Camping With Stepdaughter 10

What Lesly had said to me got my mind going. What had I done to her mom on the tape that I hadn’t done to Lesly? I was thinking of only one of the episodes on the tape, the first. I got butterflies in my stomach. My little girl had seen and shared the two of us being very kinky. As I had said before my wife was very conservative in public, but she was my whore in the bed room. We had gone through the whole spectrum of sexuality. Did my daughter really want to experience all of this? A light lit up for me, Lesly was dressed perfect and she thought that she had been bad.

I stood up and grabbed her little hand and told her in a stern voice to come with me. I pulled her into the van and back to the bed. She asked me what was wrong. I told that she shouldn’t have shown my private tape to the girls on her dance squad. It was one thing to accidentally watch it with Susan, but to let others see it was wrong. I told her I was going to have to punish her. I pulled her down across my lap. She struggled to get free. I held her tight and lifted the hem of her little short skirt up and across her back. She pleaded with me not to spank her. She squirmed and slid off of my lap and tried to get to the door. I grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her back to me. My cock was getting harder by the second. I pulled her up to my lap again and held her tight. Once again I bared her sweet teenaged ass. She cried no daddy, I am sorry I didn’t mean to do it. With that I gave her firm ass its first of many swats that were to come. I could see the marks that my fingers left and this prodded me on. She put her hands back to try to block my large hand. I grabbed them and held them together in the small of her back. The next stroke was lower and the tips of my fingers landed on her tight little pussy lips. Her whole body tensed up and a sigh slipped from her lips. She begged me not to hit her again but to no avail. She had been bad and she needed to learn her lesson. I continued to punish that sweet little ass. With every stroke it got redder. I noticed that her pussy was starting to open and was becoming very wet. She was becoming very aroused. With that I stopped and slid two fingers in to her little love hole. I roughly slid them in and jerked them out. With every thrust in, her muscular ass would lift up to meet my intrusion. I fucked her with my fingers until she was near completion. I stopped and pull my fingers out this was punishment and she had to realize this. I took my middle finger and placed on the dark little ring of her young ass. With one quick trust I buried my finger in her tight little tunnel. She got one hand free and grabbed my hand. She pleaded with me to stop. I told her that she had no say in the matter and gave her another stern smack on her ass. I retuned my finger to her hot little ass and started ramming it in and out. She was desperately trying to get away, but I held her tight. She was kicking so I locked her legs down with mine and told her the more she struggle the worse her punishment would. She continued so I inserted another finger. By now she was loosening up a bit so I add one more. She now had three of my large fingers in her. I was burying them in her as far as I could and then pulling them all of the way out just to shove them in again.

I felt that she was ready. I pushed her face down on the bed and spread her legs. I still held her hands behind her. With my other hand I undid my shorts and pulled out my hard aching cock. I put it up to her little pucker hole. She begged please don’t you are too big. I told her that she wanted me to do everything that I did to her mother. You watched me on the tape and now you are getting what you wanted. Every time I tried to enter her she would move. I pressed down hard on her back and got the tip of my big cock in her. I moved in father with every thrust of my hips. Soon my little girl was taking every inch. She started moving her toned ass to mine. I slammed into harder and harder. She was screaming almost crying. I reached around her and started roughly rubbing her clit. Moments later her body was going through the throws of her orgasm. I kept pounding until I could feel my own climax. I pulled out of her ass and turned her around. I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head and f***ed my cock in to her mouth. I fucked her face until I blew my thick load down her throat. She gagged as the first stream entered her. She tried to pull away but I held her head tightly. I released again and again. My cum was running down her chin and onto her firm breasts. I finished and pushed her away. I told her to clean herself up. Put on my pants and left her in the van.

She called for me to come back to the van. When I looked in she reached out and threw both of her arms around my neck pulled me to her. She said that she knew that she had been a bad girl and that she was very sorry. I told her that I wasn’t mad at her at all. I was just doing what she wanted. I said think back at what you had seen on the tape. She sat for a minute and said oh ya. I then asked her if she still wanted me to do everything that she had seen and she smiled and hugged me tight. She bravely said and more.

More to come if you like.
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4 years ago
excellent it is a shame hamster makes you hunt for these instead of being in sequence
4 years ago
Harry, where are the parts 8&9. You`re not going to tell us you two slept for two whole day`s are you?.
4 years ago
Harry, where are the parts 8&9. You`re not going to tell us you two slept for two whole day`s are you?.
4 years ago
what happened to parts 8 and 9