Camping with Stepdaughter 20

While I had been cooking supper Lesly and Susan had been busy in the van. Both girls had on little tank tops that they had cut off just below their firm young breasts. Their nipples were hard and their areolas were clearly visible. They had cut away all the material from the crotches of their little shorts until all that was left was the narrow strip formed by the seam. The seam disappeared into the folds of their smooth young pussies, parting their inner lips and leaving them totally exposed. Lesly set the table and Susan got drinks from the cooler. As usual our trail continued to have traffic up and back, even though it went nowhere at all. The girls made sure to bend over and stretch so that an occasional nipple would pop out from their little tops. There was no way short of covering their pussies with their hands that they were not open for all to see.

Then I heard a familiar voice. Hello Bonnie said. I turned and there she was. She looked at the girls and said so this is what all the commotion is about. She told me that she was headed to the bathroom when she saw different men from around the campground headed up the trail. She said that she was curious and had to find out what was going on. She told me that the men down by her could not take their eyes off of her when she was in her camp. I could see why, she had on a tight pair of white shorts that her thong was clearly visible thru. Her top showed the outline of her low cut bra and her deep cleavage. She looked down at my crotch, smiled and said that it looked like I needed some attention. She told me that she had been thinking about what we had done earlier in the day and couldn’t get how my hard cock had felt inside of her out of her head. Lesly came over and gave her a hug and asked if she was staying for dinner. Bonnie told her no that she had to get back to her husband before he came looking for her.

Bonnie told me that she could not wait until tomorrow and that she would be up later when her husband and k**s were asl**p. She touched my chest and turned and walked back down the trail. I watched her hot ass as she slowly walked away. Just before she went out of sight she turned to see if I was watching and gave me a smile and a wave.

Lesly came up to me and said God she is really hot. Susan I bet that would taste good.

We ate supper and then went to the van. Lesly pulled off Susan’s top and started sucking on her hard nipples. I pulled her shorts down over her hips and slid my hand between her legs to her wet pussy. Her lips were swollen and her little flower was open.Susan pulled off Lesly’s top and unbuttoned her shorts. Lesly set back lifted her hips and pulled them off. I told them I want to watch.

Lesly laid down on her back and spread her legs. Susan straddled her face and bent down into a lusty 69 position. They were gently caressing each others bodies. They were moaning and breathing hard. I sat down behind Susan and watched as Lesly lapped at Susan’s pussy while sliding two fingers into her tight little hole. I moved down with Susan and took turns with her. She had Lesly’s pussy spread out wide with her fingers while she feverishly slid her tongue over her protruding clit. I would slide my tongue through her lips and then Susan’s tongue would dart out and attack her hard little knob. I pulled out my aching cock and held it up to Susan’s mouth. She was now becoming very skilled at sucking a man’s cock. Her tongue traced slow circles around its head and then would flick wildly underneath. I pulled away and she went back to pleasuring Lesly.

I dropped my shorts and moved into position behind Susan’s cute little ass. Her little pussy shined with her juices. What a perfect little target. Lesly grabbed my cock and slid it in between her soft fold and to the entrance oh her love tunnel. I entered Susan with one quick shove of my hips. Susan let out a loud moan and pressed her sweet little ass back to meet me. She looked back at me and said that she thought that I was going to watch. I smiled and said My Bad. Lesly licked and played with my balls as I fucked her little friend. Lesly then started to message Susan’s little nub. Susan stretched out and arched her back. She was becoming accustomed to may large cock, it only hurt a little before she was stretched out and she could get into the pleasure she was receiving. Lesly’s tongue was sliding along the under side of my fat cock. As I would pull out Susan’s sweet nectar would be pumped out and Lesly would catch it with her tongue. Susan’s body was twisting with every thrust. She was raising and lowering her hips, which heightened both our pleasures. She was becoming a very good little lover. I smiled and thought to myself that these girls were going to surprise the boys that they would hookup with after this week. Susan lifted her body off of Lesly and sat straight up on my cock. She Yelled OH GOD YES and surrendered to waves of her orgasm as they pulsed through her body. I pulled on her nipples which added to her pleasure. As Susan came back to reality she turned and kissed me on the cheek and just said WOW! That was awesome.

I pulled out and maneuvered them to where Susan was spread eagle on the bed and Lesly was kneeling in front of her. Lesly started eating Susan’s just fucked pussy. I slid the tip up and down the whole length of her wet little snatch. She pushed back against me trying to get me to enter her. I teased her for a couple of minutes. She looked over her shoulder and commanded JUST STICK THAT BIG FUCKING COCK IN ME AND GET WITH IT. I watched her lips spread to accept the large head of my cock. I grabbed her hips and fucked her tight little pussy hard. I continued for a while and then pulled out and entered her tight ass. As I passed her sphincter she tensed up and screamed. I slid in until I was slapping my nuts against her juicy pussy. Susan’s eyes were closed; she had her hands under her hips lifting her pussy up to meet Lesly’s probing tongue. Lesly was shoving her ass back into me making my nuts slap her pussy even harder. She reached under her and started to rub her swollen little clit. She shuddered and bucked as her orgasm over took her being. I slid my cock in as far as I could and held it there. Her tight ass was convulsing around me. When she had settled back down I pulled out and turned her around. She sucked the head of my cock into her sweet warm mouth. Susan came down and watched. Susan said I want some. Lesly put the tip up to Susan’s mouth and she sucked me all of the way down her throat. Damn I thought to myself I have created two skilled little cock suckers. My balls tightened and I shot my hot load down Susan’s throat. She pulled back and Lesly took the second heavy stream. They took turns until the last drop of my sticky fluid was cleaned up. They looked very content. I pulled them both up and gave them kisses. I could taste a mix of my cum and theirs. They got under the covers and spooned.

I went out to clean up camp and have a rum and coke. Thoughts of Bonnie were going through my head. Would she really come up tonight? How would she be able to sneak away? God what am I doing. I sat and drank and watched the flames of the camp fire. Time was going by slowly. I had been there for what seemed like hours. I went in and checked on the girls and they had fallen asl**p in each others arms. I pulled their covers up and went back out to the fire. There stood Bonnie in a sexy little robe. Her long blonde hair hung down over her breasts. My heart started to raise. I walked over and took her in my arms.

More to come.
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