the lunch

We are walking around the mall heading for the Cheese Factory for lunch. I ask you how you are liking the day so far. You tell me you are overwhelmed by what has happened and how fast things have changed. You lean over to me and tell me you have a problem. What is that. You have a hard no and have for the past half hour. I tell you to come with me and we will take care of you. I take you to the women's restroom. We walk in and there is another woman there fixing her hair. I tell you that I will help you and lead you to the handicap stall. I tell you to pull your panties down to your knees and sit. You do as you are told and your clit is throbbing. I tell you that I will help you this time but don't expect it all the time. I start to stroke you clit. I tell you to get some tissue and fold it so you can catch your clit juice. You look at me and I see in your eyes what you want. I tell you that you are to let me know when you cum. If you don't you will be the sorriest little slut around. I lower myself and engulf your clit all the way. My nose presses against you abdomen. I work up and down. You are moaning lightly and I look to the side and I see the woman's legs right next to the stall door. I know she is looking in on us. I say nothing to you but keep sucking your clit. Your head goes back and you tell me you are cumming. I aim your clit at the tissue and you explode into it. I look at the door and the eye of the woman is glued to your exploding clit. I quietly unlock the door and whip it open, grab the woman by the hair and drag her into the stall. You have your eyes closed and you are still cumming. The woman can't take her eyes off your clit. I bring her to you and your eyes open and you are shocked to see her. I take the tissue from you and hold it to her to see. She comes out of her trace and looks at me then you, turns and runs out of the restroom. I kneel next to you and feed you the clit juice with my fingers. You stand and arrange yourself. I tell you to touch up your face. As you are at the mirror another woman comes in, smiles at us and enters a stall. I tell you I am starving and lets go.

We get to the Cheese Factory and the hostess seats us. I ask you for the business card from the man at the shoe store. His name is Tom and he works for an accounting firm. I ask you if you are going to call him. NO you say rather loudly. I tell you to calm down, I was just asking. I do tell you to think about it. The waitress comes and we order. I ask what you would like to shop for now? You look at me with a slight glazed look and say sorry I was thinking about something. I smile to myself and repeat my question. You say that it's up to me but you are having a great time. My phone rings and I answer. I look at you and excuse myself and walk to the front of the restaurant. You watch me as I talk. I laugh and turn to look at you, I smile and hold up one finger as to say one minute. I hang up and return to our table. You ask who was on the phone. I tell you it was your Mistress asking if you ere enjoying your day of shopping. Our food arrives and we eat in silence. I can tell you are deep in thought and I wonder. We finish eating and you excuse yourself to use the restroom. I remind you to use the ladies room. I get the check and pay. You return looking all refreshed. We leave the restaurant and I suggest that we just walk around the mall and see is any window displays catch our eye. I tell you the we have to stop at Victoria's Secret before we leave. We start walking and something in a window catches my eye. I tell you to wait here for me. I go in and purchase a black and red silk scarf. I come to you and arrange the scarf so that it will cover your secret. We continue strolling the mall halls looking at this display and that display. All of a sudden you stop and freeze and get this terrified look on your face. I ask what is wrong. You tell me that a wife of a guy you work with is heading our way. I tell you not to panic. Ask normal and she will never know. We keep walking and you take my hand and squeeze. The woman turns and stops at a window display. She is with another woman. As we near them I take your hand hard and lead you to the window display. You are right next to the woman you know. You are terrified she will recognize you. You stare straight ahead. I see her turn to you and then turn and leave. Her and her friend are talking about the display as they go. You look at me and say never do that again. I tell you that even your Mistress would have a hard time recognizing you. You say you don't care. I take you to a seat and try to calm you. I turn your head and give you a light kiss and tell you that you do not look anything like your former self. Everything will be fine. I tell you that we will go to Victoria's and then back to my place. You are relieved and you give me a quick kiss and we are off.

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