Amy's Day In Class

My name is Amy and I am a college student. I have long brown hair that hangs down the middle of my back. At 5’3” tall and 105 lbs I am not very big, but everything filled out nicely, my body is 32b 22 34. My breasts are firm so I see no need to wear a bra. I turn my share of heads, boys and girls both. I am a bit of a tease and often forget to wear panties when I put on a short little skirt. This story is about what happened to me last week.

I was in Dr. Braxton’s history class, my last class before the weekend. I was wearing a short black skirt and a tight grey sweater. As he lectured he paced in the front of the class. He would always pause right in front of me. He would look me in the eyes and then his gaze would drop down and he would smile. I realized that I wasn’t wearing any panties and he was getting a perfect shot up my skirt. My nipples got hard and I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. The next time he paused in front of me I smiled and spread my legs so he could get an unobstructed view of my now wet pussy. He lost his train of thought and had to walk back to his desk. He sat down and I smiled to myself, I just gave him a boner. Class ended a short time after. As I was getting up to go he called out my name and said that he needed to talk to me. I sat back down and waited for everyone to leave.

The class room was empty except for Dr. Braxton and me. He is in his 40’s but in rather good shape. And in his own way rather sexy. He told me to come up to his desk. As I slid out of mine my legs spread and I saw a smile instantly form on his lips. He told me that he was going to have to take me to the head of the history department and report me for inappropriate behavior in his class and that I would probably be expelled. I begged him not to report me that I would do anything to make up for my behavior. He smiled and said well maybe there is something. He motioned me closer and told me to lift up my skirt. My hands were shaking as I grabbed the hem and lifted it up slightly. He scolded higher. I lifted it above my waist, exposing the moist swollen folds of my pussy. What had I gotten myself into? His hand reached out and his fingers slid through my tight little slit. An electric shock shot through my body. I let out a loud moan. Let me see those hot little titties of yours he said as he pulled my sweater up and over my head. He said wait right here I’ll be right back. He took my sweater with him so I could not leave.

I sat there wondering what he was going to do. I was glad that this was the last class so there wouldn’t be another in this class room today. I heard the door open; I covered my breasts with my hands and slid behind the desk. He had Dr. Martin head of the history department with him. They walked over to me and Dr. Braxton told me to put my arms down to my side. I let them drop exposing my breasts and hard nipples to the two men. Dr. Martin asked my name and I answered Amy my voice trembling. He said you are in a lot of trouble young lady. I was scared but my pussy was so wet that my juices were running down my legs. He reached out and pulled hard on my nipples. Dr. Braxton unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I cupped my hand over my little pussy, just to have it grabbed and pulled away. They grabbed me and f***ed me over the desk and spread my legs out wide. My pussy was throbbing and opened wide to their pleasure.

Dr. Martin said, my looks like this little girl needs a good fucking. He knelt down and spread my cheeks with his hands and stuck his tongue into my steamy pussy. I pressed my hips back to meet his every move. Dr. Braxton now had his hard cock out and was pressing it against my face. I opened my mouth and took the head in and sucked it, while sliding my tongue underneath it. He blurted out she’s quite the little cock sucker. He then grabbed my head and f***ed his hard cock down my throat. I gagged and he withdrew it, only to f***e it in again.

Dr. Martin dropped his pants and slid his cock through the wet folds of my pussy and hit my clit. I let out a loud sigh that was suddenly muffled by the cock in my mouth. Dr. Martin pushed his cock into my tight tunnel and started fucking me like he was possessed. His balls were slapping into my clit sending waves of pleasure through my body. He fucked me like this for some time. I then heard them slap there hands in a high five and Dr. Braxton yell switch.

I was flipped over onto my back with my ass hanging over the edge of the desk. Dr. Braxton grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders and fingered my pussy. He looked at me and said you are ours now. I didn’t know what he meant, but I was sure that I would find out. He told me to spread my pussy lips out so I slid my hands down my stomach and spread them wide. He slapped my clit with the head of his cock. He stuck the tip in just to pull it out and slap me again. By now Dr. Martin had me by my hair and was fucking my face. I could do nothing, but surrender to them. I was taken this way for quite sometime. Then they both stopped.

Dr. Braxton pulled out and I was f***ed down on the floor. They stood in front of me; I took turns taking them into my mouth. One and then the other shot his hot load in my face. They then stuck their cocks in my mouth for me to clean the sex off of them.

They lifted me back up on the desk and told me to clean their cum off of my face and swallow it. I did what I was told and then smiled. I was still very horny, they had not let me orgasm. Dr. Martin looked and my swollen pussy and told me to masturbate so that they could watch. I laid back and slid one hand down to my clit and slowly rubbed small circles around it. I slid three fingers of my other hand into my dripping pussy. Dr. Braxton lifted my legs up and traced circles around my tight puckered butt hole with his tongue. I felt it slide past my sphincter. He was stretching my butt cheeks apart opening up my tight little ass. It felt so good. I felt my insides start to tighten and I lost all track of what was going on around me. I had never felt anything like this. My whole body was electrified. I kept cumming for what seemed like minutes. I could not catch my breath. I had no control over my body. When my orgasm finally subsided and I caught my breath I sat up. The men were getting dressed. They looked at me and Dr. Martin said, this is not over you will be expected to be here for us as long as you are attending classes at this college. I know knew what they had been talking about. I was now theirs. I got dressed and went back to my dorm and wondered when I would be expected to service them again.

Just for you Honey Bear.
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4 years ago
I love it!
4 years ago
Great story....ah the life of a college coed