The Walking Dead III

Day 163
I have been around here for five months now. Five months! The undead horde has mostly diminished. Some of them got destroyed in some bizarre ways, some others just fell down and finally died, and the leftovers walked away. I could occasionally spot one or two around the mall but they posed no real danger. I was sure I was the last human alive anywhere nearby.

I would go out from time to time and scavenge around the mall. Got chased by a zombie once or twice, but nothing dangerous. My hormone replacement therapy is finally showing. My boobs has started growing, my hair straightened out, my hips changed, and I lost most of my body hair. I was acting like a real girl all the time with my clothes, keeping my menstruation calendar, and regularly had fun humiliating myself. I somehow got fond of it and spanking, too.

But today my stock of resources have finally ran out and I caught a cold. Electricity was gone for two weeks now and I also needed some batteries. It was time to get back to town for the first time since the outbreak. I packed some necessary things and found the largest car I marked on my patrols that had keys in it. The plan was to quickly get into the town, scout around, get some resources, and then get back to the mall. I would think about the future after that.

I have got fond of dark and gothic style of clothes and makup lately so I was clothed accordingly. I was, naturally, wearing my fake pussy. But this time I have chosen the one that didn't have the anal sheath as it would make me too uncomfortable on this mission. Over that I wore see-through black thongs and a black garter belt with fishnet stockings. I also wore a corset-like thing that didn't cover the boobs. They were started showing and I didn't want them to be squashed invisible by a full corset. Over that all I wore a lace blouse through which my tits were visible but I there were no other humans, right? At least, not living ones. Always looking sexy was my rule! When I saw myself in the mirror I couldn't resist and packed some extra sexual toys in my bag. Just in case!

Traveling to the town was quite okay and I saw a couple of zombies that were unable to follow me in my car. The town was a mess and I couldn't get through many places with my car but somehow finally managed to find a way to the hospital. I parked in front and waited for a few minutes but everything seemed OK and there was electricity inside. I took my bag and baseball bat and slowly crept inside.

I checked the map and located the apotheque but I also noticed the gynecology being on my way there. I just couldn't resist that. I just had to go there and check it out.

Reaching the gynecology wasn't a real problem. I didn't encounter any zombies or corpses at all which was a bit strange since I saw some bl**d on my way here. I found a doctor's office and went in. It was quite clear so I closed the door behind me and walked around touching instruments and the gyno chair. I finally decided to have fun here since it seemed to be safe.

I removed everything except the garter belt, stockings and the fake pussy and laid back on the gyno chair. This turned me on instantly so I quickly made up a scenario in my head. First I took my thongs and showed them into my mouth. Then I used a piece of bandage I found in one of the drawers and tied it around my head so I couldn't say anything. I took my time-release cuffs from my bag and a speculum from a table. I laid on the gyno chair and tied my legs to it with some bandage.

Then I put some lube on the speculum and slowly slid it into my fake pussy. It was cold and hard but the feeling turned me on a lot. I slowly started turning the screws until it opened my ass to the edge of pain and then a tiny bit more. I've set the timer on the cuffs to half an hour and cuffed my hands behind the chair. This way I could fantasize about some gyno abuse and humiliation for half an hour! Oh the joy!

It was only a couple of minutes passed when I would jump at the ceiling if I could. The door suddenly opened and a bald man in a doctors outfit entered. If I could scream I would have but I was practically unable to do anything restrained as I was. I tried to get free and hide my privates with my legs but I was just unable. It was a struggle of a minute or two when I finally gave up on the edge of tears. I had no choice but to remain sitting naked on the gyno chair with a speculum in my ass with the bald man quietly looking at me. He finally spoke.

"Ah, wonderful, wonderful! I though I'm going crazy when I saw someone entering the gynecology!" - he said in a very calm voice - "Now don't feel embarrassed little thing. I just can't explain how perfect this is. What a great timing. And just exactly what I was looking for!"

I had no idea what was he talking about. I tried to say something but it was all mumbles. The past five months of self-bondage perfected out my skill and I was helpless. I was so ashamed. It was almost half a year since a saw a human being and now when I do I'm naked and in a very humiliating and abusing position.

