Sexy new neighbor Kate - Chapter II

Sexy new neighbor Kate – Chapter II

In the months since I joined Kate in the pool and then in the shower, our visits have become more frequent and more erotic. I have to admit that though she and I are both married and neither of us have any desire to exit our marriages, we are both hungry for each others physical attention. I obsess about her constantly! I daydream about her, I fantasize about her and I can't seem to get her out of my mind. I can't get enough of her!

On those rare occasions when my wife wants to have sex with me, it's like mechanically going through the motions. The heat of passion is no longer there with her. Kate's told me that Mike is showing less and less interest in the bedroom too and much more attention to his career. She let's Mike decide when and whether to have sex and I guess I do the same with my wife now.

I'm not sure 'love' is exactly the right term. I feel that, in a certain way, I love her and I believe she loves me, but our true love and devotion to our respective spouses is quite different than how we feel toward each other. I absolutely want the best for her and if she ever cut it off, I'd be sad about it but I would totally honor and respect her decision. I'm sure she'd return the favor. I guess I feel like the relationship I have with Kate is just about perfect in every way. She has her life, I have mine and we have ours. And ours is one based on physical attraction and a love of passionate sex.

My obsession with Kate's and her body is taking unexpected turns for me. Let me give you an example:

Not long ago, both Mike and my wife were out of town on business at the same time. As I've said before, my wife travels internationally for her job and Mike travels quite a lot as well. So there are any number of days and nights when we're home alone.

Kate and Mike keep a large puppy calendar on a bulletin board on the kitchen wall where they record their various appointments and travel plans. Its an excellent way for them to keep each other informed and up to date....and a way for me to know when Mike is out of the way. I mean to say, when Mike is out of town.

Anyway, I knew that Kate was going to be at home by herself on a particular Saturday night. Mike was away in Europe, Mike Jr. was at a lacrosse camp and Andi was away at school.

It was after dark and I made sure the outside lights behind my house were turned off. I know I mentioned before that my neighborhood is a group of tight knit people and we look out for each other. It would most definitely not be smart for me to be seen sneaking over to her house after dark. So I make damn sure I am quiet, stealthy and aware of my surroundings.

Anyway, on that Saturday night, I quietly went over and tapped gently three times on the glass in her back door. Nothing. I tapped again. Nothing. At this point I thought maybe I should just quietly leave thinking maybe she was on the phone with Mike or she might have a neighbor visiting. I waited for maybe a minute and heard and saw nothing through the door.

I was about to leave when I decided to try the door knob. My hand dropped quietly to the knob and I gave it a very quiet turn. It was unlocked.

I'm not usually one to enter someones home uninvited even Kates'. So rather than enter right off, I cocked my head and listened for any sounds. I could just make out the sweet aroma of a cinnamon candle and the very soft sound of music coming from the back of the house where I knew her bedroom was.

Knowing that Kate should be home alone I decided to have a closer look. Emboldened, I quietly entered the house and very gently pushed the door to. The latch made a gentle click as it snapped home. I stood alone in the darkened room. The sweet scent in the house filled my nostrils and I inhaled deeply through my nose. Eyes closed, I listened intently and inhaled again....this time, I could just make out the faint aroma of Kate’s favorite perfume.

Perfumes are funny things. Any ten women can wear the same one and they all smell different. I guess there's something about body chemistry that makes them react differently with every person. I can also tell you that when Kate dabs a tiny amount of Fendi Palazzo behind her ears and in her cleavage, the combination of rose, orange blossom, pepper and patchouli combine with her natural female hormones to produce one of the most sexual and sensual scents of all time. When I hold her tight and inhale her scent, it's the most intense and erotic thing imaginable. It's a guaranteed cock hardener for me and I am quite certain she craves the aggressive attention she gets when she wears it! It's very basal and sexual...

With her scent lingering in my brain, I think I may have let out a low guttural sound somewhere between a moan and a growl. My manhood immediately swelled.

