My neighbors sexy teenage daughter - Full Story

We live in a very nice upper middle class neghborhood in a a cul-de-sac community of large single f****y homes. It's a mostly homogenous neighborhood and pretty much everyone here has white collar jobs and keeps there houses well kept and taken care of. Pretty much everyone. But not exactly everyone!

One f****y in particular is the exception. The husband/father is ex-military (thank you for your service sir!) who is married (wife is really nice but uninteresting and not at all attractive!) with a son and two daughters. The boy is nice and pretty much keeps to himself. The older daughter is just stone ugly. I'm sorry, but seriously, the poor girl is fucking fugly! Nice enough k**, but god damn if she didn't hit every limb falling out of the ugly tree!

The younger daugther is the f****y exception! She's petite, has long light brown hair, a very, very nice figure with small firm breasts! She stands all of about 5 feet tall and weighs about 100lbs. Every time I see her, she smiles and waves and has since she was a c***d. (I've known her since she was about 10 years old.) Once she started to 'mature' I often fanticized about doing more to and with her than just smiling and waving to her. She's one of those young ladies that grew into her beauty. While not a 'stunner' as they say, she is just wholesome, sexy and alluring all at once. There is something to me at least, thats so sexy and inviting about a young woman who is incredibly sexy and maybe doesn't even know it.

So, after watching her grow up and develop into a very fine and attractive young lady, I found myself fanticizing about her and every imaginable sex act I could think of. She's just so fucking hot it's easy to imagine bending her over the hood or her car, or fucking her deep on a picnic table, or taking her into the bathroom and making her suck my large cock until I explode a load of cum down her throat and on her face.

So it was that I had just an occasion drop into my lap to live out my fantasies!

A couple years ago (I think she'd just turned 16 and started driving)she was house sitting for other neighbors and every evening she'd drop by to pick up their mail and feed their cats. I was out working in my back yard and Nancy stopped to pick up the mail at the house she was watching. As usual she smiled and waved when I did. But this was different! When I caught her eye, she was actually standing at the end of the neighbors driveway waiting to pick up the newspaper. When she saw me, she bent over to pick up the paper, and exposed to me the most incredible firm young tits I'd seen in a long time! She slowly bent over to pick up the paper and when she finally stood back up, I'm pretty sure I was standing there like an idiot with my mouth hanging open! Let me tell you, my juices were stirring and I couldn't believe my great fortune in what Nancy had shown me. When she realized my 'discomfort', she just smiled and waved and turned and headed up the driveway!

So for the next several weeks I would continue my program of smiling and waving at her and enjoyed her waving back and smiling for me. Occasionally I'd see young guys driving in to their driveway and she'd leave with them. Good, I'd think, when she finds out these young bucks are incapable of giving her what she needs, maybe she'll find a way to 'meet' me!

Some weeks went by and we had a very stormy night! It was raining, windy and lots of thunder and lightening. Mother nature was putting on quite a show! I was out walking the dog when I realized that Max, who was Nancy's dog, had apparently gotten loose and at the end of my driveway. Max was afraid of the thunder (Max knew me from meeting him when Nancy would walk him.) so he came right to me when I called him.

I was afraid of leaving him loose because it was so dark and stormy. I was afraid he'd get hurt or even run over by a car in the poor light conditions. For that reason, I put a leash on Max and decided to take him home.

Once I got to their house, I knocked on the door several times and just when I was about to leave, the door opened and there was Nancy in a snug fitting white tank top and satiny shorts! She was amazing looking! She said hi and once she saw I had her dog she thanked me sincerely for bringing him home and took the leash from me and led him inside. (She later told me she was home alone and wasn't going to open the door until she peeked out and saw it was just me and her dog.)

In a few moments she returned and gave me the leash back. She stepped out onto the front porch where the wind was blowing across and I could clearly see her nipples harden to the cool night air. I could clearly see the dark patches on her shirt where her nipples were. She was wearing loose fitting black shorts with an elastic waist band. When she realized what I was doing, she slowly crossed her arms over her chest. She was close to me and occasionally I could smell her clean, young smell and her long brown hair would tickle my arms and face. It was exquisite!!!! So sexy and young and delicious!

Anyway, after a couple of minutes, I decided to leave and walk home before I did something really stupid like take this young womans hands and place them on my cock or push her down and feed her my rock hard cock! It was really raining hard now and the wind had picked up!

It is about 1/2 mile from my house to theirs. Nancy, being the sweet considerate girl she is, offered to give me a ride home so I wouldn't get soaked. I accepted of course because, frankly, I didn't want to get soaked with the cold rain. So I told her it would be nice to get a ride home. She went back inside and a couple minutes later she emerged wearing a light jacket and carrying her car keys.

