Married Preachers Daughter Chapter 17 taking her M

I could not stop thinking about my sexy Laura, how I had turned her into a fucking cum slut and after I got home or when away on business I would often web cam with her and talk nasty to her on the phone as she masturbated for me and cum hard...I would record these sessions unknowingly for her husband Ray as well.

However, this story is not so much about the Preachers Daughter Laura, it is about her MILF MIL Shelly. Shelly is 54, slightly plump, looks like the mommy and grand mommy she is, and she is conservative and polite. I saw pictures of her when I was staying at Ray and Laura's, if you read the last story, you know I told Ray I wanted to fuck his mom and he said "cool!"

So, I gave Ray my address and he went to his parents house and stole a pair of his mom's panties and a bra which he mailed me. I filmed myself jacking off and Cumming on them and mailed them back to him with a thumb drive of the action. Ray replaced them into her drawer.

I decided to take another week off from my private company, let my assistants take care of work and I rode my Harley back down to see Ray and Laura. Laura met me a day early at a hotel, with her dog collar, her leach, hand cuffs, blind fold and ropes... we had a awesome day and I am sure her kinds wondered why she was so bubbly, happy and sore. Ray knew though.

The next evening when Ray was off work he took me with his wife and k**s to his parents house to all enjoy their pool. I talked a lot with Shelly, his mom, and when I got hard I made no effort to hide it. When her husband was turned away or distracted by Ray and Laura was doing something and Shelly could look, I caught her looking at my hard cock which I leg slide out of the leg of my swim trunks. I looked at her as she stared and whispered, "sorry, this happens around beautiful ladies" -- I watched her eyes watch me as I reached inside my trunks to adjust my junk then as she looked up into my eyes I smiled. That was all.

Later Ray and his mom were in the house and when they came out Ray said to me that "mom asked me if I was sure it was good to let you be in my house alone with Laura when I am at work?" She said she did not mean anything by the comment, just that it "did not look right" Ray told his mother he trusted his wife and I completely. Damn, if Shelly only knew how we had corrupted and used both Laura and her s****r Rachelle. Anyway, Ray asked me what I thought and I said, "suggest they offer me the pool during the day to keep me away from the house?" So, when Ray got a chance he did just that, "mom, I am not worried but if YOU are concerned about my friend Bill, then invite him to come over during the day Monday and Tuesday, he leaves on Thursday. Just a few hours in the afternoon, I will have Laura do something with k**s at that time. Shelly was like, "I will ask your dad" Before the evening was over, Ray's dad invited me over to enjoy their pool these hot afternoons, he would not be home but Shelly might, and she could let me in.
Laura DID NOT have a happy look, the same look of jealously when I first began fucking her s****r. But, I fucked that out of her and tit slapped it out of her a month ago. "Sure I said"

So, Monday morning, after spending Sunday night in bed with Ray and Laura and having a hell of a MMF threesome with this new cum slut she began, I showered with her and fucked her again on their kitchen table when Ray left for work. We played around the house until about noon when Laura went to the store and had to do some get ready for school things for the k**s and appointment Ray had set for her with their car and so forth. Laura did not want me alone at Ray's parents house or just me and Shelly, but...

I rode up on the bike and Shelly come to meet me. All smiles and nice. I asked her to ride with me on the bike for lunch first then we could come back for a quick swim. She was hesitant, very, but I talked her into it. She climbed on the back, very scared and told me not to tell anyone. This was a great sign! Her big old mommy tits were pressed into my back as I took off and I pushed back between her legs so I would be bumping that pussy and clit in her shorts. I let my hand ride on her leg and elbow back into her. She was nervous and leaned forward talking a lot due to her nervousness and I loved it -- it pressed her tits against me and allowed my elbow to bump and rub her. At lunch I ordered us both drinks, she said no, but I ordered her a wine anyway and me some beer. She had two glasses. She was more friendly and talkative on the ride back. She confessed she was worried about how me being alone with her daughter in law looked and that she did not mean it in the bad way. I asked if she trusted me. Yes she said. I told her, "don't trust me to far, I am one horny mother fucker" she was stunned! I slowed down to stop and her tits pressed hard against me. When we got to the house I helped her off the bike and smiling at her, I said, "Shelly, if you were not Ray's mom and you were not married...well, you know!" Shelly blushed, looked away, smiled and said, "young man I am 54 years old and old enough to be your mother!" Again, I smiled and said, "Shelly, I already told you I was a mother fucker, just not my own mother!" She smiled, was red faced and did not know what to say. I was close enough to kiss her and could tell she was nervous and actually wanted to be kissed. But I instead turned opened my saddle bags, grabbed my swim trunks and said, "lets go swim!" We did. I was watching her big tits in the pool and began teasing her. Shelly was acting like a teenager playing around. She was nervous but horny and her nipples were hard!

