Camping with stepdaughter 7

The next morning I decided to surprise Lesly with a hot shower. I knew that I was ready for one, I am sure that she was too. She seemed to be enjoying her times in the stream, but you just can’t beat nice hot water. I slipped out of bed without waking her. I pulled my portable shower out of the back of the van and set it up. You could see it from the trail and from the stream as well. It comes with two different shelters, one that is private and the other that is mesh. I thought about it and put up the mess one so that she would be able to fulfill he exhibitionist side. I put shampoo, conditioner, soap and a wash clothe just inside on the floor. I figured that she would like to listen to some music while she showered so I set up her CD player. I filled up the water container and hooked up the battery, now all I needed to do was wait.

I made coffee and took her a cup when I heard her wake up. I told her that there was a surprise waiting for her. She got all excited and wanted to know what. I told her that she would have to find out for herself or it wouldn’t be a surprise. I went back out to fix breakfast. She put on her little robe and came out. The table was the opposite direction as the shower so she did not see it when she came out and sat down. She was begging for me to tell her and I just said no. Breakfast was ready so we sat down and ate. She was going nuts. She told me that she could not believe how I had treated her last night. I had made her feel very special. When we were done I told her to get me something from the van. She stood up and turned around and let out a little screech. She said is that what I think it is and I said yes. She ran over to it and said no way. She came back and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I told her to go ahead.

She went over to the shower and I showed her how it worked. She took off her robe and handed it to me. I turned on her music. I went back and got in the van. She turned the water on and got all wet. As she bent down to get the shampoo two teenaged boys walked by. They looked to be about 13 or 14 years old. The one yelled wow and Lesly stood up and turned around. She gave them a smile and a wave. I stepped out and they took off. They were only the first of many. She looked so content. Her hips were swaying in time to the music. She seductively soaped up her beautiful body. She rinsed off and asked me to get her a razor and some shaving cream. I took them to her and she told me to look around at all of the guys that were watching her. They were behind everything. I asked her if it was bothering her and she said heck no. She lathered up her legs and took her time shaving each one. She then lathered up her pussy and proceeded to shave it as well. When she rinsed off she ran her hand between her legs to see if she had gotten all of the stubble. I took her a towel and she asked me to make sure she had done a good job. I slid my hand between her legs and gave her a good feel. She put her arms around my neck and started grinding on my hand. She whispered in my ear that she was wanting to give them a good show. I said turn on the shower and dance while you rinse yourself off. She danced until the water ran out. She slowly dried off her body, wrapped up her hair in the towel and once again walked to the van in her birthday suit.

If someone would have told me that Lesly acted this way before now I would have told them that they were full of shit.

I don’t know if it was performing on stage in skimpy outfits that made her so secure with showing off like she had been or if it was that holding in her sexuality all through school so that she would not be labeled a slut. What ever it was I was definitely reaping its benefits.

Once again she sat in the van door while she brushed out her hair and put on her makeup. She got something out of her bag, stood up and sprayed her body from head to toe. She then went in to get dressed. Sorry guys the is show over.

I told Lesly that I have been writing. She is excited and wants to read your comments.
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4 years ago
4 years ago
can i go caming with you
4 years ago
Great writing. Can't wait to go camping this summer and see what lurks just off the trails.
4 years ago
Man,you sure know how too go camping.
4 years ago
super writing and one lucky SOB