We quickly piled into her little Neon and she fired it up. The windows were all fogged up so we had to wait a few minutes for the car to warm up and the defogger to kick in. We talked about the storm and she confided in me that there was something really cool about such storms and she found them exciting! I wondered if she was one of those girls that actually gets sexually turned on by thunder and lightening. Could it be such a storm made her horny and hungry for a good hard fuck? If only!

Anyway, the car finally warmed enough she could see and she flipped on the lights and headed over to my house. The occasional flashes of lightening would accentuate her wet hair on her face and her wet tee shirt was clinging tightly to her firm breasts. The dark nipples were beginning to show through the wet fabric now and my rapidly expanding cock was showing through my shorts!

After the short 1/2 mile drive, she pulled into my driveway and we just sat there looking through the windshield at the intensity of the storm. It was pouring rain and lightening and flashes of light were nonstop. I looked over at her and I swear, with God as my witness, I could see her chest heaving and she had the most primal, unbelieveable look of sexual enery and horny, "I have to get fucked right now..." look about her. I could smell the sexual tension coming off her!

Without a conscious thought, I reached over and cupped my hand behind this young womans head and pulled her to me. I kissed her with such passion, and deep probing tongue action that I thought I would choke her by shoving my tongue down her throat! She tasted, smelled and felt incredible to me! I wanted nothing more than to fulfull her lustful desires and fulfil her every fantasy whatever they were. There was nothing I wouldn't do now for my lovely young Nancy!

She kissed me back with passion and vigor! She was an expert and her tongue was in my mouth in an instant, playing with mine and running hot and wet over my lips. My heart was pounding and my breathing was fast! My cock was rock hard in an instant. My free hand was gently squeezing her breasts and I was rolling her erect nipples between my fingers! Her nipples were very firm and I loved brushing my fingers over the moise fabric of her tee shirt. I could feel subtle little bumps as I traced the outline of her nipples with my fingers.

I reached down and with one easy, fluid motion, my hand slipped down her firm, flat tummy and on down to her pussy! She stretched out and sat back for me. She was utterly shaved clean, with no stubble and her pussy was soft as downy feathers! Her legs spead as my fingers found her slit and then penetrated the musky wetness of her fuck hole! IT WAS PURE HEAVEN!! She tilted her head back against the car seat and pressed her hips forward to meet my probing fingers.

I ran my hands and fingers all over her pussy, probing her, stroking her, feeling her hot wetness, kissing her, fondling her, sucking her small firm tits and puffy nipples and even transferring some of her pussy juice to her asshole, I shoved my fingers inside her!

She was breathing hard and fast, the lightening crashing and thundering all around! I thought it only moments before I'd bring her to orgasm! Her head was back and she was very quietly moaning and grinding her hips into me.

At that moment, I knew that I had to have her! I would love to make her cum and squirt on my hands, but I'd MUCH rather have her do that on my cock! I sat up then and began to unzip my shorts. She said 'No, not here' and then turned off the car and lights and reached for the door handle. I did the same.

As I started to move, I realized that my cock was pressing so much on the front of my trousers that I was actually slightly embarassed for myself! I was also afraid that once Nancy saw my big bulge she might not want to to go any further. Thank God I was wrong!

Though aware that it was teeming rain, I had no other conscious thought of it. I didn't feel it's wetness or cold. I was so turned on and so horny it could have been raining anvils and I wouldn't have noticed! Nancy and I met at the front of the car and kissed passionately! I held her close while the thunder crashed and lightening flashed across the sky. The storm was a fitting metaphor for my lust for this sweet young woman!

As I said, Nancy is a short 5 feet tall and I'm over 6 feet. I work out regularly and I'm strong!

My thick 8" cock was literally nestled into her tummy. I pressed it into her and she responded in kind. Her body warmth felt incredible! I'm not lying when I tell you that I thought in that moment that I might cum right there, in my pants standing with this incredibly hot girl rubbing my dick! I had other thoughts raging in my one track brain, so I gently pulled away. Not more than an inch, but just enough to slow down just a bit!

As I pulled slightly away, Nancy then put both her hands on my huge bulge and gripped my dick! She slowly squeezed and gently stroked it and I could tell she was sizing me up. She then raised her beautiful face up to me and I could see the questioning look on her face. She didn't need to say anything!

I unzipped then and let her reach further inside! Finally, her hands found the top of my undies and her cool hand slipped down to the base of my raging hard cock. Her touch was exquisite and erotic beyond description! Her small little hand could barely reach around me! She gripped my meat at the base and I felt her fingers brushing along the veins and the soft skin underneath! I belive her index finger then gently touched my balls.

