Married Preachers Daughter Seduction Ch 5

Laura -- the preachers daughter continuation. Well, I went to sl**p soon and Ray went to bed. I noticed Laura did get up and came to get a drink a of water, I could hear and sense her looking at me on the sofa. I adjusted my cock and had it semi hard and turned so it was showing outside my shorts, I could tell she lingered and looked. I was getting harder as I remembered how her ass felt and also how sexy and slutty she looked on her hubby's hidden cam of her masturbating. Finally she went back to bed.

The next morning, she got up to fix breakfast and get everyone ready for church. Ray got up and come into the living room and talked to me as I was on the sofa. He said after she got up and went to get a drink she was gone a while, I told him she was watching me. He asked what she saw and I told Ray that Laura was looking at my naked cock when she thought I was asl**p. He said,
"so that is why my conservative preachers daughter lovely wife and mommy to my k**s wanted you to leave, because she is hot for you after you teasing her, pressing against her and showing off you cock. I never thought I would catch her on camera masturbating and I know she was thinking of strange forbidden cock in her married pussy! She came to bed horny last night and began rubbing me." I asked Ray what he did and he said it was hard as hell NOT to fuck her, but, per my request and according to plan he did not and told her he was too tired. Ray though she went to sl**p frustrated.

About then Laura was out of the shower and Ray went into the bedroom to make sure she wore the correct panty and bra set. She did. She had know idea that her husbands and my cum were dried on both.

Then I waited until Ray texted me and told me go into his bedroom. I walked inside wet from my shower and wearing a towel which I dropped as I walked in the door and closed it. Laura was I her church dress and just finishing putting on her heels, she looked, gasped and yelled "why are you in here?" I saw her eyes go to my semi hard cock and I said, "sorry, Ray said I could dress in here when you were out and I thought you were out...sorry Laura, I turned and bent over grabbing my towel and cloths I had dropped, put the towel around my waist and again turned with the bulge showing and said, "sorry" -- Laura glared when she looked up from my bulging crotch and she said, "I think you did that on purpose!" I told her (you will never know and smiled as I walked out. Ray was outside the door and Laura heard me say, "Hey man, I thought you said your wife was done dressing. Sorry man but I walked in on her and it startled us both -- then I dropped my damn towel by accident and cloths and flashed your wife -- I am really sorry man -- I think she is pissed but I did not aim too" Of course, Ray was in on it and smiling. He said loud enough for Laura to hear, he laughed and said "It is OK man - I said you could dress in our bedroom when she was finished dressing, not that she was finished" "My bad" "it is OK" I went and dressed in the bathroom and he entered his bedroom to a very red faced conservative wife getting ready for church.

Laura said, "your buddy just "accidently" dropped his cloths and towel in front of me Ray!"
Ray, "Did you look" Laura, "of course not -- I am a married woman, a wife and mother, and I love you with all my heart!" Ray, "OK then, I am sure it was a accident" Laura, "I am not so sure but whatever"

Laura got ready and went on into church. She left early for Ladies Bible class and Ray took the k**s and went later to the main service. I went with him. I sat next to Ray, and I kept thinking about Laura wearing those cum stained panties and bra and her look as she looked at my cock -- I knew she felt guilty as she kept thinking of my cock.

Anyway, the day went well, too rainy again for motorcycle rides so Laura took k**s to mall and around and Ray and I watched some porn and talked.

Laura came home and fixed us a great supper. She was warming up to me and when Ray had a chance to ask her in private if she wanted me to leave, Laura replied, "no, I guess it is just me. He is your friend and he is welcome in our home."

That night, k**s in bed we had more wine. Laura reluctantly but when she got started she had a few glasses. Wearing a black night gown and rob, but the rob came open. Even with bra and panties on, she was looking hot. She was peeking looks again as was I. When Ray went in to get us all another drink, the rarely drinking conservative preachers wife looked at me and smiled, she said softly, "you are ALWAYS trying to peek down my blouse" and I said, "yes I am" and smiled. I gave her a couple compliments, she was embarrassed and smiled and timid. Ray returned and she drank quickly. She was breathing heavy during the sexy parts of the movie. Laura went to bed as she was falling asl**p. Ray checked on her and she was out cold. She had went into their room, removed her bra and panties and was in the bed. Ray pulled back the covers and tried to wake her. She was out cold. He come to get me. He told me he had in fact put sl**ping pill in her wine.

Well, I watched as he exposed her to me. His proper conservative wifey her own hubby was showing off to me. He had a right to be proud. Her tits and nipples were awesome. He raised her gown and I saw her pussy, her pussy lips and her sexy ass. I then stepped up to her and pulled out my cock and I began to rub it in her long dark sexy hair. I rubbed my cock on her face and lips, leaving traces of precum. I did not have to ask Ray if it was cool as he was standing several feet back watching stroking his own hard cock. I rubbed my hard cock on her ass, in her crack and when I caressed her pussy lips with my hard cock it was all I could do not to stick my cock in her then. She moaned in her sl**p as I rubbed her pussy lips with my hard cock. I told Ray to come close and hold apart her ass checks. He did, I jacked off and cum all over her ass crack and butt hole!
I then rubbed it on her. I then took my cum dripping cock and wiped it in her sexy soft hair and on her face. Ray was jacking off hard and he cum all over her ass also.

He covered her and we both went into the other room and watched some porn, and we watched the hidden camera of her masturbating.

This was Sunday night. He went to bed and I hoped she would get up in the night again as I wanted to approach her and kiss her. But, she was out cold and slept all night. With out cum dried on her.

Monday morning I took my time getting up, rainy again, and the Harley shop was closed.

Laura got the oldest little one off to school and returned. Ray went to work.

