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I have a huge smoking fetish. There is nothing hotter than a woman smoking in my opinion.

To those of you whose vids I have commented on: no need to thank me.

To those of you who like what I post: youre welcome.

To those of you who dont agree with my fetish or dont like my vids: We must agree to disagree.... different strokes for different folks... stroke to what you like.

If you share my smoking fetish or like what I post feel free to send a friend request.

**The definition of a smoke fetishist**
Smoking fetishism (also known as capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish based on the sight or image of a person smoking. For many, the fetish appears to have had its roots in early childhood. It is classically conditioned and shaped by many variables. These could include seeing the smoker as a stereotypically sweet, innocent individual behaving in ways that are considered taboo. For others, it stems from an attraction to more worldly people whose smoking epitomizes their strength and self-confidence.
The reasons why a man or woman has a smoking fetish may vary from person to person. It is thought that most smoking fetishists are heterosexual men, though there are small groups of homosexual and bisexual women who have expressed similar interests in the fetish. There are also heterosexual females who have professed to have a smoking fetish, though this particular group has not been the subject of any study. Among heterosexual men, the fetish is often associated with oral fixations and fellatio and it is rather caused by the image of the woman smoking, than by the smell.
Capnolagnia symptoms consist in the attraction that one has for women or men who are smoking. Whether it is the smell or just the image, people who get sexually aroused by people of the other or same sex and who are smoking are considered smoking fetishists.
People who experience one or more of the symptoms below are considered to have a smoking fetish:
Sexual interest in watching other people smoking
Recurring intense sexual fantasies involving watching other people smoking
Recurring intense sexual urges involving watching other people smoking.
However, capnolagnia is not considered a disease, but an unusual sexual practice and many of the fetishists do not seek medical help unless this behavior strongly interferes with their daily lives. The majority of people simply learn to accept their fetish and manage to achieve gratification in an appropriate manner.

Disclaimer WARNING: Sydney University and all other institutions using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile, pictures or Videos in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. (I suggest the rest of you post this notice)
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11 months ago
I have a huge smoking fetish too and you just nailed it. Very well written.
2 years ago
Great profile!
2 years ago
happy new year
2 years ago
very hot vid i think women who smoke are very sexy.
2 years ago
Love the smoking videos! Thank you for sharing
2 years ago
hi there, do you have the name of this girl ?

3 years ago
Finally an intelligent response to smoking vids!!If you dont like it,dont watch it.Personally I find it very erotic....Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
I also share your smoking fetish. Been drawn to smoking women since I was a kid.
3 years ago
I share your smoking fetish. Been drawn to smoking women since I was a kid.
3 years ago
I love your **The definition of a smoke fetishist** well written, and also your stories. and a fine collection of videos, although I cannot understand the mentallity of some of the directors, who shoot the videos, very offten the girl is not a true smoker, and then you get the camera watching the sexual action, Yes I love to see a girl take it in the ass as much as anyone but surely they can spend some time consentrating on the girls face, or is it too much to ask or too difficult to find an angle that shows the girl smoking with some action in the same shot, I have even seen smoking videos with a girl in a white blouse stood in front of a white wall, and with no concept of back lighting what so ever, if you or anyone who is in agreement why dont we start a campain or make a point of commenting as I try to do, in the hope one day one of us may get the message across to the studios and so called directors,,,, ???? that their so called smoking videos leave a lot to be desired, becasue honestly some smoking videos must break the trade discriptions act. Lets all make a stand, lets all start clicking on "Contact us" and send the studioes etc an email with some constructive critisiam, lets all stand up for and be proud of the smoking fetish, lets all stand up and be counted, lets make our voices/emails stand up for the fetish and dont let it be demeaned or made a mockery of.
3 years ago
Excellent Collection!!!!
3 years ago
Love the smoking vids thanks
3 years ago
Thank you for the invite. Nice collection of pics and videos.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Harry you are very welcome.
And thanks for your comment.
3 years ago
Great thumbnail and interest
3 years ago
Hello Harry.
Great page, Vids, and pictures. Like your thinking. Very close to what I tell some peolpe that don't agree with what I think. (Each to there Own). It takes many different people to keep this old world going.
3 years ago
Yo buddy! Thanks for the invite and I LOVED what u left on my my page...."Pussy is pussy black or white...as long as its pussy thats in my sight". Classic my man, oh yeah awesome videos and photos. Peace!
3 years ago
smoking KILLS
3 years ago
Thanks for the kind comment even though you said its not necessary. Peace!
3 years ago
Smoking the ultimate fetish
3 years ago
smokin' hot collection
3 years ago
3 years ago
Luv ur SmokingFetish-Collection !!

Check out my pics...
3 years ago
Great clips and pics! Thsnks for sharing
3 years ago
Best wishes from Ukraine ! Have a nice stay ! Have fun ! Thanks for comments !
3 years ago
thank you for the add
3 years ago
Thanks for your invite.
3 years ago
thanks for the invite!
3 years ago
Have to agree nothing better than a woman smoking

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