My learned friend

About three months ago I had to attend to a civil trial in East London, South Africa. As it was a High Court case, we appointed an advocate. Our first consultation did not go well at all. She was very conscious about her status and the fact that I had to follow her instructions. I did not mind at first, as long as it was in the best interest of my client.

What made a stronger impression on me was that she had a beautiful face, deep blue eyes and sensuous lips. I could not see her body, as she was mostly sitting behind her desk. At the second consultation she really became bitchy about small detail, but I swallowed my pride and kept a straight face, being the professional I am supposed to be. Then we drove to East London for the trial. We went in my BMW X5, but the whole way she told me about her Pajero being better with this and that, I let her be, because I needed her sharp mind in court.

We stayed in a quest house in Beacon Bay and had adjoining rooms. The first night I invited her for a drink after dinner and after two whiskeys, she started to relax and we really had a meaningfull conversation. I studied her while she was talking and saw her hips were nice and wide, a nice big ass and 34d tits. She looked very sexy in her track suit. My dick was also impressed by the picture my brain sent down. We went to sl**p rather early because of the big trial the next day.

Things unexpectedly went our way in court and the judge reserved judgment till the next day. On our way to the quest house Natasha told me she wants us to have a real piss-up after the stress of court. I mixed drinks for us and we sat on the balcony overlooking the Nahoon River and the sea. Natasha changed into a t-shirt and shorts and I did likewise. After about four drinks we started talking f****y and she told me she had two k**s and that's why she put on some weight, I told her that I love women with flesh to hold on to. One thing let to another and she put her feet on my lap. Her toes and feet were perfectly pedicured. I started massaging her feet and she was moaning about how relaxing it was. I got up and made Springbokkies for us - peppermint liquer and amaroela Liquer. We toasted on our case and I took her big toe into my mouth, sucking and licking it. She almost came right there. I started stroking her leg and when I reached her thigh, she was wriggling like a snake in a tree.

She reached over and started kissing me, I swopped hands and started kneading her tits, wow, she had a nipple stand almost piercing her t-shirt. I had a hard-on almost piercing my pants. She removed my pants and started licking the head and spitting on my dick, I love a wet blowjob. We were all over each other. I sucked on her clit and put two fingers up her juicy pussy, then rimming her petite asshole. We could not hold on any longer, I took her doggy style first, then reverse cowgirl and standing up. After about twenty minutes I felt my balls contracting and told her I am about to cum. She told me to cum as she lost count of how many orgasms she already had. I came in buckets, drenching the bed. She sucked me dry and we started all over again, this time she lubed her ass and I shot a load in her up to her liver.

The next morning we could not keep awake in court, but we won and I won - her body and mind. We still work together as much as possible and for as long as possible evey time. We call each other "my learned friend" in company of others, but they do not know what we are learning from each other!

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