I pretty much just stayed away from her and let her calm, as she was nervous. When the little ones took a afternoon nap, I walked up to her in the kitchen.

I talked to her about how lucky Ray was and as improper as it was, I felt guilty for getting hard cock every night dreaming about her -- I told her if she was not married I put "eat your pussy for an hour before I stretched you out and went balls deep inside you Laura" She coughed choked some on her glass of water and I saw she was trembling. I told her I was a honest person and felt guilty wanting her so much but if she was not married to my friend Ray, "I would have you"

Laura tensed, then looked me in the eye and said, "If I was not married, I would like that" I leaned in and then touched her hand and shoulder, I kissed her cheek and got up and departed.

I was working her seduction.

Monday night, Ray went to bed early and k**s were all in bed. Laura was headed to bed wearing that black night gown without panties and bra. I could see her pussy lines and hard nipples and her full mommy tits jiggle.

As she went to bed I stopped her, grabbing her wrist, and turned her to me, I put my finger to her lips and said, "don't talk" I pulled her against me, my hard cock pressing into her mommy MILF belly and I kissed her softly then with hunger and tongue. She responded and kissed me back. WIth a shocked look on her face I stepped back, looked her up and down and said, "I will be jacking off yet again tonight thinking of you, just like I do in your shower every morning thinking about having you! Goodnight sexy Laura!" Laura was shocked and said, whispered, "goodnight" and she went into the bed room with her husband.

Monday night she did come out and get a drink in the middle of the night, I got up and walked into the kitchen as I did that first night. I pressed my hard cock against her thin nightgown into her ass crack, my precum from my hard cock staining her black gown. My cock had come of of my boxers and I did not put it back. I grabbed her hand as she drank and kissed her neck. She wiggled and said, "no, we cant" but her body responded to my touch.

I pushed her harder against the cabinet and reaching around her I grabbed her tits and pulled down the gown exposing them. I cupped them, squeezed them and pulled and pinched her nipples. Laura moaned. She pushed her ass into my bare cock and I knew she was in lust, because she was a faithful married wife and mommy and a conservative preachers daughter. But the lust was getting to her. I kissed her neck as I felt her breasts then I turned her to me. I whispered, "if only you were single, I would be balls deep inside you now" and Laura whispered, "if I was not married I would let you, it is still wrong but if I was single I would let you have your way with me"

I kissed her and pulled tight against me, my naked cock pressing into her mommy belly through the thin material and my hands in her hair and around her waist. She whispered, "we can,t please stop, what if Ray waked up, please stop" and so I did. I walked over to the refrigerator and I got a ice cube. She had pulled up her gown. I got a HOT glass of water then I turned to her and reached out pulling her gown straps down exposing her tits again. I pinned her against the counter and I put the ice cubes on her tits. I held them against her alrady ahrd nipples and she jumped and winched, trying to ke still saying "no, it is cold" I kissed her while I held cold ice against her nipples. Then I quickly put the hot water in my mouth and covered her nipples with my hot mouth. She moaned and melted. I sucked each nipple and kissed her tenderly, I was telling Laura, "I know I have to stop, I know we wont do more as much as I want you, we have to stop" Laura was saying "yes we have to stop" but she was kissing me back and rubbing me and her belly was pressed hard against my cock, I know she knew my precum was on her gown. I then held her hard by her hair, pressed my tongue into her mouth again and as we French kissed I ran my other hand up her gown and for the first time, a man other than her husband felt her very wet pussy. She moaned and said "No I can't do this" but she spread her legs giving me access as I pushed a finger into her and thumbed her clit. She was moaning and about to cum when I stopped. I rubbed her juices on her nipples and then licked and sucked her wet pussy juice from her nipples as I reached down and fingered her again. This time I wiped in on her lips and licked and kissed her juices off her.
I looked into her eyes which were confused and full of lust and told Laura, "Sorry Laura but I had to know if you tasted as good as you looked, and yes, you do for sure!" I then let her go and kissed her tenderly and said, "better get to bed before Ray finds you gone" Laura said, OK, goodnight and pulled her gown and straps up over her tits and I watched her ass and she walked away. She looked back at me and I smiled. She went into her husband.

Ray told me the next morning, he said that Laura had come and woke him up in the middle of the night very horny. He said it was hard for me not to fuck her but her told her he had a back head ache. He said she was so horny he could not believe it. He said she finally rolled over and he felt the bed moving. Ray was sure she had masturbated and cum before going to sl**p. He asked me what happened and I told him. Ray was like he could not believe it. I told him, last chance to back out because I plan to fuck your wife today while you are at work when your k**s take a nap. Ray looked at me serious and said, I just want you to record it man. My hidden camera is in my shoes in the closet up high. I told him I would.

Then Laura came into the kitchen, dressed and all happy like. She fixed breakfast. Ray ran to work and we shared smiles and glances as the k**s ate. I told her I was riding to the Harley shop and I needed her to pick me up there and she said she would.

I told her I needed to talk to her about last night and asked her if she could find a baby sitter for the day. Laura said she would see what she could do, and yes, we should talk about last night but we should probably forget about it and act like it never happened. I told her to just pick me up at the Harley shop about 9:30 AM and if she could have a sitter, that would be great.

She was nervous, but I knew if she was getting a baby sitter and picking me up, alone, coupled with the fact she had masturbated herself to sl**p after I teased her -- I had no doubt that before noon little miss brunette Laura, the preachers daughter, would be sucking my cock and riding me like there was no tomorrow!

I just had to play it cool and make sure I had it recorded for Ray. So on the way to the Harley shop, I stopped and got my own hidden camera and recorder to make sure I caught the audio and visual of his wife being a true fuck slut!

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