My head turned then toward the dim light coming out of the bedroom. Just then, Kate sprung out at me from right behind the door from which I'd entered her home! She scared the living shit out of me! When I came in, I had looked to my left and she was standing just within reach in the complete opposite direction. Holy shit! My heart was beating like a god damned jackhammer in my chest!

I turned toward her just in time to catch her as she launched her tiny frame into my arms, wrapping her slender arms around my neck and planting her open mouth onto mine. I hungrily, no greedily kissed her and probed her mouth with my tongue. I kissed her neck and ears and eyes over and over as I consumed her feminine sexual aura! It had the desired effect....I was rock hard and instantly transformed into a totally consuming sexual being! Neither of us spoke. At this point, saying anything was superfluous and would have diminished the moment. Nothing needed to be said. I craved her more than the air I breathe and she gave herself totally over to me.

I held her close and tight. My right arm wrapped around her slender waist, my left hand gently stroking her back, butt and neck. My left hand slid up her gorgeous neck, her hair entwined in my fingers. As my hand glided up and down her back, I could feel the thin straps of her bra. Somehow, even this added to the intensity of the moment. I gently pulled her hair back to give me better access to her neck and chin and chest...her perfume infusing me with her sexuality and an unexplainable sexual urge. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and even if they weren't I would have supported her full weight in my arms with her feet six inches off the floor.

I have no idea how long I held her as we passionately embraced. It could have been a few seconds or a few minutes....or a few hours. When I'm with Kate, and she transforms me into such a state, time is of no consequence. The only thing that matters is the beating of our hearts and complete melding of our bodies and souls. I kissed her, loved her and loved on her, held her, felt her, stroked her and pulled her into me with singularity of purpose. If I could somehow have defied the laws of nature and completely absorbed her into me, or me into her, I would have instantly! My attraction to her, and her hold on me is total.

Eventually, with Kate still wrapped around me I slowly carried her back toward the bedroom, now lit with the light of just one small candle. The dim light was perfect for Kate which is why she had it for us. Kate is a very sensual being...and having the soft glow of the tiny flickering light was very intense for her as well as myself. I carried her into the room and gently lay her on edge of the bed as I lowered myself onto her momentarily. I didn't bother to pull the covers back. She was laying across the bed now, her legs dangled over the edge. I kissed her passionately and still her tongue and mine probed each other.

As I released my hold on her trim body I took note for the first time of what she was wearing. I could scarcely inhale a breath as I took in her simple blue jeans and white button down blouse that had to have cost a fortune if how good they looked on her was any indicator of value. Knowing Kate though, these sexy garments were an everyday over the counter item that fit her beautifully. She didn't need to indulge in high end fancies or fabrics to outshine every other woman out there.

We said nothing as I began to unbutton her blouse to expose her breasts, nestled in a sheer lace bra. My member was aching. I pulled her up slightly and eased the blouse from her shoulders. I then lay her back on the bed and unclasped her belt. I unbuttoned the jeans and slid the short zipper down.

She pushed her hips up for me and pushed the beautiful jeans off her curves, exposing a black thong, sheer and satin in texture. I could so clearly see she was wet there and I loved her for it! I pulled the jeans off her legs with more f***e than I really intended, but with the urgency I now felt. My obsession was being fed....and I was hungry without end!

I dropped to my knees as I pushed her legs apart, giving me easy access to her pussy, which I stroked through the satin fabric. I lowered my face to her where her gentle muskiness infused the tiny thong. I licked at it as I gently pulled it away from her body to slide my fingers inside. Her pussy was soaking wet...and it smelled exquisite! I slid my index finger into her only a tiny bit to feel the slippery wetness that lay within.

I don't really remember doing it, but later Kate told me I simply ripped the thong off her body. I don't doubt her...I know when I'm in that 'place' and I'm completely consumed by her, I say and do things I may not remember....I just know I have to have her!!

I recall standing then and roughly tearing my own clothes from my body. I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders as I lowered myself toward her, my hardened cock now finding her wet slit. With just one massive pump of my hips, my long dick found her depths. I was buried balls deep in her sweet, wet cunt, long stroking inside her, bringing her quickly to her first of several thundering orgasms.

