Camping with Stepdaughter 9

As we sat at the table trying to decide what to do we started to talk. I asked her which one of her friends had watched the movie of her mom and me. She told me that it was Susan our neighbor across our backyard. She is a hot little brunette with small tits probably b cup. I had always thought that she would be one that I wouldn’t mind having my way with. She then asked me if I would be mad if she wasn’t the only one that had seen it. Damn I thought I went from being step dad to porn star. I asked how many had seen it. She told me that her whole dance squad had watched it when they had gone to a state dance meet. They had heard her talking about it with Susan in the locker room after a practice. They had talked her into bringing it with her on their trip. They took turns watching the door of their room to make sure that they wouldn’t get caught. Well this certainly explained the looks that I would get from the girls in her squad when we would go to one of her dance meets. She looked up at me with sad little eyes and asked if I was upset with her. I gave her a hug and said how could I ever be mad at you after all that you have done for me. She put her head on my shoulder and asked me what else she could do for me. She then said that I hadn’t done some things with her that I had done with her mom. I asked like what. Her face turned red and she said that she didn’t know how to ask. I told her just let things progress naturally and they would happen.

I asked her what else went on at these meets away from home. I asked if any of the girls got together. She told me that she knew that two of them had. And she told me their names. I asked if she had done anything with another girl. She blushed and said that she and Susan had practiced kissing with each other. I said that kissing was normal most girls do it when they are young. What else I said. Her face turned very red. I can’t say she replied. I asked her if she had felt Susan up and she nodded her head. Now I was getting some where. Did you let Susan feel you up? Once again she nodded her head. I asked her what else. She said Dad I can’t say it. I said what and rubbed her cheek with my hand. She looked down at the ground and said in almost a whisper we rubbed our pussies together. I told her that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that it turned me on thinking about the two of them together.

We sat there in silence for a while and then Lesly said it was Susan that had finally convinced her to come on this trip and seduce me. Susan said that if Lesly didn’t when she went away to college she was going to do it. Lesly said that she couldn’t bare the thought of Susan making love to me if she hadn’t. I said then you really didn’t want to do this, did you. She said that she had always wanted to, but could never get up enough nerve to do it. She had wanted to many times when we were home alone but would always chicken out and just go to her room and finger herself. She decided that this trip would be the best time to do it. She said that she was shaking when she got in the van after removing her bra in the gas station. She then told me that she had hoped that I would have just grabbed her and fucked her that first night in the van. It took her a long time to build up the nerve to get in bed with me and even more to cuddle up to me with her naked body. I told her that it was a good thing that she had done what she did or nothing would have ever happened but a camping trip

I asked her if she wanted to have sex with any of the men or boys that we had seen. She said no that she was here for only me. I like having them see me naked and I love having them watch as I suck and fuck you. I asked her if she wanted to flash the guys on the bikes when they came back. She told me that she wanted to teach them a lesson for following her up the trail. I said I think you already did. She told me that she wanted to get them hard and send them on there way. With that she went to the van. I followed her and asked her what she was doing. She said you’ll see. She came back out dressed in her short as little skirt and white top that she had warn before. She had on white socks up to mid thigh and cute little sandals. She waited for them to get back to their car and she went back to the restroom. She walked over to them and started to talk. She had only loosely tied her top and it came open exposing her sweet pink nipples. They all looked back up towards our camp. She told them that I would kill them if I caught her talking to them with her tits in full view. She then lifted the hem of her skirt up giving them a close look at her little red muff and he smooth pussy lips. They all kept looking over their shoulders in hopes that they would not see me coming down the hill. She then bent over and lifted her skirt and showed them her ass and just how hot and wet her just fucked pussy was. She ran her fingers through her pussy and put them up to her lips and licked them clean. She then turned and as she walked away said only in your dreams could you have something like this. She came back up to camp with that evil little grin on her face. She told me to wait till they got their bikes loaded and then head down the trail like I wanted to kick their asses. I did and when I got to the lot they were just getting in their car. They saw me and they all had just barely gotten into the car as the driver was getting the hell out of there. When I got back to camp Lesly was laughing her ass off. She said that is so cool. Then she told me what she had told them. I must have scared the shit out of them. She did get what she wanted. What an evil little shit. I wished that I would have known this side of Lesly sooner than I did.

Lesly has been reading your comments and wants to hear more of what you think. And would like to thank you for your votes.
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4 years ago
excellent so hot
4 years ago
Dude your step daughter sounds so fucking hot!!! If I were you I would keep that close!!!
4 years ago
you are a very lucky man for having such a horny sexy adventurist stepdaughter
4 years ago
After reading this harry, you really are the luckiest son-ofa gun.