Double Delight Part 1

Double Delight

Part 1
I’d never been obsessed with big boobs: a B or C cup was ample I’d always thought. “More than a handful’s a waste” one particular ex-girlfriend had said. But that was before I met Sarah ...................or more to the point, her twin daughters!
Sarah and I had been at school together but in that five year period I don’t believe we had ever spoken a word to each other. When we met through a Social Networking site 25 years later she didn’t even remember me, but I remembered her; she was tall and well built as a teenager, chubby some would say, with short tomboyish hair. Now in her early forties, with a slick shoulder length black bob, she was no stick insect but toned. Not at all how I’d have imagined her to be. Her 38 C breasts were full and heavy with gorgeous small bud like nipples. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and she adored having her clit rubbed, licked or sucked. Her blowjob skills were awesome, meaning our sex life was excellent, conventional, but excellent.
Her daughters, Lauren and Anne, were 19 years old and both still lived at home. Both girls were tall like their mother but slimmer than she had been as a teenager. The main difference though was their breasts: both must have been a DD or E cup. The more time I spent at Sarah’s, the more obsessed with their boobs I became: fantasising about cupping, stroking, kissing and licking them or being tit wanked by them. Both girls also happened to be gorgeous, which helped to fuel my fantasies and they often walked round the house in a state of partial undress.
Of the two Anne was the quietest, not introverted or shy, just quieter. We had the same taste in music: rock, and as she had had no serious boyfriends since I met her mother, she was around the house much more than her s****r. Lauren was confident and outgoing with seemingly a different admirer each month. She preferred modern pop music and practically never stayed in. If she wasn’t with her latest boyfriend, either out partying or at his house, she’d be with work mates burning the candle at both ends. Both girls had 9-5 jobs but Lauren also worked at a local bar at night – a crowd Anne despised. Anne went out, but she had a small close group of friends and only occasionally stayed out overnight.
Anne was also very tactile and I often felt her breasts press against me if she leaned across me or read something over my shoulder. Sitting watching TV she’d think nothing of putting her hand on my thigh as she stood up or she’d sit that close that our legs would touch. It crossed my mind on occasions that she knew what she was doing but I’d dismiss it as a mid life crisis, I was old enough to be her Dad for God’s sake! Speaking of which; Lauren was the only one in contact with their Father and was more reserved around me, to the point that I sometimes thought she disliked or resented me. Her parents had split up 5 years before we met so it wasn’t that, I just had a niggling feeling.....
I had some time owing from work one particular week so decided to have my car serviced. The garage didn’t have a courtesy car for me to borrow but as I was off work it didn’t matter. On the Monday night there was an important football match on TV. Lauren was stopping at her boyfriend’s and Anne had met some friends after work but was expected in later. Sarah had to be up early for work the next morning, so left me to my pizza, cans of beer and the match and headed up for a soak and an early night. The match ended before the beer did so it was nearly midnight when I crawled into bed. Sarah was fast asl**p and I was soon snoring my head off beside her.
The next thing I remember was being woken by Sarah to say she was going to work. My head was still feeling the effects of the beer and my bladder was bursting. I staggered out of bed and went to pick my dressing gown up but Sarah told me not to bother; no-one else was in. I decided to go back to bed afterwards to try and sl**p it off.
Some time later I heard footsteps on the landing and looked at the clock: 09:45. All three ladies of the house should be at work so maybe Sarah had forgotten something or perhaps one of the girls was ill. I saw a shadow pass the bedroom door, which Sarah had left slightly ajar, then heard the shower running. Can’t use the Bathroom yet I thought, I’ll have another ten minutes....
When I next awoke it was 10:15 and as my head cleared, I could hear a voice and a moaning sound coming from the adjacent bedroom. It didn’t sound like a painful moan it sounded pleasurable so I crept out of bed and across to the door to listen more closely. The moaning was getting louder and now a name was being called – my name! “Oh Richard .....mmm please....fuck me......let me suck your cock.....mmm yes oh god yes....”. I peered around the doorway and saw the door to the girl’s bedroom was open. I couldn’t resist stepping out onto the landing and taking a look at what was causing someone to moan whilst calling my name.
