my ideal meeting

my ideal meeting
i would love for a nice guy to visit us with the intention of using and pleasing me ,no hearts and flowers just good hard sex and them for him to get up afterwards and leave without a word,
ideal any sexy guy would do ,although would love to be used by a large w/e black guy, alothough thats not a deal clincher.
id be waiting for him to arrive, ive bathed and shaved my pussy ready,dressed stickings suspenders crotchless knicks and a nice dress , although i enjoy sex and strangers iam not a hardened swinger and like to keep something on for modesty sake,
my hubby would show the guy in hed sit next to me and wed chat , my hubby would offer a drink and when he left theroom to get one we could start with a little kissing and fumbling, my legs would spread and the gentle man would go down and lick and play with my pussy, just as my hubby comes back id have the guys cock out and begining to wank him til he was hard.
my hubby would say nice to see you waited for me why dont you get to the bed youd be more comfortable,
as the strangers and me were leaving the room id turn to my hubby and tell him he cant follow straight away.
id lead the guy upstairs lay on the bed and let him have his way with me riding me til i finally shouted my hubby upstairs
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3 years ago
sexy fantasy,hope i can make it cum true
4 years ago
im in bishop auckland and can travel
4 years ago
horny as fuck my fantasy
4 years ago
lovely idea
4 years ago
Sounds good to me!!! See you in the new year!!! xxx
4 years ago
just let me know when,xx
4 years ago
just an idea if anynes near me