Fantasy Fulfilled - Part 2

For various reasons it was nine months before my second visit to Matt. I booked a lunchtime appointment over a week in advance and was in turmoil the whole time. What was wrong with me? I'd done the hard part nine months earlier so couldn't understand my nerves. Maybe it was what else I wanted to do this time.....
I'd decided to try and knock two more items off my fantasy list - being handcuffed and being filmed. Matt's profile stated he liked, amongst lots of other things, both "being filmed" and "role play" and in an e-mail conversation, following our initial meeting, he'd seemed intrigued by my comment about bringing my handcuffs next time I saw him ("handcuffs.... mmmm" was his actual reply).
When I arrived Matt's door was open and he appeared in the hallway before I knocked. Like last time he was wearing trunk type briefs but with a vest top. He closed the door behind me and ushered me into the living room. I was carrying my camera and asked him if he was ok to do some filming, as opposed to being the subject of the filming. "Whatever you like" was his reply. A gay DVD was playing on the TV and without further ado he dropped to his knees and unbuckled my belt, so that my shorts dropped to the floor, before taking me into his mouth. There was no question of me not stopping so I quickly removed my polo shirt and threw it on the chair. Once I was hard Matt stood up and took his vest top and briefs off. I took hold of his stiffening cock and we wanked each other until he was also fully hard, before stepping out of my short (they were still crumpled round my ankles and I'd not worn any underwear as I'd wanted to be quickly naked - clearly my subconscious wasn't as nervous as the real me). I retrieved the handcuffs from the pocket of the shorts and placed them on the arm of the sofa, next to where I'd put the camera. I had actually been physically trembling up to this point but once I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth, the nine months just melted away. He wasn't wearing his cock ring this day and had a small amount of black/grey pubic hair but his balls were still smooth and I alternated between sucking him, licking up and down his shaft and taking his balls into my mouth.
After a couple of minutes I reached across for the camera and turned it on before passing it up to him. I really wanted footage of myself looking up at him as my head moved up and down his cock. I'd explained, when we were mutually wanking each other, that my memories of the last visit were a bit of a blur due to my nerves and the problem with handcuffs was I couldn't play with his gorgeous cock. For this reason I intended to make the most of this initial period before getting to the cuffs. Matt filmed me wanking and sucking his cock for two minutes (2:07 to be precise) before suggesting we swap round. Watching the video back at home afterward showed how experienced he was at being filmed, he maintained constant eye contact with the camera and looked really horny sucking my cock and wanking himself. Matt's oral skills were superb and I was worried that I'd come too quick if he continued so I stopped him explaining I wanted his cock back in my mouth. We swapped round yet again and on clip 3 (there were 6 clips altogether) Matt starts to become slightly dominant forcing himself further and further into my mouth, causing me to gag occasionally.
I really wanted the cuffs in place now and as Matt turned the camera off I decided to push the role play angle. I spread the cuffs on the sofa then asked Matt to play the dominant role; tell me if I wanted more of his cock I had to wear the cuffs. He moved away from me, then started filming. I crawled towards him on my knees, sank my lips around his cock and start sucking. "You want this cock Boy" Matt says to me. "Yes Sir" I reply momentarily taking his cock out of my mouth "Then get them cuffs on" he ordered me. I looked around feigning surprise and Matt reiterated his order "Get them on". I reached across and picked the cuffs up then stood up, turned my back to the camera and with some difficulty put the cuffs on. "Good boy" he said tugging on the chain to ensure they were tight. "Now get on your knees" he ordered and made me shuffle to reach his cock. "Come on boy take it all, take it all boy, down to my balls" he said, as for the first time I had my hands securely fastened behind my back and a cock in my mouth (the tie last time had never felt truly secure. Now I knew I couldn't get out of the cuffs until my Master allowed me to). There was no way I could get all his cock into my mouth and I gagged yet again as he f***ed it to the back of my throat. I managed to pull back, looked back up at the camera then started nibbling the head of his cock with short sucks, flicking my tongue around his glans. "Oh yes suck it good boy" he moaned "You like that cock don't you boy". I could only murmur my agreement as I continued then to move my head up and down his shaft. "Yes Sir, love it Sir" I moaned as I released his cock from my mouth. "Well ask for it boy" he told me pushing me back on my haunches. "Please put your cock in my mouth and throat fuck me" I said looking up into the camera. Matt's reply was to sigh "Yeah" quickly followed by "Open your mouth boy". He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth onto his cock before easing me back and telling to look again at the camera "Fuckin open it" he ordered. I complied knowing full well I would soon be gagging as he f***ed himself further into my mouth. When I watched the video back later I realised that whilst pulling me in making me gag he got some horny footage of the cuffs biting into my wrists
My master then stopped filming and told me to follow him into the bedroom. He let me pass him then told me to lay face down on the bed. For a split second I thought he was going to fuck me which wasn't something that had been discussed nor was I ready for that step. Fortunately he just wanted to film me struggling across the bed to where he now stood with his gorgeous cock jutting out. "What do you want Boy" he asked as I squirmed across the bed. "Your cock in my mouth" I replied still moving towards him. I had to rock back and forth trying in vain to reach him and my head was fully off the other side of the bed before he finally allowed me to make contact. I wrapped my lips around his cock yet again devouring the feeling and taste of him. He moaned and reached across to wank me before telling me to beg again. "Please Sir" I started before he said again, this time more harshly "Beg"," Please" I begged him earnestly and I meant it. My fantasy was way beyond coming true; I'd hardly had his cock out of my mouth, he was dominating me, making me beg and calling me Boy and the cuffs were really biting painfully into my wrists. On top of all that he had done a lot more filming than I expected him to. I couldn't wait to get home and watch the footage.
