Camping with Stepdaughter 15

I had just got a cup of coffee poured and I heard a moan come from the van. I walked over and peered into the door. My two little lovelies were locked into a warm naked embrace. Their hands exploring each others firm bodies. Lesly’s tight behind was facing me. She was straddling Susan’s leg with hers. Susan’s hands were gently caressing Lesly’s back. It was the most sensuous thing that I had ever seen. Susan slid her hand down Lesly’s back and on to her muscular little ass pulling her pussy tighter to her leg. Lesly responded by grinding her pelvis into Susan. Susan said I want to make love to you. I want to please you. I want to taste you. I want you to cum for me. She slid down and spread Lesly’s long toned legs. She looked up and told her that she loved her. Lesly smiled and caressed Susan’s long brown hair. Lesly’s back arched and she let out a loud moan. He hips started to jerk. Susan had learned as I had gone down on her. She was kissing all of the right places. She told Lesly how wonderful her pussy tasted. Lesly’s breathing was shallow almost panting. Susan slid her fingers into Lesly and started gently fucking her. Lesly said I want to feel your pussy. Susan stopped and moved up and they interlocked their legs bringing their pussies together. They started slowly sliding against each other. There was lust in their eyes. They reached out and touched each other. Softly rubbing and caressing. I don’t quite know what came over them, but all at once they started grind hard. Lips against lips. Their breathing became labored. Their hips were gyrating wildly. Lesly f***ed out I’M GOING TO CUM. Susan said please wait. Lesly was shaking her head I CAN’T. She let out a scream as she started to climax. She shook uncontrollably. This set off Susan and she screamed OH MY GOD. And then her pussy took control of her. They both collapsed and just laid there. Lesly was the first to stir. She moved down and took Susan in her arms and told her that she loved her. They kissed and held each other. It was so beautiful watching these two young women that had grown up together, that had fallen in love and finally acknowledged it. I could not bring myself to bother them I wanted to go in, but I couldn’t. This was their time and theirs alone. I left and drank my coffee.

More to come.
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4 years ago
wonderful & sweet