Double Delight Part 2

Part 2
Before I got the chance to purchase any nipple clamps Anne turned up on my doorstep one morning. She was wearing no make-up and was dressed in jeans and a T Shirt, but still looked absolutely gorgeous. “I’ve ordered your nipple clamps online” I explained “but they haven’t arrived yet. I didn’t expect you coming so soon”. She smiled and shook her handbag “No worry, I can wait. You can still tease me though”.
The only item she had brought turned out to be the hand cuffs. “These are my favourites” she explained “I love the feel of the metal against my skin. Before our little session, I always wore them loose, so they’d jangle. Now I click them tight so they nip and leave a mark. Good job I wear lots of bangles” she laughed. “What I really want though is to have my hands cuffed behind my back. I want to suck your cock with my hands behind my back and when you fuck me again I want to be on top so you can play with my tits, I’ve always known you love them”. I was taken aback “W...What do you mean …..always”? I stuttered. She smiled that sweet, seemingly innocent smile of hers then cocked her head to one side before replying “You’ve always stared at my tits, that’s why I like to press them against you, it makes your neck go red” she giggled. I shook my head and reached across, pulling her into an embrace “You little tease, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson” I whispered in her ear before kissing her slowly but f***efully. Her lips opened and her tongue snaked into my mouth before I could explore hers. “What type of lesson”? she breathed when we parted.
I turned her round so her back was to me and gently pushed her up against the kitchen wall before gazing at her arse. In her tight jeans it looked superb and I remembered why I’d been tempted to fuck her doggy style the first time. I ran my hand all over her arse before slapping one cheek, not with any f***e but enough to make her squeal with delight. “I should have added a cat o nine tails to my order” I whispered as I slapped her arse again, slightly harder this time. “Mmmm you should” she replied over her shoulder “I’d like that”.
My mind was racing with the possibilities of what I wanted to do to her and my cock was rock hard. “Keep facing the wall and take the shirt off” I ordered her. She did as she was told and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing a white bra which contrasted beautifully with her jet black hair. I was dying to reach over, unclasp it and cup those wonderful breasts in my hands and mouth but I knew I had to wait. “Pull the straps down over your arms” I ordered her and she knew exactly what I meant. “Yes Sir” she breathed innocently as she pulled each arm free of its strap, essentially making the bra strapless. She put her arms behind her and waited. “Did I tell you to put your arms behind your back” I asked her. “Why no Sir, but I know that’s where you want them........don’t you”?
I was struggling with the whole Master/Slave thing, I just wanted to fuck ......and she knew it. I picked up the cuffs from her hand bag and slipped one round one of her wrists. I sensed her body tense and she let out a shallow gasp as the metal clicked one notch at a time until it was tight. She went to move her other arm out of the way, making me grasp it and pull it back behind her and she continued to struggle, in vain, to stop me clicking the second cuff into place. I knew from her breathing and the little moans as she struggled that she was getting a real kick out of this. I lifted the cuffs by the chain so her hands were clear then gave her arse another, harder slap. She let out a small gasp of pleasure or pain, probably both, then breathed “Thank you Sir”.
“Turn round” I ordered her and she did as she was told immediately, sticking her fantastic chest out and stared at me knowing full well who was in control. I gazed at her breasts and couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t keep up the Master guise any longer. The bra was still in place and I cupped each breast through the material savouring the weight and the shape. I had never played, kissed or caressed breasts as superb in all my life. “God I do love your tits” I murmured and eased my right hand behind her back and one handedly undid the clasp. The bra fell away in an instant and my mouth moved to replace it sucking greedily on her left nipple as my thumb and fore finger teased her right nipple. After switching to her other breast for a short period I moved my head up so it was level with hers and grasped both nipples with my fingers, squeezing them hard. Anne never flinched. She slowly licked her lips and mouthed the word “Pegs”.
I laughed then went to the cupboard under the sink and retrieved two old fashioned wooden pegs. As at our previous encounter Anne’s nipples were still erect and the look of pleasurable pain on her face, as each peg was attached, was a sight to behold; even though it was painful, she was loving it. I flicked each peg with my finger to make sure they were firmly attached then moved my hand down her bare midriff to the button of her jeans. I opened the button lowered the zip then reached behind her and eased her jeans down, the aroma of how turned on she was wafted beautifully across my nostrils, reminding me of how gorgeous her pussy tasted. There would be time for that later.......