I carried on sucking and he carried on wanking me; when I watched this clip back I noticed a large globule of pre come on my leg as he was filming himself wank me. After a minute or so he stopped filming and again told me to lie face down on the bed. He climbed on and placed his cock in my bound hands. I started wanking him, not knowing until later that he was filming again. "You love that cock don't you Boy" he said as I struggled to get a comfortable grip on his shaft "You love it" he continued. "You wanna suck it don't you". My reply was a simple breathless "Yes please". With that my Master climbed off the bed and filmed me as again I struggled to move into position. I finally managed to get off the bed and onto my knees on the floor and again sunk my head onto his cock. "Look up at me Boy" he ordered me "Show me how much you're enjoying that cock. You're fuckin lovin it aren't you?" I could only murmur as I didn't want to release his cock from my mouth so he carried on tormenting me verbally; "You love it don't you?" "You love sucking big cocks" "Keep fuckin suckin it". He was really getting masterful now and fortunately his concentration on verbally teasing me meant he didn't make me try to deep throat him; I could relax slightly and enjoy the feeling of this gorgeous huge cock filling my mouth.
It didn't last as my Master then told me to stand up and pushed me back until I fell back across the bed. I moaned in pain as the cuffs were really biting now; in my rush to put them on I'd neglected to lock them on a comfortable notch and now after all the squirming around on the bed etc they were as tight as they could be. My Master ordered me again to shuffle across so my head was on the very edge of the far side of the bed. He walked round so he was above me and started filming his final clip. Rather than just slide his cock into my mouth he proceeded to slap me around the face with it. I stuck my tongue out and he took great pleasure in slapping his cock firmly and repeatedly onto my tongue before inserting it into my mouth then pushing his hand firmly onto the side of my head, flattening it to the bed and to one side. "Open your mouth further" he barked at me and when I inevitably gagged, he loved the fact that I couldn't move my head. The sense of delight in his voice as he uttered "Yeah" was palpable. I didn't get much respite before again moving my head up and down but now he'd moved his free hand onto one of my nipples and was tweaking it painfully. I've never been into pain but the pain in my nipple coupled with the increasing pain in my wrists whilst getting face fucked felt incredible. I moaned and squirmed but he was holding me firmly down with the heel of his hand. "Oh yeah boy get it wet. Slide further down" He moaned, momentarily releasing my nipple and concentrating again on my mouth. "You can take more than that" he said and when I demonstrated that I clearly couldn't, by gagging, he moved his hand to my other nipple and started tweaking that painfully; almost punishing me for my inability to deep throat him. The pain was such that I let his cock slip from my mouth in order to moan. My legs were thrashing from side to side and my Master took great delight in filming this. I sunk my mouth back over his cock in the vain hope it would please him and make him cease his attention on my nipple but alas he was enjoying my discomfort too much to stop and just slightly adjusted his position so he could thrust further into my mouth. Thankfully the pain didn't last long as he returned to slapping my open mouth with his cock again before stepping back and telling me to get off the bed again. I rolled over and struggled to my knees, the pain in my right wrist was now so excruciating that I had to beg him to release me.
Mercifully he retrieved the key from the living room and released the cuffs (as I type, 36 hours later there is still a numbness in my right hand, which will teach me to lock the cuffs next time). There will definitely be a next time as even though I fucked up with the cuffs and my nipples were throbbing, I'd loved being securely restrained, dominated and face fucked - and I had some footage to look forward to viewing. Matt put the camera to one side and told me to lay on the bed on my side. He then climbed on and we proceeded to suck each other's cocks until, in a repeat of last time, I came. I clung onto him as a wave of seemingly endless pleasure washed over me. Matt carried on sucking long after I'd finished filling his mouth; "Fucking hell" he exclaimed laughing "You've come gallons".
Following our first meeting, when I'd mentioned wanting to use my handcuffs in a role play situation, I'd also mentioned I wanted to make him come, in fact I'd said he wasn't to uncuff me until I'd succeeded. He'd replied that he seldom "came" in half hour sessions but even so I was still disappointed in failing. I will have to try harder next time.....................

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