Confessions of a spanked school girl - I

Hi! My name is Nora and I'm a highschool girl raised in a very fundamental f****y. My mother left us when I was in ground school what made my father even more strict. This is the story of my growing up in a perverse and twisted home filled with obscene punishment.

My story begins a few months after my 18th birthday. I was out with my boyfriend which I was finally allowed to have when he stuck his hand into my panties while making out. When he discovered my bush that I never really trimmed he was disgusted. I had no other choice than to shave the thing finally.

I waited for my father to leave home for some time so I used his razor and shaved my pussy. I didn't shave it all - I have left a nice landing strip as I saw it in some porn magazines the guys sometimes brought to school. Since my father was supposed to stay out for a longer time I called my boyfriend via Skype to show him how nicely looking I am now.

This was the first time I was supposed to appear fully naked in front of him so I was very shy. But his encouragement and my crazy brainless love for him gave me the strength to at least pull my panties down and lift my skirt and show it to him. He asked me to turn around so he could also see my but. So I lifted my skirt up even more and turned around to see the openmouthed face of my father. I was shocked and didn't remember to lower my skirt fast enough so he noticed what was going on.

Before I even managed to come up with an excuse or an explanation he was sitting on my bed and ordering me to lie down across his knees. This was supposed to be another spanking session with him just as the many past ones but things were quite different.

First of all he never spanked me without my panties on. Secondly, the Skype session with my boyfriend was not ended so I suppose he saw the whole thing. As my father started spanking me I had to count the slaps. His spanking was harder than normal because I tried to lift my legs so the camera doesn't record everything. My father finally snapped and ordered me to spread my legs or else the punishment will be even more severe. He started spanking me on the inside of my thighs when he noticed that I'm almost fully shaven except the landing strip. That enraged him even more.

He led me into the bathroom where I was ordered to strip down fully and take a shower to get rid of the filth. My father never saw me naked before and I tried to hid my small tits and pussy with my hands. To no use, though. He wanted to see my shame, as he called it. The spanking I got a few minutes before wasn't so bad as his prying eyes on my naked body.

I had a body that anyone would be jealous of. Quite an athletic build with small and perky tits and firm tight butt. My pussy was a perfect camel toe with a slight opening at the vulva. The only thing I didn't like about it was my slightly oversized clitoris. Nothing monstrous or ugly but sometimes it would be a bit visible between the lips.

And my father at that moment realized that, too. I could see in his eyes as he was devouring my naked shame. Tears came to my eyes as he watched me washing myself with the shower gel. I wasn't really detailed about it because I had washed myself not so long ago when I was shaving myself. He has noticed that and enraged as he was he decided to "show me how to wash myself properly". He took some shower gel on his hands and started washing my body touching me everywhere taking a few seconds too much to wash my tits.

When he reached down to wash my pussy and felt the remaining pubic hair he went for his razor. He wanted to further humiliate me by shaving my pussy completely bald because in his time it was shameful to have no pubic hair. Having no pubic hair was not such a shame for me because I was bombarded with such eroticism from all sides those days but him shaving me was the drop too much. I started crying loudly as tears came to my eyes.

But it didn't end quite there. When he realized that the razor was almost completely blunt he gave up and made bend over while he removed his belt from his pants. I was never punished with a belt without any clothes on me so I expected it to hurt, but I never expected it to hurt that much! I was crying out loud with every slap of the belt on my buttocks as tears and saliva were dropping into the bathtub.

When he was finally done he f***ed me to shave my pussy completely naked with a fresh razor in my shaking hands while he watched. By the time I was done I stopped crying and the pain went away a tiny bit. I've put a towel around my waist and he led me into the living room where he put me standing besides the bookcase with my hands behind my head.

He took a seat on the couch and looked at me (and especially at my tits) for some time and then had a long monologue about my slutty behavior and how bad it is. He hoped that this punishment taught me how bad my behavior was. Anyway, he said, my tits were too small to be sexually attractive to anyone so I should stop even trying. From now on he will check my pussy regularly to make sure I don't do this again.

At that moment somebody knocked at the door and he went to open it. I instinctively hid my tits with my hands as our entrance opened right into our living room. One of his friends came in. They had a handshake and greeted themselves while I stood there half naked hoping I could get away. But no. When my father saw me hiding my boobs he ordered me to put my hands behind my head with one quick shout.

Having my dad looking at my boobs could somehow be bearable but having his friend, a man I never saw before, who was about his age looking at them was something I couldn't do. When my father came closer and threatened me with a slap on my face I finally somehow f***ed my hands behind my head and revealed my small tits to this unknown person.

At first he took only a quick look at me and concentrated on the talk with my father who explained him what happened to me after some business chat. My father then wanted me to bring them something to drink and I did it swiftly more because that was a chance for me to slip from their prying eyes for at least a moment. When I came back with the drinks and left them on the table the stranger took a long look at me and stated how nicely built I am.

There was an instant smile on my father's face and he asked his friend if he wants to see my whole body. Without waiting for the answer he removed the towel from around my waist and revealed my freshly shaven pussy. I automatically put my hand in front of it while I covered my tits with the other but they were f***ed away by my father.