I was totally unprepared for the sight that met my eyes: Anne was laid on her bed wearing a black bra that was tucked underneath her breasts so that both breasts with erect nipples were visible. It had the effect of holding her breasts high, proud and central. What was more shocking though was that her hands were handcuffed loosely in front of her and she was teasing herself with a tiny clitoral vibrator. In addition she was wearing a black leather blindfold so didn’t see me standing in the doorway. My cock was hard in an instant and I started to stroke my self slowly as I watched and listened. I decided to move closer and totally forgot about the loose floorboard near her bed. She was moaning loudly by now and every few words were Richard; “yes Richard” -“please Richard”- “oooh eat me Richard”. In fact “Richard” was the last word she breathed before freezing at the sound of the floorboard. I should have froze myself and tiptoed back out once she carried on, but she didn’t carry on, she stopped, the vibrator slipping from her hand and I saw her hands start to move up towards the blindfold. I had nothing to lose: if I stayed where I was, what would she think – Her Mother’s Boyfriend, naked with a hard on looming over her. “I think you need a little help” I said taking hold of the chain that connected the two cuffs and raising it over her head. “Oh my God” she shuddered as her head turned towards the sound of my voice “Oh fuck” she muttered “is it really you, how can it be? Your car’s not outside”
“Shush” I said clicking each cuff fully shut in turn “I’ve been here all along listening to you fantasising about what you want me to do to you”. Her headboard was metal with a series of spikes with round balls on the top. She gasped and her breasts rose as I pulled the chain and looped it over one of the spikes before gazing down at her magnificent body, which was now mine to enjoy. I was like a c***d in a sweetshop, where to begin?
I began where you’d expect, with her breasts, cupping each one in turn flicking the nipple with my tongue before taking each nipple fully into my mouth and applying enough pressure with my teeth to make her moan and whimper “Oh god, please don’t stop” she breathed “I love having my nipples bit”. Ever the gentleman, happy to oblige a lady’s wishes, I continued to stroke, lick, suck and bite her breasts and nipples until I could stand it no longer, I had to have her lips around my cock. Before my mouth left those gorgeous breasts however, I had a thought “Do you have any nipple clamps?” “, no sorry I don’t. I’d love some though”. “Never mind” I said “there’s always the peg bag”. I returned with two standard wooden pegs and her nipples needed no teasing to be able to fit them. She moaned loudly as the first peg bit into her “Fuck that’s gorgeous” she whispered “please don’t stop”. I attached the second peg then flicked each one making her moan again in both pain and pleasure.
I ran my hand down over her firm stomach but instead of continuing down between her legs, I stopped where her thin landing strip of pubic hair began, and then swept my hand across and down her left inner thigh, kneading her flesh. Her breathing had paused in anticipation of where she’d hoped my fingers would explore and she now groaned in frustration, her pubic bone lifting as if trying to find something to press against. The chain of the cuffs rattled noisily against the bed head as my fingers danced back up her thigh and across and down the other, teasing and kneading and tickling. “Please Richard” she breathed “I can’t stand any more. Fuck me for Christ’s sake”. I laughed at her urgency. “I’ve fantasised for months about such an opportunity as this” I replied, “I intend to savour it”. I spotted the little vibrator on the bed at the side of her leg and leaned over and picked it up. I ran it under my nose marvelling in the faint aroma of her. She whimpered “Oh God” when she heard the low buzz and her legs started to rise. “Your legs need to be flat and apart” I chided her chuckling and revelling in her desperation. I repeated my fingers journey with the vibrator but each time I eased it nearer and nearer until I finally followed the line of her pubic hair and started teasing her clit. Her breathing became shallow as she concentrated and her body rocked against the gyration of my hand, slowly to start with but increasing as she neared her climax. “Fuck” was the only phrase that left her mouth until she screamed and her body palpably stiffened as she came. “Oh God, that was wonderful” she said with a hint of a laugh in her voice. I kissed her stomach and moved upwards towards her breasts which were still heaving with exertion. She gasped as I took hold of the first peg and I instantly enclosed my mouth over the nipple as I removed it gently sucking and soothing. I repeated my action with her other nipple then cupped both breasts in my hands as I alternated kissing and sucking each nipple in turn. They were magnificent and if it wasn’t for the aching feeling of my cock I could have spent all day kissing and caressing her breasts.
