Training a Slut Wife Chapter 4

It has been a while since I posted. I have been fucking Pam, the preachers wife, their pregnant daughter who just had my baby, the slutty garage sale slut and the preacher. All are my private bitches. My wife had been on and off again, feeling guilty, but still going back and fucking her young BBC. He is still and has been secretly sending me video and pics of her doing him. So, it is time to up the activities, so that in the near future I will confront my wife Charlotte and make her the controlled cum slut sex slave that my other "bitches" are already.

If you have not read the previous stories, you need to start with Number 1 and work up on the preachers daughter, Pam and all!

Around Christmas I had to "work extra" (I was really at the parsonage getting my cock sucked by Pam and John and taking turns fucking them and making John suck me as Pam fucked his slut owned ass with a strap on. Anyway, Charlotte thought she was being sneaky and went out of town to meet her black lover and instead of meeting in a hotel, he made her meet him for dinner. He wined her, dined her, and got her d***k. He had her horny and sucking his cock in the car on the way to the hotel. She was soon in the hotel, and he began to control her, rough, as he had not before (at my orders and of course he was getting it on film).

he had her stripped naked, tied to the bed and spanked her hard, slapped her for the first time ever, then ties his neck tie around her throat and choked her some, scaring her, making her cry, wondering what had gotten into him. He started calling her his "white trash whore" and his "married little cheater" and she began to cry. He then threw her onto the floor, keeping the tie around her throat he tied her hands with it also and grabbing her perfect hair she had spent hours fixing to look good for him, he face fucked her. He made her choke on his cock, he face sucked he until he filled her mouth making her swallow, cum dribbled out. Then he pulled her up, slapped her, pinched her tits and pushed her back onto the bed He straddled her and stuffed her panties in her mouth and he tied her to the bed. He then blindfolded her and began to eat her, and take her to the verge of cumming. That is when he stopped, she had arched her back and moaned to cum. He stopped, began taking pictures of her with his phone and threatened her with sending them to me, she begged no. He laughed and told her then for the next 3 hours she had to do EVERYTHING he ordered. She complied.

He texted someone and replaced the blind fold. She was now scared, wondering who this guy was. He had never treated her like this. But, Charlotte could not let "me" find out. Of course, I knew everything happening. She was blindfolded and her lover went over and turned on a web cam she could not see showing her tied on the bed and he texted me. I was watching from our marital bedroom, rubbing my cock. This would be good blackmail material.

Then there was a knock on the hotel door, my wife Charlotte froze and jerked and moaned "no, please don't open the door" but he opened it and in walked two more friends, more African American 20's guys in good shape. She could not see, only hear as he told them she did not want her husband to find out she was fucking anyone, let alone a black man and she would do any thing.

They heckled her, they rubbed her, and soon she had a cock in her mouth, the panties removed, a cock in her pussy and another being rubbed on her neck, face and in her hair. Basically, they fucked her like mad men calling her names and working her, she started responding and her tear stopped, she began to moan and she began to cum. They started asking her if she liked it, if she liked all that black cock "yes, yes" she said and she begged and fucked them back. They eventually untied her after each had taken her and removed her blind fold. Then they surrounded her (careful not to block the camera view) and they jacked off on her face and they had her suck them. She was d***k, but not that d***k, she was possessed and in heat. She sucked them off and afterwards, they had her suck them hard and ride them. She rode each one of them, screaming and cumming. Before she knew it, 4 hours had went by. She was a mess, inside and out. They left, kissing her and telling her she was a good BBC loving tramp. She started to clean up and they made her leave the hotel like that. No panties, makeup and hair a mess and cum filled.

I learned later she went to a gas station to clean up, to Wal Mart pharmacy for morning after pills, perfume and panties. She dressed the best she could and returned home.

I acted irritated she was out so late with her "girl friends" and asked if any men were around -- she said no and was defensive. I then told her I wanted to fuck her but she said she was too tired and needed sl**p. So I told Charlotte, "look, I have been here waiting on you and you are too tired, the least you can do is suck me!" So, my lovely wife sucked me off. I know her jaws were tired and she was sore and probably felt really guilty.

I had it all on film and had watched it real time live so I now had the ammo I needed to blackmail my own wife into being a slut like my others. I smiled.

She fell asl**p exhausted, soon I was hard and horny again so I crept into Jaimies room, she was still living with us. I woke her by playing with her milk filled tits and sucked on them, Then I had her suck me off as well.

What a night!

More to cum!

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I always enjoyed it when my husband woke me up nursing in the middle of the night....led to some very hot sessions.