ripped the right side and pulled them free. 'From now on you wear a thong or nothing at all.' She nodded gently.

I reached around then and my fingers found her pouting pussy lips. Her cunt was already dripping wet in anticipation. I positioned myself behind her, stroking my big cock between her legs, rubbing up against her wet folds.

'Put it in. Feed my big cock into your little cunt.' Without a word she gripped my rod and positioned it just so. I drove hard and over half disappeared inside her on the first try. After letting it soak for a moment I pulled back and drove it home! My cock was buried to the balls inside her tight little cunt on the second stroke. She was so tight I felt like my cock was in a vice. She thrust her narrow hips in time with me as I pistoned in and out.

I reached around and roughly squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. I gently slapped at first one and then the other before continuing to pinch and squeeze. Her pussy was so wet and sloppy by then I could have put my arm inside her.

I held her firmly against the island pulled out to the head before thrusting hard back inside her. Her body bucking and writhing with every stroke.

I knew I was close. One or two more strokes and I'd nut for sure.

I pulled out and spun her around then and pushed her to the floor. I presented my cock to her face, it now covered with her cunt juice and pre cum oozing. 'Open your mouth!' She again complied.

I grabbed my big dick and fed the tip just inside her mouth. Her hand gripped me and starting to pump hard. I could hold back no more! I watched as the first long thick rope of cum launched into the back of her throat. Then another and another! I pulled back slightly and shot another thick wad across her face. Satisfied, I shoved it to the back of her throat as even more sperm found it's mark. She alternately gagged and swallowed, struggling to contain the load.

Thus spent and momentarily satisfied, I finally pulled my slightly softer cock from her mouth and proceeded to wipe the cum off her face with my dick and feed it to her. 'Every drop Ming! Don't waste a drop of my cum. You cum drinking little Asian slut....swallow every last drop!'

Soon, the passion of the moment abated and my cock began to soften. I pulled her up to standing then and with my hand under her chin, I gently raised her face to mine. 'Ming, your body was made for fucking and I plan to do exactly that and much more. Tonight we're going out on the town and I am going to invite several of my buddies to join us. They can be a little rough but I think you can take it. I'm going to tell them you're the cheap entertainment for the night so cum prepared. Do you understand?'

'Thank you Sam!'


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You really posted it!!!! Cant wait to continue reading what happened on 56 Club on Everest Street!!!