Taboo Wife and Daughter

I'll relate the following events, with an emphasis on accuracy and detail! I hope you enjoy!

Being a healthy, horny-all-the-time MAN as I am, I often engage in good hearted banter with male coworkers. If men aren't talking about football or baseball, they're definitely talking about pussy! And since football and baseball hold no particular passion for me, you can guess what I like to talk about!

I have a very nice job and make good money. My wife Kristin has one too and is often on the road for up to two or three weeks at a time. She's an IT pro and does a lot of high end work for hospitals and medical centers. She is wonderful woman but to put it bluntly, when she is home, she's usually exhausted from her work schedule and travel which leaves too little time for me, the bedroom and our sex lives. She's a very secure and confident person by nature and we're very close. She knows I'm a pussy-holic and we've often laughed about it and we have talked about it as well. Neither one of us wants the lack of intimacy in our marriage (due to work schedules!) to get between us.

Our sex life has been great at times and on one occasion I was able to entice her into taking a young hotel worker into bed with her. (Not much work there...Kristin is a 5ft 5in blonde, athletic, blue eyes with shoulder length hair...). Kristin loved being the center of attention in a MFM 3 some, but that's a story for another time!

Anyway, my work friend whom I'll call Eric is a devoted f****y man. He's really into his fantasy football, loves his wife and k**s (a son and a daughter) and lives in a nice neighborhood with large lots surrounding 4 and 5 bedroom single f****y homes. Eric has a nice middle management job in the company and makes a very comfortable living. Because of his success on the job, he enjoys spoiling his k**s and wife, going on nice vacations and living the good life.

Eric and I are good friends and I often visit him at his home with his f****y and he will come over to my home as well. We play poker; watch the occasional ball game and so on. I enjoy his company and his wife and k**s are great!

When Eric’s son Josh turned 16 almost two years ago, he bought him a very nice two year old 4 wheel drive pickup and helped his son customize it. It's a beautiful truck and he's very proud of it and how much he and his son enjoyed working on it and making it something special. I'm not too much of a car guy, but I do know they completely retuned the engine and trans, raised it, worked out some kinks in the transfer case and basically turned a stock vehicle into something special. He and Josh have a great father/son relationship. I have no doubt that Eric is a loving and caring father to Josh.

His daughter Michelle has been a bit a wild c***d. First of all she's drop dead gorgeous the way pretty much all teen girls are. She is developing some very interesting curves and has a perfect heart shaped ass. She has light brown hair that is long and straight with natural highlights, blue eyes and perfect skin. I don't believe she's ever has blemish in her life! She is nice enough girl, get's top grades and is very popular at school. She's wants to start dating, but Eric and his wife have so far kept that to a minimum.

Speaking of Eric’s wife Karin, she is truly a beautiful woman. They appear to be very close and seem to have a wonderful relationship. Eric never even jokes about his sex life, so I've just chalked it up to him wanting to keep that private. As I said, he loves to talk about football. Having met Karin on many occasions, it's easy to see where Michelle got her looks. Michelle is just a smaller, younger version of her Mom. I have long wished Eric would talk about sex with Karin because it would be great to visualize her giving blowjobs or taking huge cum loads inside her pussy! Karin is a stay at home mom.

Sometimes when I visit, I make eye contact with Karin and I feel like there's something there. I've never once made any comment, joked or anything to come on to her. Eric is a good friend and while Karin is a very sexy and attractive woman, I would not ruin our friendship by crossing over that line. That said I get the feeling she's a little frustrated too!

Eric has confided in me that he's very concerned that Michelle is growing up too fast. He never elaborates but he did tell me once that Michelle likes to get dressed up and go the mall with her friends. He's told me that her friends often look slutty and wear revealing and provocative clothing. My kind of girls!

Over the past several months, Eric seems to be increasingly distracted. I've asked him open ended questions about what' going on but he's never offered up any explanation. He just says he's working long hours and has a lot on his mind. Okay. Fair enough I suppose!

As I said, I will often visit with Eric and his f****y at his home. We cook out, swim in his pool, and play poker and so on, frequently until the wee hours of the morning. I have stayed over at Eric’s place on a few occasions after having too much to drink to safely drive home. They have two spare bedrooms and it’s no problem for me to use one whenever I need or want to. Spending time with my ‘adopted’ f****y and adopted k**s is great for me and it sure beats the hell out of sitting home watching some dumb shit on TV.

Anyway, a little while ago, Eric and Karin invited me over to a BBQ party at their house. My wife Kristin was out of town again and wouldn’t be home for a couple weeks. The party went off without a hitch. Several couples I didn’t know but were friends with Eric and Karin were there. They all seemed like nice people and we enjoyed each others company.

We danced, drank too much booze, flirted, ate great BBQ food and just had a great time! I had several dances with Karin including a very slow dance where her body was practically painted onto mine! Like I said, she’s a gorgeous woman and even though she’s a good friend’s wife, I do find her to be extremely attractive. As we danced and she rubbed into me, I felt my cock harden. There was no way she didn’t notice! I am not the most well endowed man there is, but my 7” long thick cock is no slouch either! I could not have imagined that Karin was rubbing me just the right way! My cock nested just so into her tummy and I know there was no way in hell she missed it! In fact, her breathing increased and she felt so warm in my arms!