I swam under the water and come up grabbing her, pressing against her from behind and from the front. My cock was rock hard. She was scared and nervous. Finally I swam over to her, she turned to face me and I just reached out and pulled her to me. I did not ask. I kissed her. She tried to push away at first, I kissed and pulled harder and she put her arms around me and kissed me back. Pressing into me she moaned. I pressed my hard cock against her mommy belly in the pool. Then, she broke away, said, "I cant, I am married, you are my sons friend!" and she swam away. As she started to climb out of the pool, me watching her ass I followed her. I climbed out after her as she dried her face and said, "I am getting out, you can swim longer if you like -- but I think you should go" I pulled her back to me, looked into her eyes and told her I was not sorry and she had me on fire. Then I kissed her again and she did not push away. I then led her back to the pool and threw her in. I jumped in and we played and she giggled again like a teenager. This time when I tried to kiss her she headed back to get out but I followed closely. As she began to climb out I stopped her. I put my hands on her, pressed my hard cock against her fat ass crack and kissed her neck. I whispered, "Shelly, I am going to have you and I want you right now"

I kissed her and reached around slipping her bathing suit off of her huge mommy tits. I pinched and tweaked her nipples. I turned her and kissed her and sucked them. As I sucked her nipples I f***ed my fingers into her hot wet hairy pussy hole. Damn, she was wetter that the pool and very tight and hot. I kissed her then I crawled up over her and pulled her from the pool. I stripped naked and watched her eyes, heard her gasp, as she stared at my hard cock pointing at her. I teased and asked her if she wanted that. Then I yanked her one piece bathing suit down to her waist, then pushed her back on the pool. Against the pool edge I sat her and I removed the bathing suite completely after fingering her more. I stood in the water with a very hard cock as I ate my friends Ray's mothers hairy but trimmed pussy out. I fingered her ass and pussy as I worked and sucked her old clit. Damn, she cum hard, not once but twice, before I pulled her into the pool, having her hold onto the ladder I inserted my hard cock into her old hairy mommy pussy. I fucked her cunt hard and she cum again, when she cum I did also. She caught her breath as I kissed her. Then we got out and dried off, we lay in the sun naked, she embarrassed, her pussy lips red and swollen and my cum leaking from them. We made out and kissed until I stood and putting a towel on the pool edge I ordered Shelly to lick my cock and balls and suck me hard as I wanted her again. She did. When I was hard I sat on a chair and raised my ass ordering her to lick out my asshole. Shelly said she never had done that, reaching down I grabbed her hair and pulled her face towards my ass and ordered her to tongue my ass and lick my balls and ass. She did. Then I stood and had her kneel, I fed her my cock, she sucked and sucked and was really into it. Shelly knew how to suck a cock. Her 54 year old MILF granny ass was horny. I made her stop and I put her on all fours and began to fuck her doggy style by the pool edge as I poured oil and lotion over us and all over her ass, I fucked and oiled her and she played with her clit and moaned as I big tits bounced, then I began fingering and thumbing her big old asshole. She was moaning and ready to cum, each time I would stop. Then I began rubbing my hard cock up and down the crack of that tight ass and when I began to push in the head Shelly cried no, that it hurt and she did not like it and had only tried it twice when she was young. I backed up, lined up and as my thumbs left her tight asshole my cock head pressed it open, she tensed. I told her to loosen up and relax or it would hurt and I slapped her ass and grabbed her hair and then BAM, I rammed that oiled cock inside her tight hot asshole. Damn, I bet they heard Shelly scream for a mile around. I then held it buried in her, I leaned over her and kissed her telling her how good it felt and to relax. After a few minutes I had her rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples as I slowly worked back and forth finally but to a few hard slams on her old ass hole. I pumped her ass full and as I stood up I took a video with my phone which was close of Shelly on all fours, red swollen pussy lips and stretched open asshole with cum dripping from it...I took pics and video. Then I helped her up, kissed her and back into the pool we went. About a half hour later, she rode my cock in the water and cum yet again then finally Shelly sucked me off until I cum in her throat beside the pool. Then we worried to dress and I rode back to Ray's house....Laura was there with a frown asking why I was at her mother-in-law's house so long. I smiled and grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her in the garage away from her k**s. Laura started to say something belligerent and I slapped her. She looked back at me and I slapped her again. I reminded her she was my sex slave and cum slut and what I wanted not for her jealousy and attitude was for her to get on her knees and suck my cock until I cum into her mouth no matter how long it took. It tool her about 30 minutes but she swallowed every drop, I know she could smell chorine from the pool as well as Shelly's pussy and ass on my cock... this was very cool!

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I do love this series. Another awesome story