"Calm down dear. Don't worry. I won't harm you." - he sounded very calming - "I can help you. I can turn you into what you want to be. I can make you into a girl. What do you say? Do you want that?"

I guess I showed him that I want because I just wanted him to get away. To release me. Or at least turn around. I just couldn't bear his calm look on my naked body. I felt like he was r****g me in his mind.

"I can see you're confused. Don't worry dear. I'm a genetic researcher focused on cloning and genetic transformation. I can help you. I can turn you into a girl. What do you say?"

I had no choice but to nod. At least he started walking up and down and not looking at me spread and vulnerable.

"But it has a price. And I have to check if you can pay it. Are you still interested? Do you want to undergo the test?"

I nodded once again just to finally get out of this position. But that was obviously a mistake! He came over to me and took a look on my fake vagina and then slowly removed speculum. It was a relief alright and I expected him to release me now but his plan was obviously something else.

He looked around, opened a cupboard, and found some gloves. He put them on and came over to me and started touching me on my growing tits. I tried to wiggle out of the way but he said to calm down because this was part of the test. Even though him pinching my nipples I did enjoy a tiny bit I was very uncomfortable with someone unknown touch my body. He then started squeezing my tits and stated that I must be around six months on HRT.

He then stopped but not for long. He took a chair and sit between my spread legs. He got some lube on his hand and pushed one finger slowly through the fake vagina opening into my ass. It was only a matter of seconds he started fingering me and massaging my penis head in place of the clitoris with his thumb.

I tried to get away because I was very uncomfortable with him doing that to me but he kept calming me down and saying this was part of the test and that I should endure this if I want him to help me. So I bit on the bandage and thongs in my mouth and try to endure it. I started enjoying it quite soon, to be honest. But my head was a mess and I started calling this **** in my head. I just wanted this bald man to get away from my naked body.

He switched over to two and then three fingers as my anal opening was already spread with the speculum. I felt an erection and he noticed it, too. For a moment he stopped and looked around searching for something. He found a pair of vacum pumps and attached them on my tits which immediately started pulling them out. He also stumbled over my bag and looked into it to find my dildo in it.

Only a few seconds later the dildo was lubed and deep in my ass penetrating me painfully. My small titties were in pain, my ass in process of destruction, I ashamed, humiliated, and abused as never before. But there was still something that kept my sexual drive.

This went on until I came. And I was lying there for some time exhausted. But he was not done. He untied my legs and seated me on the chair. He warned me that this will probably hurt a bit but he must see my pain threshold. I nodded not even thinking when he suddenly started slapping my tits. It hurt as hell but I endured it. After all, maybe he's a real doctor and can turn me into a girl? I wanted to be a girl now more than anything else. I could even go over my shininess for a few minutes!

After some time he bent me over and spanked my ass which turned me on a lot. Then I was laid on my back and he tied my hands to my ankles. I wasn't a bit surprised when he came around and showed his dick into my, now without a gag, mouth. I sucked his dick like I never sucked a dick before (and I haven't). I enjoyed the taste and silkiness of his skin in my mouth. He really had a large dick.

The next stage was anal sex with a real person. I never tried this before. My anus was already opened enough from previous activity so he had no trouble penetrating me deep and deeper. I once again came and then he came around again and jerked his dick until he came all over my face and into my open and wanting mouth. For a moment I had forgot how I hated the taste of sperm and wanted to spit it out but he put his hand on my mouth and f***ed me to eat it all. My sexual joy was gone in a second and I felt bad and humiliated again.

I hoped he was done and he was. He untied me and released me. I tried to go behind a shade to clean and clothe myself but he wanted me to do it in front of him. Then he explained to me that we have an agreement and passed the test. He will turn me into a girl. He asked me to follow him into the basement where his lab was set up to explain me everything.

Did I have any choice? I was afraid, ashamed, abused, humiliated, probably ****d. I was confused and I wanted to be a girl. I just hoped that I paid him well and he will let me go once he's done. I had to risk this...
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1 year ago
So hot!
2 years ago
Excellent, can't wait for next one
2 years ago
Wow i'd have been scared to death
3 years ago
But will he keep to his side of the bargain, or is he just a pervert? I can't wait to read some more