I guess I’ll blame the excess of alcohol in my system, but god damn I was enjoying this woman being in my arms and feeling her firm tits and mound grinding slowly and sexually into my expanding cock! I remember wondering if her pussy was getting wet and whether she was clean shaved or hairy or trimmed. Seeing how she was in such good shape and obviously took great care of herself, I imagined her pussy to be silky smooth! On several occasions during the night, I brushed my hands across her firm tits and ass when I thought it was too dark for anyone to notice or we were alone enough that no one would see.

I really don’t know where Eric was while I danced with Karin. I don’t remember seeing him but I do know he was keeping the food going, keeping the bar stocked and just being a very wonderful and gracious host.

Every now and again, I helped Eric where I could with the food and booze. I brushed up against Karin many times in the kitchen and on the deck. She never pulled back or gave me a ‘you’ve gone too far’ look. Looking back on it, I guess the lack of pussy in my life and the excess of alcoholic lubrication were a bad combination. As the night wore on, I found Karin to be more attentive and more gorgeous. Her ‘come fuck me eyes’ were too much for me to ignore!

The party was winding down now and we’d all had a great time and it was such a bummer to have the night come to an end. Finally the last of the travelers left and that left just me, Eric and Karin to do the clean up. I didn’t mind at all. After all, we’re all good friends and I didn’t have any other place I’d rather be.

After cleaning up and having another night cap or two it was time to turn in. Eric, Karin and I talked and joked with each other for some time. They were side by side on a sofa and I was on love seat in their spacious living room. It had to be pushing 3 AM by now and I was getting pretty tired and out of it.

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end and this night and party was one of them. I finally said good night to them both, gave Karin a perfunctory kiss on her cheek and headed off to the same bedroom I’d used so many times in the past.

As I said, I was pretty out of it. I’d had a lot to drink, it was late and the party was over. I went into the darkened bedroom, stripped down to my shorts, pulled back the covers and collapsed into bed. The cool sheets felt wonderful on my skin! I stretched out, relishing the dark room and quickly fell into a deep sl**p.

At some point, I became aware that maybe I was not alone. I wasn’t awake, and I wasn’t asl**p either. I was in some sort of weird in between zone…somewhat aware of what was going on…but mostly asl**p too. I imagine most people have been there at some point….
I more sensed than felt that someone was near me. I was not alarmed at all but being in that semi-conscious state made it surreal too.

In my semi conscious state, I felt or sensed that someone was next to me. I could feel here warmth on my skin and could sense her breathing. I could smell her sweet perfume….I could hear her heart beating! I felt a hand slowly and tenderly touch my bare skin and slowly and gently caress my nipples and chest. My cock immediately jumped to attention! Soon, her hand was rubbing my cock through the sheets. My cock was rock hard now and she gripped it snugly!

I could feel her slowly pull the sheets down, exposing me fully. Her soft hands gently reached for the elastic band at the top of my boxers and began to work them down……

Finally free….my cock was laying bare now and I could feel her cool hand grip the shaft…in moments I felt her hot tongue touch the tip as her hand gripped me and stroked me! Her free hand caressed my balls and worked around the base of my cock shaft!

Finally, I felt her lips close around the head of my cock and felt her tongue working the head, underneath the head and trying to work inside me! Her tongue was amazing! Even in my semi-conscious state, it was incredible! I was vaguely aware of my hands finding the back of her head and pulling her down onto my cock while gripping a handful of her hair! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

She didn’t want me pulling her down and gently pulled my hand free from behind her head. I began to thrust my cock into her mouth while she stroked my shaft. Within a minute, I felt my spine tighten and I knew I close to a huge cum shot!

She worked her tongue all around the large head of my cock, up and down the shaft and even licked my balls!

Finally unable to hold back any longer, I thrust my hips into her and felt my cock erupt long spurt after spurt of my seed into her hungry mouth! In my semi-conscious state, I wasn’t sure what was real or imagined, dreamed or fantasy….

Over the next hour (or more?) I fucked this wonderful woman, ate her pussy, sucked her tits and emptied my nuts into her more than once! I only wish I hadn’t been so out of it!

Why, you might ask?

Because the next AM….when Eric, Karin and MICHELLE and I were having breakfast….I suddenly understood that I’d fucked both mother and daughter….that I’d filled both their holes with my hot cum and shot loads down their throats!

Want more?

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9 months ago
awesome story!!!!!
i don't understand all the neg votes tho.
1 year ago
God ... how fun!
1 year ago
Lucky you,,,great end to a barby.
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
Nice fantasy story, but I have to admit you lost me towards the end. You gave no indication that there was more than one person in the bed with you until the very last sentence.
2 years ago
Amazing need more mmmm
2 years ago
2 years ago
A terrific story.
2 years ago
great need more!
2 years ago
yes lots more
2 years ago
Fucking don't stop there.
2 years ago
ummm ok I'm in.
2 years ago
2 years ago