Camping with Stepdaughter 16

I was on my second cup of coffee when the finally came out of the van. They came out dressed only in their little robes. They both walked up to me and through their arms around me. Lesly looked into my eyes and told me that she loved me then placed a soft kiss on my lips. Susan put her arms around my neck hugged me tight. She whispered in my ear that she had always wanted things to be this way with the three of us. She kissed me and then pulled Lesly into it and we all kissed each other.

We drank our coffee and talked about the night before. As if I didn’t already know the answer to the question I was about to ask. I asked them if they were alright with what we had done. They put their arms around each other and told me that they had always wanted to do that each other, but neither of them could take the initiative.

We finished our coffee and the girls said that they wanted to take a shower before they got ready for the day. I prepared the shower for them while they were getting their towels. They dropped their robes and towels and wet each other down. I still couldn’t believe what was happening to me. A man walked by and saw the girls. I asked him if he wanted a hot cup of coffee. He said yes and came and sat down at the table. He watched as they washed each others bodies and then their hair. He asked me who they were and I told him. He said that they were beautiful. The girls had been so into what they were doing they hadn’t really noticed him. When they did they both smiled at him and waved. He said hey. I asked him where he was from and who he was with. He told me that he was from Yakama Washington and that he was up with his wife and two boys. He asked me if the two of them were always this open with their bodies. I told him yes.

Susan walked over to the van and got the razor and shaving cream and went back and shaved her legs and her pussy. The guy setting with me was having a hard time keeping his mind on our conversation. Susan then knelt down in front of Lesly and trimmed her bush a little thinner. They checked out each others pussies and then rinsed off and dried each other off. They wrapped their hair in towels put on their robes and came over to the table. I introduced Lesly and Susan to the man and then had to ask his name, it was Ben. One sat on each side of me and I poured them a cup of coffee. Ben told them that he thought that they were very beautiful. Susan grinned and said we don’t have our makeup on. Lesly said I feel naked without my makeup. And the both gave out a little laugh.

Susan looked at Ben and asked if he would like a blow job. Both Lesly’s and my heads snapped at the same time and looked at her. She looked back at us and said look at the condition he’s in. She was right he was definitely trying to hide what was in his shorts. He said that’s ok I’ll be alright. She said are you sure and she stood up and let her robe fall open. He looked at me and I said that it was up to her and him. She walked over to him and stood in front of him with her firm young tits right in his face. She said go ahead and feel them I won’t tell. His hands were shaking as he reached up and touched the soft flesh of her breasts. She said you like that don’t you? He muttered out a yes. Do you like my pussy? He looked down at the soft pink folds of flesh between her legs. She said go ahead. He raised his hand up and touched her hot young teenaged pussy.

Lesly know had my cock out and was teasing the tip with her fingers. Susan bent down and unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock. Before he could say a word she was on him. Lesly wasn’t going to be out done and slid her lips down over the head of my cock and started bobbing her head up and down. Ben had hold of the table and had a surprised look on his face. To the girls it was a race to see who could get her mouth filled first. Ben shook and he slumped down on the bench. Susan came up with a look of contentment on her face and his cum slipping from her lips. Seeing this set me off and I filled Lesly’s throat with my load. Up she came looking just like Susan. They reached over the table and gave a high five.

They walked to the van while Ben and I got ourselves back together. Ben asked me what had just happened. I told him that they were obviously exploring their sexuality. He asked me if they were like that all of the time. I told him that they weren’t, but things had obviously changed. They dropped their robes and brushed out each others hair. Ben asked me not to tell anyone what had just happened to him. I gave him a smile and said what happens in this camp stays in this camp. My wife would kill me if she found out about this he said. I looked at him and said mine would too. Ben finished his coffee and was about to leave, Susan said wait come here. He walked over to the girls and they both gave him a hug and a soft kiss and said that they were happy to meet him. They went back to grooming each other and he turned and walk towards me and the trail. He said thank you, that just made my trip and made his way back down the trail.

More to come
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soo sweet but soo naughty