Fucking my s****rs new s****r in law

Several years ago I met and became very friendly with my s****rs future s****r in law. At a point I asked her out. She was really nice and a lot of fun to be with so I suppose I should have been prepared to have my nuts drained dry that first night!

I hadn't planned on trying to fuck her but one thing let to another and pretty soon we were fucking like mad. Before I entered her she sucked my cock until she tasted my pre cum, licking and sucking on my balls and fondling my sack. I fingered her pussy which was extremely wet and hot! It was fantastic to say the least!

When I finally began to work my thick cock into her I discovered that her pussy was actually very tight! It hugged my cock and when when she contracted her pussy muscles, it was as though she was giving me a hand job! After several minutes (but not many....she had some incredible pussy!) I unloaded a huge flood of cum inside her! Only then did she tell me she wasn't on the pill because her fiance was away on active duty and she wasn't seeing anyone! Oh well!!!! LOL

Before that first night was over, I fucked her again and filled her smokin hot pussy with more cum. Many more times over the next months I would fill her wonderful tight hole again and again.

Once, we went flying with a mutual friend who had a private pilot license and she sucked my cock to explosion in the back seat of that small aircraft! That was awesome and a wonderful memory!

I learned, the first time I shot my load fully in her mouth and she swallowed it all that that was the first time she'd ever swallowed. But it wasn't the last because she told me my cum tasted wonderful and she loved having it inside her! It was very kinky to me to feed her my cum and know that someday she'd marry and have k**s...her body having been nourished by my sperm.

The above is a recounting of an actual event and I hope you liked it. Want more, please ask!

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good read
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Mmmm nice. And yes more please.