is it right or wrong

is it right or wrong for a man to put on his wifes thongs when he is demanded to
also is it wrong to wear them to go through a drive throu and is it wrong for her to wear her lingeria just to run doen and get something from a drive throu
100% (3/0)
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Posted by harmrm
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1 year ago
Nothing can be wrong with thongs!
3 years ago
Nope! You look good in a thong!
4 years ago
no i think it sounds fucking horny! never done that
4 years ago
i would love to see her sexy ass in the car like that!!
4 years ago
it is also good for her to dress him up like a slut and send him through the drive through
4 years ago
I don't think so. It sounds like it is all in good fun and no one is being harmed. Sounds like it would add something interesting to an otherwise normal day. Any on lookers would go home that day and tell their significant other "You won't believe what I saw" where other days they probably barely communicate after a long day at work. So it seems to me you would or have added something interesting and helpful to their lives....not to mention a little humor.