I could stand it no more! I undid my belt and button at the top of my shorts and let them fall down. I pushed down my undies then, fully exposing my cock and balls to her! I don't shave (itches way too much! LOL) but I do keep the hair trimmed. (I go with the theory that if you trim the bushes, the house looks bigger!) Nancy gasped slightly when I did that and she stared at me for long seconds.

'It' big!' is all she could say! She began to work her rapidly warming hands up and down the shaft. I took her left hand and closed it around the head and gently thrust my hips so she could feel the hardness. Her other hand I placed on my balls which she immediatley began to squeeze as she rolled my nuts between her fingers!

The rain may have let up slightly and it was still quite dark. Lightening crashed close by and with every flash I could see her hands working my cock and balls. It was the most sensual and erotic thing I could have ever imagined!

I leaned over then and slid my hand inside her shorts one more time; my hand sliding so effortlessly down her silky smooth mound to her pussy. HOLY SHIT!!!! Her little cunt was so hot and wet I thought I might get burned!! Her pussy was pouting and her pussy juices flowed freely. First my middle finger, then both index and middle fingers easily disappeared inside her begging cunt.

I pulled my hand free and grasped each side of her satiny shorts and pulled them down. CRASH ---- BOOOOM!!!! More lightening and thunder! I dropped her shorts to the ground and only then did I see that she was wearing a very lacy thin black pair of Victoria's Secret type bikini underwear! They hugged her curves so magnificently! God DAMN she is HOT!

I knelt then and kissed her mound on top of the panties. I'm still not sure why I did that but let me tell you, that sweet musky pussy was worth every bit of it! Ain't mother nature a hoot????

I now pulled her lace panties down and let them drop. The sight of her beautiful pouting smooth pussy was incredible! I ran my fingers across her pussy lips and felt the extremely slippery slit and entrance to her tunnel. She was ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In one easy motion I then picked her up at the waist and pulled her to me. She instinctively put her arms around my neck and wrapped her buttery smooth legs around me. Holding her to me with one arm, I reached down then and pushed my blue steel ramrod of a dick down so the head was just slightly parting her pussy lips. I gently stroked her clit with my cockhead before she rocked her hips just so and took me inside her sweet petite little body. Nancy held me tight and tightened her legs around my back. In that first thrust she took half of my considerable cock in!

Again the thunder and lightening crashed and the rain fell. I suppose the rain was cold but neither she nor I felt it nor cared!

I held her tight as I kissed her deeply and passionately. She rocked her hips onto my rock hardness one more time, easily allowing my thick rod to bury itself. She moaned and exhaled her hot breath in halting little bursts onto my neck!!! I felt her little body begin to twitch as her orgasm arrived! I could feel her pussy get instantly wetter as she squirted on my dick and I held it deep inside her!

It had taken no time at all for her to reach her first orgasm! I was stunned at how easily and intensely she responded to me! My cock was so hard! I pushed it as deep into her as I possibly could. She rocked her hips back and forth which allowed only a short 2 or 3 inches to withdraw before she settled back onto me fully. She ground her hips into me even with all thick 8" of me inside her, appearing to try to find another small bit of hot cock to go inside! Her firm legs pulled against me and she held tight around my neck.

Thunder boomed and lightening crashed all around. Again, I could feel her firm little body start to quiver and her breathing quickened. I knew she was going to cum again! I felt my seed start to rise; that intense feeling at the base of the spine growing with every nanosecond!

I held as long as I could....just long enough to bring her into another full body racking climax! She settled onto my cock one final time just as I erupted inside her! My cock intensly spasmed again and again! I could feel my sperm splattering inside her and I could feel every twitch of her pussy as she took it deep, hot and fast! She moaned loudly as I pumped inside her and her own orgasm shook her to the core!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was getting weak in the knees and I was afraid I was going to fall or drop her, but somehow I managed to hang on! I had just delivered into her one of the most ferocious and deepest cum blasts of my life! I was wasted but exhilirated!

I held her for long, intense moments as our lust subsided. Soon, my softening cock slipped from inside her with a very saturated "plop!" noise! I gently lowered her to the ground. She leaned up against me and I held her close. After some sweet moments she was able to collect herself and reached for her clothes. I did the same.

Saying very few words she finally gave me one more long deep kiss, got in her car and slowly drove away! I stood in my driveway, I'm sure with my mouth hanging open, looking like a massively well fucked, but looking like a stunned fool! Once agin!

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!!!!

98% (58/1)
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2 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
2 months ago
Great story....even better if it actually happened!!!
1 year ago
Well written and enjoyable, one can only hope for such a fantasy come true.
2 years ago
Your good!
2 years ago
that was totally hot
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Such intricate detail! And also in a thunderstorm, a fantasy I hope to achieve one day.
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
well done thanks for sharing
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
loved it,hope there more storms so you write a follow up
2 years ago
Very well written! Thanks for sharing!