Underneath her jeans Anne was wearing a white lace thong that matched her bra and I left it on and stood up, unbuttoning the fly on my own jeans as I did so. “The pegs don’t come off until I come” I told her “so get on your knees and” I said, slipping back into the Master role without realising. She grinned at me then slowly sank to her knees, steadied herself, then with her eyes upturned took me into her mouth. I closed my eyes in sheer pleasure and when I opened them Anne was still looking up at me. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted my phone on the kitchen side and reached across for it. I had to have those eyes on film as they sucked my cock. At the sight of me fiddling with my phone Anne moved her head back so I slipped out of her mouth. I expected her to complain about me preparing to film her but instead she simply smiled and said “Don’t forget to bluetooth me a copy”, before moving her mouth back onto my cock with a renewed gusto. All the time I was filming, her beautiful blue eyes were looking up at the camera. Needless to say it wasn’t long, given the circumstances, before I could feel the initial stage of wanting to come. I realised that neither of us had spoken since I started filming so I eased myself back till I slipped from her mouth and asked her if she liked sucking my cock. “I love sucking your cock master” she said, “especially when my hands are tightly bound and my nipples are on fire. Please give me your cock again, I so want to taste your cum”. I don’t know to this day how I didn’t cum there and then as she spoke those words into the camera. She had therefore barely started sucking my cock again, before I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop before sitting back on her haunches seductively licking her lips.
I helped her to her feet then filmed her reaction as I released each peg, before putting the camera down and taking each nipple, in turn, into my mouth and gently sucking and coaxing the bl**d flow back into her aching breasts. As I did so my hand travelled down between her legs and finding her incredibly turned on, began teasing her clit until, in what seemed like no time, she was breathing hard and muttering “Oh God” over and over before she too climaxed, her legs almost buckling with the intensity. I removed my fingers and slowly licked them reminding myself of how gorgeous she tasted.
Her jeans and thong had slipped down to her ankles and she simply stepped out of them and walked through to the lounge. I could only gaze at the magnificent sight of her cute arse and cuffed hands before she disappeared from sight. I picked up the phone and followed her, filming as she climbed the stairs. She paused on the landing with her back to the wall, not knowing which bedroom to go in. I drew level with her and couldn’t resist cupping those fabulous breasts again, tweaking each nipple until Anne moaned and closed her eyes “God I want your cock inside me” she breathed. I could feel myself starting to harden again so I turned her round to face the wall. She instantly lifted her arms and pulled them to one side so I had a clear view of her arse. I stroked each cheek lovingly before slapping each one in turn, once then twice and three times, each slap harder than the previous one. She simpered with each slap betraying no sign of pain. I gently soothed each cheek then slid my hand between her legs feeling how hot and wet she was.
I spun her round so she was facing the rear bedroom and lightly pushed her towards the doorway. The back bedroom only had a single bed but it would suffice. I quickly stripped and climbed on the bed motioning for Anne to straddle me. She cautiously climbed onto the bed so she was level with my cock but I stopped her. “Shuffle up and sit on my face” I ordered her. She smiled and did as she was told. I gripped her wonderful arse with both hands and buried my face into her searching with my tongue. She rocked her hips against my face as I sucked, licked and kissed her most intimate parts, nibbling her clit as she ground herself against me. Her thighs were clenched against the side of my head but I could still hear the low moans of pleasure emanating from her lips. It wasn’t long before her movement slowed to almost a standstill as her climax built. I renewed my efforts, as prior to this it was almost as if she was fucking my face not me eating her pussy. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” was all she said before she stiffened and I tasted her sweet juices as she came. “Oh my God” she exclaimed as she sat back on her haunches “I love it when you eat my pussy”.
My cock was exploding, I was that turned on. She had barely got her breath back when I eased her down the bed and positioned my cock so she could sink herself slowly onto it. The feeling was incredible and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I too was coming for the 2nd time. As soon as my hands came into contact with her breasts I was lost, with no hope of prolonging the ecstasy. Looking into those gorgeous blue eyes, set in that exquisite 19 year old face with her hips grinding down relentlessly against me, I came almost instantly shouting her name like a man possessed. We stayed like that, coupled, until my cock finally slipped out of her. I moved her over so she was on her side with her back to the wall and turned to face her and kissed her full red lips whilst my hand traced circles around her right nipple. “I could get used to this” I smiled. She smiled back “Me too, just fuck me again before you untie me”.

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