Camping with Stepdaughter 11

Let me refresh your memories. Lesly was my 18 year old stepdaughter. She was 5’6” tall, 120 lbs. and 34cc breasts, long red hair and green eyes.Her body was to kill for.

She was still in the van after I had taken her anal virginity and shot my load down her young throat. I was tuning up our mountain bikes, lubing chains, tightening cables and airing up tires. I heard a familiar voice asking if Lesly was around. I turned to see Susan our hot little neighbor. She was in a pair of tiny little shorts and a tube top. She had been on the dance squad with Lesly and also would go with us on mountain biking trips. She came and gave me a hug and I told her that Lesly was in the van. I asked her how she knew where we were. She told me that Lesly had called from a gas station and told her the name of the camp ground we were going to be at. Her father works for the forest service and she had looked it up on one of his maps in his home office. I watched her tiny little ass as she walked to the van. I felt myself starting to get hard. This is the girl that had told Lesly if she didn’t fuck me that she was going to.

Lesly gave out a little screech as Susan poked her head into the van. You’re here, you’re here she yelled. It was quiet for a minute and then I heard Susan yelp no way you didn’t. It was quiet for some time and then they came out. Lesly had changed into her little white shorts and her tank top. Susan gave me a hot little look when she came out. She must have told Susan we were having sex. My cock was now at full attention. I was happy to be setting down at the table. They turned and Lesly showed her the shower. She had obviously told Susan about the showers that she had been taking. They then walked over to the stream. I was going crazy wondering if I was going to get to see them together or if I was going to get to fuck her sweet little friend or was everything going to stop.

Lesly walked back down to Susan’s car with her. When they came back they had a sl**ping bag, a backpack and Susan’s mountain bike. They set the bike by me and Susan’s asked if I would tune hers up as well. I told her I would be glad to. I couldn’t help but notice her hard nipples under her tube top. She caught me looking and looked in my eyes with a very lustful look. I think that at least one of my questions was being answered.

They told me that they were going to go for a walk and would be back shortly. I watched until their tight little asses were out of sight. I was curious where they were going. I went down the trail to just check it out. They were walking through the camp ground. I could see the men watching them as they would walk by. Both girls were smiling and waving. This was an advertisement I thought, there were going to be more men walking up and down the trail when they got back.

When they got back they went into the van and when they came back out they were both in wicked weasel swim suits. They had towels and were headed to the stream. God here were the two hottest girls I had seen and they were all but naked. Susan was 5’4” tall and about 100 lbs. and I would have to say 34b. I watched them go into the stream. Soon there was commotion in the trees around the stream. I was right; they had just got the attention of the whole camp ground. They were splashing water on each other and wrestling around. Lesly reached up and pulled Susan’s top off of her breasts. Oh my god, they were beautiful. Her nipples were hard and darker than Lesly’s. Susan was not going to be the only one with her breasts out and abruptly pulled Lesly’s out. Their areolas were about the same size, but Susan’s nipples were longer than Lesly’s. Lesly whispered something to Susan and they smiled. There were three men in the trees when Lesly pulled down her bottoms. Susan was right behind her. Susan’s little patch was nothing more than a dark narrow line stopping just above her little hood. Her pussy lips were also a dark pink. They removed their tops and threw their suits on to the rocks. They played and touch each other for about twenty minutes before wrapping up in their towels and coming back to camp. As they came up the bank they were laughing about what they had just done. Susan walked up to me and gave me a hug and said that she saw me watching and could not wait for tonight. They were not done yet. They asked me to get the shower ready. I filled the tank for them and lit the burner. They dropped their towels and entered the mesh enclosure together. They sprayed each other of then proceeded to give us all a slow sensual show. They slowly soaped up each others bodies, taking extra time on their breasts and tight young pussies. They rubbed their bodies together in a long embrace. Then they locked into a kiss that seemed to last for minutes. There were now at least 6 or more men in the trees. I could see that some of them had binoculars. I was so hard now it hurt. They sexily rinsed each other off and then walked to the van soaking wet. There they dried each other off and combed out each others hair. They reached into the van and pulled out their shorts and tops and got dressed

They came over to the table I was setting at with huge smiles on their faces. I asked them what they thought they were doing. Susan replied getting ready for tonight. I asked what they were going to do tonight. They looked at each other and replied at the same time that I would just have to wait and see.

More to come.
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4 years ago
i would not share them either great series
4 years ago
damn harry man u keep telling us about the girls for real man u need to post some pictures of these two come on do us all a favor from ur story i am sure they wont care
4 years ago
Jeez harry, sod the rest,keep them for yourself you son-ofa-gun. part 12 soon????.
4 years ago
cant wait for number 12
4 years ago
ww! great story, but when do the campers get some??