The Walking Dead II

Day 15

Two weeks have passed since my adventure and seems like the punishment did mean something. At least for that two weeks. I wore normal clothes while I did my normal day to day activity of checking out the barricades, stashing food and other necessities, and generally patrolling the mall hoping that none of the zombies got in. I continued on my self-prescribed hormone therapy, though.

I was rummaging through the sex shop one day looking for some fun when I discovered something I never saw before or thought it existed. It was a vinyl fake vagina made for wearing it! And there were several kinds of it! I was very excited to find this and looked through them to see what kinds they had.

The first one I took into my hands was a pee one. It had this small condom-like cap that one puts on his cock. It would then simulate peeing like a girl. It also had genuine pussy lips and was designed in a way that my natural pubic hair would show.

Another was a plain one which just hides the cock and had an opening in the vagina that opened to my ass and a fake rectum a bit above that.

The third one I liked the most. It had an opening instead of the clitoris through which the penis head could be showing and a sheath as a vagina which should go into my rectum for a simulation of real vaginal sex! It also had an optional menstruation add-on for the sheath which simulated menstruation. You could guess I immediately fell in love with the later one!

I quickly forgot what I promised myself and the punishment and snatched one set of fake strap-on boobs, too and ran to the first female clothing store I spotted. I ventured through the store and selected a blue set of panties and bra, a blue t-shirt, and a denim mini-skirt.

I took all the clothes and ran over to a general store and got a pack of tampons and pantyliners for something I always fantasized about. I undressed right there on the spot and first fitted the fake tits on me. They were B cups and nothing special but still a good feeling. Then I prepared the artificial vagina and st****d it on me. I had to push the sheath into my anus to act like a vagina and that turned me a bit on making my small dick (from the HRT) to protrude a bit through the clitoris opening. I had also put the menstrual add-on in place.

Next was to put the tampon in place. I slowly tucked it into my new pussy all the way it could go to provide a very uncomfortable feeling. It was a strange feeling of something small and hard in my anus at all time while I moved around. Normally, when I put something there it was in a sexual pose but this was everyday poses and it was just strange.

Then I put on the panties and a pantyliner in them. Feeling the pantyliner against the inside of my thighs turned me even more on. My dick was hard and a bit protruding from the clitoral opening and touching the panties. They were dry and the feeling was a bit uncomfortable and painful so the erection was quickly gone and my clitoris got back to it's normal small size and hid between the lips.

I put on the bra next and wore the t-shirt and skirt. The skirt was a little bit too short and no matter how much I tried to pull it down my panties could be seen at least a little bit. Looking at myself in the mirror made me feel sexy and I got another idea. I found a small organizer on a shelf in the general store and made it into my menstrual calendar. A week of menstruation followed by three weeks without it. And then over and over again. I made a written promise that I will keep to my menstruation and will not have vaginal (anal, actually) sex during that time.

In my nature I'm quite submissive and love humiliation so I had another idea that I just had to try. I had to walk in front of other people like this to see how will I feel. This was not a real possibility but I improvised. I climbed to the top of the mall and walked around the edge of the roof where the zombies could see me.

Were they sane or not I felt very uncomfortable and exposed as I walked around. Adding to the humiliation was the tampon in my man-pussy that was still very uncomfortable even though it got a bit softer from the fake menstrual liquid that was slowly released.

I returned to my normal daily chores after that. I felt strange while doing them and quite exposed because of the whole outfit and how short the skirt was. I walked around trying to hide it all at my best because, even if I was alone, I was feeling ashamed.

While I was collecting some cans of food I saw my panties in a mirror and realized they were bl**dy! The whole day had passed and I didn't thought of changing either the tampon or pantyliner and they leaked. I went to the bathroom like a real girl would do to change them. When I got there and removed my tampon and the pantyliner I realized I forgot to bring a pair of clean panties so I just tucked in a new tampon and went on pantyless.

While I washed my hands next to a mirror in the bathroom I realized how my pussylips could be visible under the skirt along with the tampon string hanging there. For some reason this made me feel turned on very much. And I got an instant idea.

Many of the offices had a computer so I brought one to the area where I "lived" to use at least while the electricity lasted. I turned it on along with a webcam and set it so I could see myself on the screen. I turned around a few times and bent over so my whole nudity was seen. It was quite a revealing skirt that was really making me uncomfortable but still turned on.

I licked my fingers and slid them between my pussy lips to play with my "clitoris". There was an immediate response and I felt it growing between my fingers. I removed my t-shirt and the sight of myself in a bra, skirt, and pantyless turned me up a lot.

My whole glans was protruding through the clitoral opening and acted like one huge clitoris I often saw in porn movies. I felt so womanly as I played with it and looked at myself on the screen. I eventually removed both the skirt and bra and was completely naked in a doggy-style position massaging my clitoris. I had an unbelievable lust for anal sex but I promised myself I won't do it while having menstruation so I just occasionally tugged on the tampon string so I remember it is there.

I came the exact moment I pulled the tampon out of my pussy and filled my hand with fresh cum. I lied there for a moment and licked it all from my hand. A few moments later I had that same feeling of shame and guilt again as if I had done something wrong. I felt very bad for myself. That was the moment when I decided another dose of punishment is ready for my misbehavior.

For a moment I was out of ideas but then I figured something out. First I went back to the general store naked as I was. On the way there I tried to hide my pussy and tits with my arms as I had a strange feeling of someone looking at me. At the store I found the largest tampons I could. The packaging said they were used for the heaviest flow and during pregnancy. I opened the pack and found out one was as wide as a small vibrator and at least three times wider than the one I used the first time.

Putting it in was real pain this time and walking in it real humiliation. It was the most uncomfortable feeling but I deserved it. I got back into that kitchen where I was the first time and spanked myself with the spoon again until I was crying hard and couldn't bear another touch on my purple ass. Then I removed the tampon which proved even more uncomfortable than putting it in but I endured it with tears in my eyes.

Then I had to pee so I climbed on a counter and took a piss into one of the wash in one of the sinks squatting above it. I was still crying and felt very vulnerable and exposed and hoping nobody can see me. I saw that there was still some menstrual liquid remaining in the sheath so I knelt down in the corner with my hands behind my head while I let it trickle down my thighs.

When I couldn't bear kneeling anymore I went to take a bath to wash of the fake bl**d and dirty feeling of myself. But that wasn't enough humiliation and punishment for me still. I deserved more. I got back to the general store again and found the largest and thickest pantyliners on the shelves. I couldn't wear the fake pussy whole night so I just put the pantyliner on a fresh pair of panties and wore them. It was a very humiliating feeling as if I was wearing diapers. I felt so ashamed for myself.

I went to sl**p with the pantyliner on because that's the proper thing to do when you have menstruation. I found a short nightie and went to sl**p with quite lot of pain on my spanked ass...
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2 years ago
Not as good as the 1st story but equally enjoyable, loved it x reading the next one now
2 years ago
Wow never tried that would like to learn some day
3 years ago
Welcome to our world!
Good description - hope you write some more
3 years ago
I hope the zombies nail your sissy ass
3 years ago
good. i can see this going for a while. i like it.