the shopping day

We left Lil's store and headed to the shoe store. As we walk your skirt flutters, your nylon tops showing. I see the big smile on your face as you notice the men and women looking at you and smiling. You look hot and you know it. We enter the shoe store and the two, twenty something, sales girls look at us ans they look you up and down. It's almost like they are fighting to see who gets to wait on you. They both come over to us and ask you if they can help. They completely ignore me and I step back to see what happens. You look at me and I can see the, help me , look in your eyes. I walk to you and ask one of the girls if Joan is here today. She turns to me with a look that says don't bother me. She says she will get her for me. The other girl is staring at you when her eyes widen and then a big grin comes over her face. She spotted your one fault but she likes you even more now. Joan comes out from back and yells Marge and gives me a kiss that would melt steel. I regain my composure and introduce the two of you. You smile and stick your hand out and daintily shake her hand. I tell Joan that we would like to get some heels for you. We walk to all the displays and Joan and I discuss what would look good on you. You walk a few steps behind. You look over to the young salesgirls and they are looking at you talking about you. You know that the one girl is tell the other about your secret. The girl licks her lips and you turn red, but at the same time you are getting excited. You wonder what it would be like to be with both girls at the same time. Your mind is so deep in thought that you don't hear me talking to you. I touch your arm and you are stunned. I tell you, looking at the girls, that's not going to happen. I ask you to look at the heels and see if anything catches your eye. You are overwhelmed by the choices before you. I tell Joan to pick an assortment for you and we will see what looks good on you. She goes to the back and comes out with a big box and says try these on while I get some heels. We open the box and see a pair of red thigh high boots. My first thought is not, come fuck me boots, it's I'm a whore boots. I tell you that they are not for you. You ask me if you can try them on. I let you. You walk about the store and I know you want them. They do look good on you but I don't like the message they send. I look at the front of the store and there are a few men looking in at you. I think to myself that I could make a lot of money off you. I shake that thought from my head, but I make a mental note for later.

I tell you to sit down and take the boots off. Joan domes out of the back room carrying one shoe box. She looks at you and tells you that this pair of heels is all you need for the outfit you have on. She opens the box and pulls out a red pair of stiletto sandals that are gorgeous. I see you eyes light up and you reach for the heels but she stops you. She says that theses sandals will complete you, you will be the woman you want to be. Joan doesn't miss much. She says that these are you but the price you may not want to pay. You look at her then at the sandals. You tell her name your price. Half in a male voice and half in your female voice. She grins. She stands and brings me away from you. You see us talking and I am shaking my head, she pleads her case and I relent. I nod my head and you wonder what I have agreed to. You really don't care, you know the heels will be yours. She takes your foot and puts it in her lap. You feel her push against your heel. She slides the heel on and buckles the ankle strap and then does the other foot. We help you up. There are 5" heels and you are a little unsteady. You walk and adapt quickly to the height of the heel. Joan and I stand back and admire.She was right, the heels make the outfit and you. The salesgirls are looking at you and I know their pussies are wet. You walk around and go to the mirror. In the mirror you can see the front of the store. The men looking at you earlier are still there. The thought of making money with you comes back, I dismiss it quickly. You come to me and kiss me and tell me thank you. You go to Joan and kiss her, but she holds you tight and close. I know she has her tongue in your mouth and I think you are flickering her tongue. I see your knees shake for just a moment. She releases you and says, later my baby. Joan comes to me and gives me the same tongue thrusting kiss. I tell her I will call her later today. You look at us and wonder. We walk out of the store and one of the men that had been watching you comes to us. He tells you that you are one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen and he would like to ask you out. You glance at me and I nod. The money thought just keeps coming back to me. He tells you not to say anything now but hands you his business card. He ask that you call him soon. He turns to leave but turns back to you. May I ask your name he says. You have to talk, you have to and you know it. You say Betty. He says I hope to hear from you Betty. He turns and leaves. You breathe now. You look at me and I smile. Damn that money. We head off to get some lunch.

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2 months ago
You've turned money from the root of all evil to the root of all fun. 5" stilettos... Now that's some come on I want fuck hotness!! I can imagine the sales clerks pussies were VERY wet. ;)