Camping with Stepdaughter 21

Our lips met and our tongues mingled together. I asked her how she had gotten away from her husband. She told me that she had gotten him d***k and then they went to bed. In that condition nothing would wake him up. She got up and checked to make sure he was out and he was dead to the world. She changed her clothes and came up. She said that she had snuck past the other camps hoping that she would not be caught. When she got so far she just ran.

She looked beautiful in the light of the camp fire. She walked over to the table, untied her robe and let it fall off of her shoulders. I could see the contours of her body through the thin material of her tiny nightie as the fire light flickered behind her. She told me that she had not been with another man other than her husband in 10 years. That up on the trail had felt so very wrong, but so very hot. She had been standing totally exposed to a man that she had just met. It made her feel dirty, but so very alive. She wanted to back out but she had let it go to far. She had to feel her pussy filled to be stretched again like it had before she had c***dren.

She turned to face the fire. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. I told her that I couldn’t think of anything except her since our time on the trail. My hard cock slid between the shapely cheeks of her ass. She tilted her head back on my shoulder and I reached down and gently kissed her neck behind her ear. She whispered this is so wrong, this is so fucking wrong, but have got to have your beautiful cock in me. I slid my hands up to her breasts and pulled her in tighter. She pressed hard into my aching cock and slid her ass up and down. She pulled away from me and turned to face me. She hooked the straps of her nightie and let it slide off of her firm breasts and over her shapely hips and on to the ground. I pulled her to me and slid my hand down between her legs. She pressed her hips forward to my touch. Her pussy was on fire. She looked into my eyes and said look what you do to me. My pussy is soaked. I tingle all over. You melt me like butter. I am yours.

I ran to the van and got the foam pad and a couple of blankets. I laid them out on top of the table. I slid my hands under the cheeks of Bonnie’s beautiful ass and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I carried her over to the table and set her with her legs hanging off the side. I kissed her lovely full lips and teased her with the tip of my tongue. She responding and our tongues mingled together in a long sensuous kiss. She pulled off my shirt and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and pinched my nipples. I slid my hands up under her firm breasts and gave them a little bounce. She grinned and asked if I was having fun. I told her that she was so perfect that I could not believe my eyes. She grabbed my cock and slipped it between the moist lips of her pussy. I pulled back and said not yet. As I knelt down I let my hands slide down her body. I lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulders. The fire illuminated her pubes and the moisture on her lips glistened. I parted her lips and she jumped. I could smell her sex, it was intoxicating. Her juices were flowing leaving a little trail down between her cheeks. I licked it and followed it up to its source. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me to her. I teased the outer lips with my tongue and then parted her inner lips and sucked on her clit. Her pussy was quivering with every touch. I lightly twirled my finger around the opening of her warm tunnel. Her breathing was f***ed and she let out a loud sigh whispered Oh Fuck Yes, and pushed her hips up off of the table. I teased her like that for some time. She reached down grabbed my hand and f***ed my fingers all the way into her. I add another and slowly pumped them in and out of her. Her whole body was moving. I found her G-spot and she went wild. I focused all of my attention on her clit as my fingers massaged her G-spot. She took a deep breath and every muscle in her body started to shake. She sat up and jerked my shorts down and grabbed my ass. She said STICK THAT BIG FAT FUCKINF COCK OF YOURS INTO MY HOT PUSSY NOW.

My cock had no more touched her and I was buried nuts deep in her. I grabbed her shapely hips and pulled her right to the edge of the table. I fucked her with everything I had. I was lifting her ass off of the table with every thrust. Her beautiful tits were twirling in circles on her chest. Her back was arched up off of the table. She was pulling her hair as her head tossed from side to side. She was looking at me with lust in her eyes. She said GOD YES FUCK THAT PUSSY. FUCK IT DEEP AND HARD. OH GOD YES. I her pushed her legs up off of my shoulders and placed her feet right up to ears. Her arms were pinned down to her sides. She was totally under my control. I shoved in hard and my cock slid into the opening of her cervix. She let out a painful moan. I started to pull out and she said no. I have never had a cock that deep in me. I slid out and then penetrated her cervix again and again. She screamed out OH GOD YES and slid into an unbelievable orgasm. I could feel the walls of her soaking pussy clamping around my cock. Right behind the head of my cock the opening of her cervix was spasming. I held her down until her climax had subsided and pulled out of her.

I stuck the tip of my pulsated cock up to the opening of her tight little puckered butt hole and started to press against her. She gasped what are you doing. I pressed a little harder and she squirmed to try to get away. She told me that she had never taken a cock in her ass before. I told her to relax and pressed into her harder. I felt her sphincter start to spread and pressed harder. She was moaning with every breath she took. Then the head of my cock was in. She said that she couldn’t believe that she was letting me take her in the ass. I pulled her hips to me and slid the rest of the way in. I bent down and kissed her while she got used to my big cock stuck up her tight little pooper. I slowly move out just an inch or two and then I would press back in. Soon I was pulling all of the way out and then entering her again. She got a lusty look on her face and I started to fuck her hard. She was really getting into it now. Her hips were meeting my every move. She looked up and me and said FUCK MY VIRGIN ASS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME FIL MY ASS WITH YOUR HOT CUM. I started slamming into I felt my nuts tighten and I started shooting stream after stream of hot gooie cum into her tight ass. She started to shake again and her pussy was forcing her thick cum out of her gaping pussy and down onto my cock.

When I was finished I pulled her up to me and we kissed. She told me that she could not believe how hard and how many times that she had just orgasmed. She sat down on the bench and took my cock into her hands and slid her mouth down over it and sucked me dry. She kept sucking until I was hard again. She hold me to lay down on my back on the table. She straddled me and slid down over my cock. She leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. She slowly started to move her hips, sliding almost all of the way off of my cock and then plunging back down until her clit was grinding on my pubes. She looked and me and said now who is fucking who. I smiled, grabbed her hips and started pounding her sweet pussy again. She only lasted about five minutes before she came again. I kept pounding into her until I was ready to come for my second time. She felt me tense up and knew I was about to shoot another load into her. She clawed at my chest and my nuts exploded deep inside her. She kissed me and climbed off of the table. She cleaned the cum out of her ass and pussy and rubbed it into her breasts. She went to put on her little nightie and robe and I told her no. I want you to walk back to your camp naked. She looked at me and said I will get caught. I told her that if we were to meet tomorrow she had to do what I wished. She looked at me and told me that as long as they were here she was my slut and would do anything to please me. She then told me that she was going for a hike in the morning and expected to see me. She gave me a kiss and left.

I followed her to the end of the trail. I watched as she walked through the lot with her beautiful body exposed and past the other camps and then disappear into hers. I don’t think that she had been seen, but I kind of wished that she had been.

More to come.
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