I now know how to bring Kate off, pretty much on demand. I have intimate knowledge of every single curve and fold of her body. I know where and how to touch her and most importantly, when to touch her. Feeling her tight pussy contracting around my thickness while simultaneously getting much softer and wetter is one of my life's pleasures.

Like a man possessed by some ethereal spirit, I continued to pound her tight pussy. I pulled out almost all the way then aggressively drove back into her. Every so often I would press and hold my cock deep inside her and slowly grind my hips into her mound, brushing her tiny pink clitoris in just the right way. It drives her absolutely wild and the sensation to me knowing what I'm doing to her is indescribable.

I must say here and now for all the world to know, loving Kate the way I do and wanting her to have the best of everything, I will never ever do anything that I feel might hurt her the tiniest bit or even give her the slightest bruise. I know how far I can go with her beautiful body to fulfill her desires so pounding her tight pussy with my big cock is well within the limits of what she and I both crave. Every time she moaned or rocked her smooth hips into me as a thrust into her, I became more and more possessed and obsessed with her.

I remember looking down and noticing the tiny little beads of sweat forming on her upper lip and the the salty taste I found as I kissed them away. It was gourmet! A few strands of her dark hair were sticking to her temple area, which I found to quite possibly one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. Resting between her legs, I gently wiped the sweat away and smoothed her hair. She never opened her eyes or seemed to notice, focusing as she was on rocking her hips in perfect time with mine to allow me the greatest depth.

I gently pulled out and motioned for her to move over onto the bed and stretch out fully on it, which she did without making a sound. I reached up and pulled one of the pillows from under the spread as I slid my hand gently under her butt to help lift her hips off the bed. I quickly placed the pillow under her as she relaxed onto it. The pillow slightly elevates her hips which allows me to more fully enter her and drive even deeper. I'm not sure how that slight change in posture has such an enormous impact, but it does....and I love it!

I then moved between her legs and my pole naturally found it's target without help. I never have to handle it or find the right spot. It happens naturally.

I entered Kate again and as she reached another climax, I could one again feel the thunder starting to build within me. My cock, already seemingly hard enough to chip granite, got even firmer....which of course allowed me to probe her ever so slightly deeper.

She groaned then, and her breathing quickened as her chest and breasts began to heave. I knew she was seconds away....and so was I! She locked eyes with me as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled into me, locking me in place deep inside her. Helpless to resist, and not wanting to anyway, the intense pleasure building inside me was growing exponentially. I was just a breath away from slathering Kate's womb with another massive load of my seed when she locked her smooth legs hard onto me, her pussy massaging the cock within as she began to cum.

As Kate's body contracted with the first spasms of her intense pleasure, my cock erupted deep inside her. Her pussy massaged my cock as I continued to cum, one long hard pulse after another! Her massaging cunt stroked even more cum from me than I would have thought possible. There I was, buried fully inside her luscious body, cum shooting from the engorged head now tight against the entrance to her tender womb. I was lost in a primal instinct, feeling the extreme sensitivity of her pussy contractions and my member spurting again and again! Nothing on this earth mattered to me at that moment than to deposit my load as fully and deeply into her as humanly possible. My cum flooded inside to her most sensitive and precious parts...

Finally, and fully, spent we began to relax and gently release our embrace. I kissed the salty beads from Kate's face and neck as she hugged me tenderly, her sweet tongue probing me.

At precisely 2:14 AM, just a couple short hours after Kate and I had pleasured each other, my sperm fertilized the ova in Kate's tender womb. Kate became pregnant.


Authors note: I hope you enjoyed the latest between Kate and Henry. Leave comments and 'like' if you would like more chapters and revelations. -HB
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10 months ago
keep up the good work more xxx
how about some illustrations ???
1 year ago
Thanks very much for your kind remarks. I wanted to make it a little different than what most write but at the same time readable and erotic. Thanks!
1 year ago
I love where you are going with this, makes a great mix between porn and a romance novel. After reading this, i dont want to read my dribble......great job!