punishment for going to work

i went to work on saturday for a half day. thought i would come home watch collage football. well when i got home man i was in for the punishment of my life. i sat on the couch watching football and the wifey walked in and went to the bed room to put on a teddy and bring a pair of thongs for me to wear with all her toys in hand.we made out on the couch and as i got my bj she told me to play on the puter. which i did got chatting withanother couple when i felt her lube up my tail and inserted her finger so i keep chatting then other toys started to entering my rear.after a while she put me in the corner sitting on a vib. while she chatted with the person for a while. needless to say i did not get to watch the game but had to clean the house nude while she played with me and her self answering her ever becking call.
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4 years ago
Seems pretty accurate so far:)