The stranger took a good look at me while I started crying again. I was f***ed to be naked in front of a completely strange old man and there wasn't even one hair hiding my privates. When the man asked my father if he could spank me, too, I was shaking and silently begging my father with my eyes not to allow him. But his answer was, naturally, yes, because I was, as he said, shameless in front of others.

I tried to resist as my father f***ed me across the stranger's knees but to no use. My father was stronger than me and the stranger was obviously experienced in these kind of things. He noticed that I was already very well punished and started spanking me with his hand on my already tortured buttocks.

It was quite painful and I cried even more as my body shook with each slap of his hands. He then turned me around very masterfully to spank the inside of my thighs while my father held my hands down. Having me in his lap with my legs spread was very humiliating for me.

His spanking on this very sensitive area had my vagina produce some mucus, probably as some kind of a defense, and some of it had poured out through my open lips. The stranger noticed this and stopped spanking me. I could feel his boner on my back as he used his fingers to spread my lips and touch the mucus. He told my father that I was a real slut to be turned on by this spanking and I deserve even more punishment. My father agreed, of course.

They had me lying down on my back with me head in my father's lap. He held my legs and arms above my head in a diaper position while the man spanked me even harder on my buttocks. He then asked my father to spread my legs so he could see everything which my father did.

Having my legs spread in that position got my pussy opened wide with my anus on display, too. It was terribly humiliating to feel my father's penis throbbing on the back of my head in his pants. The man put his finger into my vagina and pulled it out as I tried to wiggle out of my father's hands. The stranger had his finger showing to my father and explaining that such amount of mucus is not OK and that the spanking is obviously not helping. I was a whore beyond the point spanking could repair, he said. When my father asked what can they do now the stranger answered that I should be shown what it means to be a whore. My father agreed with a nod.

I also knew what that means and I tried to get myself free with loud cries but my father's hands held me tightly. I was no virgin, that was a fact, but I have only slept twice with one (secret) boyfriend last year. My tight pussy could barely bear this stranger's two fingers penetrating it as I cried and begged to let me go.

He told my father that the punishment will have maximum effect if he takes part, too. My father agreed and the stranger stopped fingering me. He used his both hands to gape my pussy to show my father what a whore I am. Then they let me go and I stood next to the couch hiding what I could hide with my hands feeling some pussy juices dripping down between my legs. My eyes were full of tears while the stranger explained to me that I should cooperate or else he will cane me until my ass was bleeding. I was never caned but I heard stories about girls who couldn't sit down for two weeks after severe canning so I was very afraid of it.

My father sat down on the couch with his cock in full erection and pants down. The man pushed me on my four next to my father and lowered his pants, too. He then grabbed my head and f***ed my fathers cock into my mouth. I was also no stranger to blowjobs as I sometimes did that to my ex-boyfriend that I had sex with.

While I performed what I was told to do with tears in my eyes the man penetrated me with his huge cock from behind. It was hurting at the beginning but it soon turned into something else as my vagina spread. But still, I wasn't enjoying the humiliation because it was my father's and a complete stranger's cocks inside me.

When the man realized I wasn't in pain anymore he pulled out his cock from my now gaping vagina and pushed it against my anus. I never had anal sex before and I think he knew it. But that didn't stop him from pushing harder and harder. He would push and then release, push harder and then release, slowly getting closer to penetration.

I cried out when his glans finally entered my anus but my head was quickly pushed down on my father's cock again. He took out his cocks and put it back in a few times before he started fucking me hardcore into my anus. The pain was huge and ultimately humiliating and I cried with my father's cock in my mouth. In time there was some joy, too, but I was not happy about it neither was I enjoying it.

Finally my father came and filled my mouth with the awful taste of warm semen. The stranger ordered me to swallow it as a real whore would do and I had no choice. As he came near the edge his penis grew a bit more and I was crying out from both pain and enjoyment of anal sex. He slowed down as he came almost the same time as me. He slowly took his penis out of my gaping asshole and I collapsed on the couch shaking from pain, orgasm, and humiliation. I was still crying. They sent me to kneel in the corner with my hands behind my back and think about what a whore I was.

And I did think I was a whore. I just had vaginal and anal sex with two men and both of them came inside me. One of them was my father. What kind of a girl would do that? I promised myself never to shave my pussy again or have any sexual fantasies. I will probably leave my boyfriend as I couldn't look into his eyes after he saw on Skype me getting spanked by my father.

Those were my thoughts as the stranger's cum slowly poured from my anus on my things and down. Finally the man went away after some time and my father promised to call him again if I needed some proper punishment. I was sent into the bathroom to clear myself and go to bed afterwards.

I was quite submissive after that punishment and humiliation. I was a whore and I deserved that. I had to change something about myself. And I did. At least for the following three weeks...
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1 year ago
I don't think readers realize that this is a fantasy. I (a 28-year-old woman) have never been sexually abused but I have dirty fantasies of a young woman being punished by her daddy for being promiscuous. Starts with a spanking and then turns into sex, punishment for her actions.
2 years ago
cool story
3 years ago
I would have left his house looking for a more loving place
3 years ago
nice training for an adult daughter
3 years ago
freeky story but well written keep the storys comming 6/10
3 years ago
Nice story, I hope it isnt true. Please share more fantasies!
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
i would have packed my bags and left that house after that bastard went to sleep.