“Are you going to fuck me now” she asked as I raised my self from the bed. “Of course” I replied “But I’m going to fuck your face first, then I’m going to eat that gorgeous pussy of yours and then I’m going to fuck it”. She moaned and licked her lips as she took in what I’d said. “I’ve fantasised about sucking your cock so many times” she said “I can’t believe its happening”. “Believe me its happening” I said as I manoeuvred myself into position at the head of the bed. I rested one hand on the corner newel and laid the other on her left breast, tweaking her nipple. Her mouth opened willingly and I eased myself into her. She started to gently suck the head of my penis savouring the experience before taking more and more of me inside her. I rocked back and forth as she sucked and in a very short space of time, I felt myself about to come. I tried in vain to prolong the ecstasy but to no avail and she sucked and swallowed ever last drop of me. “Holy fuck” I exclaimed as my cock slipped from her lips. “That was better than any fantasy” I said. “Mmmmm it was. You tasted gorgeous” she replied licking her lips.
After getting my breath back I climbed back onto the bed with my knees between her legs. I started again with her magnificent breasts, kissing and caressing them both in turn before very slowly kissing my way down her stomach. Her breathing became shallower the lower I moved as she anticipated the direction of my tongue. I deliberately stopped at her navel and nibbled her piercing. As I did so I ran my left hand down between her legs and eased two fingers into her wet pussy. She arched her back and moaned “oh god” as my thumb found her clit and started to gently tease it with circular motions. The sounds coming from her mouth were indecipherable as I slowly ran my tongue down her landing strip towards her clit. I removed my fingers and thumb and replaced them with my whole mouth, my tongue darting into her sweet wetness before rising up to flick the tiny hard bud of her clit. I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue before slowly lapping with the flat of my tongue. She squealed in delight as I alternated between lapping, licking and nibbling her. I hooked my right arm under her leg and splayed her other leg apart with my left hand to give me the space I needed to totally immerse myself in devouring her. I’d fantasised about eating her pussy almost as much as I’d fantasised about her breasts or her mouth on my cock and the reality was so much better; her aroma and taste were exquisite and I didn’t want this experience to end. Unfortunately she was as turned on as I was, her hips were bucking and her moaning grew louder with each thrust. Suddenly she stopped moving, uttered “Oh God” then went into a spasm of tiny movements as her climax hit her. I continued licking, tasting her come, until she was almost still. With every movement of my tongue she whimpered and another spasm hit her. Finally I stopped teasing her and kissed my way back up her stomach to those superb breasts.
The feel and taste of her breasts was all I needed to bring myself back to complete hardness. I was half tempted to fuck her doggy style but instead I manoeuvred myself into position and then slowly eased myself into her. She gasped aloud with pleasure as I entered her and then instantly moved her hips in time with my slow but firm thrusts. I propped myself up on one hand so I could cup one of her breasts, kissing, sucking and nibbling the nipple at the same time. As I ground my pelvis against her the whole bed squealed against the strain and the chains of her cuffs rattled against the metal of the headboard. I felt like pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I wasn’t just fucking Anne; I was fucking her while she was handcuffed and blindfolded. Only in my wildest fantasies did I imagine a scenario like this. Despite having come only recently, the intensity of the pleasure that was assaulting my senses was such that after no more than five minutes I could feel myself coming again. I tried desperately to clear my mind, to think of something that would give me a stay of execution, but it was no use. I screamed “Fuck” and my orgasm seemed to last an eternity. Anne gave a final squeal of pleasure on my final thrust before I collapsed on top of her, totally spent. I pushed myself upright as my flaccid cock finally slipped out of her.
Neither one of us had spoken as the enormity of what we had just done began to sink in. However, I didn’t want her to think I regretted what had happened; I wouldn’t have swapped the last hour for anything in the world, so I leaned over and kissed her passionately before whispering “That was the sexiest, horniest experience of my whole fucking life”. “Me too” she laughed.
She eased herself up the bed so I could unhook the cuffs from the headboard. As I reached for the key on the bedside table she removed the blindfold and I looked into her eyes for the first time. God she was gorgeous and I wanted to fuck her again, without the blindfold. I wanted to look into those beautiful eyes while she sucked or rode my cock. “You’ll have to visit me next time” I said. “Only if you buy me those nipple clamps” she replied as she passed me on her way to the bathroom.

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